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Fantasia Era 67
03:09:18 Dec 18th 19 - Emperor Plutonium:

I wonder how it will turn out this era.

IMGKingdom NameMembersLeader%P
Kingdoms in Fantasia
Elements11Clown Water100
Cease Exist14Duke Cao Cao62
Mad and Dangerous10Sir Aloysius XCVIII54
The Horde6Mr. Dwagon The Afker53
Brony Army1Sir Aimless Dark Panic19
Albatross10Lord Caedus12
Cryptic3Mr. Venz2
The Jester Empire3Soccer Feecker0

20:10:04 Dec 18th 19 - Sir Surprise:

Venz is playing. Makes me scared.

20:14:53 Dec 18th 19 - HorusPanic (Sir Aimless Dark Panic):

Kingdoms in Fantasia
Elements11Clown Water509
Mad and Dangerous10Sir Aloysius XCVIII374
Cease Exist14Duke Cao Cao369
The Horde7Mr. Dwagon The Afker294
Brony Army1Sir Aimless Dark Panic100
Albatross10Lord Caedus73
Cryptic3Mr. Venz23

21:27:49 Dec 18th 19 - Emperor Plutonium:

Bronies are so kinky 

04:55:14 Dec 19th 19 - The Real Josh (Peasant Estarossa):

Sir Surprise:

Venz is playing. Makes me scared.


20:31:41 Dec 19th 19 - GEO (Ms. Jennaside):

where everyone go? :(

20:42:47 Dec 19th 19 - McMax (Battlemage Mcmax The Dark):

Gone to the graveyards everyone.
When will they ever learn?

20:42:59 Dec 19th 19 - Mr. Bruce Willis:

Cease to Exist

21:26:27 Dec 19th 19 - Lord Jellybean (Lord Jellybean Angel):

A lot of us taking a break for Christmas I believe :) 

18:02:00 Dec 21st 19 - Sir Surprise:

Lord Jellybean:

A lot of us taking a break for Christmas I believe :) 

U just scared coz u all chickensh*ts. 

20:08:05 Dec 21st 19 - Mr. Bruce Willis:

McClane steps onto his porch, slides his gun into his jeans, and mutters "why they always gotta come out at christmas" ... he peers at the local trash making a mess in front of him.. "Get of my lawn !!" as he descends from his porch steps ..

20:08:32 Dec 22nd 19 - Emperor Plutonium:

Odd that a bruce willis impersonator would be a pansy and nap MAD..

I thought mclane fought against all odds?

20:49:09 Dec 22nd 19 - McMax (Battlemage Mcmax The Knight):

It's X-mas time friend.

Love your (normal) enemies unless they are expected to pi.s in your shoes when you are asleep.

22:26:36 Dec 22nd 19 - Mr. Bruce Willis:

Mclane takes a look at Pluto clown, raises his gun and shoots him square between the eyes, with the bullet passing through him, his two kids behind him, the dog, and the christmas kitty with a bow around it. "yipee kiyaa motherfucker" he mumbles, as he feels bad about shooting the kitten.

17:58:34 Dec 23rd 19 - Sir Surprise:

Less RP more flames

18:45:11 Dec 24th 19 - Mr. Bruce Willis:

McClane wonders where pebblebrain ran off to in such a hurry. He looks to the horizon in his bemused manner, listening to the squeeling of a little he-bitch with his tail tucked up his ass. "damn" he mutters, "maybe the big gun scared him, i'll try a smaller one next time"

He puts a smoke in his mouth, flicks the zippo, and enchanted.. watches as the flame dances .. it gives him an idea... "little bitch" he mutters.

11:07:11 Dec 25th 19 - GEO (Ms. Jennaside):

merry xmas to you all  and a happy new year love jenna

13:59:51 Dec 25th 19 - Lord Jellybean (Lord Jellybean Angel):

Merry Christmas!

Best wishes to all vu community :)

21:07:20 Dec 26th 19 - Mr. Bruce Willis:

Penguin loving his BT's this round. 

21:25:07 Dec 26th 19 - Penguin (Clown Water):

used like 50 at least now. bling can you buy me more? 

21:29:36 Dec 26th 19 - Mr. Bruce Willis:

I only have 623 left. 

21:33:41 Dec 26th 19 - McMax (Battlemage Mcmax The Knight):

Just remember. Using BTs is part of the game.

21:35:22 Dec 26th 19 - Mr. Bruce Willis:

So is paying Zeta say... $500 to delete a player. All gifts to the gods..

22:16:50 Dec 26th 19 - Endless (Lady Real Slim Chady):

hmm and I was wondering if $100 was enough to gain godlike powers for an era and wipe everyone out... thinking too small it seems :D

22:17:55 Dec 26th 19 - Mr. Bruce Willis:

nah, the gods are pretty cheap, i just like to pay for express destruction is all. no different from having same day shipping. why wait till end of the week for something you want now. 

The era i got collective deleted, that only cost $30 and a blowjob for zeta, which Cao eagerly performed

02:37:46 Dec 29th 19 - HorusPanic (Sir Aimless Dark Panic):

Don't be a cunt

Mr. Xxxxxxxxxx (12/28/2019 12:33:03 PM)GOODBAD
hey wanna exp feed>?
You (12/28/2019 8:36:57 PM)
Fuck no

03:34:56 Dec 29th 19 - The Real Josh (Archangel Avacyn):

Fuck you, I'll do what I want

10:14:33 Dec 29th 19 - Emperor Wumy Godi:

Reported, reported. Horus doesn't even feed his kids!

14:12:13 Dec 30th 19 - Sir Surprise:


Don't be a cunt

Mr. Xxxxxxxxxx (12/28/2019 12:33:03 PM)GOODBAD
hey wanna exp feed>?
You (12/28/2019 8:36:57 PM)
Fuck no

Y are you so unfriendly?

16:18:39 Dec 30th 19 - Dragon Prophet Theophilus:

Is it considered an exploit to farm native cities for slaves?

16:45:38 Dec 30th 19 - HorusPanic (Sir Aimless Dark Panic):

exp feeding is deliberately undermining fairness

17:15:15 Dec 30th 19 - Mr. Mantrax:

Idk if it's people feeding for exp or slaves but there are some armies of Element camping on native cities for days. They just froze my armies going up to intervene.

18:25:25 Dec 30th 19 - Emperor Wumy Godi:

I hate when people watch me, look away.

19:33:20 Dec 30th 19 - McMax (Mr. Lightfoot):

Remember Evans???

He is the only one (as far as I know of), who's 1st place in a world was "cancelled" by admin due to exp-feeding.

01:08:08 Dec 31st 19 - Dragon Prophet Theophilus:

This is the city that has allegedly taken them days to take?

Cleaners with 2362 soldiers awaiting your orders, Dragon Prophet...

Sparta is defended by 6 soldiers who seem to be armed with sticks and leather armor. The city is also defended by 42904 peasants. And has 2000 guard stations.

Our strategists say that we currently have around 0% chance for a successful attack. The city is already under siege.

We have prepared 2 days for this attack. It will take another 4 days before our soldiers are fully prepared.

They have no resources in the city so there is no point in plundering it.

This city has no food.

Certainly this is some kind of exploitative farming for slaves or such?

03:09:23 Dec 31st 19 - Emperor Plutonium:

Nope just trying to get my plaything (you) to second guess there reality.

 Project Apex Predator Part A is Complete. 

18:49:26 Dec 31st 19 - Mr. Bigfield:

Goody goody gum drops

21:37:37 Dec 31st 19 - Mr. Pebble Blue:

Happy new year all. Best wishes.

Hope you have a healthy and wonderfull year.

23:43:20 Dec 31st 19 - Sir Surprise:

Happy new! 2020 here we come!!

09:13:54 Jan 1st 20 - Lord Jellybean (Lord Jellybane):

2020 is the symbolic year of renewal, change and establishment of progress :)

Gl and hf

15:33:22 Jan 1st 20 - Dragon Prophet Theophilus:

Kingdoms in Fantasia
Elements11Clown Water787
Cease Exist15Duke Cao Cao728
Mad and Dangerous10Sir Aloysius XCVIII674
The Horde6Mr. Dwagon The Afker181
Albatross6Lord Caedus148
Brony Army1Sir Aimless Dark Panic107
Order of the Dragon2Dragon Prophet Theophilus100
Cryptic3Mr. Venz81
The Jester Empire3Soccer Feecker0

22:18:25 Jan 2nd 20 - Mr. Pebble Blue:

What's going on with the feeding Elements?

23:03:43 Jan 2nd 20 - Penguin (Clown Water):

we just love cheating. im a hackerman

23:20:30 Jan 2nd 20 - Penguin (Clown Water):

Thanks MAD!!

00:00:05 - Slaughter of Laughter of Mad and Dangerous bought 84743 slaves for 48483165 gold from you on the market.

00:23:39 Jan 3rd 20 - Mr. Skeletor:

Returning player here

Spawned in middle of two kingdoms
Good and bad I thought...

Bad cause there will be many armies around 
But I am too small to be dangerous
So I thought good cause they will be focused on each other

Little did I know that Mad and Cease are allied.
Both started coming at me, late starter..
They do not fight each other...

Wrecked what I built and moving on to another map

02:14:07 Jan 3rd 20 - Phat (Mr. Slaughter of Laughter):

false news

00:00:05 - Slaughter of Laughter of Mad and Dangerous bought 84743 slaves for 48483165 gold from you on the market.

I bought 89 slaves 1 at a time. Can't be having the .27 added each time I want forced labors.

02:14:49 Jan 3rd 20 - The Sprout:

Perhaps you should of sent a msg to either or both asking to join explaining that you are returning player.   I see no shame other then one solo returning player thinking that he can spawn on the top map under no flag and expect that everyone else's relations to make room for his idea of they need to be.   I mean if you been gone and want to return why not join a kingdom instead of complaining about other players relation mid age?

04:00:48 Jan 3rd 20 - HorusPanic (Sir Aimless Dark Panic):

Mad and c2e colldctively sit to pee

07:06:54 Jan 3rd 20 - McMax (Mr. Lightfoot):

MAD and CE learned last era, that a long bitter OOP-war just made a 3rd kingdom winner.

07:13:25 Jan 3rd 20 - Jesus Left Toe (Lord Heyzeus):

So what excuse are they going to use this era?

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