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Fantasia 50
16:42:40 Aug 10th 17 - Mr. Torienhos The Ranger:

And looks like an instant battle between Albatross and Abydos, with Osiris and Pirate Lewatha already out in the field with massed armies and laying siege to closely knit cities. 

21:53:42 Aug 16th 17 - Nayoke the Kid (God Short Dwarf):

who is fighting who besides abydos and alba? 

23:04:29 Aug 16th 17 - Osiris (Dark Lord Osiris):

We're not really fighting Alba and Dr much to be fair. We're busy having political debates on our casual era :D selling tickets to bran vs lew live debate

00:47:09 Aug 17th 17 - GEO (Ms. Jennaside):

bran sucks

01:12:29 Aug 17th 17 - Mr. Bling The Mad:

bran sucks osi :D

09:53:40 Aug 17th 17 - Bran (Mr. Jacob Rees Mogg):

osis got nothing to suck

01:49:33 Aug 19th 17 - Mr. Torienhos The Ranger:

A large prediction. MaDD will farm their arses off the rest of the era till only one kingdom survives, then will have to battle it out. A war-built kingdom fed off of pillaged and conquered cities vs a farmed up kingdom that probably will have 3x 90ks of mines each person..

03:10:10 Aug 19th 17 - SFD (Mr. Not Playing):

to be honest, MAD and farming never wins, the only top players they have at farming are Kob, Bling and aloy..... aloy when elf, bling (any race) and kob (fuck knows but i know kob is beast) ...
also shout out red bc he is bae ;)

p.s im drunk :P

03:22:00 Aug 19th 17 - Mr. Bling The Mad:

we are currently having trade wars.

04:33:02 Aug 19th 17 - Mr. Torienhos The Ranger:

honestly..I'd fear Fred..he'll probably come out like bihn with the largest damn horde imaginable..

06:24:50 Aug 19th 17 - Pirate Lewatha:

That seems to be the mad game plan every era though. 

06:28:33 Aug 19th 17 - Mr. Bling The Mad:

Last era we were oop'd smack between collective and alba, so don't know how its every era

06:30:08 Aug 19th 17 - Mr. Bling The Mad:

Bling The Mad has won 0 battles, captured 0 cities and killed a total of 0 men and women.... im a lover not a fighter <3

06:33:13 Aug 19th 17 - Pirate Lewatha:

Well I just fucked up and resigned the wrong character. Shouldn't have tried resigning the minute I woke up. 

06:39:11 Aug 19th 17 - Mr. Bling The Mad:

obviously my loving forced you to evaluate your aggressive tactics and realise love conquers all.

18:14:24 Aug 19th 17 - McMax (Battlemage Mcmax of Roc):

Bling has his own kind of troops.

Cows with Guns.....

00:47:17 Aug 20th 17 - Mr. Evans:

  1. Mr. Evans has won 21 battles, captured 32 cities and killed a total of 78237 men and women.

    Not gonna lie, im enjoying this era so far :D

11:07:39 Aug 20th 17 - Osiris (Dark Lord Demandred):

it is hard work killing inactives :D hope you dont forget to take a rest :D

00:57:35 Aug 23rd 17 - Mr. Torienhos The Ranger:

-gawk-..MaDD begins their advance, so much for ganging up on abydos. 

20:36:35 Aug 25th 17 - Sable (Marquess Osvon Lowbrow):

Someone buy my food. It'll go bad soon.

21:09:40 Aug 25th 17 - Mr. Bling The Mad:


16:25:43 Aug 28th 17 - Ms. Bluelightthelesser:

Dark riders are now attacking MAD.

We are hoping to live peacefully in one of the corner of the map but I guess some people just can't leave us be. Sigh!


Army Info
Commander:Mr. EvansKingdom Banner
Kingdom:The Dark Riders Empire
Size:Army (100,000-200,000)
Status:Moving South

17:03:31 Aug 28th 17 - McMax (Battlemage Mcmax The Bagpipe):

Guess Bluelight want's to become a Trump-wannabe. False news.

11:16:35 Aug 26th 17 - Lord Water Bender:

Our Lokk failed to defend Pelegs Pasture. Orc Patrol lead by Mr. Uwer attacked and plundered Pelegs Pasture. We lost 1 Gaia, 58 Hammerthrowers, 0 Ogres, 0 Shamans, 0 Nazguls and 0 peasants in the battle and 306 of our soldiers got injured.
Orc Patrol lead by Mr. Uwer attacked and plundered Pelegs Pasture. They took 254470 gold, 234388 stone, 0 tree, 0 food, 50371 slaves and 1283 peasants. We lost 1480 Gaia, 800 Hammerthrowers, 0 Ogres, 0 Shamans, 0 Nazguls and 1283 peasants in the battle.

Report -

17:33:41 Aug 28th 17 - Mr. Bling The Mad:

Evans army was on the way south long before any attacks. We knew the exact plan. However, Justain is going to suffer an accident in Manchester tonight, when a pipe bomb detonates in his flat. Yes, I know Moss side well son.

19:22:56 Aug 28th 17 - McMax (Battlemage Mcmax The Bagpipe):


It's too hard to compose a decent answer here - so I abstain

23:25:43 Aug 28th 17 - King Justanius Fontainius XXXVII:

hahah guess what? I am not in Manchester! Plus Moss Side wont ever change son. I am about to bring the whole hood to Ascension believe me. They killed one of my nubs and attacked another. For that I will put my food down and fight. Plus how come bluelight is passing on fake news like the M.E.N

00:52:29 Aug 29th 17 - Mr. Evons:

Lol at that fake news, my army didnt mobilise till after that city was lost :P

14:57:33 Aug 30th 17 - Lord Reddragon Possesed:

If trump says is fake news then it is! The only true is in fox news.err MAD news, were we dont have any of those commies anchormens.

15:19:23 Aug 30th 17 - Bran (Mr. Jacob Rees Mogg):

you wanna know some fake news? falklands belong to argentina

18:28:18 Aug 30th 17 - McMax (Battlemage Mcmax The Bagpipe):

Haaa. I have more fake news for you.

Alfred E. Neuman is a more suited character as leader of Mad than Aloy. He is much more trustworthy - as you know for sure he is crazy.

If you don't believe me, do as the police does when they write their reports - seach and you shall find. Seach for Alfred E. Neuman!

12:23:59 Aug 31st 17 - Lord Reddragon Possesed:

Well the fakelands isalnds were first part english and part french, french sold it to spanish, then we pushed the english part to the sea. I think english didnt like it so they retook it at 1820 something. then was the war in the 80s. Now the sun was telling months ago theres a plan of sending choppers to attack the island and take them back :P. the only working choppers we have are the beer ones :D.

21:22:24 Aug 31st 17 - Mr. Uwer:

We are fecked. The future will not be so promissing for most of humanity.

Few elites will continue to triumph and thrive, til a turning point where the masses shall revolt against these elites, but if not in a global scale, they will likely lose it.

So, masses will be exterminated and machines and powerful AI shall overtake more than 90% of human tasks and outperform them. 

After some time, the elites may battle against themselves for global supremacy. This would result in more destruction and extermination.

A tiny elite shall survive, yet, in a now obliterated world.

Some few survivors from the masses that managed to flee from extermination, could now have small communities, hidden from the elites.

At this time, it would be 3100 A.D, and the survivors and the tiny elite are all that is left.

And now we are back to the beginning again...

1. Will they kill each other?
2. Will the survivors takeover the tiny elite now that they are weak?
3. Will the tiny elite prevail?
4. Will they embrace peace and work together?

My guess is number 2. Because some radicals would never forgive the past, and would of course, kill the tiny elite.

Some part of the survivors wont like this action of violence, which will split the survivals group into two: radicals and conservatives.

And we are back to the beggining again.

22:41:42 Aug 31st 17 - Lord Caedus:

Shit got deep. 

02:31:43 Sep 1st 17 - Mr. Torienhos The Ranger:

what movie was that?

03:18:26 Sep 1st 17 - Mr. Violent Delights:


07:58:20 Sep 1st 17 - Prince Chade:

Yo, uwer, could i have some of that zoots you are smoking, cause mine seems to be too weak ... i, too, want to take the space shuttle to the moon mate ... i heard there is a pretty nice sh1t going down 8 craters to the east of Fra Mauro

15:32:18 Sep 1st 17 - Xerxes The Great (High King Xerxes):

Lmao that shots too great. I want whatever the fvck he's on 

15:41:17 Sep 1st 17 - Mr. Uwer:

Told this story to my mother. She got worried about my mental :D

18:41:38 Sep 1st 17 - Mr. Uwer:

Make the first of the day, like a triple dose. Maybe you will hit these worlds... :P

20:33:09 Sep 3rd 17 - Nayoke the Kid (God Short Dwarf):

buying slaves

04:03:27 Sep 5th 17 - Nayoke the Kid (God Short Dwarf):

someone win already! mad fucked up when they attacked alba in this era < should have been mad/alba/dr vs. ascension/abydos war imho (in my HUMBLE opinion)

sending my army south though so expect another house guest dr ;)

04:48:39 Sep 5th 17 - Mr. Edi The Great:

It seems to be a 2 vs 1 now, so I do not see how Any and Asc can lose this.
Good job guys, congratulations are early, but are clear...

It might have been more interesting if we allied against your two kingdoms
But that can not happen, as Albatross will never make deals with Mad
We have been backstabbed one time too many. They did the same to DR
So doubt they would want relations with Mad either, but I can not speak for them.

They did not ask, but they probably know we will never have relations.

06:16:01 Sep 5th 17 - Mr. Bling The Mad:

we were happily minding our own business.

Alba mages cast on us, which was Alba's mistake, as they opened a new front they couldnt win, and DR sent an attack in unprovoked, so that was dealt with. Dont cry that we broke any naps or agreements because we had none.

06:35:50 Sep 5th 17 - Nayoke the Kid (God Short Dwarf):

sometimes making rash decisions when provided the opportunity to results in more negativity than positivity o.O

06:35:51 Sep 5th 17 - Nayoke the Kid (God Short Dwarf):

sometimes making rash decisions when provided the opportunity to results in more negativity than positivity o.O

06:35:51 Sep 5th 17 - Nayoke the Kid (God Short Dwarf):

sometimes making rash decisions when provided the opportunity to results in more negativity than positivity o.O

06:36:27 Sep 5th 17 - Mr. Bling The Mad:

Seems to be an echo in here

06:42:00 Sep 5th 17 - Mr. Edi The Great:

Last era Mad had diplomatic relations with both Albatross and Dark Riders. They attacked both kingdoms when it suited them. Therefore there will never be any diplomatic discussions with Mad for Albatross ever.

06:51:17 Sep 5th 17 - Mr. Bling The Mad:

Mad may have had diplomatic orgy's with those kingdoms, but i do what i want. So fck diplomacy, ur all fhags anyway 

21:29:31 Sep 5th 17 - Mr. Uwer:

Edi, you said that already once.

My opinion? Alba is 0/10 at diplomacy.

No vision at all. Last era, Bihn should thank Alba for his victory. You let him farm right in front of your eyes just to fight MAD... You could attack Abydos from behind while they where fighting DR. Finish both and deal with the results from MADxCollective at that point.

What happened? 

Abydos wins over DR and engulfs a fragile Alba that sent all forces to kill MAD.

I believe Alba is doing the wrong bets.

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