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23:18:14 Dec 27th 09 - Prince Bartimaeus The Hybrid:

Fallen Angels

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Name: Fallen Angels
Members: 4
Created: 12/24/2009 7:22:56 PM
Leader: Prince Bartimaeus The Hybrid


We are an army of Angels rightly exiled from the gates of Heaven for our sins. We now roam the plains of Purgatory slaying all that stand against our GOD. And maybe one day we will once again be accepted throught the beautiful gates of Heaven. Until than our only goal is to once again show our GOD that we are worth Angels and till we prove that our rightful home is Purgatory.

All who wish to join our ranks and once again serve GOD in the gates heaven please send in the following information:

1. Previous Names

2. Era"s Played

3. Why you choose to join us

-Prince Bartimaeus-

**Second in Command**

-Currently Open-

Any discussion dealing with the overall kingdom please contact BOTH **Bartimaeus and Bones** Any discussion dealing with Relations contact.......... (for now contact Bartimaeus)





Atleast need one more person to make it 5 for next era!! We are open for recruitment!!

20:51:48 Dec 28th 09 - Prince Bartimaeus XIV:

Well we landed on Nirvana Start Sending apps :p

15:34:26 Dec 31st 09 - Sir Lazuras of Acre:

Good , Honorable kingdom :P If you MUST join a kingdom that isnt mine lol then JOIN THERES

15:44:41 Dec 31st 09 - Dr. Kevorkianism:

Congrats Bart.  Kick ass

00:37:05 Jan 1st 10 - Lady Wicked Wraith Rider:


00:49:06 Jan 1st 10 - Prince Bartimaeus XIV:

Ha thnx guys

04:07:09 Jan 1st 10 - Mr. Legna Van Hteaed:

It aint a kingdom of angels without me and Im not fallen yet :P Though I never said I work for god so maybe thats why he dont like me :(

04:29:54 Jan 1st 10 - Prince Bartimaeus XIV:

lmfao perhaps Legna perhaps it is ;)

17:51:32 Feb 2nd 10 - Mr. Cry Later:

man i miss this kd stupid merges lol

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