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FF: kd open for everyone!!!!
12:07:32 Jul 27th 07 - Mr. Timmiev:

FF: Fortune and for everyone who wants to join. you'll be helped, defended if we can and other things. the only thing. the most inportant thing is loyality to your leader and vices!.. we are a peacefull kd.. we dont want war with others! send me a message or ask to join. i will see.

gr. timmiev. leader of FF


ps. next era we will really start!!!

13:13:26 Jul 27th 07 - Mr. Fassy Hole:

who will join a peaceful kingdom?

14:08:58 Jul 27th 07 - Mr. Dakarius:

when I saw FF I thought you were talking about Freedom Fighters.

14:09:39 Jul 27th 07 - Mr. Seloc:

yeh me to.

14:26:12 Jul 27th 07 - Mr. Love:

Me too and i was not suprised that it was open for everyone.

14:40:06 Jul 27th 07 - Mr. Cros:

peacful... who will want peace with you?
cheap snacks.

16:34:17 Jul 27th 07 - Sir Bruto Cikayson:

If you don't fight you'll be called farming whores oO

Which world are you on?

18:13:41 Jul 27th 07 - Mr. Enyalius:

Now Now Bruto be nice, let them come to Fantasia and be all peaceful. Lets see how long they last..........I say 24 hours after oop (since my armies do have to get there=P).

18:36:58 Jul 27th 07 - Mr. Timmiev:

we will see... you with your big mouths... with your big ego's...we will meet in fantasia! btw.. i didnt peacefull as reason that we never attack or fight or something... NO! i meant that we dont want and need war with everyone. i know the situation in fantasia right now.. big wars. great alliances.. better be neutral at the start than be killed after 48 hours. also *beep*s can join so we can help... *beep*s like you guys will never come in!...

12:18:03 Jul 28th 07 - Sir Scientist:

FF, now where have I heard that before. Freedom Fighters is not back and will not be for a while, but it appears that someone has created a kingdom with that name on the world of Starta, god help the kingdoms reputation when I do start it again...........

Good luck with the kingdom but I wouldn't say that you'll be peaceful, not a good option. Everyone will pick on a peaceful kingdom............

12:27:44 Jul 28th 07 - Mr. Timmiev:

no i heard that before:P it was a mistake of me.... i always say that by games.. but thats not so smart by here;) yt good luck!

13:04:32 Jul 28th 07 - Sir Grim Darkhammer:

Actually Scientist someone stole FF and took them to Starta, Mr Federation I believe.

Mr. Timmiev was kind enough to drop into our area. I did advise him that we appreciate quality built cities.

23:32:19 Jul 28th 07 - Mr. Prince of Darkness:

i am not the leader , lol bigger stay away you don't know the story , he wants us all to rebal on our king , and our king is the best , i mean he is good at the game , and i just say ,

timmeiv =/= scythruler

and i meant , that ther is much more better people even to lead the rebal , not timmeiv

23:54:46 Jul 28th 07 - Mr. Timmiev:

XD mr. scooter back. hes comming next era also to me:P hes dutch too lives 7km of my house. and is my friend. scythruler: lives in holland for a while moved to america. speeks dutch well. is also comming. sparx: my friend is also comming...

and lord argyle:P i think you mean Freedom Fighters. i dont speak that language.. i dont know what that mean at all...

and i didnt ask to lead the kd.. i was planning to begin my own kd.. next era.. because POFF was falling.. prince is not a good player. no self respect. we will meet prince!

00:00:04 Jul 29th 07 - Mr. Prince of Darkness:

i rule hell , meet me their ,

00:11:55 Jul 29th 07 - Mr. Timmiev:

allright! now i know why nobody wants to go there.... but your to creepy to there..

23:26:15 Jul 30th 07 - Mr. Timmiev:

POFF will not longer excist next era.. mr. johnny bacardi and me made a choice. we'll start a new kd. FF will also not longer exist( Fortune and Faith) the new kd will call: the Noble Knight of the Orde of the Frozen Flames (NKOFF) scyth and me wanted Orde of Frozen Flame in it because it got a history. and a name. also whole POFF will join.. i will except everyone... even prince is welcome because scyth want that. and i dont have enything to him:D POFF will be bigger than ever. lots of people will join. next era. it will be the NKOFF era! me as leader. mr. scooter, mr. sparx and mr. johnny bacardy as vices. loyal members.


so FF will be NKOFF!

10:34:37 Jul 31st 07 - Mr. Timmiev:

FF means Fortune and FaithXD:P:P

11:10:36 Jul 31st 07 - Sir Scientist:

Gaius Septim, Freedom Fighters is my kingdom. Well is normally when I'm not on a break from leadership :P

16:04:52 Jul 31st 07 - Mr. Timmiev:

lots of people are saying that FF Freedom Fighters means but on the ranking list there not so better than us... but they wont get competion because FF will be KOFF or NKOFF..

19:36:02 Jul 31st 07 - Mr. Timmiev:

allright:P no problem... everyone wo wants to join next era say it here!! i'll send you a message for next era. you wont dissapoint you old kd because its a new era... lots of good people are joining.

23:20:30 Jul 31st 07 - Sir Razios Demonium:


@Prince of Darkness---You have the biggest ego ever, you don't protect your own kingdommates cities and you kick them out of pure rage! Why do you think I betrayed POFF! You think you're so good take me on 1 on 1 and see who survives at era's end.

@Timmiev--- Gratz mate that you made you're own kingdom but really don't flame unless you got the army to back yourself up. You shouldn't ask for help unless you desperate on one scout :)

If you don't have anything good to say simply don't say it or say it and bring your best on the battlefield. Prince of Darkness come to Mantrax with your own kingdom next era. Don't, and I will follow you and destroy you.

10:13:18 Aug 1st 07 - Mr. Timmiev:

i dont know why he said that i needed help... that isnt trueth!!.... i went on holiday and i asked if he could watch out a little. that was all!... i'm strong enough to take care of myselve. i can play this game. i'm not weak.

15:48:59 Aug 1st 07 - Mr. Timmiev:

i agree with prince.. i have something to tell him:D in the vacation when i was away a friend took my account for those 2 weeks so i dont know what happened in those 2 weeks. but he told me because i asked him that he asked for help because he didnt get much of this game:D so i have to make my appologize to prince. because i thaught i didnt say it.. but my friend said it!


10:04:07 Aug 2nd 07 - Mr. Timmiev:

we, ''I'', cant use problem for next era. i'm very busy with the new kd so i cant make to much problem. glad that your in our kd. were now a mix of POFF, FF and elf clan. we've got allready a treatment with peacekeeper, shogunate, special forces and knights of the gray wolf. also lots of people are joining!.. we have to help them. even *beep*s can join. we help them further in the game. and offcourse we've got lots of good players like mr. scythruler (johnny bacardi), crone, sparx, eyrmin, scooter and more of those guys. were still searching for new members. join now for next era!

11:39:58 Aug 2nd 07 - Mr. Timmiev:

FF dont longer excist:D its now NKOFF!!

18:35:15 Aug 2nd 07 - Sir Scientist:

Good luck with the kingdom, you'll need it with Bacardi in it :P
Who knows, maybe you will be against the true FF next era :P

18:44:21 Aug 2nd 07 - Sir Grim Darkhammer:

They didn't fare very well this era Scientist. I took one city and suddenly native people had the other two. If someone sent you this in response to a NAP request would you assume you had a NAP?

Mr. Timmiev [NKOFF] (7/26/2007 5:56:25 PM) GOOD BAD
ive just spoken to 1 of your members lucien lachance. he said that i had to talk to you for a NAP. do you think thats possible? even for next era?
You (7/27/2007 1:47:23 AM)
Mr. Timmiev, If you only knew what you dropped into. Currently West & South PKS, Carnage, & Mirror are fighting Zeon, Abydos, & Jester. East Legacy & DB are fighting TMOD and are working their way down to also engage the same three kingdoms and Phi. Farther West Red Hand is fighting Falcons. Not much refuge in any direction.

This late in the era we are not making any more NAP's. We do appreciate quality built cities so please do your best & if you need any building pointers let us know.

Grim Darkhammer
Viceroy of Peacekeeper

21:01:31 Aug 2nd 07 - Mr. Timmiev:

dear grimXD that was FF... Fortune and Faith! that was nothing. just a try to get more people in it. NKOFF: POFF, FF elf clan + lots of other people. if you dont want peace allright.. i dont care. we got enough peaces. but dont get bad ideas about NKOFF because i can be 1 of the strongest next era!!

04:42:01 Aug 3rd 07 - Sir Grim Darkhammer:

No. Actually it was a NKOFF city. You changed the name of the KD, I took the city, then the other two cities went native people.

FF First City

Owner: Mr. Timmiev
Size: 22545 building(s).
Kingdom: Noble Knights of the Orde of the Frozen Flames
Gates: no gates
Homeland Security with 18028 soldiers awaiting your orders, Sir Grim Darkhammer...

FF First City is defended by 25793 soldiers who seem to be armed with enhanced weapons and handmade dwarven armor. The city is also defended by 62591 peasants.
Our strategists say that we currently have around 100% chance of success for any attack.
We have prepared 10 days for this attack. It will take another 5 days before our soldiers are fully prepared.

BTW That was some good teamwork to get the other person in your kingdom to resign within a minute of you resigning.

10:38:42 Aug 3rd 07 - Mr. Timmiev:

yeah i changed the kd because that will be ours next era! and that with my members.... i had them both on msn... there dutch too. we were talking about the new kd NKOFF. now a mix of: POFF, FF, elf clan and WSN. when i saw that i was killed i said them that they had to leave because they couldnt start on fantasia again:P so there dead. just like me. monday everyone is gonna join NKOFF..

10:56:48 Aug 3rd 07 - Ms. Hathor:

we got enough peaces. but dont get bad ideas about NKOFF because i can be 1 of the strongest next era!!

I highly doubt that.

21:20:48 Aug 3rd 07 - Mr. Alexander The Great:

jonny is disbanding on mondy , now i see

23:24:34 Aug 3rd 07 - Mr. Timmiev:

yeah. jonny, scooter, sparx and i hope more of POFF are joining monday. those 3 guys will be my vices. i hope more will come from POFF..

03:12:10 Aug 5th 07 - Mr. Soccer:

can i join?

12:08:34 Aug 5th 07 - Mr. Timmiev:

offcourse you can! tomorrow (monday) lots of people join. than or after that you can join. this is for everyone: NKOFF will really start next era so even if we are death this era that would say enything about next era..

13:00:01 Aug 6th 07 - Mr. Timmiev:

everyone who wants to join a good kd!! join NKOFF!! a mix of POFF, FF, EC, WSN!!! so join now

16:40:50 Aug 16th 07 - Mr. Black Enzo:

I'll join with u, be nice to be with someone of the old kindom.

16:31:24 Aug 17th 07 - Sir Echion:

lol Scythruler..

Cmon, your kingdom wont be a succes if you just mix it again and stuff..

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