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Fantasia Era 77
20:22:48 May 12th 21 - Captain Nakuy:

Never played this map before.

Looks like there are lots of cubby holes for solo dwarves.

01:50:47 May 13th 21 - HorusPanic (Darth Panic):

Need a kingdom, I promise mediocrity

11:34:36 May 13th 21 - Lord Caedus:

Join Alba then! haha

04:43:30 May 15th 21 - Captain Nakuy:

This city has 2168 peasants who are working as hard as they can.

There is space for 196600 more buildings and at this time we can build a maximum of 223 structures or 12 more walls.

It costs 87 gold, 10 tree and 10 stone ( 175 for walls) to build one building.

Each building can take up to a maximum of 6 days to build.

City size: 3400

City growth after 3000 buildings.

How long has that City Size and Growth been a thing?

06:06:22 May 15th 21 - Bigfield (Dragon Prophet Theophilus):

I don't see it. 

06:36:36 May 15th 21 - Jack Daniels The drunk (Dragonlord Snow The Winter):

oh for quite some time i wanna say around 10 years or so give me a bit and i'll double check

06:48:20 May 15th 21 - Captain Nakuy:

10 years?

I swear I have never seen this before.

06:53:46 May 15th 21 - Jack Daniels The drunk (Dragonlord Snow The Winter):

12 years 2009 era of chavez

11:45:08 May 15th 21 - Lord Caedus:

I can't see that on my cities.

11:55:18 May 15th 21 - Konspyre (Captain Happy):

The topic JD linked doesn't mention the "City Size" and "City growth" options. Maybe JD confused it with the fact that Humans can build 200k since that update? "Humans can build cities with 200,000 buildings (instead of 90,000)"

Same as Caedus, I've never seen it before either. Could it be related to you being human? Since I never play that.

12:11:52 May 15th 21 - Mr. Kool:

this is a chrome or firefox add on i believe.. someone mentioned it in skype awhile back..

14:04:44 May 15th 21 - Ryan the Archion (Duke Ryan The Archion XXXIV):

I have that in Chrome, since I added the extension made by Heroix.

15:01:36 May 15th 21 - Captain Nakuy:

"extension made by Heroix."

Ah that must be it.

Mystery solved.

21:58:42 May 15th 21 - Penguin (Mr. Might Guy):

Filthy polak changing game mechanics with his dirty add ons

09:25:56 May 18th 21 - Lord Jellybean (Mr. Jellybean):

I just learned something new lol..


I'm terribly sorry Mr. Jellybean. But we have lost the battle.

We killed or injured a total of 499 enemy troops.


Jelly Rawr II (your army)

09:43:40 May 18th 21 - Den Norske Kongen Sam I:

Ouch! I can't remember the maths, but I think the further you attack below 50%, the greater the chance of losing your army. Something to do with the dice. Wonderfully optimistic though!

09:53:45 May 18th 21 - Lord Jellybean (Mr. Jellybean):

Maybe to do with the 6.5k+ gt?

I just wanted to try it lol :) I thought I could retreat after, but this kind of outcome is new to me *facepalm*

Not gonna risk that again! Haha :)

10:02:57 May 18th 21 - Mr. Bassie Declown:

If you attack a city below 33% assume that you won't have the army after you lose.

If you try to calculate on everything you'll end up messing things.

10:08:44 May 18th 21 - Den Norske Kongen Sam I:

If it wasn't my kingdom you were gunning for, I'd have been routing for you all the way as a fellow member of the click and hope brigade, haha, next time maybe!

Someone will no doubt see your post and be able to explain the science behind it. :)

12:46:30 May 18th 21 - Lady Jasmina:

Usually the formula is your chance + 50 means suicide.

There are specific situations when you're fighting units that have higher op than dp that do not follow this rule.
As for your loses are determined by the op of the units you fight
So if you fought against Ponies, they have higher op than dp.

Thats why when you fight for example Catapults its the same 
Attacking any unit at 1% will not get your army killed if the op dp of the other army is the same, but as long as their op is higher there is a chance you die.

17:21:47 May 18th 21 - Percy (Mr. Percy The Range Test Officer):

Mil science differences may be partly to blame here too. On GvE I have no mil sciences, so in theory should not be able to have troops get injured, but when I attack a city I still get injured troops. So could be a combination factor of city mechanics and mil science differences being the hidden edge here :/

01:07:15 May 21st 21 - Captain Nakuy:

My dream of inflating slave prices has ended.

They're hard capped to 600 :(

19:53:59 May 22nd 21 - Sir Aloysius XCVIII:

The map doesnít have tree bonuses. 

20:15:02 May 22nd 21 - Lord Caedus:

I don't play Elf, but I feel like that is a bit of a game breaker for those that do?

20:15:21 May 22nd 21 - Lord Caedus:

Oh, do you mean resource not building ?

20:17:53 May 22nd 21 - Captain Nakuy:

Speaking of elves, has yours even logged back in yet?

I took all his resources and you guys gave him back a city with no production buildings in it lol.

20:21:56 May 22nd 21 - Lord Caedus:

How I play strategy games meme - AhSeeit

20:23:14 May 22nd 21 - Den Norske Kongen Sam I:

I think he means there isn't a production bonus Caedus :) The map is also littered with holes where you can travel over the terrain. 

09:30:21 May 23rd 21 - Stark (Mr. Stark IV):

Didnt know some kingdom came so low to call for a war:

Message from Mr. Bassie Declown

Last Stone II

Mr. Bassie Declown (5/22/2021 6:57:32 PM)GOODBAD
are u declaring war wih us with this small fry?

you do understand that you're 50% of our size, right?
You (5/23/2021 10:04:12 AM)
Dont get you? Is he your member?
Mr. Bassie Declown (5/23/2021 12:38:43 PM)GOODBAD
Who's whose member?

You got it wrong. I spoke for my kd.
You (5/23/2021 12:54:42 PM)
So what the problem for my army to move to take cities not belonging to your kingdom??

Mr. Bassie Declown (5/23/2021 12:59:04 PM)GOODBAD
Your army was moving towards our Territorial habitats. And that's a problem.

Tagless you referring? Who cares about them.

You (5/23/2021 3:27:58 PM)
Call it war but dont *beep* about reason.

09:39:31 May 23rd 21 - Den Norske Kongen Sam I:

Worry not Stark, most people are aware of that kingdom. You'll find that they can all "speak for the kingdom".

13:48:33 May 23rd 21 - Konspyre (Captain Happy):

Ashoka the multi strikes again!

22:21:20 May 23rd 21 - Matthew (Chief Mattis):

Im noticing a lot of other Dwarves on Fantasia but they are all very short, feminine, and meekly built. 

Even their mines are shallow. 

Is there something in the water?

06:10:44 May 24th 21 - Stark (Mr. Stark IV):

@ Mattis,

Now i know what he meant by as there is 4 90Kers dwarf sitting just ticks away from us and when we start building blockers for defend, Shit hits the ceiling:

Mr. Bassie Declown (5/23/2021 12:59:04 PM)GOODBAD
Your army was moving towards our Territorial habitats. And that's a problem.


City Info
Owner:Mr. RoninKingdom Banner
Size:90000 building(s).
Kingdom:*No Kingdom*

21:45:25 May 24th 21 - Konspyre (Captain Happy):

21:42:05 - Our Income colony got teleported!

Thanks for that special view of your core, Zerkers <3

01:19:24 May 29th 21 - Mr. Most Based Cyrone:

Shoutout to Lithuania for their extreme generosity! 


04:04:43 May 29th 21 - Miyamoto Musashi (Mr. Oda Nobunaga):

Shoutout to their feeder cities:

Mr. Oda Nobunaga.

We have plundered Jav of all their resources. They had 189664023 gold, 123828551 stone, 240694 tree, 2599448 food and 0 slaves in the city. We also took 32288 of their peasants for slaves!

We killed or injured total of 19282 troops.

12:39:35 May 29th 21 - Konspyre (Captain Happy):

Did Ashoka quit VU with all 6 of his accounts? Lol

19:28:14 May 30th 21 - Matthew (Chief Mattis):

To my Beloved Adoring Fan, who writes:


FU for telling someone with more experience at this how to play


no wonder youíre always solo until you get afraid you might get beat"

I've played Visual Utopia for longer than you have and I'm better at the game than you.

I drop solo sometimes for a challenge. I joined a kingdom because if I walked at Albatross with 110k Axemen three or four days ago then it would have been a free era for Berserkers.

I welcome any additional fan mail.

19:37:29 May 30th 21 - Endless (Ms. Bastet):

not a fan, never heard of you from before I started, did observe you years after

unless you have a name I should remember?
taking a break before then perhaps
next time post my entire message WORD coward
your attempt at public flaming or shaming lacks effort 

19:42:01 May 30th 21 - Captain Nakuy:

I've got Albatross and Fools as far as the eye can see

What's going on out there?

19:45:08 May 30th 21 - Matthew (Chief Mattis):

Okay that was mean but you have to admit that giving me shit for joining a kingdom because im 'afraid I might get beat' when I could

Walk at the free cities right next to me


Sit in my blocker forever with a massive lead and land drop into 1/3rd built cities

would be a lot more 'cowardly' and/or era-ruining than pathing my army at the kingdom that has the most good players (Berserkers)

Wasnt trying to give you too hard a time

This interaction made me laugh and smile:

You (5/30/2021 9:35:54 AM)
raze this if you cant defend it
Ms. Bastet (5/30/2021 10:02:15 AM)GOODBAD
*beep* off
You (5/30/2021 10:09:06 AM)

19:56:59 May 30th 21 - Endless (Ms. Bastet):

go dwarfsplain to someone who actually asked for your advice

ego much??

I could care less what you do 
except when it comes to me having to read what you wrote
I started late= I expect to die
I donít want or need from ITHINKIMGODORHAVEABIGPENIS (but actually 

Message from Chief Mattis


Chief Mattis (5/30/2021 9:35:54 AM)GOODBAD
raze this if you cant defend it
You (5/30/2021 10:02:15 AM)
*beep* off
Chief Mattis (5/30/2021 10:09:06 AM)GOODBAD
You (5/30/2021 10:13:20 AM)
I was playing mage
I was offline sleeping
I did start 12 days after everyone else
MAD teleported my mine and rhe Bezerker army
Be zerrkers had no choice, only way they could take a city
FU for telling someone with more experience at this how to play
no wonder youíre always solo until you get afraid you might get beat
Chief Mattis (5/30/2021 10:20:56 AM)GOODBAD
Wait what?

I was just suggesting you raze the mine, no hard feelings. Im aware you started late.

Only joined this kingdom so that I wouldnt ruin the era giving Berserkers a free win by running at Albatross with 110k Axemen. If I pathed my army into the Albatross core 3 days ago the era would already be decided.

I wasnt trying to be rude when I suggested you raze the city.

I'm pathing towards it now anyways to bounce that army.

19:58:48 May 30th 21 - Konspyre (Captain Happy):

@Nakuy, That exchange counts as albatross and fools.
Mattis, as a Pro Dwarfô he has realized that a Pro Dwarfô becomes a True Dwarfô when surrounded by likeminded Pro Dwarfôs.

20:17:56 May 30th 21 - Matthew (Chief Mattis):

You have my permission to donate me the Ruler Title 'ITHINKIMGODANDHAVEABIGPENIS'.
I think it has a ring to it.

I only surround myself with Pro Dwarvesô.

A Halfling wouldn't get it.

20:23:44 May 30th 21 - Endless (Ms. Bastet):


I would but have been unemployed due to the pandemic, maybe when Iím flush again

BTW.. until Iíve had my first coffee of the day you canít helpfully tell me anything:p especially when some asshat teleported my city and then teleported the wannabe attacking army .. itís like 1K AMs. pfft 

20:52:38 May 30th 21 - Matthew (Chief Mattis):

1k AMs is a really big army for Berserkers, most of them didn't get that far in the tutorial.

20:56:56 May 30th 21 - Konspyre (Captain Happy):

Berserkers is so good at teleporting they teleported my GT city straight into their core a bunch of days ago. Just helping a brother out ofcourse!
Much appreciated.

23:58:59 May 30th 21 - Mr. Most Based Cyrone:

@Captain Nakuy teleporting cities with guard towers into the enemy core and me (with the power of the great USA fueling my conquest) colonizing Lithuania and planting Trump Tower in pile of wreckages to express our dominance.

PS please dont kill my scouts, they are peaceful diplomats!

12:52:43 Jun 2nd 21 - Ms. Bluelight:

Hello mates, been away for some years now. I heard halfling are nerfed. can somebody tell me how many experience are needed by advents now before starting to find treasures?

13:06:48 Jun 2nd 21 - Mr. Sparx:

it is same as before. Only thing changed is how you gain XP. So most of your XP abuse tricks won't work or will be harder.

"XP gain from "steal food" attack nerfed."

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