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04:58:45 Nov 6th 17 - Nayoke the Kid (Mr. Nayoke The Chuunin):

Whoever designed this map.... the bridges are... orgasmic 

09:14:38 Nov 6th 17 - King Justanius Fontainius XXXIX:

If this is Mcmax's map being used the era I quit im gonna kick the crap out of someone. But it will have to be in real life lol.

09:17:22 Nov 6th 17 - McMax (Battlemage Mcmax The Humble):

I didn't make that bigsnowmap........ :rant:

09:29:14 Nov 6th 17 - McMax (Battlemage Mcmax The Humble):

Dang it, will not show it - is it too big (more than 5MB)??

Don't know the reason, but now I exported it from GIMP with only "99% quality". Ohh well, there are many things I don't understand........

03:16:38 Nov 7th 17 - Mr. Edi The Great:

Good luck everyone! Lets have another interesting era!

Just a quick call out to all Albatross members that have not started.
Go check our forum to see what to do :)

04:18:55 Nov 7th 17 - Nayoke the Kid (Mr. Eros Unfroze Toes):

The map looks very good McMax :) If you inspect the shadows on the horizontal bridges though they crisscross. If you want the design uniform you might have to flip some of those bridges around 

04:19:42 Nov 7th 17 - Nayoke the Kid (Mr. Eros Unfroze Toes):

Could be a world with multiple suns though so idk :3

13:22:05 Nov 7th 17 - Mr. Torienthos The Ranger:

the sun does seem to come from various angles...the mountains are dark on different sides too...

13:35:23 Nov 7th 17 - McMax (Battlemage Mcmax The Humble):

True. I have shadows in all directions because I have copied bridges and mountains and part of them, pasted them here and there, cut them again and rotated them until the playground seemed to be good.

The price I paid was some of the good graphic lookings.

I have no mountains or bridges without shadows - I have not yet made my own. And I simply don't know how to use that features in GIMP, that makes shadows. That is both something I'm going to learn myself during the dark cold danish winter........

01:25:00 Nov 8th 17 - Mr. Torienthos The Ranger:

personally I didnt even notice the shadow angles till nayoke mentioned it. 

14:29:55 Nov 8th 17 - Mr. Uwer:

Its a world with multiple Suns

05:01:27 Nov 9th 17 - Mr. Torienthos The Ranger:

texture wise theyre better than the current ones. the forests could be another texture though..

08:27:13 Nov 9th 17 - Nayoke the Kid (Mr. Bond James Bond):

also the grass doesnt blow in the wind so idk whats up with that...

09:08:03 Nov 9th 17 - McMax (Mr. Gubernator Maximus):

I just signed up as member of the Cartographersguild. From what I already have seen there, I'm sure I can find most - if not all - I need for making new maps in future.

You have to take the one I started with as it is - I'm sure you can find some already in rotation, that are worse ;-).

10:15:19 Nov 9th 17 - Nayoke the Kid (Mr. Bond James Bond):

ya no knocking the short stops just cause your the new kid on the block McMax!

04:39:43 Nov 10th 17 - Mr. Torienthos The Ranger:

If you could make sure all the openings are blockable that'd be sweet..-nudgenudge-

09:29:01 Nov 10th 17 - Nayoke the Kid (Mr. Nayoke The Chuunin):

I believe that is on ZeTa's end? Cant just upload a picture and expect 'armies' to recognize 'mountains and forests'

01:12:06 Nov 11th 17 - Mr. Torienthos The Ranger:

well..if the map creator spaces out the distances so that at least a 90k city can fit in the spot, then it should logically block if they do all the programming correctly.

07:58:54 Nov 13th 17 - Mr. Torienthos The Ranger:

Trick question: how many bonus turns do you have to buy to have 10000 ponies at oop?

08:09:15 Nov 13th 17 - The Real Josh (Prince Sladen):

Trickier question: who do you call when the salt levels get to high?

Also "OOP", Really?

1* FantasiaOpenbigsnowmap6

13:17:02 Nov 13th 17 - Mr. Torienthos The Ranger:

maybe not at oop, but shortly after oop.-checks- 10k on the 11th, 6700 onthe 10th..

13:44:47 Nov 13th 17 - Pirate Lewatha:

Are you talking about me? Because I had 10k ponies on the 11th without using bts and being pretty inactive. It isn't that hard. 

18:16:06 Nov 13th 17 - Mr. Torienthos The Ranger:

O  ok

20:14:29 Nov 14th 17 - Mr. Uwer:

Lewatha lies. Not true you are inactive.

20:37:23 Nov 14th 17 - Nayoke the Kid (God Hotline):

she knows what she's doing though. good oop fighter to have on your side thats for sure

08:31:57 Nov 15th 17 - Nayoke the Kid (God Hotline):

when the whole map is at war with no NAPs

10:15:13 Nov 17th 17 - Lord Caedus:

Are Abydos and Acension warring? I don't have LoS so can't see what's happening :( 

Would be fun to watch that war! 

10:42:39 Nov 17th 17 - Mr. Edi The Great:

Aby vs Asc war is at similar stage as Mad vs Alba war. Aby has broken important blockers and will kill Asc in 3-4 rl days. Similar Mad has broken Alba armies and will win in 3-4 rl days. Aby vs Mad for the era win. Who has more late era races determines the era win favorite

12:02:10 Nov 17th 17 - Lord Caedus:

Ah that's very interesting - deffo will be good to see who wins the Aby / MaD war

10:04:51 Nov 18th 17 - Mr. Uwer:

I won Kitana this time

22:15:15 Nov 20th 17 - HorusPanic (Mr. Polymer):

It would appear that Aby will start with a significant advantage

Kingdoms in Fantasia
Abydos19Dark Lord Demandred459
Mad and Dangerous15Sir Aloysius LXXXIII285
Albatross14Lord Caedus128
Ascension15Ms. Jasmina111
The Dark Riders Empire10Lord Water Bender28

22:22:09 Nov 20th 17 - Ms. Kitana The Mage:

Good job uwer, was a nice sneak attack to take out my magic

But you did that maybe a day too late
We managed to kill most of Aloys army, cripple Horus (one more hit pending)
Blue got hit as well

I think that might be the reason why Aby has the % advantage now.

22:48:43 Nov 20th 17 - HorusPanic (Sir Panic):

If by cripple you mean 'brush up against softly' then yeah, you crippled me

23:06:39 Nov 20th 17 - Mr. Bling The Badass:

guess I should join the party -_-

23:24:15 Nov 20th 17 - Ms. Kitana The Mage:

Blings one of those guys that say Orcs don't need armories till week 3 (think he said somethng like that) because gaia and hammers train quickly

He's also one of the guys that makes rain of fire spell be super fun for mages.

23:31:29 Nov 20th 17 - Mr. Bling The Badass:

hey, if you wanna fry gaia with mages that cost twice the price, go for it.

but i had 3 weeks of naz training, so all good. 

23:48:28 Nov 20th 17 - Pirate Lewatha:

1* FantasiaOpenbigsnowmap13

3 weeks of Naz ofc. 

01:34:54 Nov 21st 17 - Sir Roxbot:

"Blings one of those guys that say Orcs don't need armories till week 3 (think he said somethng like that) because gaia and hammers train quickly"

I always say that you should never make armories at all, regardless of race (aside from OOP wars). I don't think I've found anyone to agree with me yet :)

But the truth is that VU is a game of planning and mistakes. Most of the attacks you win are because of your enemy's mistakes rather than your own good plays. If you never make armories you force yourself to always think ahead several days, thus eliminating a lot of mistakes that people make.

01:38:18 Nov 21st 17 - Mr. Bling The Badass:

Armouries used to give price discounts which is why they were used.

I dont see what the obsession with them now are. If you got a full armoury but dont know how to keep production above 96%, you get no benefit as you still training troops at the same speed. 

And Kitana, for reference, i need you to burn your mages on gaia, because it kills your pez, ruins your production and slows your training rate so that when i put hammers and naz out, the best you guys can do is a 3 days freeze.

07:38:11 Nov 22nd 17 - Ms. Kitana The Mage:

Blings a kinda guy that already had three weeks of Naz training after two weeks of playing. Not sure if anyone in VU takes him seriously

11:56:06 Nov 22nd 17 - Nayoke the Kid (Mr. Nayoke The Chuunin):

Im not gonna lie I had to read this one twice before I got it lol. Nothing wrong about putting finances into the game although there should be better ways to do it on a consistent basis than bonus turns. Maybe a $5 monthly fee for perks with the static donate $X amount option for titles. been brought up before

Blings a kinda guy that already had three weeks of Naz training after two weeks of playing

14:33:39 Nov 22nd 17 - Mr. Bling The Badass:

22:51:24 Nov 22nd 17 - Mr. Edi The Great:

I have been playing for a few months only so most people don't know me, though bunch of people think I am this other guy Eddie that used to play, and due to lack of time and mostly cause of numerous bugs and flaws in this game I've decided to quit. Noticed many people actually saying they gonna take breaks and return later. I will most likely find a game where blockers are not bugged and game is updated from time to time. 

I would like to thank Albatross, a great group of people, it was a pleasure to be with you guys. Two people already quit this era, 3 are inactive (did not spawn at all this era) and I was told 3-4 more will quit. So please take it easy on Alba in future eras till their numbers grow again.

Take care everyone and hope your game gets a visual update soon!

07:50:51 Nov 23rd 17 - Ms. Bluelight The Warrior:

VU is one of the best strategy games i played so far. yet their is still enough room for improvement. it sucks when i hear people leaving though. i hope Zeta implements changes that will attract more players.

Edi, if you miss the the VU community, just get back. we are always happy to see you play.

08:38:28 Nov 23rd 17 - McMax (Battlemage Mcmax And His Horse):

I totally agree with Bluelight in this.

And one thing more - this game is free to play, though a little donation is possible and will give the donor some small advantages. Massive use of BTs is of course possible - but it's still frown upon by most of the active players here.

A game like Stronghold Online IS better looking and IS faster to play and bugs ARE corrected - but it's also damn expensive to play unless you accept to stay at the buttom of the playerbase..... I know, I did play it for a year (dropped out in august last year).

02:11:20 Nov 24th 17 - Mr. Torienthos The Ranger:

I have discovered, through maybe 3-4 prior eras of remaining defensive, that blockers are not actually useless. In going through a few kingdoms, I have garnered the knowledge of 2-3 additional ways to my own in how to figure out where to place a blocker. Many of them are reasons why blockers don't block.

There is an exact way to make sure a blocker will block. I have tried it the past two eras and they amazingly block in places where many would officially claim that there is no way a blocker can be built there. I have built there. And it blocks.

I will now expose my secret knowledge to all. Because I like having people to fight against. Keeping people around will also keep our numbers up, and not force some of us to have 2-3 accounts in one era, on just one map, not including the others. Some of you people really have alot of time on your hands, geez.

Anyways, heres the trick::

Cities are different sizes due to the race. So, you will need to have a paper to do this with before the era starts, unless you use another worlds' city. 

1.)Using your race's largest city, or the city large enough to fill in the space you plan to block; place a piece of paper over your monitors' screen. With a pen or pencil, trace the perimeters of the city, every corner. Then underline the name of the city etc so you know where the exact center of the city is (important). 
2.) Place this piece of paper with the traced city on it, over the location you want to build a blocker at. Move your scout so it is at the center of the traced city. 
3.) Build there.

It's quite simple, logical and works. You can make sure the sides of the traced city touch all forests, mountains, rivers so that no space is between the city and the surrounding landscape ahead of time. 

I am feeling generous after receiving random messages from friends in different kingdoms while I lurk on fantasia this era kingdomless, so I will make a short guide with this information for future use by others as well. 

18:25:21 Nov 24th 17 - Mr. Uwer:

You can drag a city also from the map. Hold the click on a city and drag it to the spot. Then you move the scout to the center.

And as Cloutier reports, the city is always built 5% to the northwest of the scout, and I confirm this.

18:37:10 Nov 24th 17 - Mr. Uwer:

Edi, comeback soon. And forget about the updates. 

It will be the same bugs, but you will Have a safe exile :D

19:02:39 Nov 24th 17 - McMax (Battlemage Mcmax And His Horse):

I can confirm that Uwer (both of your posts :-) ).

19:45:01 Nov 27th 17 - HorusPanic (Mr. Polymer):

things are getting spicy

Kingdoms in Fantasia
Abydos19Dark Lord Demandred495
Mad and Dangerous15Sir Aloysius LXXXIII300
Ascension16Ms. Jasmina50
Albatross8Lord Caedus28
The Dark Riders Empire10Lord Water Bender19

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