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Fantasia Era 31
13:59:33 Mar 24th 15 - Dark Spawn (Mr. Dominion):

Looks like this era there will be slightly more competition, as we have few more people this era, as I understand, previous one was rather quiet?

So there seem to be at least 3 decent sized kingdoms.
Jester with the number advantage as well as experience and skill advantage, considering that kingdom consists of mostly veteran players. MAD to my knowledge is the longest lasting kingdom in VU, so they are a good kingdom, good teamwork will be their strong point.
The Collective has moved from Nirvana after a nice era, to take on a stronger and more experienced enemy. Thought the kingdom has lots of newbies, they are fast learners and what they lack in experience they cover with good activity.

Kingdoms in Fantasia
The Collective10Ms. Aisha II100
The Jester Empire16Mr. Soccer Jests Naked94
Mad and Dangerous10Sir Aloysius LXIV35
Pariahs of Fantasia2Mr. Bran18
Plague7Mr. Worm3

Pariahs of Fantasia just spawned, and they are currently active, possibly Halfers due to good score? Plague is possibly 1 person that spawned?
Any untagged around anyone?


02:40:29 Mar 25th 15 - shyers (Grandmaster Sockys Bish):

You have quite the silver tongue there, my old friend. You should be a sports commentary-ist. Where are you at this era?

08:05:54 Mar 25th 15 - Dark Spawn (Mr. Dominion):

Hello Shyers, good to see you again, its been a while! :)
I am with the Collective this era, I wish you a fun and interesting era my friend

10:00:09 Mar 25th 15 - Mr. Soccer Jests Naked:

can i join?

12:01:23 Mar 25th 15 - shyers (Grandmaster Sockys Bish):

No room for nubs, naked guy. Btw, dark sperm is pretty good so watch your nutz. Good thing we here into favorite KD of all time, MADD, are far away from youz guyz

05:47:04 Mar 26th 15 - Mr. Soccer Jests Naked:

can't wait to fight him on even ground. 

unless our NAP talks work out, then we will focus on Bran and Co

12:38:57 Mar 26th 15 - Dark Spawn (Mr. Dominion):

Looks like we're back now ((was VU down for a while?))

And we are out of protection mostly right?
Here is the situation:

Kingdoms in Fantasia
The Jester Empire16Mr. Soccer Jests Naked125
The Collective10Ms. Aisha II100
Mad and Dangerous10Sir Aloysius LXIV90
Pariahs of Fantasia4Mr. Bran50

The diplomatic relations talk are on the way.
We are gonna see soon what happens.
Good luck all!

12:32:16 Mar 27th 15 - shyers (Grandmaster Sockys Bish):

I propose we all nap and love in peace and harmony

19:41:25 Mar 27th 15 - Dark Spawn (Mr. Dominion):

This should be a nice and interesting era, there are so many people that influenced me in this game. When I started playing I got bullied like many in this kingdom and it was after shyers got me in his kingdom that I started enjoying the game. We started dominating from then and I learnt a lot about the game. Thank you for that man!

Then rl took over and I was not around much till Aisha suggested we help new players cause it looks like they all go through the same thing, getting bullied right away before you know how to defend yourself. And it does not take long for them to learn, this is I think third era and we can already count on the newbies to bring it. 

It will be good to get experience against kd full of vets, it is gonna be hard, but the challenge is what makes it interesting. Good luck all!

22:32:34 Mar 27th 15 - shyers (Mr. Shyersinaleaguewithsatan):

*blush* I love you too my little fro fro.  I must say you are the best I've trained, you have become a fearsome foe and have given me hope that this game doesn't have to die. ...I'm surprised I didn't turn you into a second rate player like myself :-)

01:01:49 Mar 28th 15 - Dark Spawn (Mr. Dominion):

Oh I consider myself to be average, we have few average players here in kingdom, list would be like:

Active average (experienced) players:
Aisha, Leila, myself
Higly active (no exp) players:
Scimitar, Hirogen, Force
Others are less active but are learning :-)

Our strenght is good teamwork though we been together only two eras, but performed quite well so far, we will see what this era will bring.

02:41:56 Mar 28th 15 - Mr. Soccer Jests Naked:

All I can say is that a 43% attack surely gave you guys some hope. I had 3000-4000 troops being finished within 5 ticks of that city being taken.

Would have been fun.....for me ;)

See you soon ;)

08:40:14 Mar 28th 15 - Zephyr (Ice Prince Zephyr):

kingdom full of vets? where is that.

12:37:46 Mar 28th 15 - Ms. Aisha II:

Soccer he was trying to troll you even though he is a halfling ^^

18:29:31 Mar 28th 15 - Mr. Soccer Jests Naked:

troll from a halfer? IMPOSSIBLE!!!!

I wish a few more kds had come to fant. The entire top half of the map is wide open, even a young kd could farm half the era until we find them!

The glory of Fantasia still has yet to be hoisted this round, get your kds to fant!

19:14:44 Mar 28th 15 - Ms. Aisha II:

At start of the era I put order in my kingdom that they are NOT allowed to river jump, I put that as a rule as I do not like that cheating method. However as Jesters keep attempting to do that I hereby ALLOW river jumping for this era only in my kingdom. I will not put my kingdom in disadvantage cause I do not allow it. Let the dishonorable moves begin

19:34:08 Mar 29th 15 - Ms. Aisha II:

I am not sure if you guys are friends or not shyers and spawn, were those compliments or was a troll from you shyers about spawn's skill :p but from what I see, spawn gave up sleep to fight you guys xD 

Lots of people putting extra effort so now I have to cut the slacking and actually contribute 
*curses and starts training*

21:21:50 Mar 29th 15 - shyers (Mr. Shyersinaleaguewithsatan):

Oh no, me and dark spawn are friends, the respectable kind, not like me and soccer. I helped give him the chance to become the player he made himself. He is my only lasting lower worlds training success. I'm not as big of a tool as you might think.

02:38:36 Mar 30th 15 - Mr. Evil Soccer:


12:06:40 Mar 30th 15 - Mr. Hirogen Hunter:

Well we got some information about the river jumping thing.
It was unclear was it possible to jump from army to scout over river
Answer: No, its not possible to merge over river.

Only way is to attack a city on the other side of the river if its built close enough.
From the beginning of the era you guys have been trying to river jump, especially Minamoto trying to jump 5k army in our core, that got Aisha pissed as she said its ok to river jump this era.

Out of all people, Soccer (who mentioned it on forums) you should be the one knowing that issue, and you should not build so close to water?

  • 18:23:15 Mar 7th 15 - Mr. Silly Soccer Jester:

    I thought zeta had fixed that....didn't realize that bug still existed and people still used it.


    Report18:57:54 Mar 7th 15 - Mr. Hirogen Hunter:

    Leader of my kingdom even has a rule we all must follow: never build too close to rivers

    Never really understood what that meant.

Aisha yells at us every era if we build close to river, and I had to destroy one city cause I put it too close to river, now I see what that means. Even thought it should be fixed, jumping over a river is pretty bad, we hope admin fixes this, considering he fixed scout jumping over a river.

  • 20:00:38 Mar 7th 15 - Mr. Kreed The White:

    River jumping has been used as far back as I can remember. In fact, the only reason Warlock won his era was because he river jumped to capture a bunch of undefended mines.

That is what Dominion did, jumped over and captured some undefended cities. You guys really should not build close to rivers.

But then again, you guys are the force this era, and this minor set back will not make much of a difference to you guys. At least it shouldn't...

  • 22:41:45 Mar 7th 15 - Mr. Silly Soccer Jester:

    Hasn't been dull for us......

    It won't matter, I wasn't complaining. I just thought it had been fixed years ago, I didn't even know it still existed. Thought it had been fixed, but glad it isn't. 

    Jester has no morale code, and we will cheat as much as possible to win! It's that important!

17:53:38 Mar 30th 15 - Mr. Soccer Jests Naked:

*runs away crying*

03:18:52 Mar 31st 15 - Mr. Soccer Jests Naked:

We did know it would be a challenge to be o nfant with no I have to switch mid era to be a human mage haha

Get ready for lots of, i mean freezes :P

04:33:10 Mar 31st 15 - shyers (Grandmaster Sockys Bish):

I told socky not to do it... He never listens to me. Oh well, happy gang banging folks!

08:53:58 Mar 31st 15 - Lady Leila:

Kingdoms in Fantasia
The Jester Empire16Mr. Soccer Jests Naked138
Mad and Dangerous11Sir Aloysius LXIV110
The Collective10Ms. Aisha II100
Pariahs of Fantasia5Mr. Bran65
Relentless9Mr. Xxpumpxx7


The Jester Empire

Battles won: 9
Battles lost: 13

Mad and Dangerous

Battles won: 0
Battles lost: 0

The Collective

Battles won: 10
Battles lost: 4

Pariahs of Fantasia

Battles won: 3
Battles lost: 4


Battles won: 0
Battles lost: 1

13:57:00 Mar 31st 15 - Mr. Evil Soccer:

mad and pariahs are just farming away in a nap frenzy till they are ready to hit us mid war against collective...... going to be fun!

04:08:29 Apr 1st 15 - shyers (Grandmaster Sockys Bish):

Why can't I farm?

13:07:19 Apr 1st 15 - Ms. Aisha II:

I thought this era would be more fun for all of you guys, I thought Jesters had way too easy last era, with no real competition, thats why I decided to bring my kingdom here. Isn't it more fun when there are more kingdoms around? :)

13:34:32 Apr 1st 15 - Bran (Mr. Hoof Hearted):

wish i could see what was going on outside my tiny core!

14:24:06 Apr 1st 15 - Ms. Aisha II:

Well lemme give you a quick screenie of whats going on...

So the waypoints
Dark Spawn - its where he river jumped and went into Jesters core...
He took few cities, wrecked them, and he's still there, waiting to get bounced back to our core :)

The waypoint "The Collective" is where we're launching our attacks
Going south and east from there
The main Jesters core is not really in danger, its just the outside areas, and whats Dark managed to wreck deeper in the core...

Now "Pariahs and MAD" are coming from south attacking Jesters...

All in all, quite an interesting era so far.

14:35:13 Apr 1st 15 - Bran (Mr. Bran):

hey thanks! that basically confirms what is assumed was going on.

I notice MAD is top of Hoh thanks to their ability to sit and farm

14:40:20 Apr 1st 15 - Lady Leila:

Well Jesters lost 1st spot on HoH due to us burning their cities, at least 15 cities have been taken, destroyed or kept by our forces. MAD was able to farm and now joining the battle, obviously they would get lots of power, but we will see what happens now. Kinda disapointed them two are NAPed, best is that everyone fights everyone, wish everyone would do that each era :P

15:20:23 Apr 1st 15 - Bran (Mr. Hoof Hearted):

we had to NAP mad as we were a 4 man kd at the time with one newb on board and two players who had been out of practice for a while. With Jesters on one side of our tiny core and MAD on the otherside we had to take out one of them

Jesters had already launched an attack on us after oop so we decided to nap MAD. Maybe if Jesters refrained from rushing us we may have been capable of fighting MAD

16:03:18 Apr 1st 15 - Mr. Soccer Jests Naked:

it's everyone vs jester..... which was to be expected.

last era had 4 kds as well, we just killed mad super fast and gaia was dead by the time we got there.

now, the other kds aren't fighting each other, just us ::)

16:13:28 Apr 1st 15 - Bran (Mr. Hoof Hearted):

well we arent napped to Collective and we intend to attack them equally to Jesters, its just that theyre a bit further away

16:16:08 Apr 1st 15 - Ms. Aisha II:

The Collective will not NAP anyone, similar to last era on Nirvana when we NAPed one single person. This era we will again have no NAPs, we fight everyone

16:38:41 Apr 1st 15 - Lady Elisa Day:

Jesters insisted sending armies with no mages in there, so I had to do some casting... After the rains of fire;

Lady Elisa Day has won 0 battles, captured 0 cities and killed a total of 15067 men and women.

And then suddenly their armies looked like:

Rammers from Mr. Ruaumoko
Pony riders:1000

No power but hey, they have magic protection ^^
I will take that as a compliment to me xD

17:26:45 Apr 1st 15 - Bran (Mr. Hoof Hearted):

haha im sure thats just a reinforcment army

22:41:54 Apr 1st 15 - shyers (Grandmaster Sockys Bish):

Come join the fun bran, I've never been so penetrated by so many in so long, but I still got an open hand.

22:44:14 Apr 1st 15 - shyers (Grandmaster Sockys Bish):

Btw, thx for burning those slingers, release troops doesn't work on my phone

14:22:35 Apr 2nd 15 - Dark Spawn (Mr. Dominion):

Looks like we've been stopped :)
Our progress has stopped and we're doing a tactical retreat...
My army got killed, did not really expect to do as much damage as I did
But in the end, the army is gone.

And few of our other armies got hit hard, or killed by enemy halfers
They are starting to be most powerful at this time of the era
And since we only have 1 halfer, we are going in defensive mode now...
Till we are ready to take on halflings, at the moment we can't.

We will go back to offensive when we gather troops that can beat armies like this:
Fiftyk from Mr. Stewie
Pony riders:22824

Another reason why we're pulling back is because more and more of other kingdom armies are coming, so we have to watch our back as well. No diplomatic relations changes have occurred, and we do not accept any NAPs, we fight everyone. But this time who wants to fight us, better come to us.

16:51:44 Apr 2nd 15 - Mr. Soccer Wnoallies:

sweet, now i can get back to resting :)

it's me vs bran on the mage front eh? I just started 3 or 4 days ago with 2 cities and 150k income. Your on my target now bran!

18:02:49 Apr 2nd 15 - Bran (Mr. Bran):

hehe i gotta love the amount of openness in this  thread, everyones giving up their intel publicly!

18:29:36 Apr 2nd 15 - Ms. Aisha II:

I hate when nobody writes on era thread all era, so I encourage my people to write and hopefully start sort of communication. Much better than if everyone would keep quiet.

18:50:10 Apr 2nd 15 - Bran (Mr. Hoof Hearted):

i agree its nice to communicate but doesnt sharing intel make it difficult to have a war with someone?

can anyone explain why so many cities are placed in this open area otuside of Jester and Collective blockers? We took a dwarf mine which was outside of blockers o.0

19:30:38 Apr 2nd 15 - Mr. Pegaz:

I don't understand why you would blindly believe what was written? Last era on Nirvana I was not part of this kingdom and they started saying a guy has 150k Zerks when nobody had anything close, so their enemies pretty much gave up on that era cause nobody can stop that, and without checking if the guy has that. It was only when I asked for someone to confirm that we saw EitS that was less than they said.

The trail of your thoughts should be like this:
1. Did they stop war cause of NAP?
2. If they have NAP why would they show eits of Stewies army? Or they did it on purpose so you guys don't think we have a CF?
3. Others should consider why is MAD avoiding Collective?
4. Maybe Collective is just regrouping and is coming to attack soon once some armies die?
5. Maybe I am trolling but maybe Spawn is as well?

20:45:55 Apr 2nd 15 - Mr. Soccer Wnoallies:

i'm just here dancing naked with a drunk tongue telling all secrets

15:39:16 Apr 3rd 15 - Mr. Mental Alchemist:

Very interesting, lets see how this unfolds.

15:59:30 Apr 3rd 15 - Mr. Soccer Jests Naked:

gangbang jester, we have plenty of holes to fill! :)

17:43:05 Apr 3rd 15 - Stormy (Lord Stormcrow):

except for soccer....we in jester already have his holes filled so BACK OFF.....

19:19:20 Apr 3rd 15 - Mr. Jax Garret:

Pegaz, sometimes misdirection is part of the game. Last era while in Gai I started late, so the oop war had started when I was still in protection. Wanted to help my mates, so trained troops really early and made a few armies, moved them around their core while I was still under protection. A few of them stopped heading towards our area and followed me and moved troops to defend their cites thinking I must be clearing oop soon. I was actually still in protection for over 24 ticks when I did that. ;)  

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