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Fant Era 86
23:24:03 Jul 9th 22 - Mr. Chinggis Khan:

Good luck whiners. Happy warring Night and Day.

Kiss goodbye to cheap Gas, oil & family dinners. Life is hard now. Get it straight. 

00:03:46 Jul 10th 22 - Mr. Peasant Cyrone:

Let start off the thread correctly by letting everyone know who to look out for, the cheater who is awful at the game! Chinngis and PDC, the absolute most pitiful and pathetic cheaters left in VU! Last era they did every cheat in the book; multi account abuse, market feeding, taking arma cities, leaving the KD and feeding... you name it! Also, they still lost despite cheating worse than I've ever seen any player do!

Please read this document if you don't believe me;
Unfortunately it only logs a small fraction of their cheating last era! Chinngis is Ivanho. A cheater. He hasn't stopped and probably won't ever.

Anyway, thanks for making the thread, you awful, horrible, joke of a player! Can't wait to laugh at you and your pathetic cheating with the rest of my KD this era!

02:30:45 Jul 10th 22 - Mr. Chinggis Khan:

Save some laughs for us aswell. We're gonna need it after you fall & whine more.

11:00:43 Jul 10th 22 - Mr. Chinggis Khan:

Mr. Peasant Cyrone:

Last era they did every cheat in the book

Give me the "Book". 

17:34:07 Jul 10th 22 - Emperor (Emperor Sons):

Mostly dead game and people complaining about "cheating" I dont have the energy to play this anymore but the passion you guys have over a very very very dead game with like 100 people all over the world playing is.. just "magical". 

08:30:19 Jul 13th 22 - Mr. Cyrone The Peasant:

Damn guys, the first untagged player I saw ACTUALLY had a full history of eras played! Wow! I had to double check I wasn't playing on Mantraxx or something!

12:44:53 Jul 13th 22 - Kobuskan (Sir Kobuskan):

Yes go ahead start whining again, we are use to it. 

13:03:23 Jul 13th 22 - Konspyre (Captain Picard):

Said the guy who whined about BTs for a full era before anyone in Imp even bought any

13:27:51 Jul 13th 22 - Jesus Left Toe (Lord Mortalis):

Said the guy who has a Star Trek reference for a character name...

19:15:11 Jul 16th 22 - Konspyre (Captain Picard):

This aged well

09:46:53 Jul 17th 22 - Prophet Hanky Panky:

I got distracted and busy 

I missed the start😭

09:47:25 Jul 17th 22 - Prophet Hanky Panky:

I will be back next era


15:33:17 Jul 17th 22 - Prophet Hanky Panky:

Aloy wonít let me back in MAD

I think he thinks Iím crazy

Iím really not crazy🙃

Iím sane😂

Iím honestly the best😂😂

15:34:31 Jul 17th 22 - Prophet Hanky Panky:

He will regret it!

I will kill him like old times!

Next era

Illuminati kingdom will reign!

22:02:36 Jul 17th 22 - Bigfield (Dragon Prophet Theophilus):

So is the Fantasia metagame basically still one big kingdom against one other big kingdom eating up small kingdoms tired of the aforementioned status quo? 

00:28:55 Jul 18th 22 - Jesus Left Toe (Lord Mortalis):

Not quite; It's one big kingdom eating up smaller kingdoms who fight amongst themselves.

00:31:11 Jul 18th 22 - Mr. Aloysius:

They became the one they are fighting against before. 

02:24:55 Jul 18th 22 - Jesus Left Toe (Lord Mortalis):

You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villan.

02:30:17 Jul 18th 22 - Mr. Cyrone The Peasant:

I don't see how we're becoming the ones we were fighting before. I've yet to see anyone in this KD abuse multi accounts, cap arma cities, walk across a river after telling everyone on the forums they wouldn't, feed each other cities across our two different KDs that are actually one KD, market feed with multis, have someone leave the KD to cap and raze dead useless land, run armies of nazgul out for them to get ownaged on purpose by friends, etc. 

I'm sure we wouldn't be this size if we didn't have to constantly battle this type of gameplay! Also keep in mind MAD/Zerks have been one KD operating as two for many many eras straight! It's nice we're having a clean era so far for once, though!

04:22:38 Jul 18th 22 - Mr. Kool:

ErrÖ mad has a massive kd of 1 player!! Thatís a huge member count!!! Zerks have attacked mad recently must be a very good 1 kd!!!

05:22:49 Jul 18th 22 - Mr. Aloysius:

MAD is friendly to Berserker by default. But it is false to assume we are operating as one. Since I donít communicate to them much to merit that assumption. 

But since, itís Cyroneís statement. I believe him. Hahaha

08:15:51 Jul 18th 22 - Mr. Cyrone The Peasant:

If you asked Horus he'd say they were the same KD too! :)

11:31:59 Jul 18th 22 - Mr. Aloysius:

I believe you. Hahaha

06:07:35 Jul 20th 22 - Mr. Cyrone The Peasant:

Aloysius, Kumbuttscan, Chimpass Khum... I beg you to flame me! Without the power of trolling and flaming to fuel me, Yung Cyrone will simply wither away and die (of boredom)!

06:11:11 Jul 20th 22 - Jesus Left Toe (Lord Mortalis):

The silence would certainly be appreciated.

21:16:52 Jul 22nd 22 - Mr. Cyrone The Peasant:

Sell your tree high! Zerkers and Aloysius are buying!

22:28:54 Jul 22nd 22 - Legend (I am Legend):

Do I smell a conspiracy?

01:15:52 Jul 23rd 22 - Mr. Aloysius:

Donít smell it. Just listen to Cyrone, since all his post are true and cannot be denied. 

I believe him tooÖall the things he wants to imply. 

03:22:44 Jul 23rd 22 - Mr. Cyrone The Peasant:

10:11:53 Jul 23rd 22 - Mr. Aloysius:

Bragging something eh,

At least your not whining. Hahaha

16:00:37 Jul 23rd 22 - Kobuskan (Sir Kobuskan):

The whining starts as soon as he is losing, including false accusations about cheating bla bla bla. 

20:40:05 Jul 23rd 22 - Dark Spawn (Lord Dark Spawn):

Aloy, Kobu, have you guys ever considered you might be in the wrong here? Its very strange how each side sticks to their story and nothing said or done could change that.

If there is someone who should be biased in your favor its meÖ I was taught how to play this game by people from Mirror. 

Mr. Azaruc The Wise (4/9/2013 11:20:05 PM)GOODBAD
Hi there and welcome to our kingdom!

Could you please tell me how much experience you have in the game (if any)? 

Also, if you have any questions or need help, feel free to contact me or Shyers (the king will be off for vacation shortly).

You (4/9/2013 11:42:42 PM)
Hello there,

I have a little big of experience from while back, I did play a few eras way back. But still learning about the game
Apparently I am nine days late for the start of the era, I did not know that, its bad.

If I have questions I will write, thank you for offering.

Azaruc and Shyers were the ones who accepted me to VU, either in Mirror or Beothuk Evil Ops. It was 2013 so no way to remember that but I was in both these kingdons fighting alongside Kool and others.

Now we had Imp and Mad/Zerkers and DRappers as main groups last few eras. Fact is DR joined up to Imp to fight you guys. There must be a reason for that. Hell, people who not even playing make am effort to play 2 days just to core drop you and do little bit of danage and stop playing short after oop. There is a reason for all that. People do not dislike you guys for no reason. 

Sad thing is that any kind of communication fails pretty quickly cause nothing constructive can happen when both sides believe their side of story and not change. Nothing good can cone from Fanta in some time I believeÖ
Edit: pretty sure I was in Music too, canít remeber whar kingdom was Kobu and Kool together in, I was there too.

21:28:15 Jul 23rd 22 - Mr. Cyrone The Peasant:

Where are the false accusation Kobu? Also didn't we win last era? I'm guessing that means you agree about our accusations! It's cute that trying to assassinate my character is your only defense now, even when I'm not calling out obvious cheating you guys are STILL defending against it?!

Listen though. I don't think Kobu or Aloy specifically are cheaters or play unfairly. I get you guys don't want to believe that people you are associated with cheat at the game but it's just a fact. It's very hard to argue against the Google doc I posted that outlines Chingus' cheating, for example. If you guys can't even concede that Chingus was cheating, I don't understand why you would think anyone else in this community would take you seriously about anything.

I didn't mention anything about cheating because I saw Chingus isn't with Zerks anymore. I'm guessing they decided to wipe the shitstain from their asses because he was cheating and making them look bad. Thank you for kicking this loser, Zerks. If anyone actually cares about all the cheating, just look in the last two Fantasia threads, and the thread about Muliplant Accusations in Imperium and come to your own conclusion. HINT: all the cheating centered around two players lol!

Why not just drop all this until the next time someone blatantly cheats? No one appears to be cheating this era. Our conversations do not need to center around cheating if it's not relevant anymore. If you're mad about being Zerged (you aren't being Zerged yet) then maybe consider what Dark Spawn said; there just MIGHT be a good reason for it!

10:53:14 Jul 24th 22 - Mr. Aloysius:

Dark Spawn, I donít know about Zerkers policies. I donít give a d@mn. 

If people wants to believe what they read here. Then, I donít give a d@mn. 

As far as I know, I was accused by the righteous imperium people of scripting. In the end, they canít prove it and admitted they made it up out of their righteousness. 

So, what happened after being false, nothing. They continue throwing made-up accusations. They even made statements they will quit. People believed.

I believed them tooÖ Hahaha. 

10:56:19 Jul 24th 22 - Konspyre (Captain Picard):

Aloy loves throwing his own accusations around and ignoring 99% of what everyone else says, the remaining 1% being either cyrus joking around or stuff konstant already apologized for, something to learn from i suppose

True adult haha (lol)

17:59:55 Jul 24th 22 - Mr. Aloysius:

kids these days. hahaha

18:20:57 Jul 24th 22 - Dark Spawn (Lord Dark Spawn):

Mad has friends always policy with Zerkers, so that alone makes your kingdom approve of Zerker policies. The whole situation started bad, with admitted plunders Pdc did on Mad member, which did not repeat or at least it seems like that. 

The whole scripting was Bogdan claiming Pdc had mp auto back on, and that was never proven, causing Bogdan to even quit the game. So he clearly thought something was fishy there. I am unaware you were accused to scripting as well.

Not sure what else you consider made up, but having someone move 5k Naz with no mages toward enemy 100k Mages army at least looks suspicious. Or having 10 tagless dwarfs appear in every corner of the map. Why are there no tagless dwarfs this era?

18:39:44 Jul 24th 22 - Mr. Aloysius:

People retain in their memory what they want to remember. So, you may need to question yourself if you really remember it all.

Anyway, I think, that you refrain from asking questions to your enemies, when you don't even want to believe them in the first place.

I will accept Cyrone more for whining every era against someone who tries to make a point to their enemy.

and yes, I still believe Cyrone will quit (that's what he said). That's what I want to retain in my memory too. Hahaha.

02:03:12 Jul 27th 22 - Mr. Cyrone The Peasant:

Oh, sorry I didn't quit the game like I said I would! I am such an untrustworthy guy for not quitting! Even though an entire KD quit this era because of cheating (one of the main reasons at least), what Fantasia really needed was me quitting too! You're also right about another thing! All of those walls of text where I outlined all the evidence of Chingus cheating was just whining! I wasn't trying to make a point at all!

Anyway, as we can see you are VERY smart Aloysius! I envy your ability to read and absorb information! But really, if you want to me to quit THAT badly, just keep letting Chingus play with ANY clan and keep defending his cheating! Not only will I 100% quit in that instance, but so will everyone else who isn't you guys! Wouldn't that be fun!?

For real though, I get how this is unfun for Zerkers/MAD. The fight is okay and fun for right now, but obviously it's actually pretty much unwinnable for you guys because there's like 10 free farmers behind us. To be fair, it wasn't fun fighting against Cheatin Chingus either... or all the other game breaking exploits that have been abused and covered 50+ times in the other Fantasia threads. Just play fair and the giant policing farm Zerg will eventually dissipate. 

16:00:20 Jul 27th 22 - Mr. Aloysius:

Donít worry, I believe you now. Hehehe

17:13:53 Jul 31st 22 - Kobuskan (Sir Kobuskan):

Congratz to Cryone for his great propaganda campagne and leading the special operation against zerkers & mad. 

18:39:35 Jul 31st 22 - Mr. Cyrone The Peasant:

Just shut up and kiss me!

23:41:30 Aug 1st 22 - Prime Minister Lama:

Well played to those that stuck around and put up a fight, making this actually quite a decent era!

As the era is basically over, it would be great if those that are waiting for a restart, or playing lower worlds and thinking of entering Fant, start getting ready, so that next era can be more competitive. If you're up for a fight, and don't cheat, then please join!

There doesn't seem to be an arma ready mage anywhere on the map though, so might have to wait a bit longer until Zeta triggers arma or Percy is ready to cast.

20:51:58 Aug 3rd 22 - Mr. Cyrone The Peasant:

It probably looks like this era wasn't eventful to a lot of the people who just farmed. It wasn't uneventful. Zerks were fighting about 4-6ish players from OOP and the pressure essentially never relented. Bling, Fred and myself were in there from Day 1 OOP fighting Zerks. Jasper and Venomz came a few days later (Venomz was busy wiping out a very sus KD). Bling and Fred made extremely good space even though they died; they enabled me to get a foothold on the west side after taking out Hipster. Something I learned this era is the power of EQ; if there are many cities like the Zerk core, and they're fighting OOP, they can't possibly afford to have mages in every city to defend against it. Zerks were so far behind from all the pressure early that it wasn't really possible for them to defend. I think they did a really good job considering the circumstances regardless. I think dropping the enemy core when you outnumber them is pretty OP!

To me this was one of the most fun eras I've played so far. I learned a lot about how to make more versatile (and tricky) transitions after OOP. Seems like this era, at least some people had fun on the other side in the early game. I really appreciate Hipster and Jenna having a good attitude about the game (way better than mine :O) and being willing to put all the nonsense aside. This era would have ended a week ago if it weren't for them.

More players should join us fighting early. It is very very fun!

23:06:13 Aug 3rd 22 - Kobuskan (Sir Kobuskan):

Yes yes you are the best Cryone.

Maybe you should start your propaganda campagne for next era already.

23:11:19 Aug 3rd 22 - Mr. Cyrone The Peasant:

Kobuskan, your voice is as sweet as a screeching dove on a smoldering hot day as it lands on a downed power line and shocks itself to death!

03:41:32 Aug 4th 22 - Konstant (The Ancient Darth Vitiate):

Ewww. Get a room you two.

On a side note, arma should hopefully be cast/end the world in the next day or two. No arma mage landed on the map this era so we had to improvise.

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