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Fantasia Age 30
12:59:26 Nov 24th 14 - Ms. Bromance:


23:06:23 Nov 24th 14 - Fordius (Mr. Macho Turk):

I don't wanna get involved !!!

So don't get near me or I'll cry and sue ur ass !! and buy a plane :)

Thank you.

00:36:37 Nov 25th 14 - LukeTheDuke (Mr. Fergus Mor):

Omg it's fordius

02:23:33 Nov 25th 14 - shyers (Grandmaster Shyzmatic):

Ford-o, I thought you deleted yourself from this game. Are you here for sweet lovins?

11:57:16 Nov 25th 14 - Fordius (Mr. Macho Turk):

Well I was gone, on a long journey but than got lost, had nothing left, was begging for food ended up in dark alleys... can't say the rest it's 18+ :(

It was horrible I tell you horrible :( 

Awh well than I got harrased by weirdo's and threatend me with 18+ stuff so I ended up accepting their discusting offer :( 

Now I'm prolly here for an era, doubt I'll survive that long so you guys have nothing to worry about :( 

Please be gentle with me, don't get near me like I said I will cry and sue you :@ and get that damn awesome wingless plane. 

Thank you, goodbye.

12:15:21 Nov 25th 14 - Legend (I am Legend):

Ford how did your date go with my sister?

12:57:09 Nov 25th 14 - Mr. Barny:

Come on Fordius give us those dirty details 

13:13:09 Nov 25th 14 - Fordius (Mr. Macho Turk):

The date with ur sister is the cause of my dismiss !! 

Cause of her I had to start with this journey of 18+ :(

I will prolly never forgive her, but than again if she maybe came over to me I would say Hello, wanna date :)

But anyways this is a sad story so let's pretend I wouldn't :'( 

So much cries !!!! 

Can't 18+ is something the vu community can't handle besides maybe Ginger Hanky, cause he's prolly the guy that gets the most D oops I mean Pussy my bad :P or not :D

14:06:48 Nov 25th 14 - Bran (Mr. Barn):

come on you know theres no community, so you may as well dish the dirt!

19:13:48 Nov 25th 14 - Mr. Barny:

Speaking of no community it looks like only 29-32~ players have dropped on Fantasia yet. Hopefully we get 40+ people on the map at least before settling time which is getting really close:

Kingdoms in Fantasia
Mad and Dangerous17Sir Aloysius LX251
Shaolin Monks12Mr. Barn102
gim jhhgj h fghjjumn7Ms. Hammie The Brave100
Vincimus11Lord Jesus Left Toe88
Black Flag7Mr. Hamish The Third22
Arverni2Mr. Woodeehh20
Pink Legacy5Princess Homo Pink Pheonix19
Plague8Mr. Worm19

13ish MAD
5 Shaolin
4 Vincimus
5 gim jhhgj h fghjjumn (Please make sure to spell this correctly, Fordius takes personal offense to shorthand versions of this KD name as well- to him calling us 'gim's or 'jhhgj's is sort of like a racial slur)
4 players between black flag/Averni/pinklgc/plague

I'm the 29th most powerful rules as an Orc who force marched a moderate amount so 30-32ish players seems like a reasonable estimate

19:31:43 Nov 25th 14 - Legend (I am Legend):

I am disappointed Barny. That was a too short post for your doing...

01:51:17 Nov 26th 14 - shyers (Grandmaster Shyzmatic):

Sir Sherlock, I do believe he got it!

13:02:09 Nov 26th 14 - Ninja (Mr. Ninja):

Looks like we got a three way in the south ;)

19:03:28 Nov 26th 14 - Prince Chade:

sh1t...Binh is back!!!

we are all dead!!!

I wish i had my D3 crusader gear against him here!!!!

13:40:09 Nov 27th 14 - Lord Reddragon Lifestealer:

I rename fordius kd he-mans :P

13:47:39 Nov 27th 14 - Lord Reddragon Lifestealer:

sorry for the double post my net at work sucks more than fordius.

13:38:11 Nov 28th 14 - Bran (Mr. Barn):

i wonder have MAD trained a single army?

13:40:39 Nov 28th 14 - Fordius (Mr. Khorne The Blood God Fordius):

Pff Barny stop whining cause you lost 1000 troops :P

Little bitch :P 
But yeah massive gts and barely no soldiers :P Even Shyers managed to take 2 towns must be a first for em :P Congratz m8 :D

/me hides

14:50:48 Nov 28th 14 - Mr. Barny:

Fordius that's actually Barn the Bran not Barny the Barny!!!

My biggest concern for this era is that it has potential to be extremely one sided. Looks likely that some kingdoms might have a rough OOP and its difficult to say how many Shaolin are active and how many are just inactive farming, and how the Vici-gim jhhgj h fghjjumn-MAD-Shaolin wars in the bottom left side play out will decide the era.

Also Bran Anon has troops, but hes an elf in a kingdom that is clearly losing OOP and hes flanked by winning kingdom Orcs and Halfling :/

15:02:28 Nov 28th 14 - Bran (Mr. Barn):

so anon has an army, i can see on hoh bluelight has army. not bad, two armies!

15:05:06 Nov 28th 14 - Fordius (Mr. Khorne The Blood God Fordius):

Owh man :P 

Must been sleeping :( 
Wanted to make fun of you BARNY !!!! :P 

Haha ah well :P 

FIGHT !!!! Aloy come OOP already :P

15:21:50 Nov 28th 14 - Sir Aloysius LXI:

I has GTs only. :)

16:02:48 Nov 28th 14 - Legend (I am Legend):

FORDIUS PLEASE HUG ME!! Me getting jelly!

21:10:27 Nov 28th 14 - Kobuskan (Mr. Zapper):

Bring Bran a towel, so that he can trow that as soon as he has the idea he might loose, like he did last era.

Oh and Barny please dont post too much, most people dont like it.

And can Legend be banned again please.

00:07:49 Nov 29th 14 - Bran (Mr. Barn):

was wondering when youd show up and grace us with your opinions

10:00:06 Nov 29th 14 - Kobuskan (Mr. Zapper):

Do I see friendly behaviour between Shoalin and gim jhh already ?

10:22:17 Nov 29th 14 - Fordius (Mr. Khorne The Blood God Fordius):

I would love to see where you see this friendly behaviour :) 

10:56:29 Nov 29th 14 - Kobuskan (Mr. Zapper):

What about city Hggh in your core, seems nobody is prepping there, Binh city is next to it and he is strawling in the Vincimus core with his main army.

11:00:27 Nov 29th 14 - Fordius (Mr. Khorne The Blood God Fordius):

Lol I think the dutch cold air or maybe a different kind air is rising to ur head :) 

Click the town and look at it :) 
If you can convince ZETA than we might fix the job no problem :) 
Next time if you do accuse people in open atleast double check ur sources and be informed :) 



City Info
Owner:Mr. FirefoxKingdom Banner
Size:1725 building(s).
Kingdom:Shaolin Monks
Gates:no gates

We have attacked them and they have made 4 hostile attacks on us.

We own a bit more land than this ruler.

This ruler is in protection!

11:02:38 Nov 29th 14 - Kobuskan (Sir Drakul):

Thx for confirming that your kingdoms are at war, seem you did not fall for Brans slicky proposals 

11:07:03 Nov 29th 14 - Kobuskan (Mr. Zapper):

Btw how can I see the battle status of Shoalin vs gim ghh, when I am not in either kd

11:09:36 Nov 29th 14 - Fordius (Mr. Khorne The Blood God Fordius):

Dude the world is already small cause of how zeta likes to drop kingdoms.

The entire map is empty while he drops all the kingdoms at the same little space.

Ofc it makes the OOP wars easier/fun.
But the moment the OOP is over ( about 1 or 2 weeks normally someone wins )
The era is than pretty much over he should spread the kingdoms a bit more or make the map smaller and still spread. Atleast the era will last a bit longer I suppose.

Warfare will be a bit different aswell. Ah well after this era I'm out again anyways came back to play among friends ( yeah I know they don't see me as a friend ) but please let me pretend to have friends and don't make me cry :P 


And to compare kingdoms :

11:23:02 Nov 29th 14 - Ms. Hammie The Brave:

gim jhhgj h fghjjumn will entertain no relations so long as it exists.

12:17:23 Nov 29th 14 - Penguin (Clown Nuclear Penguin):

we win, we monster, we badass much

16:52:54 Nov 29th 14 - Mr. Barny:

12:10:27 Nov 28th 14 - Kobuskan (Mr. Zapper):

Oh and Barny please dont post too much, most people dont like it.

Wow, harsh! I can see you still carry yourself in the forums like some sort of foaming at the mouth mongoloid. Damn, I guess I might have to change up the old formula of long and detailed posts if you dont like the old one. Let me try a new one: Short and concise questions.

Are you still as bad at the game and irrelevant on every world?

I've got my ouija board out in case you decide to contact me from beyond the grave in-game by the way :)

17:00:37 Nov 29th 14 - Bran (Mr. Barn):

after that rebuttal, kobuscant is going to need a ouija board for the forum too

17:08:28 Nov 29th 14 - Woodeh (Mr. Woodeehh):

Quick, take Kobu to the burns unit!

00:13:07 Nov 30th 14 - Penguin (Clown Nuclear Penguin):

where is tbl when you need him....

22:57:28 Dec 1st 14 - Kobuskan (Sir Drakul):

Your character Sir Drakul is the 1st most powerful ruler in Mantrax

05:48:27 Dec 2nd 14 - Mr. Barny:

Most Fearsome Rulers
  1. Lord Dragon Heart has won 35 battles, captured 37 cities and killed a total of 307801 men and women.

Lord Dragon Heart is the most feared and powerful player on Nirvanna but I don't worship him for it. In fact, I'd be willing to put money down that he's probably an active Orc player on a dead world or he did some farming timing on a dead world (obviously the former if hes on the fearsome HoH by such a margin). That's not a knock on this guy, but in the short time I've been back I've seen less than stellar players get some good results doing not so good things because of the health of the game.

There are 18 total surviving players on Mantrax, and given that one of the only two relavent KDs on that world is FW I'm willing to bet a lot of those 18 players are not even active.

Small fish in a smaller pond maybe?

I'd imagine that with how dead every map is it's probably pretty easy to have a lot of success on ANY world by just being moderately active with some strategies like active Nazgul raiding into lategame AOTD, but I've been away for 2 years so correct me if I'm wrong. Some things work a lot better with an inactive community (active nazgul) and some things work a lot worse (active STG, pre-oop STG rush which are all a joke now). It honestly seems like the non-AoA who are doing the best on Mantrax are the inactives who built the biggest cities (ROC humans who can sit afk in 200ks, handful of 90kish FW cities from what appears to be 4-6~ total FW players if even that) because if you're inactive than defending cities from active orcs with Nazgul is easiest if you just sit in the big cities.

I'm not here to just give you shit Kobuskan, I figured someone like Anonymous would be able to get stuff done on an empty world with inactive players as an active Orc because he's always been decent but you won't prove yourself to me or anyone else by showing the Fantasia community that you can do more than spam Gaia 1300 ticks into a dead Mantrax.

06:28:11 Dec 2nd 14 - Mr. Barny:

On an actual Fantasia related note it looks like the next 24-48 ticks will show whether or not this ends up being a decent era or not- OOP has been decided but not the era.

07:13:29 Dec 2nd 14 - Kobuskan (Sir Drakul):

Please keep you post within 100 characters please

08:00:25 Dec 2nd 14 - Death Dealer (Prince Anonymous):

There are the active and inactive. That is VU, no matter the time or place this is how it has always been. The point being, activity cannot be used as an excuse for any reason no matter the world. Also, the whole activity issue is why there cannot and never will be a best player/KD in VU, no matter what anybody says.

That is the simple truth, but that is just my opinion like everyone else who posts in these pointless forums.

10:00:25 Dec 2nd 14 - Mr. Barny:

I'm inclined to agree with your opinion that activity isnt always a valid excuse and that it factors into the dynamics of the game and kingdoms heavily.

22:13:29 Dec 1st 14 - Kobuskan (Sir Drakul):

Please keep you post within 100 characters please


Maybe I could make posts with 3 digit character lengths if you had a 3 digit IQ.

17:20:08 Dec 7th 14 - Stormy (Lord Inactive Stormcrow):

Listen People of VU!!

I am on Fant!!!


20:47:57 Dec 7th 14 - Dark Spawn (Lord Dark Spawn):

There are bunch of VU players that are considered the best in the game that only play if they have a very skilled and active team, to the point that their kingdom is at least double more active than any other kingdom. Why is that?

Why did the return of that guy Binh have to mean bunch of Shaolin people leaving making the Kd weaker, and forming a very active kingdom, what skill do they show that way, fighting kingdoms double less activity than themselves?

Those people that say Beothuk Evil Oops is the best kingdom around, but they play only and only if their full team of super active people are around. Why don't you guys form a few average teams that would make the game much more interesting, rather than pile all the active ones in same kingdom and then smashing all the less active ones. And what does that accomplish, you call yourselves the best among yourselves.

It would be better if you guys would split up in few kingdoms, so that we can actually see those Binh vs Random vs Barny vs whatever other names you guys have. This era on Fanta is pretty r3tarded. But I guess its fun for you, even thought the challenge factor for you guys was non existant.

21:12:35 Dec 7th 14 - Fordius (Mr. Khorne The Blood God Fordius):

Spawn back in the days the top players/kd's took in alot of new players even I trained alot of new players. Vu nowdays isnt interesting anymore.

reason most of the top players llay together is cause most of em quit vu but stay in touch with the older players so once in a while they get convinced to play that 1 era in the hopes they stay. Than its easiest to play with the player you already know cause of the kd chats, trusted people its not easy as a player to get back in a game and hope to recruit something when kd's already settled no you go with that guy that convinces you for that era.

the older guys also have proven in the past by waging alot of what and build their name up some from newer era's might not know or remember. But in the past the wars were way more personal/intense maybe those were the good times. Nowdays the game base is the guys that play a few eras but are semi active while most players rather want seriousness in their kd / game.

vu wont be the same goodness as it was before sadly and maybe we all should just accept this me for example will be only here for an era just cause the oldoe binh and david bothered me :p bastards

21:20:57 Dec 7th 14 - Bran (Mr. Barn):

you cant use your reasons to defend the rest of your kd though since alot of them were already playing the game or at least still intend to come back next era

youre right vu used to be fun and tis not anymore. thas why we have to either make it fun again or let it die. some of us still want to try and make it fun again, but this era was a big setback since the existing community just got smashed oop by an OP kd.

21:21:15 Dec 7th 14 - Ms. Hammie The Brave:

<3<3 thanks for playing with us fordius <3 :)

21:54:26 Dec 7th 14 - Mr. Barny:

I read through this thread and I think that everyone brings up valid points. I've been away for a while so I wasn't entirely sure what the demographic of Fantasia was like these days (surprise: inactive!), but we should look to do something next era with the pool of players on Fantasia to make things interesting.

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