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Fantasia 22 The Big Bash
08:54:54 Oct 28th 13 - Mr. Toblokai:


Will the saintly LGC prevail agains the evil hordes?
Will the Poodles pee in the most territory?
Will the Immortals stand when everyone else falls?
Will the Evil Beothuk prevent the white man from "civilizing" them?
Will the Feckers send naz scouts into our hearts?

Soon we will know. LETZ THE GAMEZ BEGINZ

15:21:53 Oct 28th 13 - Timur (Sheriff Timuur):

I heard rumors that two new kingdoms will be dropping in as well.   If true, this era will be quite crowded.

15:29:24 Oct 28th 13 - Stirlin (Dark Prince Stirlin):

More kds trying to fill the holes? now i know how swift's mum feels

15:53:09 Oct 28th 13 - Mr. Ignis Klhails:

The Native People has won 0 battles, captured 0 cities and killed a total of 1456 men and women.

As always the native people are war hungry :D

18:43:31 Oct 28th 13 - Mr. Bad Bell Mate:

lgc will sit in corner, nap everybody, farm, then steamroll to victory. as per.

18:52:57 Oct 28th 13 - Mr. Bad Bell Mate:

[17:48:31] Desperate Dan: beo back swifty

disregard the above msg, lgc will lose. hard.

21:00:17 Oct 28th 13 - Ms. Killuminatti:

Have a fun every era one, looking forward to a interesting era

15:11:54 Oct 29th 13 - Zond (The Jasmina):

and we are off!

Kingdoms in Fantasia
Beothuk Evil Ops24Ms. Jenna Side100
The Immortals17Duke Leviathan45
Pink Legacy22Mr. Binh The Madman44
Poodles From Hell15Mr. Paper Thick28
The Phoons6Mr. Yamamoto Tenn13
Mad and Dangerous8Sir Aloysius4
Relentless8Mr. Xxpumpxx4

15:44:07 Oct 29th 13 - Ms. Savoir Faire:

How many NAPs have you got already? We've got a bet inside Legacy and I got the +2 and over.

15:46:16 Oct 29th 13 - HorusPanic (Mr. Panic):

hi gais

15:47:01 Oct 29th 13 - Zond (The Jasmina):

MAD and relentless, debating about phoons. all being small. We didnt want you guys complaining we got easy farm from killing small kds... but now you will complain we mass nap entire world. 

15:51:40 Oct 29th 13 - Jesus Left Toe (Lord Jesus Left Toe):

I would like to make it perfectly clear very early in the piece that Zond's opinions and statements through the course of this thread may, at times, be an unreliable source of information.

I am not willing too, however, confirm or deny anything, that he may, or may not say, during the course of this thread.

15:53:25 Oct 29th 13 - Ms. Savoir Faire:

Excellent Zond, I just won my bet. :)

15:55:26 Oct 29th 13 - Zond (The Jasmina):

What did you win? More nude pics of wilber? I can send you plenty of those. 

Or did you win something more promising.. like to be the forum spokesmen for lgc? haha jk. we all know who that will always be.

15:59:45 Oct 29th 13 - Ms. Savoir Faire:

Nah, have more than enough noodz of Wilber, though if you have of his sister, I'll take those.

16:03:19 Oct 29th 13 - Zond (The Jasmina):

I heard shes fat and ugly. He offered me her hand in marriage once, i asked for his. he declined. so mean. i only wanted to use him to get inside uk. thats all.. 

but its okay Vladimir. Im sure he will offer her to you at some point! 

16:03:36 Oct 29th 13 - Mr. Bad Bell Mate:

Zond, if you're interested in more NAPs, give Hanky a bell. He's interested in reforming Misfits I hear. Keeps asking around if people want to play.

16:04:24 Oct 29th 13 - Mr. Toblokai:

Wait, are you saying we should fight LGC without allies?

16:08:11 Oct 29th 13 - Zond (The Jasmina):

I heard that as well m8. Also saw no one reply to him. Then he said he wanted to join a kd, and no one replied. What has vu come too. 

16:21:26 Oct 29th 13 - Zond (The Jasmina):

I almost forgot.

You make a bet.. yet you guys nap immortals? :/ 

Swifty, they are at it again m8! 

16:22:50 Oct 29th 13 - Mr. Bad Bell Mate:

This is the first era ever that LGC has had a NAP, i'll have you know.

16:27:32 Oct 29th 13 - Jesus Left Toe (Lord Jesus Left Toe):

Won't save you.

17:04:51 Oct 29th 13 - Mr. Toblokai:

Ohhh ohhh can we NAP immortals too?

Btw, by decree of Beo high command I am now our official spam-artist. 
That means everything I write should be considered offical Beo-nonsense and should be takens very serious.

17:09:37 Oct 29th 13 - Ms. Savoir Faire:

Pretty sure anything and everything BEO says or does is nonsense, so there was no need to be so official about it.

17:13:14 Oct 29th 13 - Mr. Toblokai:

Yeah, but my nonsense is official nonsene. Not just any run of the mill random nonsence.

17:17:39 Oct 29th 13 - Zond (The Jasmina):

I heard Binh landed, and FM to a spot. only to be with a few other kds. Thus screwing everyone over! :o

17:33:23 Oct 29th 13 - Mr. Toblokai:

I heard Beo has a whole 1/4 of the map for themself and planned on farming up 200k zerks each before engaging.

19:01:39 Oct 29th 13 - Bran (Duke Bran):

ok youre clearly spouting some run of the mill nonsense now, we are all halfers and thus cannot train zerks!

19:33:13 Oct 29th 13 - Ms. Savoir Faire:

Zond I was told to ask you if you'll ban yourself for trolling the forum, seems only fair that you will, no?

19:36:40 Oct 29th 13 - Zond (The Jasmina):

Yes it would be fair, if i did insult you in some personal way. 

But then again, Osi told me do as i please. He was/is greatest mod ever. And my mentor.

Also, im in beo now. i must take up for them and trash lgc, and only ban lgc people. so watch yourself. am one mean guy. also, little birdy said you want to know how i know your name. answer is very simple. 

19:57:54 Oct 29th 13 - Ms. Sashimono Minamoto:

Lol i see all orcs and halfings, If i was beo i would go all late era races. 

19:59:29 Oct 29th 13 - Zond (The Jasmina):

good thing you are not, we dont accept ppl who dont do sexy time skype! 

20:28:29 Oct 29th 13 - Mr. Osiris:

*pulls puppet strings some more*

mwahahahaha Abooooze them all

20:45:46 Oct 29th 13 - Stirlin (Dark Prince Stirlin):

*insert general beo trash talk here

21:19:13 Oct 29th 13 - Mr. Toblokai:

FOOLS! The halfers are not for townswapping with the orcs to make überstacks of nazzies. And once we set up our blockers you won't be able to prove it.

21:52:17 Oct 29th 13 - Ms. Sashimono Minamoto:

^^ no idea what he just said. 

21:56:58 Oct 29th 13 - Mr. Osiris:

whatever it was it sounds like ban!

22:00:10 Oct 29th 13 - Stirlin (Dark Prince Stirlin):

LGC need more forum mods, i dont like beo dominating the game and the forums

22:54:33 Oct 29th 13 - Stormy (Lady Cthulhu):

lol @ Osi

be on the safe side zondy, just ban all of us, as in the entire game:)

23:10:33 Oct 29th 13 - Ms. Sashimono Minamoto:

This remind me of another era, where for some odd reason beothuk landed away from everyone else, they farmed up half the era then finally swooped in and killed LGC. 

23:27:52 Oct 29th 13 - Stirlin (Dark Prince Stirlin):

which one?

00:35:18 Oct 30th 13 - Mr. Toblokai:

Meh, usually we are too lazy to move from our starting area. And LGC are so scared shitless of us they never attack. So some weeks later we realize nobody wants to invade us so we're like, "shizzle, I guess we actually haz to attack them then".

02:22:22 Oct 30th 13 - Zond (The Jasmina):

blame binh.. he walked over there. :P 

08:44:13 Oct 30th 13 - Princess Beofcuk:

02:17:39 Oct 30th 13 - Zond (The Jasmina):

I heard Binh landed, and FM to a spot. only to be with a few other kds. Thus screwing everyone over! :o

I'd actually like to make a point about this. Binh dropped about 6 ticks before building was allowed to start, where he dropped he spawned his first city half a normal tick away. The fact that 3 of the 4 largest kingdoms started in less than 10 normal ticks march away from each other is completely ridiculous. The spawning system needs to be fixed.

Might I point out to people that aren't aware of the significance. 3 outcomes, 1 being: 2 kingdoms nap, slaughters the 3rd. 2 being no naps between the 3 and get completely slaughtered by the 4th large farmed up kingdom.  3 being they all nap and are pussies and then a massive 50+ 3 way alliance takes on a 20 man kingdom (And lets face it, only beo would attempt such things)

08:53:49 Oct 30th 13 - Dark Spawn (Lord Dark Spawn):

Well that is nothing new, we all have been talking about that for few eras already. Two eras ago in the desert map, every kingdom had an out of protection war, only Legacy had their peaceful growth. Last era, again every kingdom had wars right from beginning, only Legacy was lucky to be alone on the map in their area.

I guess its all about luck when it comes to era starts and placements of kingdoms. Keep in mind there are five small kingdoms, that might have spawned in the area where there are no large kingdoms, and that is fair to them. If we had all big kingdoms spawn in their corners, then small ones would stand no chance.

09:28:01 Oct 30th 13 - Timur (Sheriff Timur):

The Spawn "problem" is easily solvable for large kingdoms:

1. Drop three orc players at the start of the world. Each moves to a different corner of the map.  The rest of the kingdom waits to spawn.

2.  The three orcs all build their first city and look around.

3.  The kingdom drops in the position they like best.  The outlying orcs send a scout back to the core for the option of building a city with their comrades.


09:40:32 Oct 30th 13 - Princess Beofcuk:

@Dark, correct me if I'm wrong but if I remember correctly last era it was Mirror vs Poodles vs phoons. 2 of the big 4 1 small. and immo had hanky's retard kingdom. Back on the desert map there was poodles and immo in the SW crater. The SE had a mid sized fckers and another small kingdom. in it then the NE has MaD and Mirror (Back when MaD was still deemed mid-large for the current average kingdom size) Legacy actually attacked the NE crater oop creating a 3 way war.

But the point I was making was the fact that 3/4 of the world spawned within 10 ticks of each other.

@timur. We actually had an idea like that this era, except decided against it as we didnt think dropping would be this bad.

10:04:19 Oct 30th 13 - Stirlin (Dark Prince Stirlin):

Last era we spawned with mad only a few ticks south

The desert map can count but don't forget we dropped arms oop into mirror and mad crater we didn't simply have a "peaceful growth"

It's one of the many things that needs looking at as it appears abusable, but people only really notice when it's them in the cluster fuck 

11:44:33 Oct 30th 13 - SWIFTRY (Mr. Bad Bell Mate):

LGC getting their excuses in early?

Pick any [or all] of the following:


  1. BEO
  2. BEO farmed in a corner.
  3. BEO NAPed everybody.
  4. BEO waited until LGC was fighting others before engaging.
  5. BEO crosslog [Danwells new favourite!]
  6. TBL has no life
  7. X is abusable
  8. Binh got grounded by his sister
  9. LGC's allies were bad. Even though LGC never allies.
  10. LGC went all halfers
  11. LGC went all elves.
  12. LGC doesn't care
  13. LGC fought from OOP
  14. LGC had a bad spawn
  15. LGC had inactives


11:50:14 Oct 30th 13 - Stirlin (Dark Prince Stirlin):

sounds alot like the old swifty days
people forgot most of the lgc excuss stemmed from its leader at the time

you leaving us was the best bit of leadership you ever did

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