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16:32:06 Dec 6th 21 - Percy (Sir Percy The Workshop Elf):

Hello friends and foes from across the realm! Has been quite quiet in the forums lately, so Plague (now part of MAD) had to go and cause a stir to force the forums back into livelihood. Great ploy!

It appears that, out of frustration of two member's inactivity, a few defecting players form Plague joined MAD and prompted "fed" on their inactive ex-KD mates. 

I am quite appalled at this news, as there have been a plethora of cries about feeding in the past, and yet it STILL goes on in plain view of the world. 

Best of luck to the newly-revamped MAD with a halfer that just got a crapton of resources of not one, but 2 inactive players.

16:40:48 Dec 6th 21 - Konstant (The Ancient Sol Invictus):

Some of you non zerk/mad people might view Imperium right now as the "big bad" on Fantasia due to our success last era. 

I want to point out though that Imperium's mission is to fight the sort of play that mad/zerks are naturally drawn to. I'm not going to pontificate against either KD, most of you know their history, but for those of you who don't please consider that this is far from the first time that mad/zerks have played in this manner.

So mad, I am not "whining" against you, just letting other people in VU know that if they are against this sort of play, then Imperium might be the place for them.

17:36:05 Dec 6th 21 - Kobuskan (Mr. Seek):

Says the big bt buyer, hypocrit

17:55:01 Dec 6th 21 - SFD (Duke Sleigh Fat Decks):

Fred is a MEANIE!!

21:18:49 Dec 6th 21 - fred (Mr. Fred The Terrorist):

1- they are really inactive, and we left because they have been 7 days off

2- Aloy, my friend talked about nap, and i m an old member in mad, so we joined them
3- if i didnt take the inactive players cities, you will do!!! And its not my goal to defend them
4- plagues is ready :))))) matter of time.

22:35:30 Dec 6th 21 - Prince Krampus:

Last era in Mantrax.
We had to kick out Hanky and burn his cities.

12:57:50 Nov 6th 21 - Mr. Igniz:

Now you just destroyign THE fun and THE balance. Be more honorable like Mad

Ignis claiming that Mad is honorable and they would never do such a thing?
And like member of the honorable kingdom Mad is saying here:

22:21:00 Nov 6th 21 - Mr. Igniz:

They kicked him out since they were afraid  of me getting a nice plunder from Hanky.  And I did me best to get inside their core to only to be fought this way......

This only makes the game boring

But yeah, I don't see Ignis talking at all now?
Why not defend their cities rather than kick and take cities?
What happened to fair play?
Or that only works if other kingdom is doing it, then its not ok?
If you are doing it, its just good gameplay?

23:03:37 Nov 6th 21 - Mr. Igniz:

Please stop with the sad excuses. You guys could have sended reinforcment and protected his cities. Half of them were not even close to me. Yet you guys decide to kick him out and take his cities and resources..... And this is THE second time you guys decide to kick out someone and take their cities. IF you guys wont even admit that this dishonorable way to fight then great...

Like he clearly stated here. This is clear cheating.

00:35:21 Nov 7th 21 - Mr. Igniz:

Trolling, really. At least I am not cheating. The part of not attacking Hanky is only because he is KDless. You friends have already taken a city and been preparing on some of his cities for a while now. And probably have plundered him.

The point is not of you guys kicking him is you plundering and taking his cities rather than protecting his cities which you guys could have easily done.

This almost as bad as having a multi and then kicking him out , to only plunder and have His cities. If you guys dont even see the problem here than there is no point to this. 

I only hate this part, and dont care how many members you have and such. More members dont mean much but when you take you own KD members cities and get a boost in hoh and  resources, thats just cheating. I guess there is no fair game here.

00:02:28 Dec 7th 21 - SFD (Mr. Soft Feet Dude):

TBF you are using igniz points for what as I understand atm Fred did.

If Ignis did it fair there is a reason for your post but as we understand it, it was just fred? Unless I've missed something?

So, Fred meanie, igniz really only followed meanie to mad as of my understanding? (Which was most definitely his best option of survival)

And Fred keep your effing magic away from me!!!!!

08:01:17 Dec 7th 21 - fred (Mr. Fred The Terrorist):

true, i left the kingdom, and attacked the inactive players, just like imperium attacked all the Untagged dwarf and elf in their core.

Ignis left cz they are inactive, 8 days off till now.
and i joined my old kingdom Mad with Ignis.
and stop nagging its a war game .

08:18:47 Dec 7th 21 - Percy (Sir Percy The Workshop Elf):

Yes. We attacked untsgged that were showing signs of activity until Horns players got banner for multiíing, which happened around the same time the untagged also quit. In my mind, likely were all multiís but what do I know?

Attacking untagged is not even remotely the same thing as leaving your KD and attacking your your own inactive allies. And from what I remember, isnít half of Ignizís land from the same thing?? He got fat spoils from a Dwarf that equates to far more than we got from our 3 untagged cause they were hardly developed cities. 

I can agree itís a war game, but letís try to preserve whatís left of the integrity of the game. That mentality is a significant factor in whatís driving people away.

08:31:55 Dec 7th 21 - fred (Mr. Fred The Terrorist):

again stop nagging, Igniss did nothing wrong, put the blame on me.

see, u made me angry and first plague is casted.

08:35:52 Dec 7th 21 - SFD (Duke Sleigh Fat Decks):

Fred is MEANIE!!!

11:09:00 Dec 7th 21 - Haldimir (Mr. Haldimir):

sorry for imperium as we can't play the same activity as before, as zerkers are not that active as before, on my side I barely login a day, and I just got back this era.

21:50:52 Dec 7th 21 - SFD (Duke Sleigh Fat Decks):

TROGDAR has been awfully quiet this era.

where are you TROGDAR!!

23:57:12 Dec 7th 21 - Mr. Aloysius:

Imperium, new name same old arrogance. 

You guys donít stop imposing your self-made rules and regulations. 

Just like my position in the other threads, I donít whine on kingdoms who eat their inactives. I kick inactive members for the benefit of my kingdom, of course. I will not let my enemies get the advantage. We are in a war game. Not in idle game.

and if you canít understand that ďall is fair in warĒ. You guys must convince game developers who can put your self made RIGHTEOUS rules on the mechanics and themes of your favorite game. Otherwise, you are just spewing trash. 

You said you guys are not whining. But for meÖ same old cries and whines. 

00:46:58 Dec 8th 21 - Konstant (The Ancient Sol Invictus):

I agree that Igniz was put into an unsavory position which left him with terrible options all around. Personally, I don't see Igniz being at fault in any of this.

Aloy, Imperium has a similar 10 day policy; though Imperium either asks the inactive player to wreck everything or B&D's the cities.

You can continue playing your way, which we see as an abuse of game mechanics, and Imperium will continue playing its way.

All of that said, I agree with Percy - these sort of actions have driven away players, particularly from Fantasia. Imperium is on Fantasia for multiple reasons, and one of them is to counter the type of play which drives away players, and to hopefully return Fantasia to its previous glory.


01:36:03 Dec 8th 21 - Percy (Sir Percy The Workshop Elf):

My concern would be that, even if ZeTa/other game devs gave you the option to ďdeleteĒ a player from the world after X days inactive, you still wouldnít do itÖ youíd just kick and feed anyways, as there already ARE methods to do so without feeding (Orc BnD, have them demo instead of being partially/fully inactive). You just consciously choose to feed. No amount of admin-enforced rules or whatever can prevent that since itís mentality issue, not a game issue. 

01:50:47 Dec 8th 21 - Mr. Aloysius:

If delete option is your solution. And then you just said how to abuse it. Donít even try to tell your devs to put delete option. Because you just suggested a lame option. You better keep whining and nagging instead. Than a lame suggestion from a righteous one. 

ďImperium is on Fantasia for multiple reasonsĒ -says the other one. 

Yep.. primarily one them is to nag and whine.

And secondly accusing people blindly who have no idea of what you are talking about. 

I guess it will really bring the glory back in Fantasia to the level that you guys only perceive. 

02:03:07 Dec 8th 21 - Endless (Ms. Endless):

the glory of every bug abuse possible lol, fun times ^_^

02:09:02 Dec 8th 21 - Jarl The Candy Man:

Oh well, regardless of anything there will always be bugs and cheats and people abusing them but we should all focus on the enjoyment of the game and it evolving and growing. 

02:09:06 Dec 8th 21 - SFD (Duke Sleigh Fat Decks):

Is it only me that's concerned with..... Fred abusing magic!

02:25:12 Dec 8th 21 - Konspyre (Captain Kerstman):

Idk I feel like people are abusing mean words and i don't think that's very christmas spirit of you guys =( =(

02:57:59 Dec 8th 21 - Schepp (Doctor Schepp):

People leave this game when they lose - that is the main reason. Every era there will be a few who rage quit and then hopefully return in the future. Iím guilty of that myself :P

Since this is a war game with winners and losers - youíll always have those who leave. 

If you disagree we can test my theory! Let me win and if you all come back - I was wrong XD

Side note - I agree with SFD. Not enough people are concerned with Fred using magic!

03:02:40 Dec 8th 21 - Konstant (The Ancient Sol Invictus):

I think people are whining about whining in order to whine while drinking wine (probably).

07:35:29 Dec 8th 21 - Jarl The Candy Man:


Idk I feel like people are abusing mean words and i don't think that's very christmas spirit of you guys =( =(

Yess let's get to Christmas joys everyone!!

08:12:44 Dec 8th 21 - fred (Mr. Fred The Terrorist):

whats the best % for a plague ?

08:17:22 Dec 8th 21 - Endless (Lady Styx):

depends on how long you want it to last

08:18:04 Dec 8th 21 - Mr. Crazy Comet:

a plague during christmas is not really a christmas spirit xD

We already had plague for 2 turns, so that was enough for the whole era :) 

08:20:09 Dec 8th 21 - fred (Mr. Fred The Terrorist):

2 turns ! it gave me it will last 5 days

anw that was a test. 
the new one should last more

08:29:26 Dec 8th 21 - Mr. Crazy Comet:

that's not necessary. we know you can cast it ;) 

09:00:43 Dec 8th 21 - Princess Vixen:

Why would you say it lasted 2 turns. Ugh :D 

I have the plague, its killing my peasants. Stop with the plagues.

12:28:23 Dec 8th 21 - Percy (Sir Percy The Workshop Elf):

Plague chance is based on your casting power compared to the targets magic defense. Max chance is the same for any Tier 8 spell.

Duration is based solely on magic power casted with.

Longest duration I think is in the 60ís of ticks? Required massive MOP for it though. Unsure of the max duration exactly, people despise Plague enough it isnít something Iíve tested :P

12:56:11 Dec 8th 21 - Konspyre (Captain Kerstman):

typical percy things, trying to help out the guy trying to plague us :D :D <3

13:52:39 Dec 8th 21 - fred (Mr. Fred The Terrorist):

hahahah @  Konspyre (Captain Kerstman)

thxxx @  Percy

15:24:50 Dec 8th 21 - Percy (Sir Percy The Workshop Elf):

I may disagree with people's chosen routes of play, but I can certainly compartmentalize that and still help grow the knowledge base of the game as I can :) An era's progression and gameplay gets increasingly unique as more people have a deeper understanding of the mechanics

Also, Tier 8 max chance is 50%

07:02:15 Dec 9th 21 - Mr. Hohohofuk:

mad are homophag butt plugs

17:55:32 Dec 11th 21 - fred (Mr. Fred The Terrorist):

so now nb 1 kingdom napped all players against mad hahah

come to me.
burning , i promise i ll finish you traitor.

18:29:45 Dec 11th 21 - King BurningLegion (Mr. Burninglegion The Calamity):

The nap isnt against MAD, its against you fred.

I am the cleaner coming to wipe the blood of our kingdom off your hands. 

18:32:07 Dec 11th 21 - fred (Mr. Fred The Terrorist):

hahahah u r the one that they laughed on you, while i let u live and build yr magic science 

18:49:46 Dec 11th 21 - SFD (Mr. Soft Feet Dude):

So all players = BL?

We coming for you Fred, better shave those widdle toes before I hang you from them :3 

19:44:25 Dec 11th 21 - Percy (Sir Percy The Workshop Elf):

We arenít NAPíed with anyone, and you all attacked us first 🤷‍♂️ Donít start wars you canít finish lol 

21:59:29 Dec 11th 21 - fred (Mr. Fred The Terrorist):

I m not nagging, i like wars :) but i hate traitors 

23:51:27 Dec 11th 21 - Mr. Aloysius:

They just donít want the inactives to be taken by others. Bunch of hypocrites. 

01:27:18 Dec 12th 21 - Konspyre (Captain Kerstman):

Just... Don't take the inactives? It's not that hard, just b&d lol

02:10:34 Dec 12th 21 - King BurningLegion (Mr. Burninglegion The Calamity):

You ate our teammates on your own accord, karma is coming for you.

There is no naps I was simply poking at the what you started with everyone.

06:33:14 Dec 12th 21 - Percy (Sir Percy The Workshop Elf):

@Fred- Ah, I misunderstood then, my bad :) thatís great, cause we like wars too lol we donít really do terms unless itís to help a dead kingdom regrow, we like the challenge.

@Aloy- You can call us hypocrites when you see us do it ourselves. We have not and will not partake in that behavior. We always have an Orc on our roster, so if we have an inactive, we B&D, simple as that. 

08:24:29 Dec 12th 21 - Konstant (The Ancient Sol Invictus):

I'm having a hard time understanding how BL is the "traitor" here.

08:42:00 Dec 12th 21 - fred (Mr. Fred The Terrorist):

Maybe now u understand, when i left him to farm and moved to make a forward city of his core to protect both 

Mr. Burninglegion The Calamity (12/6/2021 11:37:55 PM)GOODBAD
All I want to do is cast my dragons and be left alone
You (12/6/2021 11:56:41 PM)
Deal but join us to protect u

20:33:28 Dec 13th 21 - Mr. Pooooa:

In my limited experience, Mad and Bad + Berserkers canít really win an era without cheating or exploiting. My first era playing the game, they were so afraid of losing to a kingdom full of NEW PLAYERS that on the forums, they told everyone they wouldnít Moses walk over a bugged terrain river, only for them to do so a few ticks after troops were moved out of the city. Think about that. They decided to lie and cheat because they were afraid of losing to NEW PLAYERS! Bahahaha! They also tried to claim that was an ďeven eraĒ, as if the whole server didnít know theyíre one kingdom pretending to be two, and that they were against a kingdom for new players. I hope MAD and Berserkers are aware how low skilled they look to everyone else! I really thought players with so much experience would be better at the game. Guess not! Scrubs just stay scrubs!

EDIT: 2ez last era btw. Hope you guys arenít as embarrassing this era!

01:37:44 Dec 14th 21 - Mr. Aloysius:

we are aware how low skilled we look to everyone else who have convoluted ideas of how this game should be played. Putting rules that can be enforced by forum bashing, nagging and whining. good luck to that.

10:31:55 Dec 14th 21 - Dark Spawn (Sir Dominion):

Is there a way to get third strong kingdom in Fantasia next era, to have an option other than MadZerk or Imperium? Anti Discord was mostly a joke this era, but if there is a reason (strong kingdom) I would play serious next era. 

Homunculi and Trogdar, do you guys prefer to play alone or is playing all together an option? Not sure if there is anyone else, but add just 1-2 more people, and it could be a decent kingdom.

Let me know if anyone is interested in making a new kingdom, with Discord being not mandatory for the Kd. 

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