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Fant era 55
00:21:44 Apr 14th 18 - Pirate Lewatha:

Any of you ever considered collective may be agent Smith? 

05:29:18 Apr 14th 18 - Mr. Fecker:

Collective are communist homoghey puppy killers.

07:46:05 Apr 14th 18 - SockHer (Soccer Riser):

Ew, communist? That's the worst. Puppies do taste decent though.

02:07:29 Apr 19th 18 - Mr. Uwer:

Who is gonna kill Bran?

a) Bling
b) Me
c) Himself


03:45:34 Apr 19th 18 - The Sidodis:

Who is Bran?

06:36:58 Apr 20th 18 - Mr. Mattathia:

i thought this was veteran world, why are you all so noob?

i am very luck to spawn next to two most powerful city with two most powerful of highscore with two very power army- these guys less noob than you so i want to fight

why only fecker and jester fight, rest are noob and pussy too?

07:58:50 Apr 20th 18 - Captain Oblivious:

I learned a lot from this era's start already.

10:22:54 Apr 20th 18 - Mr. Mattathia:

you Puscifer are respectable opponents

rest of fantasia is noob though

12:35:55 Apr 21st 18 - Osiris (Dark Lord Osiris):

breaking news! 

we have footage of Collective being released from Zetas prison

12:38:01 Apr 21st 18 - Mr. Bane:


09:07:11 Apr 22nd 18 - Captain Oblivious:

Guess I got knocked out early.

22:59:44 Apr 22nd 18 - Mr. Mattathia:

you spawn in bad corner with many no kingdom players who make troop and war


if you spawn in big noob corner with Dark Lord Osiris, Mr. Brann, and Mr. Hanky Panky maybe they let u build mine with them?

23:33:35 Apr 22nd 18 - Captain Rance:

Bruh. I respawned right below you.

That unluck though.

13:53:49 Apr 23rd 18 - Mr. Fecker:

damn its quiet in here... anyway fck bran and osi sucks d%ck.

21:24:16 Apr 23rd 18 - Stirlin (Dark Prince Stirlin):

Can you even call fant fant anymore? 

21:53:10 Apr 23rd 18 - Mr. Ignis Von Fecker:

True maybe is time to change name of fantasy. Something to show that fantastic is not like it was anymore.  Post-partum,Forgotten World

12:26:57 Apr 25th 18 - Mr. Mattathia:

Should call it Noobtasia

12:51:56 Apr 25th 18 - Lord Jellybean (Mr. Jellybean Angel):

*cough* ego *cough*

13:27:34 Apr 25th 18 - Mr. Mattathia:

ew dont cough on me you sickly noob I dont want whatever youve got

21:25:47 Apr 25th 18 - Lord Caedus:

Maybe you'll catch a virus that helps with the use of apostrophes? 

00:13:11 Apr 26th 18 - Mr. Mattathia:

keep running that mouth and maybe youll catch these hands, noob.

00:30:45 Apr 26th 18 - Lord Jellybean (Mr. Jellybean Angel):

You guys literally couldn't be further away from each other right now haha 

04:40:04 Apr 26th 18 - Mr. Fecker:

Mr. Mattathia (4/26/2018 12:12:44 AM)GOODBAD
Hey Fecker wanna negotiate a bit here?

The way I see it I'm going to have to raze The Hobit Lodg and that looks bad for the both of us- I pay gold to raze it and you lose 17k land worth of Farms/Lumbermills you fought for in an era where Food is worth 2.74~ and Tree is worth 3.25~ 

The city produces 370k~ gold a tick before taxes (2.74 x 84000) + (3.25 x 43000)

I just wanted to keep fighting and put my OOP units to use doing something

I've got a fair an reasonable offer for you that involves me not burning the city down though, if you're interested
You (4/26/2018 3:39:40 AM)
*beep* off hows that. i got more than enough food and trees.
Mr. Mattathia (4/26/2018 4:16:34 AM)GOODBAD
Alright motherfecker
You (4/26/2018 4:22:16 AM)
sprout says you can suck his *beep* cause you look like a fhag *beep*
You (4/26/2018 4:33:00 AM)
cao thinks you like little boys too much.
You (4/26/2018 4:36:40 AM)
ignis says when you were circumcised, they threw the best part of you away.
You (4/26/2018 4:37:23 AM)
horus says if all the above are true, he'd like to date you.

06:21:26 Apr 26th 18 - Mr. Mattathia:

last time I try to negotiate with noobs

06:23:01 Apr 26th 18 - Teirdel (Sir Burran):

Ah thank god for Fecker. Game would be boring otherwise :P.

06:35:15 Apr 26th 18 - Mr. Mattathia:

yeah at least noob Fecker fight

what about Abydos, do Abydos noob fight anywhere other than forum?

06:50:15 Apr 26th 18 - Mr. Fecker:

abydos are a love party atm.

threatening to wipe the map out when u still using rocks is funny though. anywho, my negotiation team are coming to discuss terms of your extermination. feel free to jump into a sh1t pile and drown anytime you want.

14:26:47 Apr 26th 18 - HorusPanic (Lord Horus The Ugly):

I'm split between being offended and laughing my balls off

09:14:27 Apr 27th 18 - Captain Rance:

This map is a joke.

13:27:41 Apr 27th 18 - Osiris (Dark Lord Osiris):

13:42:41 Apr 27th 18 - Captain Rance:

14:47:39 Apr 27th 18 - Mr. Fecker:

14:49:28 Apr 27th 18 - Mr. Xin:

15:18:07 Apr 27th 18 - McMax (Battlemage Mcmax The Hunter):

Where are Space Invaders???

15:30:22 Apr 27th 18 - The Sidodis:

18:52:56 Apr 27th 18 - Venomz (Mr. Ven):

20:19:18 Apr 27th 18 - Osiris (Dark Lord Osiris):

I think some of you may have missed the point of posting farming games...

21:35:09 Apr 27th 18 - Venomz (High Warlord Venomz):

Sorry Osi ):

21:48:29 Apr 27th 18 - Mr. Fecker:

nope, just not many games on farming

06:25:32 Apr 28th 18 - McMax (Battlemage Mcmax The Hunter):

Ohhh come on Osi.

We have just had a holyday in Denmark and now it's weekend. It's time for relaxing......

09:41:13 Apr 28th 18 - SockHer (Soccer Quarter Nude):

you guys going to yacht week?

15:30:22 Apr 28th 18 - HorusPanic (Sir Pan Fried Placenta):

Mendal feckin palace

15:45:24 Apr 28th 18 - Captain Rance:

Nobody ever played it apparently cept me and my family @_@

Its my favorite old game though

16:28:49 Apr 28th 18 - HorusPanic (Sir Pan Fried Placenta):

Loved that game

12:09:40 Apr 30th 18 - Mr. Mattathia:

respawn where die is back luck

12:12:06 Apr 30th 18 - Captain Rance:

Never give up

Never surrender

12:17:51 Apr 30th 18 - Mr. Mattathia:

you are the respectable of mindset but the bad of luck

12:37:10 Apr 30th 18 - Mr. Fecker:

Is crack your drug of choice or do you just not make any sense to anyone in life?

12:50:28 Apr 30th 18 - Mr. Mattathia:

only thing i smoke is noob like you on battlefield

12:50:41 Apr 30th 18 - Lord Jellybean (Mr. Jellybean Angel):

He's actually a lot more intelligble over private message, so I'm not quite sure why he talks like English is his third language on the forums haha

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