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Fantasia Era 56
02:23:29 Jun 9th 18 - Mathew (Mr. Mattathia):

See this? Proof that Mr. Admin is fix his game. Big improvement.

Current date: 2018-06-08 17:18:48 (VU Day 69566)

    There are currently 66 players online.

    66 player online? How all of Fecker have time play on 3 account?

    03:36:22 Jun 9th 18 - Mathew (Mr. Mattathia):

    72 online.

    Mattathia is know that one of you are play on 72 accounts.

    Mattathia will find you.

    22:25:03 Jun 9th 18 - Mr. Uwer:

    Admiral Krum with no kingdom? Join us :)

    03:25:44 Jun 16th 18 - Lord Jellybean (Mr. Jellybean Angel):

    So what is happening?

    04:49:30 Jun 16th 18 - Mr. Fecker:

    Same as last 2 or 3 era's. Whole map naps to fight us.

    12:28:30 Jun 16th 18 - Lord Caedus:

    We just love gang banging you that much Fecker.

    16:00:11 Jun 16th 18 - Mr. Hanky Panky:

    08:57:04 Jun 17th 18 - Mr. Uwer:

    Lies, Bling.

    Two eras ago we offered a nap when we spawned together.

    It was convenient for your bigger kingdom to wreck us.

    At least kill me without the help of Cao Cao.

    15:20:39 Jun 17th 18 - Mathew (Mr. Mattathia):

    Cao Cao is always meddle in affair of his lesser general, it cannot be helped.

    23:31:49 Jun 17th 18 - Mr. Fecker:

    I always kill you. 

    04:57:20 Jun 18th 18 - Mathew (Mr. Mattathia):

    Mattathia talking about Emperor, not Peon.

    05:57:08 Jun 18th 18 - Endless (Mahatma Gandhi):

    I would like world peace please leave me alone :)

    16:11:16 Jun 19th 18 - McMax (Battlemage Mcmax The Mapmaker):

    Spank them both - they deserves it (for sure) and they like it (I think).

    00:47:18 Jun 21st 18 - Sir Aloysius LXXXVII:

    Feeling threatened. Hahaha! Whatís with this guy?

    Mr. Fecker (6/21/2018 6:42:28 AM)GOODBAD
    Because of your kd's failure to actually fight anyone ever, and constant nap's, I will personally be targeting MAD until all your players quit. You guys have turned into a disgrace to the game.
    You (6/21/2018 7:45:55 AM)
    Huh? Constant NAPs? Really? I can still remember an era when all of the kingdoms have no NAPs. Constant NAPs, you say. Hahaha

    00:54:20 Jun 21st 18 - Sir Aloysius LXXXVII:

    Itís not my style to visit and debate/troll on the public forums. But... can you guys inform this leader what really happened on the other side of the map last 3 eras.

    Especially our Alba and Mad wars last 3eras. Hahaha. 

    Mr. Fecker (6/21/2018 7:47:39 AM)GOODBAD
    last 3 era's all you've fought is us. avoided alba, collective, abydos.
    You (6/21/2018 7:50:48 AM)
    Avoided Alba? Last 3 eras? Did you ever asked Alba regarding your statement there. Hahaha.

    00:57:24 Jun 21st 18 - Mr. Fecker:

    Last era we kicked you out of our core, and you went into hiding.

    Era before, we kicked you out of our core and you went into hiding.
    Era before, we just kicked you.
    Era before, couple of us were in MAD and got fed up of the whole lets nap everyone.

    00:59:17 Jun 21st 18 - Sir Aloysius LXXXVII:

    I guess you have no life outside. We win, we lose. Itís just a game. I donít care. 

    Mr. Fecker (6/21/2018 7:53:55 AM)GOODBAD
    Well we killed them and you off every era. but now i'm focusing on you lot for next few eras. I've wiped you solo before, i'll do it again.
    You (6/21/2018 7:56:22 AM)
    Your argument is invalid, anyway. You should just said we are your target. Then, we move on.

    00:59:51 Jun 21st 18 - Mr. Fecker:

    And that goes for the rest of you pathetic kds. Hiding and avoiding each other cause you too shit scared i come beat your asses for good again. bitches

    01:08:44 Jun 21st 18 - Sir Aloysius LXXXVII:

    In my 10+ years playing this game. I remember someone said that same rants on us. I welcome your goal... at least we have one less kingdom to bother every era start. Signing off. 

    01:26:36 Jun 21st 18 - Lord Jellybean (Mr. Jellybean Angel):

    The lines get drawn. The strongest as you are Fecker, is bound to see kingdoms join together to defeat them. If no one ever joined forces, formally or otherwise, you would likely always win. You've proved capable of defeating multiple kingdoms in the past.

    01:48:16 Jun 21st 18 - Mr. Fecker:

    thats cause you're a bunch of homoghey fagg poofs and suck ozi's two incher

    03:15:24 Jun 21st 18 - Mr. Uwer:

    Bling, you will never dismantle MAD.

    Keep trying :)

    03:28:36 Jun 21st 18 - Mr. Uwer:

    MAD is the "disgrace of the game" lolz :D

    That was the best! Thanks, Bling! LOL

    07:54:40 Jun 21st 18 - Osiris (Dark Lord Telamon):

    Well alba attacked us so...

    But it's true why didn't Abydos with 4 players with 1 active attacker fight everyone at once I'll never know

    08:27:36 Jun 21st 18 - Mr. Uwer:

    Well, let me make this historic.

    53. Mr. Hanky Panky of Abydos (you were with MAD, Bling).
    54. Mr. Athtiud Ignis of The Fecking Feckers (Collective Ban).
    55. High Warlord Venomz of The Fecking Feckers (Last era).

    Now we are in Fantasia 56

    Era 54 - MAD offered a nap, we were 4 people playing. Rejected. We fought. Cao invaded my income cities. The End.

    Era 55 - MAD battled Alba since day one, Ive killed Caedus. Abydos attacked us, I even called Osiris "you are scum". Finally he saw that Abydos had few actives (which was the reason for Venomz' easy win) and thats why they napped us. We were 4 and fighting Alba and Feckers.

    Ignis can tell that we gave a lot of fight, and thats why Venomz won. If Ignis invaded MAD earlier, he would be the champ.

    I cant see where MAD napped the whole server.

    The only nap MAD made was with Abydos. One kingdom.

    You are delusional, Bling.

    08:47:41 Jun 21st 18 - Mr. Fecker:

    Delusional is coming to a war game... not to fight  0_o

    08:54:52 Jun 21st 18 - Mr. Uwer:

    Orochimaru army went to attack, and while I've spent two miserable ticks with a new girl (an awesome moment, btw), you've bought BTs, merged armies and when I came back, I just could not believe I guess everything has its price, lol :D

    That was a certain victory. You know it. Thats why you bought BTs.

    And I can't blame you. It was a good buy. Zeta is happy. And you've protected your whole kingdom.

    So I have to play the dirty game, Bling boy. To farm while you waste upkeep.

    You know I'm dirty :)

    09:00:16 Jun 21st 18 - Mr. Fecker:

    certain victory where. before merging, i have 58% on you. you never gonna win a battle with gaia. if you cant oop with hammers at least, give up on orc.

    10:44:06 Jun 21st 18 - Venomz (High Warlord Venomz):

    Pretty sure I decided to go for Abydos last era as all of their members had sent armies towards us and MAD didn't seem like much of a threat as they were mostly hiding. 

    Don't worry Uwer, if I had come towards you guys first you wouldn't have shown up on the scores :)

    16:12:53 Jun 21st 18 - Lord Caedus:

    Uwer, you killed me twice last era... ;) 

    Bling mate, u k? do you need a hug? I'm here for you bro, just let me know how I can make the hurt go away.

    16:15:57 Jun 21st 18 - Lord Caedus:

    Kingdom Stats

    Compare different kingdom against each others.

    AlbatrossThe Fecking Feckers

    Battles won: 8
    Battles lost: 6

    Players: 8
    Mr. Heroix
    Mr. Jellybean Angel
    Mr. Hachimanshin
    Mr. Ben Ten
    Mr. Cappellorowe
    Ms. Strawberry
    Lord Caedus
    Ms. Maeliria

    Battles won: 18
    Battles lost: 19

    Players: 11
    The Sidodis
    Princess Aisha
    Duke Cao Cao
    Mr. Vladimir XII
    Sir Bidi
    Mr. Fecker
    High Warlord Venomz
    Sir Pan Fried Placenta
    Doctor Schepp The Fecked
    Mr. Ignis Dargus
    Ms. Tinkerbell

    16:16:59 Jun 21st 18 - Lord Caedus:

    How many of you are active in Feckers? It's just that, I'm not that active, Maeliria has just joined as a new player and Heroix doesn't seem to be too active... 

    We haven't allied anyone other than an independent kingdom... so... yeah there's that. 


    19:52:27 Jun 21st 18 - Mr. Fecker:

    5 of us are playing this era. Makes you all look stupid with you whole 8 wins

    21:46:10 Jun 21st 18 - Lord Caedus:

    Fecker mate, if you need some time to hug it out you can come stay with me... The UK is nice this time of the year. (=========3

    21:58:53 Jun 21st 18 - Mr. Fecker:

    UK is a toilet, anytime of year. Hanky is the hugs and fondle each others balls goto guy if thats what you looking for, buttplug

    01:25:34 Jun 22nd 18 - Mathew (Mr. Mattathia):

    Is mr. uwu of angry antidrugs beat you with little ooga booga earthmen, Mr. Rudeman Fecker of Feckers?

    01:37:55 Jun 22nd 18 - Mr. Fecker:

    no, the useless twat wont step out the city long enough to bitchslap his ass again

    18:57:11 Jun 25th 18 - Matthew (Mr. Mattathia):

    Are you lose to little ooga booga earthmen?

    Why they are name kingdom after you if you no can beat itty bitty little ooga boogas?

    08:53:20 Jun 29th 18 - Mr. Uwer:

    Guess who is the big finger, Blingo Boy?

    18:43:27 Jun 29th 18 - McMax (Battlemage Mcmax The Mapmaker):

    Does that matter now?!?!

    I have always believed it was the one who had the biggest toe. Normally the left one.

    00:15:21 Jun 30th 18 - Matthew (Mr. Mattathia):

    Enemy of Mattathia have 'big toe' so small it like they have 4 little toe.

    Mattathia biggest finger. Mattathia biggest toe.

    23:22:55 Jul 1st 18 - Mr. Uwer:


    Mr. Uwer.

    We have burned and destroyed Fecking Trees.

    23:24:40 Jul 1st 18 - Mr. Fecker:

    hey your first city in 3 weeks. dude, you're a soft useless cunt, you should join abydos with your fucking gaia spam

    23:27:38 Jul 1st 18 - Mr. Uwer:

    It seems you are MAD, Blingo Boy.

    23:28:52 Jul 1st 18 - Mr. Fecker:

    Nope, I'm pro drug use.

    Remember when I solo'd your asses. Shows EXACTLY how useless you all are.

    23:30:38 Jul 1st 18 - Lord Jellybean (Mr. Jellybean Angel):

    There is no bad strategy that ultimatly wins the war

    23:34:01 Jul 1st 18 - Mr. Fecker:

    It is when you are Uwer and swear you didnt use a BT, yet in one move, you cover 3 spots, drop a city, build 300 buildings, burn a city and then got the cheek to say "hey i didn't use any bt's I swear"

    See with me I dont give a fuck what anyone thinks, I tell it as it is. No need to lie, you wanna use bts buy them. Just dont lie about it. Shows what a poor moral character you are.

    23:40:47 Jul 1st 18 - Lord Jellybean (Mr. Jellybean Angel):

    If that's true then no need to lie Uwer.

    Then again, so many accusations fly around here, I hope you both see Albatross were honest in their wars to Fecker + Aby + MAD

    23:46:21 Jul 1st 18 - Mr. Fecker:

    Alba went and hid for 2 weeks. Any clown can do that. Abydos landed plum center of the map and didnt go into hiding, they made a go of what they had. So you can take that moral bullshit and shove it cause cowards are just as useful as liars.

    23:50:23 Jul 1st 18 - Lord Jellybean (Mr. Jellybean Angel):

    I repeat: There is no bad strategy that ultimatly wins the war

    And I should I add, I would never use BTS or lie about my alliances, but tactical retreats are valuable, while attacking when one knows they will die is useless. 

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