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Fantasia 29
12:52:47 Oct 17th 14 - Bran (Mr. Brannigans Law):

let era of Aussie begin!

Skype channel is here

am up for this, i reckon shoalins is even stronger than last era despite being smaller

22:00:19 Oct 17th 14 - Sir Isaac:

I guess I'm going to join fantasia. What small kingdoms in fantasia that are active? I know of cease exist. Not sure about the others. 

00:16:50 Oct 18th 14 - Jesus Left Toe (Lord Jesus Left Toe):

You're welcome to join Vincimus.

14:10:50 Oct 19th 14 - Kobuskan (Mr. Zapper):

I wander how the nap monks are planning to negotiate there assses into another diplomatic victory for this era.

16:53:52 Oct 19th 14 - Bran (Mr. Bran):

god Kobuscant ur so exhausting

18:11:30 Oct 19th 14 - Ms. Jasmina:

Looking for a kingdom on Fantasia, very active Halfer player, prefers offensive gameplay. Been in the game for years, been in many kingdoms, other names Princess Aisha, Bloodrayne, Michelle, Jasmine, few others. Prefer to use forums as I on often on phone (rarely skype)

18:35:21 Oct 19th 14 - Bran (Mr. Bran):

would love to take you in but we already one of the bigger kds. i suggest joining a smaller kd? avoid cease to exist tho cos they full of multies

23:01:52 Oct 19th 14 - Jesus Left Toe (Lord Jesus Left Toe):

We'll take you in Vincimus Jasmina. :)

01:08:59 Oct 20th 14 - Mr. Midge:

we have one space in Black Flag

12:52:15 Oct 22nd 14 - Jesus Left Toe (Lord Jesus Left Toe):

So what's happening guys??

Who's killing who?

Who shall I abuse for farming? ;)

00:48:18 Oct 23rd 14 - Prince Chade:


01:26:48 Oct 23rd 14 - shyers (Grandmaster Ssssssssssshhhhhyers):

Chade is farming and I'm abusing him. Find your own hoe or shovel!

21:20:40 Oct 23rd 14 - Kobuskan (Mr. Zapper):

Ohcrrap shoalin did it again, they napped vincumus, another roll over in progress, how exciting

22:04:00 Oct 23rd 14 - Mr. Don Kichotas:

ah how do you know our secret plan? ;/ damn it... 

22:12:08 Oct 23rd 14 - Random (Duke Random):

you so silly kobu

23:02:48 Oct 23rd 14 - Jesus Left Toe (Lord Jesus Left Toe):

As far as I'm aware, there is no agreement between Shaolin Monks and Vincimus, and I should know. 

Vincimus (I) have no intention of napping Shaolin, but neither do we intend to provoke them whilst we fight a kingdom with twice our members.

Shaolin will get what is coming too them, the sooner you die Kob, the sooner they will. ;)

23:03:53 Oct 23rd 14 - Mr. Delighful:

When you say we'll get what's coming to us, you mean cookies right?

23:09:21 Oct 23rd 14 - Kobuskan (Mr. Zapper):

Oh excuse me its only a CF not a NAP

Vincimus (I) have no intention of napping Shaolin, but neither do we intend to provoke them

23:23:44 Oct 23rd 14 - Bran (Mr. Bran):


23:28:26 Oct 23rd 14 - Mr. Don Kichotas:

Kobu... lol we spawn each other, we fight. Would be very stupid to fight 2 kingdoms who are larger than us in same time. We have no CF or NAP with any one. 

00:09:10 Oct 24th 14 - Ms. Bromance:

It would be stupid for Shaolin and Vincimus to go out of their way to fight - we are on opposite sides of the map, and each of us has a hostile kingdom(s) beside us in MAD and Black Flag/Cease to Exist.

07:11:00 Oct 24th 14 - Kobuskan (Mr. Zapper):

Yeah sure, I am a believer

10:48:05 Oct 24th 14 - Ms. Bromance:

Don't worry, we'll swing down to kill whoever is still alive down south once we get a chance... unless it's Vincimus that's still alive, of course. Because we are allied, you know? ;)

13:08:06 Oct 24th 14 - shyers (Grandmaster Ssssssssssshhhhhyers):

Kobslober isn't a very effective flamer, I hope he is better at playing at least.

14:13:32 Oct 24th 14 - Kobuskan (Mr. Zapper):

Just doing my best to get a good,honest and equal battle on the map, not the usual arranged  and boring walk over that makes people leave the game.

14:17:21 Oct 24th 14 - Bran (Mr. Bran):

thats very noble, except your making accusations that are unfounded. The only dialogue between myself and JLT this era has been a bit of banter about how we are going to kill each other

15:18:14 Oct 24th 14 - Kobuskan (Mr. Zapper):

Then show some courage and don,t nap or cf anybody

17:01:18 Oct 24th 14 - Bran (Mr. Bran):

we havent fucking napped or CFd anyone!! are you trolling me right now? pls shut up

17:42:58 Oct 24th 14 - Kobuskan (Mr. Kobu):

Not yet

19:56:36 Oct 24th 14 - Stirlin (Dark Prince Stirlin):

man i love kob crying, dont like being on the other end do you boy?

20:17:50 Oct 24th 14 - Kobuskan (Mr. Zapper):

Just try to break a vicious circle of big kd napping and making every era boring as hell.
Why do you think new players are leaving the game

21:57:07 Oct 24th 14 - Mr. Rohera:

And old players.. tired of killing the same players. See you in a few years, doubt much will have changed when i come back.


21:58:00 Oct 24th 14 - Ms. Bromance:

I would say your incessant whining has more impact on people leaving than this "vicious circle of big kd napping" that hasn't happened since Beo left.

Hey, weren't you a part of Beo too?

15:47:19 Oct 26th 14 - Kobuskan (Mr. Zapper):

Underneath a nice example of core sharing by Shoalin and still mr Bran is denying having any relations with Vincimus.

Maybe the leader of Vincimus has the balls to step forward and admit not fighting Shoalin.

16:27:55 Oct 26th 14 - Bran (Mr. Bran):

dark spawn only just joined us, did you not notice him tagless on the hoh?

16:28:57 Oct 26th 14 - Mr. Delighful:

Are we napped with that neutral player as well?

17:17:39 Oct 26th 14 - Kobuskan (Mr. Kobu):

Better call you Bran Al Sahaf

18:06:43 Oct 26th 14 - Dark Spawn (Lord Dark Spawn):

VU likes to drop all TAGless people at the same place, and once I saw that I talked to people to see if they would form a kingdom, but then some joined kingdoms so I knew that idea failed. That is why I stayed TAGless this long, I only joined Shaolin like yesterday.

On Starta similar situation happened but there I went to fight Aisha but I had no chance and I died. This era I decided to play it smart and do it differently, as I did not want to die quickly. Fact is Aisha went down there south, and destroyed Kobu at oop, That is why we had unofficial peace as TAGless, but now we are going tp fight. Maybe you are just mad that you lost your blocker?

I have also offered my kingdom if needed I will go TAGless just so Shaolin kingdom does not seem unhonorable, all they said in forums is true, we have no NAPs. 

18:18:33 Oct 26th 14 - Kobuskan (Sir Drakul):

You can stay in Shoalin it's not your fault that they look unhonorable.

If KD are sharing core there are only two possibilities or they fight or they dont, first think is called WAR, second is called NAP

18:34:19 Oct 26th 14 - Dark Spawn (Lord Dark Spawn):

You clearly don't know the location of Shaolin core, they are nowhere close to me, like I said, I am new in the kingdom. Everyone in that area are people who started late, those that joined the other kingdom have cities there, but that is also not where the rest of the kingdom is. Reason why I don't attack is I am still outnumbered, and the army I sent down south as TAGless was before I joined Shaolin and I have no vision there, was just exploring till I got bounced. After that battle I stayed defending my cities and did not do anything offensive any more.

20:21:34 Oct 26th 14 - Mr. Rnp:

All kobuskan is interested in is playing forum politics, trying to smear kingdoms publically until they do what he wants so he can win.
"Shaolin's one player that just joined isn't attacking Vincimus yet! they must be mass NAPers"
"Shaolin got the admin to delete my abused walls!"
"Shaolin isn't being attacked 2v1 anymore, they CFed black flag and now we are being attacked 2v1!"

Quite a pity, he used to be a decent player, now he just looks like a clown. Can a mod please revoke his public posting ability? He reflects badly on all of MAD.

23:14:24 Oct 26th 14 - Urgog (General Urgog The Iron Fist):

I agree with Rnp. I've held my tongue while getting slapped in the face multiple times.

I'm with Vincimus and Kobu is a disgrace to the VU community.

01:10:47 Oct 28th 14 - shyers (Grandmaster Ssssssssssshhhhhyers):

Lol kobonmynob just likes to hear himself talk.

02:23:40 Oct 28th 14 - Jesus Left Toe (Lord Jesus Left Toe):

"23:47:19 Oct 26th 14 - Kobuskan (Mr. Zapper):

Underneath a nice example of core sharing by Shoalin and still mr Bran is denying having any relations with Vincimus.

Maybe the leader of Vincimus has the balls to step forward and admit not fighting Shoalin."

I admit it, we are not fighting Shaolin.

Why would we fight Shaolin when we have Mad armies at our blockers, and Shaolins are busy up north? Where is the logic in biting off more than you can chew?

Dark Spawn was left alone as an untagged as I was trying to convince him to join Vincimus. Now that he has joined Shaolin, he is no longer afforded that protection; but whilst we are busy in the south with MAD, he'll probably continue to chill out there.

I treat relations as such. You attack us, we attack you. You leave us alone, we leave you alone, until I feel like killing you. Then I do so. If a kingdom wants relations they message me, and, unless I feel sorry for them, or it is in my best interests, (winning), i tell them to take a running leap.

In no way would relations with Shaolins be in my best interests as they are a larger kingdom, with halfers I can't outfarm. ;) as such, we have no realtions with them.

I admit I haven't told them to take a running jump, simply because they've not asked for relations. The only communication I've had with the leadership of Shaolins was telling Bran that i could beat his entire kingdom with a wooden stick, whilst being as active as Zeta.

If i could be bothered taking a screenshot, you could all see that that core now contains, Vincimus, MAD and Shaolin cities and armies. With none prepping on anyone. So i think BF and CE are the only kingdoms actually fighting. ;)

Kind Regards,
Best Wishes,


P.S. 9 out of 10 enjoy gang rape.

19:07:17 Oct 31st 14 - Random (Duke Random):

c2e eating all their multi's.... nice :)

19:57:57 Oct 31st 14 - Bran (Mr. Bran):

stasis and ichigo are actually two of the ones we predicted at era start. btw if ur gonna multi feed at least use dwarfs

22:00:51 Oct 31st 14 - Cao Cao (Lord Cao Cao):

Bran, I'll admit it, you were right, you did predict both of them

Unfortunately they went inactive ~2 days into the era, so they're more space wasters than feeding opportunities. Clearly we have a thing or two to learn from MaD =P

22:12:07 Oct 31st 14 - Ms. Bromance:

You could have kicked them when they became inactive instead of 2 weeks into the era when it became apparent that you and black flag were starting to lose.

I guess the 40m+ boost (per multi) that you're going to give to one guy looked too good to pass up. (So no, they are more feeding opportunities than space wasters, as you would claim)

22:14:30 Oct 31st 14 - Mr. Yamato:

This is what vu politics have come down to. Smh. If you want to accuse someone of multi just let zeta know and he will handle it. Lets talk about more important things really. I did not comeback to hear this mess. I came to play. 

22:19:49 Oct 31st 14 - Mr. Delighful:

I think it needs to be investigated,  if it's true then ban all those involved and if not then let's all move on and carry on playing.

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