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14:11:39 Nov 18th 19 - Penguin (Clown Thebornloser):

Eh? Wasnt it the other way? You kept asking for moi love after everytime i showed you my mighty donkey schlong 

18:21:22 Nov 18th 19 - Penguin (Clown Thebornloser):

Waddle, waddle, waddle
From side to side
Penguins go a-walking
Slip, slip, slide, slide.
With a funny jump
The penguins dash
Down to the water
Splash! Splash! Splash! Splash!
Waddle from the water
With a rock n' roll
Penguins go parading
On a wintry stroll.

18:46:23 Nov 18th 19 - Penguin (Mr. Cosplayingasfordius):

why everyone is so quiet? where is cockbra? soccer? osiris? wilber? tbl? binh? roxy? val? 

14:55:52 Nov 19th 19 - Lord Caedus:

Lol why did all the messages get deleted? 

15:31:53 Nov 19th 19 - Penguin (Clown Thebornloser):


yours truly,
the one and only clown.

16:37:02 Nov 19th 19 - HorusPanic (Sir Flamma):

where are the posts?

16:53:32 Nov 19th 19 - Mr. Pebble Blue:

No idea? Someone not happy I suppose.

04:00:08 Nov 20th 19 - TheBornLoser (Sir Irregular Bowel Movement):

How can there be more than one born loser in this game.... nay, this universe?!?!

I demand to know who is the imposter who claims to have been born a loser as well! Just like there can be only one virgin birth ever in this universe and timeline, there can be only one born loser ever! And that entity.... is ME!

Identify yourself, cretin, or beware the wrath of a real born loser!

08:20:47 Nov 20th 19 - Penguin (Clown Thebornloser):

nah ill pass

18:07:34 Nov 20th 19 - TheBornLoser (Sir Irregular Bowel Movement):

Oh, its just you, Pingupoo. How ya been? Why return to VU? :D

18:48:47 Nov 20th 19 - McMax (Battlemage Mcmax The Dark Knight):

Now that's a very good question from an old fart.......

22:08:05 Nov 20th 19 - Stormy (Lord Stormcrow):

I knew you were forum lurking oh TBL my lord and savior

09:06:11 Nov 21st 19 - Sir Metoo:

Penguin touched me without my consent.

09:30:37 Nov 21st 19 - Endless (Ms. Alita Battle Angel):

whatís your other names ... just want to make sure Iím never in a kingdom with you if you think using Metoo is funny

09:35:20 Nov 21st 19 - Sir Metoo:


whatís your other names ... just want to make sure Iím never in a kingdom with you if you think using Metoo is funny

Keep your hands to yourself and we'll be fine.

23:13:47 Nov 28th 19 - Mr. Pebble Blue:

Why so silent?
Nothing happening on fantasia or something.

Come on guys who's warring who.
What awesome things happening on fantasia. Don't be shy.

Hi Bling why are you so obsessed with me ? 

00:53:21 Nov 29th 19 - Endless (Ms. Emily):

Thanksgiving here in the US, Iíd expect it would be a little quiet until bellies are fed 

01:45:57 Nov 29th 19 - Mr. Bling Babe:

Zeta, time for a multi sweep, MAD are using a multi.

01:48:20 Nov 29th 19 - Mr. Pebble Blue:

Cry more. 

That was an awesome move against you the "best" selfclaimed player.
I bet you will have nightmares for the coming times.

Enjoy that little dude. I'll see you soon on my adres that you found by hackers and bribing the spanish police. Can't wait.

If you can stomach what just happend vs a noob.

01:49:53 Nov 29th 19 - Mr. Bling Babe:

I've done that move 30 times or more, nothing fancy, multi.

By the way, admin been notified that you are using a multi, and so has Aloy. When you send gloating messages, make sure you send them from the right character.

01:53:16 Nov 29th 19 - Mr. Pebble Blue:

Haha I spoke to zeta many times. 
You'll see I'm not a multi besides what is ur acussations even based on?
Cause you getting ur ass beaten people are suddenly multi?

All I have done this era is keeping Salamon on the other side and not really move away. Which I managed in the mean time Aloy could train an army that could beat Salamons incredible army at the time.

Let's be fair Salamon was the only 1 that was actually strong and ur mages.
But you guys didn't really take good advantage of that. When I kept Salamon busy long enough Aloy managed to keep pumping troops. 

In the meanwhile I was saving money for an upgraded army but cause of ur stupid mistake I could easily take huge advantage for this action.

Now please show us proof of this so called "multi" accusations poor loser.
You got owned by a noob that's so funny. 

01:55:00 Nov 29th 19 - Mr. Bling Babe:

Hey, I showed up to the era 10 days late. You pulled a magic trick, big deal. You then sent a gloating message from the wrong account. Details have been sent to Johann.

01:56:53 Nov 29th 19 - Mr. Pebble Blue:

Haha yeah wrong account really.

Either ur blind or enraged in fury.

But I send you a msg from the account saying How does it feel to be beaten by ur own troops. 

It clearly states Pebble Blue. But I know reading is hard for you.
You can send whatever to Zeta and you'll see that nothing weird or suspicious was going on. 

Than you'll end up eating ur own word. Ur such a pathetic little loser.
Can't even take a loss.

03:12:05 Nov 29th 19 - Mr. Bling Babe:


In the same way I provided the proof collective were running cross log accounts, and a multi, and they got a 3 era ban I believe, the same needs to be applied to MAD.

The messages and timeline have been emailed to you personally.

04:12:48 Nov 29th 19 - Mr. Please Dont Cry:

hes actually thinks im your multi. lolz... if you only knew.. you be covering in fear...sad bling

04:24:31 Nov 29th 19 - Mr. Bling Babe:

Funny, because your language is also as poor as your multi's.

And you also sent a very strange message to me before an attack happened. Considering you weren't attacking me at all, this is a very odd message to randomly send to a player, before the other player who is attacking me, makes the attack.... now if you were say.. maybe Spanish like the multi is, you would misinterpret the word "Cover" for the correct english word "Cower".

Mr. Please Dont Cry (11/29/2019 12:12:02 AM)GOODBAD
lolz.. good bye armies

04:30:11 Nov 29th 19 - Mr. Bling Babe:

You and your multi are also the ONLY players who have requested to be in the same kingdom on the GvE map, in the same kd in MAD, and conveniently spawned next to each other on the GvE map near me. No other Evil players have spawned. 

Your activity is also near identical.

04:36:51 Nov 29th 19 - Mr. Please Dont Cry:

haha. u talking about me and mavich... next would be who aloy aswell? how about  ignis cause hes in the same kd in mantrax ...lolz if ur a vet u would know the answer to that.

like i said. you be cowering in fear.... lolz.

and check your time stamps. you got ownaged before i sent that msg. lol.

cry babies.... talking. 

05:34:32 Nov 29th 19 - Mr. Please Dont Cry:

bling just mad. 
in mantrax roc died OOP

in fant they are dying against mad, 1 ownage and he resigns.. lol.
i wish in gve we were enemies so he dies again... and rants multi...

05:37:40 Nov 29th 19 - Mr. Bling Babe:

I never wanted to play the era period. I got hounded on discord day and night.

But have no fear, you have my full attention. Same way Kath did, and many others who have now faded into obscurity.
Not sure what ROC have to do with anything, I dont play on mantrax.

05:42:02 Nov 29th 19 - Mr. Please Dont Cry:

they why are you accusing me to be a multi of pebble who is in the same kd as you in mantrax? you are funny.

poor logic. if i were a multi with mavich too. then why would i want to be in the same kd as him in gve. better be in different opposing kd so i can spy on the enemy.lolz. plsu why would i spawn both characters if we were the same person..

you went through the trouble of finding my characters. yet u cant find who your kdmate is. 

crybabies. resign after ownage. lolz

05:46:59 Nov 29th 19 - Mr. Bling Babe:

I resigned because I need the account for another purpose. No point joining fant 2 weeks late, which is what I told the players who asked me to stay. Case proven. Trust me, Cao has pulled off more ownages and more impressive ones than what you have done, and he sucks as a mage. He is the reason we cant have nice stuff in the game, because his spells kept breaking shit.

My mant character joined ROC for some reason when it was supposed to join Evil. Thats why I am using a character I keep for playing with Odi for Evil. I couldnt tell you who is even playing on Mant, because its a nub world.

05:50:51 Nov 29th 19 - Mr. Please Dont Cry:

huhuhu. excuses excuses.. cry to mama

05:53:58 Nov 29th 19 - Mr. Bling Babe:

No making excuses. You pulled off an average spell. Its one of the most overused spells in the game. You got nothing on me as an oop player. Ignis and maybe aloy can match me oop, rest of you I chew up and spit out. When you beat me one on one, then come talk shit.

05:55:32 Nov 29th 19 - Mr. Please Dont Cry:

lol. you really dont know how to read. i didnt ownage u. pebble did. i just did all the laughing. OOP? ive done it like a million times.. lol..

05:57:06 Nov 29th 19 - Mr. Bling Babe:

I've never been beaten OOP. So not sure how exactly you have done ANYTHING a million times.

06:01:13 Nov 29th 19 - Mr. Please Dont Cry:


ceast - dead. thats 1

06:05:19 Nov 29th 19 - Mr. Bling Babe:

Are you stupid? We 3 weeks into the era.

06:06:09 Nov 29th 19 - Mr. Virus:

nope u are.thats no i joined mantrax 2 weeks into the era. look where i am now... lolz

06:07:56 Nov 29th 19 - Mr. Bling Babe:

Mant is a nub map. Players experimenting with races they have no clue how to use. Not even a contest. Roxy playing orc says enough. 

06:10:59 Nov 29th 19 - Mr. Please Dont Cry:

experimenting doesnt mean you lose.

no wonder u played most of ur time at mantrax and zeta. nub .

06:13:32 Nov 29th 19 - Mr. Bling Babe:

I spend every era on fant. 15 or 16 years. I dont even think you are that old.

Mant is so bad, even I can win an era farming a halfer, and i suck at farming. Its a joke map.

06:45:16 Nov 29th 19 - Gladiatorul (Mr. Gladiatorul):

I think it's been a balanced era, so far; for quite long time I thought CE will get MAD. How did you MAD guys feel at start? Did you feel like losing the war at some point?

07:18:45 Nov 29th 19 - McMax (Mr. Darkminded):

First: I am also using the name Grandpa. Because I am a grandpa. In other games I also use Senior, because I am that too (more than 60 years old).

Next: I don't participate in a exchange of flaming-post so please Please Dont Cry/Virus, stop that.

Last: I'm normally a defensive player and as such I hate OOP-wars. But lately I have tried to become more offensive and take more resonsibility from the start. Well new playingstyle and new mistakes. But I will learn this part of the game too.

Very last: As for Mantrax/RoC, the player who took RoC down was Ignis and no-one else. Ignis attacked my maincity with a pure nazgul battalion, I wasn't prepared for that and RoC lost the chance for winning. It wasn't because we got a cold from a virus.

07:20:38 Nov 29th 19 - Mr. Bling Babe:

Max is faaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrr to polite... basically he told you to go fuck yourself in any language you care to translate to.

07:30:44 Nov 29th 19 - Endless (Mahatma Gandhi):

donít feel bad Max, Virus and Ignis were in the multi kingdom Pirates who knows what transpired before he got to you... for me they wrecked a perfectly good OOP war with FW... 

have to ask, were Virus and Ignis in the multi Federacion kingdom on Zetamania?  or was it just the same dudes who got the Mantrax/Zetamania ban?

07:54:44 Nov 29th 19 - McMax (Battlemage Mcmax The Dark Knight):

Ignis' daring move was his alone, so all credit to him.

I'm 100% sure Ignis didn't knew anything about Ivanho and his stunt.

But what I do believe we all should have learned by now is, that if a new kingdom suddenly is filled by unknown new players, something there is probably rotten.

08:11:55 Nov 29th 19 - Mr. Pebble Blue:

Lol you claim that we all asked to be in the same kingdom on GvE ??

Nowhere in the thread have I asked in which kd I had to be or anyone else.
Horus voted and I got in good, later on Horus stated aloy would be in Good and that people after could join Evil. So please provide me with that false claim.

Now how does Please dont cry know about you losing ur army.
Maybe he believed in me I don't know. But it's weird that you have no clue what ur teammates are going to do. In our forum and pm msg-es we already discussed it and that I was gonna try my luck on Ownage as you had shit magic defense. Instead of taking ur own responsebility for that poor decision you go acuse people cause ur a poor loser. But eh for some adult in a forum screaming that you hacked my Ip and bribed the spanish police to find my adres, someone would have to ask himself how serious can someone take you. I think alot of things are flowing to ur head. Are you alright my dear?


At some point someone in Gladiator kingdom asked me the question how the war vs CE was going. I think he asked me cause my scout was near his town in the south. He can or I can provide the msg I wrote to him.
He stated that CE said that they had the overhand. I wrote to him that it was a stalemate with CE having a slightly overhand cause of CAO and Salamon. Especially cause of bt usage it was hard to keep track. But I never said CE was on the winning hand ask in ur forum or I can provide that msg.

We started to be better organised when we started communicating more.
We also started to get some magic in the kingdom as Salamon couldn't take my blocker I could convert as did Ryan.

Please don't cry and Aloy could get an good army on time.
In the msg I already stated that if Cao and Salamon would fall we would get the upper hand and would win the war. Which we eventually did. 
If you saw the activity and movement around those area's you would understand that it's almost impossible for an multi to keep track of all those things while there is a daily live to live aswell. 

@ bling 

Now I wonder what is it that I did or anyone actually in the kingdom that would show to be multi? We have a market request option but in reality it never really comes to the point you can buy the stuff you requested on market unless maybe as human. We didnt feed eachother towns, nor gold or anything weird. 

You guys had the upper hand. When Cao Cao was still there Salamon could atleast move freely for a bit but once Cao Cao died Salamon sort of was trapped. And in first he could provide new pezzies from the town he conquered but at some point he was isolated inside that town and staid there.
While ur mages had created alot of oppurtunities for you guys to do more.
For example the blocker got cw-ed a few times you guys if had passed by with the armies that were prepping would had won the war. But instead your 3 guys decided to stay prepped at my blocker which you guys wouldn't get if you had calculated the eits.

It's just sad you go falsely accuse people cause you lost vs a noob after all the bregging you had. You call it a simple spell and be done with and say you used it many many times before but it somehow is cheating / multi or whateva.
You clearly as an adult stuck into a childs thought and never grew past that. Should seek help.

09:26:41 Nov 29th 19 - Mr. Bipolarbear:

People that defend this hard over not being a multi, must be a multi.. just saying.

09:27:52 Nov 29th 19 - Gladiatorul (Mr. Gladiatorul):


My observations are personal. Not based on what anyone had said or believed. I've have been studding your war map, player & army strength.

I remember a 20k dwarf city in your core and Aloy's starting armory was taken by CE. Your Orc's armory in CE's core was taken as well. You started building mines outside of your core.

So at that time, I was thinking CE will get you.

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