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05:01:14 Jul 11th 16 - Mr. Uwer:

Ferox will be accepting all surrenders in advance.


05:19:53 Jul 11th 16 - Jesus Left Toe (Lord Jlt The Unclean):

Ferox, even in it's current state, would be scarier than you Uwer. :P

11:22:37 Jul 12th 16 - Sir Caedus:

Where is everyone? Zeta should drop another one of those maps... 

23:49:30 Jul 12th 16 - Mr. Tohr The Corothian:

To all those distant kingdoms with scouts running amuck through MADDs core..go away, there's plenty of room to build elsewhere..turn around and go the other way..

14:57:19 Jul 15th 16 - Jesus Left Toe (Lord Jlt The Unclean):

Do I have to start trolling again to get this thread active? If so, I will.

15:00:28 Jul 15th 16 - HorusPanic (Mr. Panics Stolen Name):

i don't think you have it in you

15:08:05 Jul 15th 16 - Jesus Left Toe (Lord Jlt The Unclean):

Yeah, I've really got nothing. Brittania have Napped all the main kingdoms, but everyone already knew that. I'm awesome, but that isn't even up for debate. 
Maybe we could argue over how CF are cheating to win their OOP war?

15:09:30 Jul 15th 16 - HorusPanic (Mr. Polymer):

ok, CF isn't cheating end of story

but C2E on the other hand...

15:10:10 Jul 15th 16 - Bran (Mr. Bran):

we didnt NAP anyone, we colonised them!

16:26:21 Jul 15th 16 - Binh (Mr. Binh Late):

c2e won battles but not the war. not until they clear out their core that is. and that is still days to come.

16:56:16 Jul 15th 16 - HorusPanic (Lord Horus):

well, we have 2 MAD players nipping at our asses, with HOH armies

4 SF HOH cities in our core

I'd agree on its face, but we're not laying down by any means

17:25:36 Jul 15th 16 - Mr. Bruce Willis:

... and I bought 100 BT's just to spice things up

If you couldnt catch me last era, see how this era pans out :P

19:12:25 Jul 16th 16 - Mr. Tohr The Corothian:

I hope this doesn't turn into a game where we can only make it by buying more BTs than the other guy..that'll completely turn this game into one I'm not going to bother playing...

19:16:57 Jul 16th 16 - Bran (Mr. Bran):

ye but zeta will be laughing his way to the bank!

21:03:16 Jul 16th 16 - Mr. Uwer:

Im not scary at all JLT.

Im a beauty role model.

21:06:05 Jul 16th 16 - Mr. Uwer:

So, Britannia is another word for Brexit retards?

01:00:44 Jul 17th 16 - Bran (Mr. Bran):

are you angry about something Uwer?

07:33:19 Jul 17th 16 - Mr. Tohr The Corothian:

09:34:21 Jul 17th 16 - Mr. Uwer:

No. It is a plain question.

16:07:13 Jul 17th 16 - Binh (Mr. Binh Late):

anyone in c2e druelling for my town yet?

i build it for you guys. come and get it.

17:21:58 Jul 17th 16 - Mr. Kasakasz The Defender:

You need to wait in line ;)

18:00:08 Jul 17th 16 - Mr. Bruce Willis:

I don't like square towns -_-

19:58:18 Jul 17th 16 - HorusPanic (Lord Horus):

Don't worry binh, I'm just preparing some snacks... I don't show up to parties empty handed

15:50:57 Jul 18th 16 - Lord Reddragon The Drunken:

ill take it with my 50 soldiers in my starting army :/. just wait until i get the courage, or be enough drunk :P.

16:57:04 Jul 18th 16 - Mr. Israel Sesugh The Honest:

To the EU jab from uwer , what is wrong with leaving the EU ?

17:12:30 Jul 18th 16 - Bran (Mr. Bran):

like many remain voters, ulwer seems to be salty as fuck :p

17:19:45 Jul 18th 16 - Prince Nitral The Flamebearer:

What i find funny is the , only elderly white people who live in areas with low immigration voted to leave narrative...

As some who have the VU fb group will know , Im a young black male from london, who grew up in a multicultural area but still think we should leave. 

However i shall refrain from starting a rant / debate where I ignore your facts and you ignore mine online :P 

18:28:43 Jul 18th 16 - Sir Caedus:

Yeah let's leave the EU debate out... none of us are experts and none of us should have been given such a monumental decision to make (if you live in the UK) in the first place; which is entirely the problem - the country is now divided... 

Much like all the different kingdoms on VU!! Can't we all just hold hands and get along? I call for an era of peace... starting with Sprout leaving our core... immediately... ;)

19:24:32 Jul 18th 16 - Bran (Mr. Bran):

netx youll be saying our parliamentary representatives are too important to be voted on and that an expert should appoint them as its too complicated.

if you dont like democracy, just admit it. no need for the beating round the bush

22:33:44 Jul 18th 16 - Sir Caedus:

There's a difference between representative democracy and direct democracy... 

04:15:04 Jul 19th 16 - Mr. Dong Zhuo:

Democracy? Do you actually believe in that shit?


What a waste of my time.

04:19:41 Jul 19th 16 - Mr. Uwer:

Im not even from Europe, Bran.

When ultra-nacionalism take over, maybe then you will regret.

Brits are the new nazis. History will enlighten us in the next decades.

04:30:17 Jul 19th 16 - Mr. Uwer:

For the record:

When a league of nations disrupts, war is coming.

Just grab any good History book. Its all there.

09:33:26 Jul 19th 16 - Bran (Mr. Bran):

haha what a load of bollocks

10:07:09 Jul 19th 16 - Mr. Bruce Willis:

Leaving decisions to an unelected group who have never been to england, have no interest in england, and for most parts have been bitter enemies to england is not becoming the new nazi's.. its called being smart.

10:10:08 Jul 19th 16 - Mr. Uwer:

Continue to laugh, Bran.

It's a pointless conversation with you. You are like cattle.

10:13:17 Jul 19th 16 - Mr. Uwer:

Bruce, Hitler was called "smart" also.

Even took a picture with Stalin and Churchill.

And hosted the Olympic Games...

Idiot world... people never learn.

10:34:00 Jul 19th 16 - Mr. Bling:

The EU is the culmination of Hitlers dream reich. Hitler would never have made it into politics in the UK, because we build them up to knock them down. Always have done, and always will do.

10:46:56 Jul 19th 16 - Mr. Uwer:

"... because we build them up to knock them down. "

Says the country ruled by a Queen...



10:57:51 Jul 19th 16 - Mr. Bling:

The Queen has no power. Its been 350 years since royalty had any say in anything.

11:04:17 Jul 19th 16 - Mr. Uwer:

So you dont wanna pay for the useless greeks expenses, but is ok to afford a useless Queen?

I love the Brits logical sense.

11:13:37 Jul 19th 16 - Mr. Bling:

Not sure I would call her useless. As head of the commonwealth, she is singularly the most important person in doing trade deals between the UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, India and South Africa. She also has working calendar that would make a politician look shameful.  The tourist income the royal family alone generates dwarfs any income paid to her.  So a few million a year in expenses for a multi billion dollar trade emissary is nothing.

11:25:27 Jul 19th 16 - Mr. Uwer:

Head? Lol.

You endorse "noble blood" in your own country.

Wake up, dude.

11:38:49 Jul 19th 16 - Mr. Bruce Willis:

Not sure what she has got to do with the EU. She has no political power, and is a figurehead to both British politics, as well as commonwealth politics. Up until 1986, Britain had all the trade agreements it needed with its commonwealth partners, that gave them favoured rates on duties etc, much to the displeasure of European countries, who's own colonial conquests had ended up a disaster.

Both France, Germany and Belgium still had ties to their own colonial past, and favoured trade accordingly. However the extent of the British commonwealth pissed them off.
The EEC and schengen agreement, to which Britain was a party, was never meant to culminate in the disaster of the EU. As part of the EEC, we gave preferential treatment to Euro trading partners, to the detriment of the commonwealth, and the schengen agreement allowed free travel within the borders of the the EEC. Thats all it was ever meant to be. But the great foe, Germany and France, wanted more, resulting in payments to unelected governments, a currency with no strength, and 4 countries who were giants in their day near ruin. So go ask any spaniard under 30 what his future looks like, with 60% unemployment, or Greeks, with zero control of their future for a generation or the portuguese and italians who are teetering on the brink of bankruptcy because the german central bank controls the rate at which europe pays interest.
Get educated, then come argue history and politics with me.

12:20:05 Jul 19th 16 - Mr. Uwer:

Its amazing seeing you guys defending your Queen.

Lol, it is so pathetic.

So, Commonwealth was the new word they invented for Imperialism?

I can see you already hate the French and the Germans. 

Its working.

12:27:06 Jul 19th 16 - Mr. Bruce Willis:

Dude, don't know where you are from or your age, but your parents definitely deserve a refund on your education.

There are currently 26 royal families in Europe alone. They are a legacy to Europe historical past. Only one royal family has any involvement in politics, and thats the Spanish monarchy. So get off the whole monarchy issue, because its pageantry that appeals to parts of the worlds history, and heritage of Britain. So instead of waffling nonsense about the queen to try justify something something something about hitler and something else, come up with a legitimate argument on either Brexit, or Britains support of its monarch.. dont try mix the two because they have nothing to do with each other. And try get that education refund.

12:28:09 Jul 19th 16 - Mr. Bruce Willis:

And no.. Brexit didnt make us hate the French and Germans... we've been hating on them for 500 years.

12:34:33 Jul 19th 16 - Mr. Uwer:

Is it me that needs education?

Well, Im not arguing with an idiot that sees borders on Earth.

Good luck with your Queen, your Commonwealth and your premium education.

I rest my case.

12:39:04 Jul 19th 16 - Mr. Bling:

Lol, so now you want no borders.

Tell me, when the world has removed all borders, who will implement law and order. And who's law and order. Who will taxes be paid to, and who will build the roads we need for the country to work? How do we plan towns, hospitals, schools and social welfare when we have no idea who is coming in or going out. Who will pay all these bills? The british or ??
Dude get off your crack pipe and step back into reality.

12:49:49 Jul 19th 16 - Mr. Uwer:

Bling, thats because of people like you that the state exists. You are useless. So you empower them.

Im anarchist. I believe in personal responsability. All rest is bullshit.

And Earth has no borders. I would recommend you to see it from space.

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