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18:51:16 Apr 3rd 10 - VU Admin:

I got a request to put FATE and MAD on their own world. I Wanna know if you are up for it...

Poll: Who would win?

  • Fate: 90 (63%)
  • Mad Against Drugs: 52 (37%)

18:53:37 Apr 3rd 10 - Duchess Laeroi:

Shouldn't the poll be more like "Is this a good idea?"

I, as a member of Fate, don't want to be put on a world with just MAD if that's the only kd we get to fight the entire era...

18:55:16 Apr 3rd 10 - Sir Who Was Fone:

Fate would win the war.
It would be kinda boring for both of the two kingdoms anyway

19:03:15 Apr 3rd 10 - Lady Wilberforce Who Loves Quietone:

Would they be allowed to have accounts on both this seperate world and the main ones?

If so, then you should do this as a more regular thing. Someone requests so and so KDs to fight (only the better KDs) and we see who really can fight 1v1.

19:06:09 Apr 3rd 10 - Mr. Qassim:


sry admin, "Poll: Who would win?"

its not even a competition Fate would hand Mad there asses to them in a 1v1 situation

19:12:55 Apr 3rd 10 - Sir Jason of Antioch:

lol more people voted for MAD then FATE ,

19:14:05 Apr 3rd 10 - Fire Lord Yarlin The Undead:

Let's get it on! =D
Though a few in Fate don't like the idea, many are sharpening their swords hoping for it.
I'm personally conflicted on the matter. Want revenge on ALL of the KD's involved in our demise this past era but also wanting the good clean fight we started with in the first place before the others joined in.

Though with most of our key attackers and main mage not being inactive (totally or the first week OOP) again this time around I'm sure the war would go much quicker in our favor.

19:16:14 Apr 3rd 10 - Mr. Teirdel:

I like a few individuals in both kingdoms but i would say Fate easily. I say if you want to throw them on their own world thats kool let them however throw 2 or 4 more kingdoms on there as well.

19:24:57 Apr 3rd 10 - Sir Maeghworm:

Just put both fate and mad on fantasia, along with the other kingdoms and it will be ok :)

I hope worlds will be bigger, when they won't be merged

p.s. the poll is a joke, because fate+preds fought against 4 kingdoms last era and held out almost until the end.

19:27:37 Apr 3rd 10 - Mr. Legendhero:

Why don't put FEAR, Fate and MAD on Fant without any relations (They sure will make some but it doesn't matter)?

I voted MAD. But now I am seeing how many members fate and MAD have it's a small difference and if Fate does it right they can you use it.

19:28:42 Apr 3rd 10 - Princess Aisha:

Dont put only Fate and Mad, it would be boring after end of war. Better would be to put Fate and Mad close by and then further away put 3-4 other kingdoms, maybe those also close by for some 1 on 1 wars too... I sure hope the map will be larger cause the worlds are not connected ?


19:28:59 Apr 3rd 10 - Mr. Arthur Dent:

Lol!  This is so funny.  I voted FATE, now it's even ;)

19:37:58 Apr 3rd 10 - Mr. Zeus:

Jeesh that you guys don't get ZETA.

He said that he had the request to put you 2 on your own world.
that's exactly what he did he put you 2 on your own world.
and now the votes is for determing the winner.

you really didn't think he would open a compleet new world.
just for 2 kd's cause a few people requested it do you now :)

19:40:40 Apr 3rd 10 - Mr. Knigh:

lol obvi fate hands down, mad couldnt even take us with a 4 on 1

19:48:40 Apr 3rd 10 - Mr. Skinnyvinny:

Fate would win.  and if Fate and MAD were on their own world who would Fear fight?

19:54:45 Apr 3rd 10 - Mr. Zeus:

Haha strange how other kd's get disrespected here.

You guys think it's only FEAR , FATE , MAD around.
what about all other kd's ? relations ? allies ? or something else.
Having the good members doesn't mean you've got the best kd and a GOOD KD has the presure to perform everytime while the udnerdog has more chance to play freely / relaxed.

So please stop your insulting post towards all other kd's.
if this FATE vs MAD even was true than FEAR still would have enough to fight against and enough to win or loose against.
Counts for all kd's btw.

19:59:06 Apr 3rd 10 - Mr. Skinnyvinny:

well all i am saying is that the best KDs should be on the same world.  i don't mean any disrespect to any other KDs and i can personaly say that if the KD i am in had to fight Fate or Fear, it would be a very tough battle and unless we had overwhelming numbers we would lose.  and Fear would have KDs to fight against but in order to be called the best you need to kill the best so i doubt Fear would want to be left out of the mix with Fate.  and yes they get talked about the most but it is because they have proved again and again that they are the biggest and the strongest.  if you guys kill MAD, Fate or Fear then we will be talking about you guys a lot.

20:00:51 Apr 3rd 10 - Mr. Teirdel:

Wait Top 5-10 kds all one one world XD

20:06:29 Apr 3rd 10 - Mr. Zeus:

Skinnyvinny I'm not sure where you heading towards.
with people will be talking about you too.

The most of the time it's people that make the KD and not the KD itself that makes the KD. For example if you see your own kd prolly GOTF as a semi kd. Would your kd be top kd when you recruit FEAR ?
People watch to names that have done lots in past to much.
But people should realise that not everything is eternal.
KD's have there down times too. Doesn't matter what player / kd it is.
You misjudged my earlier post about the fact where I say that FEAR , FATE , MAD shouldn't be seen as unbeatable or gods :)
by saying to put them 3 in one world so they can determain who's the toughest makes no sense as there are other kd's besides those 3 that wants to prove something to. :)

20:34:43 Apr 3rd 10 - Mr. Revenge:

Fate would totally win against mad

20:38:34 Apr 3rd 10 - Mr. Revenge:

I think like mabye all the KD's that have won at least an era should have there own little world to have a big batte royal that would be fun (:

20:48:08 Apr 3rd 10 - Duchess Kittieh Croft:

 To even out the oop partners is not a bad idea. Tho many will say that kds restart to avoid beeing put in that situation.

LOL ok so MADs rep for least a few eras now have been they are gangbanging and farming etc to acheive the victory.

 Ive heard FATE is a good oop KD
 FEAR absolutely is

 I have no idea about MAD, but guess this would put it through the test.

Its the 3 biggest KDs around atm. so I guess the sizes are more or less the same too.

FATE alone against MAD is a good option if u ask me. But if u wanna determine the very best. They have to be put in a similar situation with FEAR, OD, AoA etc in eras to come.

so imo somewhere down the line there has to be an option to cross worlds, after a certain oop time. Maybe a longer time than now, but same time introduce back the longer era.

20:56:20 Apr 3rd 10 - Mr. Sadame:

MAD will need a kingdom to become cannon fodder for them against Fate while they farm up. That's the only way they can ever hope to match Fate.

The results would look like this:

1. Fate vs MAD (one on one)

Definite result: Fate bulldozes MAD to make way for the latest naked statutes of Stormcrow, Von Darkmoor and Dalak.

2. Fate vs MAD + buffer (let's say Army of Anubis)

Result: 60% chance of Fate win, 40% chance MAD farms up enough to stalemate Fate.

3. Fate + buffer vs MAD + buffer (farm to farm war)

Definite result: Fate kicks MAD to the Andromeda galaxy. Yarlin makes Bluelight his little bitch for a THIRD time!

On a serious note, the timing factor is going to be bad for this one on one. Even in a series of 3 one-on-one matches, Fate would kill MAD within 1 week everytime.  Yeah, gonna be very boring for the Fate blokes after 21 days.

21:23:50 Apr 3rd 10 - Mr. Joebob:

Sorry Fate but u would get your but smashed to MAD in a 1 on 3 situation

22:00:28 Apr 3rd 10 - Sir Ryan The Archmerchant:

Honestly speaking, we won't have a standing chance against FATE. Here are some reasons:

  • KD Size - FATE is much bigger in Size.
  • KD Members - FATE has it's members fully experienced and veterans. Compared to MAD members who have half of it are newbies and just learning the game. The half experienced players are not all merely veterans. I think Aloy and Zoltan are the ones I can consider veterans, but I might include myself, Niques, Nate and Blue here (considering the loyal members of MAD). Zero, Grayfish and Aussie had left already, fulfilling their promises to other KDs (they just joined us near the era end of Mzzery and played this era with us). I think AoA has a lot of Vets on their rosters.
Still facing FATE 1on1 is a very challenging for us. If so, we can see now how our KDs newbie players learned from previous era/s with us. So if I you'll ask me, I definitely say "yes" to it. MAD may not win against FATE but we will give them a good fight.

BTW, I want to thank all those who voted for us. ^^

Honour and Respect
†Sir Ryan†
Viceroy of MAD

22:02:21 Apr 3rd 10 - Ice Prince Isis:

Dont worry I always will vote for my friends in MAD you guys rosk ^.-

22:05:30 Apr 3rd 10 - Duchess Laeroi:

Not everyone in Fate is a veteran either.  I've been a newbie all 21 eras I've played.  There are some people in the kingdom who log in just often enough to not get their accounts deleted; Fate has many friendships within it.

Still, even if Fate wins, it's going to be a much more interesting era for the people allowed to restart.  I don't know what we'd do after clearing the map.  Have a civil war, I suppose :)

22:08:26 Apr 3rd 10 - Lord Sky:

Fate would win :) Just saying.

22:08:49 Apr 3rd 10 - Ice Prince Isis:

why not FEAR vs Fate

22:15:55 Apr 3rd 10 - Mr. Wounded Glad:

Fear vs Fate would make more sense.

22:23:33 Apr 3rd 10 - Fire Lord Yarlin The Undead:

3. Fate + buffer vs MAD + buffer (farm to farm war)

Definite result: Fate kicks MAD to the Andromeda galaxy. Yarlin makes Bluelight his little bitch for a THIRD time!

He's just always in the wrong place at the wrong time..... really... lol
It's rather funny that the one era we didn't meet up of the last 5 he ended up winning the era. =P (i was also a dedicated mage and we had a NaP i think)

22:26:41 Apr 3rd 10 - Mr. Onslaught:

Yes, we had a nap.

Also, I'd rather see a grueling match-up of Damage Inc (or similar kingdom) vs. The Native People, as opposed to Fate vs. Mad.

22:38:31 Apr 3rd 10 - Mr. Vapor Runs From Magnathorax:

we have no problem with Fear this little War between us and MAD is because we want to kill MAD and spake their Women.. and dominated Men.

22:41:25 Apr 3rd 10 - Endless Wargasms:

it might have been fun 

but it's more like a why bother now
considering the new updates

23:05:46 Apr 3rd 10 - Praetorian Wyzer:

Sorry Fate but u would get your butt* smashed to MAD in a 1 on 3 situation


Guess you just woke up and realized life had passed you by.

23:28:36 Apr 3rd 10 - Mr. Wounded Glad:

This won't be too bad: 40 against 57. That means every 2 Fate guys for 3 enemies

Fate32Sir Feanor100
Predators8Sir Darkmarsbar13
Mad Against Drugs25Mr. Aloysius93
Havok11Mr. Plokoon48
Army of Anubis16Mr. Anonymous46
XClan6Mr. Accoustic21

23:31:01 Apr 3rd 10 - Mr. Han Solo:

I think that Fate would win because I have seen them and I know they can win.

23:43:36 Apr 3rd 10 - Mr. Vuggy:

I say it'd be close. I mean... They're both good KD's. :D 

And Wounded, we had 2 or 3 members playing with extremely minimal troop movement, just stuck behind Xclan's dumb blockers, or on Latha.

01:13:50 Apr 4th 10 - Mr. Canucks:

true i was behind he blocker for 10 RL days. Instead of Fate and MAD y not FEAR and Fate.Bes KD'S goin at it would be intresting!

01:25:16 Apr 4th 10 - Mr. Dropkick:

did admin think about flaming when they made this thread? lol

02:19:54 Apr 4th 10 - Mr. Selos:

hey dropkick long time no see  i didnt know i was fighting you last era (koss/kronos/exodus btw)

02:42:05 Apr 4th 10 - Mr. Aloysius:

I will win against FATE alone. :D

02:44:42 Apr 4th 10 - Mr. Selos:

good luck to MAD 

03:40:00 Apr 4th 10 - The Architect:

I think that if I were on a team against Fate, and my team listened to me, we could tear Fate down quite easily. =)  I know a few things about how they play.

03:57:02 Apr 4th 10 - Duchess Laeroi:

Hisssssss.  You're like a good agent turned rogue black ops, archi.  Come back to the sexy side...

04:01:02 Apr 4th 10 - Mr. Dropkick:


@ Selos i was in Music last era, i only recently joined The Federation

04:02:13 Apr 4th 10 - Mr. Selos:

well im glad lol i had to fight like 3 friends last era it was no bueno lol

ah i miss the old days when we all got along

04:42:44 Apr 4th 10 - Sir Bran:

i havent read every post, but am i the first to point out that mad and fate would just nap each other like every other era? seems the most likely event since neither are particularly known for warring...

04:53:16 Apr 4th 10 - Chancellor Ademo The Vengeful:

Did you completely miss the last era, or do you just like showing off how ignorant you are Bran?

05:08:26 Apr 4th 10 - Mr. Aloysius:

<3 Bran

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