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FanTaSia Era of Awesomeness
22:52:43 Nov 9th 12 - Electric (Electric Phenomena):

Good title... now dont let us live this era down.. this is gonna be the best era ever... you ... uh Prunes! 

I want alot of fighting, biting, bitching, slapping, clawing, and some insulting. 

The only rule is: There is no Rules! ... dont be a swifty

22:59:34 Nov 9th 12 - Ms. Hard And Rough Baby:

"I want alot of fighting, biting, bitching, slapping, clawing, and some insulting."

thats just asking for this thread to be locked. last eras thread was locked for no apparent reason.

00:35:12 Nov 10th 12 - Mr. Britsgotnohotchicks:

I got a feeling this will be one of the boooooring eras that have came up latley

00:35:39 Nov 10th 12 - Zond (Mr. Inflatable Car Bed):

DAM for the win.

Also, there is word of a MAP already...


00:48:22 Nov 10th 12 - Dragon (Sir Black Dragon):

Who is going to MAP this early in the era

00:49:52 Nov 10th 12 - Zond (Mr. Coolio):

You :P 

02:35:46 Nov 10th 12 - Dragon (Mr. Fafnir):

not me ..... couldn't be...... must be someone else, I give you my word that I have not signed a MAP treaty with anyone...

02:39:14 Nov 10th 12 - Zond (Sir Inflatable Car Bed):

You are no leader or vice :o

so of course :P 

02:41:19 Nov 10th 12 - Mr. Fordius:

Who wants relations when their is murdering and butchering for fun.

Why limit the bloods on ur hands when you can drink blood for an enternal lifetime.
Crush skulls and rape women ( or man as some might prefer here ) what's the fun in hiding behind people that you would love to kill.

WAR is the only fun out there. 

03:07:12 Nov 10th 12 - SWIFTRY (Mr. Jimmy Savile):

fordius writes shit poetic verse on the forums until he dies ingame. then you don't hear from him for the rest of the era.

so pls, somebody, kill fordius. and fast.

03:33:07 Nov 10th 12 - Mr. Fordius:

I hope they kill me and the rest of the kd :) 

makes it a nice cool short era and good riddance from you swiffers.

can't wait till you fail your kd again :)

04:37:19 Nov 10th 12 - Zond (Sir Inflatable Car Bed):

Kingdoms in Fantasia
Beothuk Evil Ops26Sir Kobu The Evilruler329
The Immortals22Lord Leviathan259
Mad and Dangerous28Mr. Aloysius127
Damnation Apocalypse Machine2Sir Inflatable Car Bed100
Legacy22Mr. Devi97
Relentless13Mr. Xpumpx86
Black Flag3Mr. Hamish The Third31

08:45:50 Nov 10th 12 - Dragon (Junior Guildmaster Dragon):

Zond thought you were going to solo.

08:49:57 Nov 10th 12 - Zond (Sir Inflatable Car Bed):

Some noob needs protection. So i offered :/

11:08:47 Nov 10th 12 - Dragon (Sir Apple Pie):

Always the white knight. 

11:26:47 Nov 10th 12 - Mr. Baiterman:

This era will be boring 100% sure. Bring back one big fantasia map for everybody to play on. Thoose where the times of epic gameplay.

11:26:48 Nov 10th 12 - Electric (Electric Phenomena):


12:33:00 Nov 10th 12 - Tyr (Sir Tyrgalon):

Indeed. lol :P

14:29:17 Nov 10th 12 - Mr. Jimmy Savile:

The size of the map doesn't make it boring. What makes it boring is pre-determined relations before the era begins. Particularly when there's so few KDs/players these days in VU.

It's essentially forcing the other [few] kds hands.

00:13:26 Nov 11th 12 - Zond (Sir Inflatable Car Bed):

Going to post this while i can, as im between Relentless, MAD, and Black Flag... And i know my cities look juicy :/

Your character Sir Inflatable Car Bed is the 1st most powerful ruler in Fantasia

00:16:48 Nov 11th 12 - Zephyr (Marquess Roland III):

Your cities have already been claimed lol.

00:23:31 Nov 11th 12 - Dragon (Sir Apple Pie):

ya their all mine

00:24:21 Nov 11th 12 - Zond (Sir Inflatable Car Bed):

Ha by you Immortal nubs? :PP

Chade and Tyr can both try, ill even let them 1v2 me :P 

00:29:22 Nov 11th 12 - Dragon (Mr. Dexter The Serial Killer):

no me personally will gaia spam you off the world

00:36:08 Nov 11th 12 - Zond (Sir Inflatable Car Bed):

hahaha. you better post more links. you gonna need a lot more bts to get me ;) 

01:22:34 Nov 11th 12 - Zephyr (Marquess Roland III):

oh he got us! Quick Dragon lets spam him off fant.

01:24:06 Nov 11th 12 - Zond (Sir Inflatable Car Bed):

Good luck! imma eat all of Relentless and come at you >:D 

14:54:13 Nov 11th 12 - Ms. Jennas Fanclub:

Jimmy, only reason you dont like how this is progressing is becouse

A) You dont wanna be allied with nubtards in MAD
B) You dont wanna loose

I'm with Beothuk, a brand new kd with mostly people who hasn't really played toghether atleast not in this constallation.
It's not rocket science to understand why we would ally up our closest flank. Even if we know we have alot of epic players we really don't know how this is going to work. We're now on fantasia where many of us has not played for ages(if we have played at all) and TBH you guys just seem really scary.

So quit whining and give us a good fight. If you suck as much as you seem to wanna make us believe, then we'll come back next era and not make any relations.

Or just adapt and make the most of how things are turning out.

15:08:38 Nov 11th 12 - Mr. Jimmy Savile:

You've got the wrong end of the stick.

You've got a couple of Immortals/Beo players moaning they think it'll be a boring era because of the map size. I explained it has nothing to do with the map, and more to do with KDs deciding to MAP before Fant has begun (particularly when you factor in the small player pool and diminishing size), and that qualifies as me moaning? No, it's your KD mates moaning about the "boringness".

Don't act precious. I didn't even refer to your KDs MAPing. It applies to any KD these days. Pre-determined relations = forcing other KDs to act accordingly in order to survive = boring.

15:18:49 Nov 11th 12 - Mr. Warlock:

Congratz Jennas Fanclub, you just got a nice post-it on your forehead :P 

Here take this cookie (o)

15:41:51 Nov 11th 12 - Ms. Jennas Fanclub:

Jimmy, are you saying there should be no friendly inter-kd relations? I really dont see any difference with regards to time on when you decide to make relations. The longer you wait the bigger the risk that you're left alone. Its like on the pub, if you wait till just before bar closes all you can get to come home with you is the fugliest bitch in there. 

And actually mapsize also has something to do with this since we land practicly on top of eachothers. That means you have to decide quickly how to cope with the situation. And deciding to OOP-war without having flank secured is a really bad idea nowadays since map is small and there are so few kingdoms, it would only work if we made pre-era relations really: ie decided to go lay off eachother untill oopwars done. And then we're back where we started.

There is really only 3 options on how this era can progress relationswise, so even if we wait a couple of days before deciding wich of the 3 options its gonna be its not gonna turn out surprising and not-boring.

Both mapsize and kd relations has nothing to do with precieved boringness though. What it comes down to is playerbase, it used to be that you landed on top of someone, had a OOP-war and secured a core. Loosing kd went to lower world but there was still alot of people left to fight on the map. It was more fun and less predictable becouse there was more players and more kingdoms on the map. 

16:02:10 Nov 11th 12 - Mr. Jimmy Savile:

What I'm saying Augh is your players can't complain about being bored if your KD is going to pre-determine your relations before the era has begun, with an ever decreasing player base. It makes the game linear and predictable. A bit like those shitty "Good vs. Bad" eras.

Quite simple really. Why you're making a big deal out of a throw away comment is beyond me. If your players are upset/bored with your policy of merging 2 KDs + MAPing another before the era begins, take it up with them. They're the ones saying on the forums they're bored, not me.

16:21:41 Nov 11th 12 - Mr. Badder Than Wilbad:

Where's Binh, best player in the game?

Where's Penguin, second best player in the game?

Where's Wilberforce, third best player in the game, and my inspiration, my hero, my role model?

16:24:48 Nov 11th 12 - Tyr (Sir Tyrgalon):

lol :P

16:27:38 Nov 11th 12 - Jenna (Ms. Jennaside):

Who said we were bored, I for one am not.

dont die to fast Ford  ill be looking for you whent i'm done of mad :)

16:29:32 Nov 11th 12 - Mr. Fordius:

Haha I'm not sure if I die fast or not.

Got a bet running with Swifty and hoping for a fast dead.
Who ever finds my body please dump me into the sea :) 

and let Jenna sing for me :D

Btw I might hit you Jenna, with my mighty swordsmen :)
he got trained by samurai's , ninja, spartans and stuff :) 

16:33:18 Nov 11th 12 - Tyr (Sir Tyrgalon):

Was wondering about that as well Jenna, only seen Jimmy commenting on boredom so far.

16:54:50 Nov 11th 12 - Jenna (Ms. Jennaside):

your swordmen is not match  for my warlord who has been train in  Melee-Magthere by my very good friend  Drizzt Do'Urden

17:01:16 Nov 11th 12 - Mr. Jimmy Savile:

Wilbad is chatting up fat girls and getting chased down alleyways by black youths. I said you would be playing again, but he made some excuse not to play. Aka he's scared of you.  Shame.

17:17:53 Nov 11th 12 - Zond (General of Legend):

Mmm im not gonna be bored.

MAD and Relentless together.. im fighting relentless OOP, can only expect them all to jump me xD (and the new players that joined my kd automatically).

19:47:01 Nov 11th 12 - Electric (Electric Phenomena):

21:32:33 Nov 11th 12 - Tyr (Sir Tyrgalon):


23:26:47 Nov 11th 12 - Dragon (Junior Guildmaster Dragon):

Your all gonna lose, I am gaia spamming all over the map. I will kill everyone all at once with suicide gaia bombers hehe

I am not even oop and Relentless is upset with me for plopping a city down in the middle of their core on a vital bridge hehe

And Well Lgc  I am just going to have fun with them too.

And my third gaia city is near Mad core I think and that is going to be fun too.

this is not going to be boring for me at all.

23:30:10 Nov 11th 12 - Zephyr (Marquess Roland III):

lol I am on your team and never noticed it.

23:32:26 Nov 11th 12 - Mr. Yukan:

Oh boo I'm so far away that I can't freeze you again :[

03:22:22 Nov 12th 12 - Dragon (Junior Guildmaster Dragon):

Dam I was late coming oop and everyone near me is still in protection.

Guess it is back to spamming gaia. got lots of BTs to use so this should be fun.

04:05:26 Nov 12th 12 - Electric (Electric Phenomena):

I wish i had that many BT's.. could wreck havoc.

04:06:13 Nov 12th 12 - Zond (Mr. Coolio):

I just wish people wouldnt gang bang me OOP :p

04:06:43 Nov 12th 12 - Dragon (Junior Guildmaster Dragon):

link to VU it works

05:21:04 Nov 12th 12 - Mr. Hell Come Alive:


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