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14:15:36 Apr 10th 14 - HorusPanic (Mr. Polymer):

Zeon out to an early lead

Most Powerful GroupsMost Powerful Rulers

Prince Sladen

Perfectly Ordinary Order of Fellows
Dark Prince Stirlin

Poodles From Hell
Sheriff Timur

Mad and Dangerous
Sir Aloysius Lvi

The Phoons 
Mr. Miyatomi Tamiko

Pink Legacy
Princess James Moorely

Captain Konspyre

Archangel Argyle

Prince Sladen

Sir Gallyon

Mr. Aussie

I am Legend

14:38:07 Apr 10th 14 - Mr. Eternal Sonata:

A bunch of those are halflings...

14:48:10 Apr 10th 14 - Stirlin (Dark Prince Stirlin):

a Bunch? how about all?

14:48:50 Apr 10th 14 - Ms. Daenerys Targaryen:

All of those are halflings. The lame is strong in them.

15:59:53 Apr 10th 14 - SWIFTRY (Mr. Bad Bell Mate):

will DB-2 mass NAP and farm their way to victory again?

02:59:46 Apr 11th 14 - Valar (Mr. Actively Inactive):

Yeah, we're going Swifty style this era.

20:34:24 Apr 11th 14 - HorusPanic (Mr. Polymer):

^ looking for a KD, west side of map

21:52:23 Apr 11th 14 - Mr. Eternal Sonata:

I think Poof is closest kingdom to you polymer send scouts north i think they are north of you lol

19:34:33 Apr 12th 14 - Prince Chade:

13:48:10 Apr 10th 14 - Stirlin (Dark Prince Stirlin):

a Bunch? how about all?


how about not all? :)

02:37:40 Apr 13th 14 - Mr. Eternal Sonata:

Everyone must listen to this as they play fant

13:03:34 Apr 13th 14 - Prince Chade:

15:18:05 Apr 14th 14 - Konspyre (Captain Konspyre):

So... Is Zeon vs. POOF the only war, and are the rest of the kingdoms just farming?

15:45:14 Apr 14th 14 - Valar (Dreadlord Valarion):

yes and yes :p

18:40:35 Apr 14th 14 - Mr. Bad Bell Mate:

vals a fgt again? total mindfuck.

i thought stirlin was single handedly losing lgc members, not gaining them

19:30:03 Apr 14th 14 - Ms. Jerks Are Jer:

where is Zeon and Poof.. Farming is boring. just send me coordinates. 

20:01:07 Apr 14th 14 - Sir Full Moon:

Soloing Fantasia unless also seeking a possible alliance, set beside Polymer :-O

22:49:56 Apr 14th 14 - Mr. Morningmonster:

Jerks, POOF are building unprotected mines in the dead center of the map up on the northern edge of the map. To the east all cities have 5-10k GTs and are higlhly contested. 

You are welcome.

23:15:46 Apr 14th 14 - shyers (Mr. Shyers The Monkey):

grass anyone

06:43:52 Apr 15th 14 - Valar (Dreadlord Valarion):

18:40:35 Apr 14th 14 - Mr. Bad Bell Mate:

vals a Poof again? total mind****. 

i thought stirlin was single handedly losing lgc members, not gaining them

Some of us can get past a disagreement and mend fences instead of clinging to a grudge for YEARS like some bitter, old, crazy cat lady.

14:07:20 Apr 15th 14 - SWIFTRY (Mr. Bad Bell Mate):

pls don't bring Q into this. move on.


how did stirlin win you back? drop his trousers?

16:14:04 Apr 15th 14 - Dark Knight Endo The Brute:

is bickering the only thing you guys manage to accomplish on this thread?

18:47:32 Apr 15th 14 - Mr. Bad Bell Mate:

is being a giant fgt the only thing you manage to accomplish. ever?

20:15:29 Apr 15th 14 - TheBornLoser (Mr. The Dung Beetle):

12:43:52 Apr 15th 14 - Valar (Dreadlord Valarion):

Some of us can get past a disagreement and mend fences instead of clinging to a grudge for YEARS like some bitter, old, crazy cat lady.

Report20:07:20 Apr 15th 14 - SWIFTRY (Mr. Bad Bell Mate):

pls don't bring Q into this. move on.

*chuckle* Can't blame Swifty for doing what he does. Even I have my own issues. For example, I can never resist reminding Wilberforce about how far down the food chain he is from me, and about how I've smashed him ELEVEN times in this game before and how he has only been able to return the favour just... ONCE. Its so much fun that I foresee myself continuing with regular reminders to him over the next few years (or until this game dies out completely).

Internet grudges are the perfect daily light entertainment. Especially if all the cards are on your side ;)

P.S. Wasn't Wilberforce a student and lapdog of Quiet One? Explains why their personalities are so similar :D

23:40:22 Apr 15th 14 - Mr. Morningmonster:

03:48:54 Apr 16th 14 - Ms. Jerks Are Jer:

why no banner .. zeon.. dig up zeons old one?

13:12:48 Apr 16th 14 - Grandmaster Of Imperia (Mr. Spot Lock Luck Ass):

aYorr mudddaaaa are at war with POOF and possibly Black Flag , not quite sure yet amigos 
Kingdoms in Fantasia
Zeon15Prince Sladen849
Poodles From Hell18Sheriff Timur741
Perfectly Ordinary Order of Fellows13Dark Prince Stirlin612
Mad and Dangerous19Sir Aloysius Lvi555
Yorrr mudddaaaa2Mr. Spot Lock Luck Ass100
The Phoons6Mr. Miyatomi Tamiko81
Black Flag
4Mr. Hamish The Third28

09:55:47 Apr 18th 14 - Mr. Morningmonster:

MAD and Poodles are obviously NAPed btw, so they have an alliance of 37 players while the remaining 40 players are happily slugging it out with eachother.

10:25:02 Apr 18th 14 - Stirlin (Dark Prince Stirlin):

how does it feel to be on this side Augh?

10:37:49 Apr 18th 14 - The Real Josh (Mr. Sorin):

How do you feel about being an this side stirling? Must feel wierd napping another massive KD!

Ooh quick question are you and a select few poofs already coming up with excuses to why you lost or is it to early to say for sure?

10:42:48 Apr 18th 14 - Stirlin (Prince Brannigans Law):

we're kicking your ass, to say you started the era with more players and a heavy halfling set up, you've done terrible with that line up, must be down to the leadership, you holding them back mate?

12:13:31 Apr 18th 14 - Mr. Morningmonster:

1. I'm usually on that side. And even when I'm not there's a difference NAPing toghether 37 ppl when there are 150+ players and fierce competition and doing it when there's ~80 players and no super-kd to NAP against. I'm not complaining though, just thought it worth to point it out. If we take home the era win it will be so much sweeter, if we don't then I don't care, its all about tactics and effort and if we loose we didnt have the best one.

2. How are you kicking our ass? Last time I checked you are restarting now Stirlin and Soggy will be too in a short while. Your orcs did do well however and their initial success does have to do with many issues, primarily them being so good. 
I'm better however, so for next era I will make clones of myself and kill you all by myself.

12:48:30 Apr 18th 14 - Stirlin (Prince Brannigans Law):

i restarted? then how did Niv lib Slavers Bay?

13:15:42 Apr 18th 14 - Mr. Bad Bell Mate:

DB-2 mass NAPing? The shame!

17:42:04 Apr 18th 14 - Mr. Morningmonster:

Well, aparently you didn't restart. Maybe you had time to make a new mine up in your evacuation-core before you lost your first 2 mines and your armoury. Or maybe you are sitting on an armory but no income atm.

Either way, you aren't winning this oop-war.

10:53:33 Apr 19th 14 - Grandmaster Of Imperia (Mr. Spot Lock Luck Ass):

13:16:30 Apr 18th 14 - shyers (Mr. Shyers The Monkey):

I was a mod abusing cheating bastard.... Now I'm a monk.... I stand by the fact that this is a war game and nearly anything goes. Being honorable in this game is held to to high of a standard. I just got punked in fant and wiped out in one day by my own kdmate and this is the first y'all are hearing about it. I didn't hit the forums and say "I honorable player, look out!!!" 

Bug abuse has gone on so long how can you call it abuse? It's more of a way to play the game. Look at RL, the richest people made their millions off the backs of the poor by ripping them off.

Although i kjnow probably no one cares im just pointing out. Shyers was the kd leader and the second black flag attacked us he jumped ship to poof who was settling in our core without a word, which is why we attached him and them. 

15:14:47 Apr 19th 14 - Stirlin (Dark Prince Stirlin):

please dont listen to Kaths usual bull

Shyers and the Orc (Kath) was approached by me. around 48 prior to Frozen flame(who went against Hamish's orders) attack. The reason it took so long was that Shyers was waiting for Kaths response that never came hinting at him being inactive.. Shyers disbanded the KD and joined Poof, immediatly Kath attacked Shyers,

Sounds to me like Kath waited for Shyers to leave in order to take the spoils and join Frozen Flame, cant say im surprised, now i know its Kath i would have expected this.

00:03:21 Apr 20th 14 - Grandmaster Of Imperia (Mr. Spot Lock Luck Ass):

Shyers messaged me AFTER DISBANDING THE KD to say he was joining you guys. 

Grandmaster Baiter (4/16/2014 2:07:18 AM)GOODBAD
okay, well, i'm disbanding the KD and joining poofs. strinling said you were welcome to join as well

thats the only message i got from him. and then i came online and he was prepping my city.  and take what spoils? I did not take any of his cities , frozen flame did.

05:17:14 Apr 20th 14 - shyers (Grandmaster Baiter):

Murder Your Mudda lead by Mr. Spot Lock Luck Ass attacked and took over Nap. They also took 1432092 gold, 2293534 stone, 0 tree, 29850 food and 0 slaves from us! And 3030 of the peasants in the city where taken as slaves! We lost 0 Ghosts, 0 Archers, 0 Riders, 0 Spellweavers, 0 Archmages and 3030 peasants in the battle.

dude your so dumb, get over yourself. i wasnt even mad about your silly little trick, but the fact that you are making a big deal about something i brought up as an example of how i dont whine and cry over a war game is pretty retarded.

fyi. i had a total of 1500k archers before i was reset. was i prepping you with "people of..."? 50 ghosts? lol

i didnt even mention your name in my comment on this event, and i mentioned it in Zeta. i didnt want anything from all this, but you are trying to tarnish my name for what? i posted in the KD forum two days before disbanding, even Stir knows. y'all took advantage of a situation, yall have my cities, i got reset. its a war game. shut it

05:20:10 Apr 20th 14 - shyers (Grandmaster Baiter):

oh, and we were napped with poofs, ive been in contact with poofs, long before they settled in our core.

12:44:16 Apr 20th 14 - Mr. Bad Bell Mate:

dirty lgc showing its true colours. not to be trusted.

13:12:33 Apr 20th 14 - The Real Josh (Prince Nikol Bolas):

You still butt hurt about lgc ditching you swifty??

15:14:12 Apr 22nd 14 - Mr. Morningmonster:


IMGKingdom NameMembersLeader%P
Kingdoms in Fantasia
Zeon15Prince Sladen100
Poodles From Hell19Sheriff Timur93
Mad and Dangerous19Sir Aloysius Lvi76
Perfectly Ordinary Order of Fellows13Dark Prince Stirlin58
Black Flag3Mr. Hamish The Third11
Yorrr mudddaaaa2Mr. Spot Lock Luck Ass5
The Phoons7Mr. Miyatomi Tamiko1

Zeon/POOF was has grinded down to a stalemat, no side is making any real progress atm. POOF might be fighting Yorrr/BF(?) and Zeon has diverted the bulk of its forces to protect against MAD and Poodles who have gobbled up the Phoons and are looking for new targets.

Anything can still happen!

15:55:43 Apr 22nd 14 - Stirlin (Dark Prince Stirlin):

Dont forget Poofs are fighting Yorr, Trolled and MAD up north!

17:00:48 Apr 22nd 14 - Sir Trolled:

Trolled (untagged/kingdomless troll) vs. POOF, YoRRR and Poodles.

17:07:28 Apr 22nd 14 - Mr. Morningmonster:

So Stirlin can confirm that you are NAPed with BF? Zeon thus the only major kd with no relations? WHY DOES EVERYBODY HATE US T_T

17:13:43 Apr 22nd 14 - Stirlin (Dark Prince Stirlin):

you ditched Phoons now theyre dead then?

17:18:10 Apr 22nd 14 - The Real Josh (Mr. Sorin):

We never allied phoons?

17:29:31 Apr 22nd 14 - Stirlin (Dark Prince Stirlin):

oh thats right, because its not "official" we'll just pretty much core share.

17:46:47 Apr 22nd 14 - Mr. Morningmonster:

It wasnt even unofficial. There is a river between our cores and the only reason we didnt already attack them(wich we were planning) is that we wanted you out of our core before picking any more fights. 

Unfortunatly for us MAD/Poodles showed up and grabbed all the juicy stuff before we could get to it.

17:50:34 Apr 22nd 14 - Mr. Morningmonster:

Btw, MAD are dirty liars.

People of Looser

You (4/22/2014 1:11:43 PM)
If you continue straight north from here there are LARGE unprotected POOF mines. Honestly.
Mr. Looser (4/22/2014 1:44:47 PM)GOODBAD
I know i have my main armory there i'm going to merge with my other armies.
You (4/22/2014 2:43:20 PM)
Oh, I understand! Then you should better reroute your army, there is a wedding at the twins ya' see. So the bridge is closed.
Mr. Looser (4/22/2014 4:47:55 PM)GOODBAD
I have an invitation of that wedding...


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