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15:18:22 Jul 17th 15 - Mr. Todd L Fondler:

Will Jesters release fluffy again?

Will Mad still be kicking their own members?
Will the Feckers still be fecking?
Will Childrens Playground dominate another era?
Where is Hamish?

16:10:41 Jul 17th 15 - Konspyre (Captain Captain):


17:11:32 Jul 17th 15 - HorusPanic (Ms. Puss Filled Sores):

good question... if hamish shows up, maybe i'll join him !?!?!

also, great to see you konspyre

08:45:34 Jul 18th 15 - Death Dealer (Mr. John One One Seven):

I'm looking for a active KD to join ^_^

10:39:33 Jul 19th 15 - Mr. Kid Caress:

Join CP most active kd, atleast most active in this thread...

10:48:13 Jul 19th 15 - Princess Aisha:

Due to lack of free time for the game, I will not be able to bring The Collective to Fantasia, but I would like to encourage people from the kingdom to spawn on the world and look for a kingdom :) I vouch for every member of kingdom Collective to be honorable and good player. Except Leila, she is bad.

10:50:30 Jul 19th 15 - Mr. Kid Caress:

Be afraid!

Your character Mr. Kid Caress is the 13th most powerful ruler in Fantasia

11:36:06 Jul 19th 15 - Mr. Todd L Fondler:

Submit and let me use the slide whenever i want.

Remember children:
On the playground the strong rules, parents are busy with their fancy phones and gossip. They cant save you.

11:49:56 Jul 19th 15 - The Real Josh (Mr. Baelish):

We will purge all heretics from the almighty Zetas lands!

Fear not the schoolyard bullies, fear not the Mad ones and fear not those clowns.

Fear the wrath of Zeon!!

11:53:22 Jul 19th 15 - Mr. Todd L Fondler:

Zeon is weak. It no longer got a 60 man kingdom of loyal followers with parental supervision. We will see.. in the end we all get cookies and juice from ZeTa.

17:14:35 Jul 19th 15 - Dark Spawn (Mr. Dominion):

Looking for a kingdom on Fantasia
Please IM me if you need a new member.

23:33:29 Jul 21st 15 - Mr. Kid:

Seems to be one to many kids on the play ground... Time to send one off to time out >:) 

00:07:56 Jul 22nd 15 - Ms. Ignazio Draco:

Good Bye Children:)

09:11:31 Jul 22nd 15 - Mr. Kid Caress:

Ignazio, you are dishonorable scum. You think you can win using a feeder account but you wont. 

09:53:50 Jul 22nd 15 - Ms. Ignaziaor:

Lol sore loser

09:58:53 Jul 22nd 15 - Mr. Ignis Black:

10:00:22 Jul 22nd 15 - Ms. Ignazio Draco:

Instead of accusing me tell u kd to have gts and military lv higher 0

10:19:08 Jul 22nd 15 - Mr. Kid Caress:

Well, we took in a untagged player who used up his BTs building as quick as he could. In comes you bold as hell, certain you will win (naturally since you have a mole).
Xazer was told to build GTs but instead kept building mines, practicly at the hour of oop you went straight for his cities even bypassing others. You dont have enough MU to eits him, but you didnt need to since you where in communication. After the fact it comes to our attention the player in mention was planning to quit due to work. But I guess he decided to build you a few mines first.

Naturally, your sceme took us by surprise, we didn't know this is what VU has come to. But now that we are aware, we will be sure to counter you and take you down.

10:50:38 Jul 22nd 15 - Ms. Ignaziaor:

Lol I always do this ask anyone I  ask them for a war :( since is not worth lying to them also naturaly i would go for his citiea since he is closed to me practicaly the guy has 300 gts and 0 armies and one shitty armorie.....

Anyway i am getting tires of u accusations

11:18:23 Jul 22nd 15 - Mr. Todd L Fondler:

I am tired of deniers. This was not coincident that you travelled to this spot. Settled next to a halfling that used his BTs to grow fast and then(even though logged in alot and reciving instructions) fails to get defences. Then out of the blue: im stopping to play due to work.

setup... mole... doublecrossers and swindlers

11:36:21 Jul 22nd 15 - Mr. Kid Caress:

2 of his cities where constructed close to your city yes, but his starting town was several ticks march behind 2 other cities and you didnt even stop to check for their defences - you went straight to him.

11:41:59 Jul 22nd 15 - Mr. Fecker:

lol outed.. have no fear, VU will deal with it.

21:24:27 Jul 22nd 15 - Ms. Ignaziaor:

If I wanted to cheat I would have cheated against Zeon or Mad not you guys

21:28:50 Jul 22nd 15 - Mr. Kid Caress:

Maybe you wanted to, but Xazor landed in our corner so you didn't have the chance.

12:34:51 Jul 23rd 15 - The Real Josh (Mr. Baelish):

Zeon wouldn't have accepted him, I like to play with people whom I know on Fant other world's maybe but fant no...!

But it makes me sad knowing this is what VU has come to! 

Bring back multi sweeps!!!!!

11:20:08 Jul 24th 15 - Mr. Todd L Fondler:

No please no multi sweeps. I dont want to loose more players in my kingdom.















16:54:34 Jul 24th 15 - Mr. Kid:

12:24:27 Jul 22nd 15 - Ms. Ignaziaor:

If I wanted to cheat I would have cheated against Zeon or Mad not you guys


Or you could just wash all notions of cheating from your mind shady shade-steen. Set your self up to look more suspect maybe if possible? Why don't you go get some sun screen and come out form under that bridge 

16:56:22 Jul 24th 15 - Mr. Kid:

Oh wait... I'm going to be the best troll on Fant this era ;) 

Why don't you come out from under your cesspit cave lounge 

17:03:36 Jul 24th 15 - Konspyre (Captain Captain):

Let's.... Let's keep it nice, okay?

OP/DP speaks louder than words.

17:05:16 Jul 24th 15 - Mr. Todd L Fondler:

But OP/DP doesnt make you laugh on the forums.

18:14:06 Jul 26th 15 - Konspyre (Captain Captain):

Will Sladen's Zeon win?

Will Zeon's Sladen win?

Place your bets now!!!

03:42:23 Jul 27th 15 - The Real Josh (Prince Sladen):

MaD and Feckers have fallen to the might of Zeon. 

Your next Visual utopia empire!

11:36:54 Aug 2nd 15 - The Real Josh (Prince Sladen):

Ignis had fallen to Childs play ground, he attempted to pick a fight with the big bad Zeon but wad quickly squashed! 

Jesters are farming in their own little corner!
Childs play ground and their fallen messiah are now warring Zeon

After being slaughtered by Zeon, MaD have begun rebuilding within their allies boarders(Visual utopia Empire)

Feckers also tried to rebuild but were killed off by Zeon and MaD

And Zeon still remains on top!

What other wondrous things shall happen this era!

Will Zeon win or will they fall to one of their many enemies!

Will jesters keep farming or will they do something? 

Wtf is anon doing... I'm sure it's scary!

Will mad... who cares about mad!

Will child playground emerge as the biggest kid in the yard!

Who knows but I'm excited to find out! !!

11:44:36 Aug 2nd 15 - Mr. Kid Caress:

More flame please....!

11:57:01 Aug 2nd 15 - Mr. Todd L Fondler:

Ignis the turd cheating abuser finally got what he had coming.

He might be a man of bad moral standing it is nothing compared to ZEON bastards coming in from behind when we in Childrens Playground is fighting for our survival and then just decides its  a good idea to strike us down.

Well dont worry about that we fought many battles like this before and they always- ALWAYS end the same way. Glory and victory for us.

14:02:42 Aug 2nd 15 - shyers (Grandmaster Slyers):

lol. We have been fighting everyone at the same time since the beginning, in fact you are the last kd we have fought. Besides jesters, which is only two people who started late. Guess we could just farm.

14:04:32 Aug 2nd 15 - The Real Josh (Prince Binh The Legendary Coxy):

We offered friendship out.of respect of our fallen messiah,  we heard nothing so we assumed you denounced Zeta as your on true good and intended to fight! 

The boom of Zeon is clear about these things!!

14:47:30 Aug 2nd 15 - Mr. Kid Caress:

The beliefs of CP are clear. Zeta is our father, but we reject him out of spite. He wan't us to come in and eat supper, but we wish to stay out and play. He wan't us to tidy our rooms, but we would rather ride the swings over the dead bodies of Ignis' armies.

We accept Messiah as our saviour, but he didn't come down to Fantasia to deliver Zetas "blessings". He came here to free us from them!

Lets pray:
Blessed be the young who are untouched and unspoiled. Let us partake in games of hula hoops and skipping ropes. We are the masters of our own curfew, of our own bedtime hours.
Blessed be Messiah, who came and broke all the bonds. Free lolipops for anyone who join us in fun games, merriment and forsake false idols and tyrannical parents. As a blood red comet once crossed the sky to signal that the new era had come to age so do we come to age ourselves under the cross of the son who would rather die on the cross than to abide by his fathers unjust laws.
Blessed be the blood red pentagram. We worship thee - Messiah and the fivefold way. Under your guidance we can turn this world into a playground for all us children.
We're coming!

15:02:50 Aug 2nd 15 - The Real Josh (Prince Binh The Legendary Coxy):


Augh is but a Meer mortal weak and bound to life!
He is no longer a messiah he is a heretic and will be burnt at the stake by the true children of Zeta! 

Your soul will not be spare they will never see the halls of Valhalla, you will be cursed to watch your ancestors suffer for your lies and blasphemous actions!

18:43:07 Aug 5th 15 - Mr. Todd L Fondler:

Time to stop the bickering between the kingdoms and all unit and destroy the wicked Zeon once and for all?

20:58:17 Aug 5th 15 - Konspyre (Captain Captain):

Is it going to be our turn to whine about Mass-NAPs? =/

By the way, since nobody is mentioning it, i'd like to compliment Fecker for staying NAPless despite losing the OOP war and getting killed after respawning. It's pretty rare to see such tenacity.

01:52:56 Aug 6th 15 - The Real Josh (Prince Sladen):

This awkward.... I sent Sir Kid up north to broker a peace treaty between us... This is why you never trust trolls to speak about peace! 

02:27:06 Aug 6th 15 - Sir Kid:

Sorr-bly com-hand-ergerrr.. Me englisch notc sooo shinnnyyy

02:46:58 Aug 6th 15 - shyers (Grandmaster Slyers):

Where is MADD? Are they farming again?

08:09:11 Aug 6th 15 - Mr. Todd L Fondler:

Bickering about mass naps when its clear your goal is doom for everybody else!?

09:44:08 Aug 6th 15 - Mr. Fecker:

We dont nap
We dont forgive
We dont forget
We are feckers
Feckit.. its a war game

09:52:46 Aug 6th 15 - The Real Josh (Mr. Baelish):

We are not the harbinger of doom!

We wish to simply spread out message across these lands!

If your cities should fall and your armies perish, perhaps you are not worth of what we cherish!

10:34:45 Aug 6th 15 - Mr. Khal Drogo:

Just blowing of steam cause you can't do much on Mantrax? :)
Bring the message to Mantrax if you can :) Its a shame we were not able to bring Collective to Fanta this era, next era, watch out :)

10:47:20 Aug 6th 15 - Mr. Pegasus:

You guys should at least be fair and go for the blocker, and not use the small gaps in the map to walk into our core. Playing this map for first time, I did not know you can actually walk around the river, to walk into undefended cities.

I guess its a tactic as any other, but to do this on a new player is just not honorable. But then again if these small tricks are not used, new players would not know about that, so out of all evil, there is something good to learn.

Mr. Fred The Terrorist (8/5/2015 11:14:06 AM) GOOD BAD
do u know that hey can pass from above this city ?

10:53:59 Aug 6th 15 - The Real Josh (Prince Sladen):

Mantrax was never a serious world to me, I dropped with the plan to just cast random magic and they bran landed and shaolins happened ect. 

But please bring The collective to fast and I'll happily pass the message onto you as well :)

Pegasus,  that river pass is common knowledge,  look for the zone city "halftime" we blocked from the start!

I am sorry that you are new and did not know it but both ignis and Anon are not new and should know of such things!

How is it not honorable? Would it not be the same thing if I CWed your city and walked passed it into undefended cities? It is simply a gap you did not plug and now you know about it for future reference! 

If you truly are a new player, I in courage you to message me and I'd be more then happy to give you some Pointers that will help lift your game (I don't mean that in a condescending way, I'm actually being friendly)

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