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12:46:30 May 7th 17 - Osiris (Dark Lord Osiris):

12:55:36 May 7th 17 - Mr. Bling The Mad:

MAD asked me to be nice this round since im representing their kd this era, so fck you all nicely. See.... I can be diplomatic mad dudes.

14:53:33 May 7th 17 - Bran (Mr. Bran):

wtf is with everyone in this kd and speaking in gifs

15:07:36 May 7th 17 - Mr. Bling The Mad:

16:53:07 May 7th 17 - Lady Leila:

17:31:31 May 7th 17 - Nayoke the Kid (Mr. Eros Dragon Caster):

18:42:04 May 7th 17 - Mr. Toroth The Corinthian:

02:22:32 May 8th 17 - TheBornLoser (Mr. The Dung Beetle):

I'm hungry :(

07:36:09 May 8th 17 - Endless (Mahatma Gandhi):

07:59:42 May 8th 17 - Mr. Toroth The Corinthian:

If that gif of elmo was longer i swear he'd be melting..

08:00:23 May 8th 17 - Mr. Johnny Rotten:

06:15:11 May 9th 17 - King BurningLegion (Mr. Burning Legion):

Calling all Kingdomless, The Pact is waiting for you!

Pact Of Free Cities Kingdomless

Kingdom Banner

Name: Pact Of Free Cities Kingdomless
Members: 2
Created: 5/8/2017 4:03:56 AM
Leader: Mr. Burning Legion

Compare kingdom


The Pact Of Free Cities- Kingdomless

Is a group of kingdomless players who share a banner who rule their empires independently. 

Relations made with one member of the Pact does not extend to all members unless included.


11:46:52 May 10th 17 - Osiris (Dark Lord Osiris):

So the Alba collective eh :D

17:24:18 May 10th 17 - Osiris (Dark Lord Osiris):

Trust binh to go on holiday when half the map seems allied ^^

17:44:35 May 10th 17 - Dark Spawn (Sir Dominion):

Last era Abydos allied MAD, Dark Riders allied Knights of Royal Order, why is anything different this era? Half the map is usually allied every era. 

17:58:07 May 10th 17 - TheBornLoser (Sir Sadako):

23:24:18 May 10th 17 - Osiris (Dark Lord Osiris):

Trust binh to go on holiday when half the map seems allied ^^

Hang on, did you say Binh is on holiday?

Binh Binh, the Lord of Terror; the Prime Evil; The Player So Elite That Only Twenty Other Players Working Together Can Stop Him; The-Second-Best-Player-In-The-VU-Multiverse-After-The-One-Above-All-Wilberforce, is on holiday?

Binhnypoo, who makes players like Psychopath, Trogdar Liech, Noadea, Yarlin the Firelord, Barney, Crissxcross, Augh, Sparker, Adakis, and many other luminaries, tremble and quake with fear whenever he plays on the map, is on holiday?

Binhnablo, whose name is the first thing that any sensible strategist in the game of VU checks in the VU chat whenever a new map starts to see if he is listed as "Alive" is on holiday?

Binh Dinh, who has memorized every word of Sun Tzu's Art of War from the first to the last, who can recite Von Clausewitz's On War backwards, who can pin point any sentence in Machiavelli's The Prince to the exact page, paragraph and line, is on holiday???

OK, I am petitioning my kingdom to drop its NAPs with Albatross, Collective, MAD and the Pact of the Free Cities immediately since it is no longer necessary.

Because The Binh... IS. ON. HOLIDAY!

18:03:41 May 10th 17 - Mr. Bling The Mad:

Binh's ghey and over rated.

18:19:11 May 10th 17 - Sir Justanius Fontainius XXXV:

Wait.....who is Binh again?

18:19:49 May 10th 17 - Kasakasz (Mr. Kasakasz The Other Mage):

i think someone would remember him if he was decent

18:19:59 May 10th 17 - TheBornLoser (Mr. The Dung Beetle):

Binh is the Lord of Terror; the Prime Evil; The Player So Elite That
Only Twenty Other Players Working Together Can Stop Him;

18:24:41 May 10th 17 - Sir Great Observer:

i think really the real question is... who is Wilberforce? =P

18:26:11 May 10th 17 - TheBornLoser (Mr. The Dung Beetle):

Wilberforce is VU's incarnation of The One Above All and The-Best-Player-In-The-VU-Multiverse.

Due to his sheer awesomeness, I also often call him HeWhoMustNotBeNamed.

18:39:33 May 10th 17 - Mr. Johnny Rotten:

I just call him twat

19:02:48 May 10th 17 - McMax (Mr. Magicus Maximus):

Dang it. I hoped I would never see this name again: Trogdar Liech,

As for Wilber. All I know of him, that was he was always sitting in the trees and sending arrows here and there (on the forums).

And Binh is Binh. I admit, I do fear him.

19:11:18 May 10th 17 - TheBornLoser (Mr. The Dung Beetle):

Admittedly, Trogdar aka Lathan had a very awful, nasty, brutish personality. A bona fide Texas redneck! :P

But god damned, you wouldn't want to be his enemy when he is in his element. He is the very epitome of the words brute force. He brings "shock and awe" straight to VU life.

I should know. When I started the game, he and Greg (and maybe Adakis) were the two players I saw crushing armies, cities and kingdoms left, right and center whenever they played. Including Legacy armies :D

Protip 1: The map Shattered Worlds, was created and made by Trogdar :)

Protip 2: Wilberforce > Binh > Trogdar > everyone else! Fact!

19:24:43 May 10th 17 - McMax (Battlemage Mcmax The Flying Boar):

Protip 1: The map Shattered Worlds, was created and made by Trogdar :)

Hmmmm. And here I just published my first try for a new world based on (stolen from) that world to my fellows at RoC???? Well....... I still don't like him. And I'm sure he doesn't like me (in-game that is).

23:33:47 May 10th 17 - Dark Spawn (Sir Dominion):

Dude got a point, from next era, Collective will not bother with blockers at all, our core will be free for everyone to walk into. So, nothing different than what all other kingdoms are doing. Blockers do not block.

  • 04:22:03 May 10th 17 - Mr. Abomination:

    Ok, you guys have been playing this game for a very long time
    We just returned after a long break, and here are my observations.
    When we started, you said lets gooo, block those bridges, lets make those blockers
    Use bonus turns if you must, settle before they do.
    And so we did, we settled those two - three blockers
    Enemy did the same on their side of the bridge.

    There is still that passage around the edge of the map, but ok, at least they would need to walk around and that gives us some time to react. That must be what both kingdoms were thinking at start. 

    And now, when all is said and done. Out of these five blockers, none of them actually block. I mean what the hell, I even saw on forums people complaining about it, about blockers not doing what they are supposed to do. Sure, I would expect stuff like that when newbies or returning players like our guys settle such bad blocker, but when you are against veteran players like Great Observer, that Weapons Lab does not block, or Bran with his Britain blocker, does not block either. So they put all their hopes up to that blocker, they are gonna fill them up, and we are just going to walk into their core. 

    They are not newbies, they are veteran players. Should I tell them they are dumbasses now for settling such crappy blockers? Our blockers do not block either I am sure of it. Now the whole idea, the comcept of rushing to settle those blockers, and putting all faith into them holding while you are offline, and you guys, you veteran players should know this game is bugged as fcuk. Why do you even bother with this concept, if blockers can't be placed, why bother trying to place them. 

    We should work on some other tactic, because this clearly does not work... 
    Have been gone for over a year and nothing in this game changed, and the whole conversation about blockers not needing to be fixed because some said "there is a little bit of skill needed to place the blocker right" - that is retarded, if you are planning to settle a blocker, why would it be a difficult task.

    Anyways, thats my two cents.

00:16:26 May 11th 17 - Ms. Jasmina:

Dark, as I explained on our forums, most of these blockers are not full size, and once they grow, they will block. And please do not share posts from our private forums on the public ones :) If this continues, you will start posting the kinky stuff that we write. Behave yourself, or else spanking will be needed.

00:26:58 May 11th 17 - Mr. Bling The Mad:

Im happy to take his spanking if you going to dish it out.

00:29:40 May 11th 17 - SFD (Duke Hybrid Sfd):

bling please.... aisha has more class than to spank you, that pleasure is reserved for friendly bottoms :P

00:38:05 May 11th 17 - Mr. Chronos:

"Half the map allied"....really not hard to do with so few Kingdoms.

 Fix the blocking bug or bring back great walls. Won't help in oop wars with amount of Slaves needed to drop a wall, but seriously. Need to fix this somehow. 
Can't really portray yourself as a strategy game with this bug. Strategy gets thrown out the window when an army is walking on trees past your blocker. Wtf.  
 Would any engineers/builders would be so stupid when building a Blocker as to leave passage by it? Not unless they worked for Microsoft would any engineer be so stoopid.....

00:44:42 May 11th 17 - Dark Spawn (Sir Dominion):

Its funny while back in RoC, before I took a break from the game

We were talking in the forums and Jas was telling me what to do, without asking me, and somehow Bling got in the kingdom and saw it, and right away posted on forums :P As you can see Bling, it happens all the time, she just likes to boss me around.
And maybe I let her cause I like her being on top?
I mean bossing me around, as in her on top. Thats what I meant. Or did I ?

00:48:49 May 11th 17 - Nayoke the Kid (Sir Eros The Zombie):

friendly bottoms dean?

00:50:57 May 11th 17 - Nayoke the Kid (Sir Eros The Zombie):

00:52:40 May 11th 17 - Sir Great Observer:

 Fix the blocking bug or bring back great walls

- Go to Zetamania newb =P

Won't help in oop wars with amount of Slaves needed to drop a wall, but seriously. Need to fix this somehow. 

Can't really portray yourself as a strategy game with this bug. Strategy gets thrown out the window when an army is walking on trees past your blocker. Wtf.  
 Would any engineers/builders would be so stupid when building a Blocker as to leave passage by it? Not unless they worked for Microsoft would any engineer be so stoopid.....

- This is Fantasia! That is all

04:24:36 May 11th 17 - Mr. Chronos:

Was Fantasia you mean. It is nothing like it was back in the day. 

 I am old enuf to remember Great Walls and Merges and Firewalls and Free Upkeep, etc,etc, you know, back when we actually had large numbers of people playing. But by all means, lets just ignore the blocking bug and let the game take another lurching step towards death. Its all good, 

04:40:32 May 11th 17 - TheBornLoser (Mr. The Dung Beetle):

VU maps are buggy as sin......and the game administrator is not earning enough money (actually, now, no money) off the game and thus is too lazy to do anything about it.

What do you expect of a free game after all? I was screaming in the forums and in the admin's ear many ages ago on how all he had to do to make VU a better, more popular, and thus more profitable game was just iron out the little bugs that litter it. Or *shrug* if he has really lost interest, just sell it. There are some of us here who can afford to take a punt on turning this game around. But he ignores me (and us) (and granted, I have not been exactly polite to him, in typical loser fashion) and proceeds on as if everything is hunky-dory and fine.

On the blockers.... many of the blockers placed in this map at this stage of the game still have not grown to full size, so of course they do not block. And for those properly placed and do not block... yes complain, but work together with your teammates and your mages - conduct multiple spell-casting, multiple hits, stop any incursion. Have an AOTDable army waiting at the blocker. Have a strong mage backing him or her up. There are so many things that can be managed.

Or do what the worst and most useless kingdom in Valhalla has been doing. We have a critical blocker that does not block... and is also not controlled by us anyway :P. So we parked the most powerful AOTD-able army in the game in front of it with three mages as our defensive measure :P There have been a few incursions. Some got 99%ed. One or two got slaughtered.


16:56:32 May 11th 17 - Lady Elisa Day:

This whole random part of the game is quite annoying.

We just had a little plan against this Bogdan, that is supposedly one of the best players of this game, we executed the plan perfectly, had his armies frozen, had our army blessed and mped, our army also used all starting bonus turns to prep Bogdan's armory, which would turn the tide of the war.

And once all magic and prep was done, our army had 95% and he rolled 99%, which is just stupid, and then when all hope was lost, after an hour our guy tried at 23% and got lucky and took it. Which just ruins the whole "tactic" part of the game, if you're gonna play with luck like that. This pretty much ruined my entire experience of the game.

When your army is so much stronger than enemy armory, and when all magic is done, when there's no rushing, when you do everything right, luck should not be a factor. Why would we lose a battle when we're 95% favorite, cause we're not three times stronger but only double the power? That is just stupid.


17:03:49 May 11th 17 - Bran (Mr. Bran):

it makes sense in terms of realism. you wouldnt want to go to battle unless you had overwhelming odds cause a little bit of bad luck can cause you to lose
losing a battle when youre less than 3x their strength isnt that outrageous

19:51:02 May 11th 17 - McMax (Battlemage Mcmax of God):

It's totally fair that a much bigger army CAN loose a battle against a small army. No problem with that - except that the owner of the bigger army might find his/her pride somewhat damaged.

Agree with Bran in this issue.

03:16:01 May 12th 17 - Mr. Toroth The Corinthian:

...maybe there was some shiznit of a rainy day, or some big malfunction occured in the gates...or some of the attackers got lucky when they were sneaking in and took over the walls and let the whole army in before the larger army was ready for it etc. There are many books about storming castles and defeating enemies with smaller odds. It is what makes legends, heros, and wars all the more victorious to be worth putting into books in the first place.

03:16:25 May 12th 17 - Mr. Toroth The Corinthian:

You (5/11/2017 8:08:55 AM)
Just to let you know, if you close the gates, people can see you in the fog of war..
Mr. Hazy (5/11/2017 9:54:24 AM)GOODBAD
It's a hotel

06:35:39 May 12th 17 - TheBornLoser (Mr. The Dung Beetle):

07:20:17 May 12th 17 - McMax (Battlemage Mcmax The Flying Boar):

Do Trolls take baths in the rivers?????

Or is the city of Nurofen just misplaced a little.......

07:22:25 May 12th 17 - Stewie Griffin (Prince Stewie Griffin):

Albatrash abusing bugs? Nothing new there, TBL.

02:21:16 May 13th 17 - Mr. Richard The Lion:

Little update on the interesting world of Fantasia

Collective has manged to win a couple of important battles, taking down one of Abydos members that was in our core, and taking a couple of cities on western side of Abydos core. In the meanwhile, Abydos regrouped and now they have several very strong armies, they managed to kill several of our armies as well. 

One of Abydos members even managed to drop a 90k city right in middle of some serious fighting, we're still figuring out where did he get that income, since nobody in our ranks got plundered, and the guy still has troops attacking. Thumbs up for the guy.

Similar team like Abydos is fighting Collective on Mantrax, and on that world one guy almost killed the entire kingdom at oop, so technically we were all expecting to die pretty quickly, we're still figuring out how is one person so important for a kingdom, but thumbs up for Abydos, their most powerful member has returned and has spawned. The rise of Collective is about to end, the fall is coming.

Albatross has a couple of armies helping at the moment, and that river prepping thing has happened to every kingdom that has been playing for at least few eras. I remember first time it happened to us, it was on Mantrax, I do not remember was it against FW or Ferox (those two are our most common enemy on that world) and after that Jas has placed strict rules who ever settles near a river is wrecking that sh1t as soon as she notices it. So we usually stay away from her wrath and the rivers :D

02:39:14 May 13th 17 - Mr. Chronos:

A bug? Really? Its ok to walk across a forest bypassing an Albatross City that looks like it should block, that is just Alby misplacing a city On the big boy world of Fant.?

 Well that is a misplaced city in a ill-thought out spot as well according to your "no blocker bug" head in the sand reasoning. Shoe is on the other foot and you squawk. One major difference though, I pulled away after making my point. 

03:57:15 May 13th 17 - Mr. Bling The Mad:

10:18:54 May 13th 17 - Pirate Lewatha:

You mean you pulled away because the city has GT's and you can't take down a decent amount of GT's? ;)

Either way, bugs like these, river jumping and blockers that block visually but actually don't should be fixed. As long as they're not, they're fair game because you can't expect everyone to abide by the "unwritten rules" of not abusing this. So everyone might aswell use it.

10:19:51 May 13th 17 - Pirate Lewatha:

I'm still not sure how you took Tidus btw. I had just increased my military science and you guys hadnt merged in extra troops. Maybe morale suddenly fell and I didn't notice. I have no idea.

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