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Fantasia era 49 Karac
04:07:15 Aug 12th 10 - Ice Prince Zephyr:

so whos beginning with the farming already?

Mad and Dangerous 20 Mr. Aloysius 508
Relentless 18 Mr. Sprout 129
Fate 25 Sir Feanor 88
Rage 3 Mr. Strawhat Luffy 62
Edenbridge 2 Mr. Vesperus 50
Sons of Odin 2 Mr. Dexter The Serial Killer 44
BBMMB 5 Clown Wankin Between Ticks 22
GOD OF WAR 1 Mr. War Being II 22
Forget Everything and Run 17 Mr. Roxbury 1
Bear Machines 4 Mr. Bear Banger 1
Havok 9 Mr. Plokoon 1
Mutiny 2 Mr. Beelzebub 0
HISTORY MATTERS 5 Sir Serenity 0
Dasein 3 Mr. Tasso The Mediocre 0
Skullfcuk 2 Mr. Heripy 0
Gladiators 2 Mr. Triumphus 0
DOA 8 Lady Lovely Emily 0
i dno wat to rite here lol 1 Mr. Cain 0
Phoenix 2 Mr. Donovan Daniels 0
Undercover 2 Mr. Serpico 0

lol people cant even settle cities yet.

04:15:54 Aug 12th 10 - Sir Ryan The Archion IV:



There are no worlds open. Please wait until a new world opens.

You can only have one character in each world.

When will I can restart at Fant?

04:51:30 Aug 12th 10 - Emperor Palpy Thinks God Has Lost:

i am already in fanta....the world opens in 5.6 ticks officially

10:53:52 Aug 12th 10 - Mr. John Dope:

Army Upkeep: -11
Building Upkeep: -285
Total Income: +21,776

not bad for the 1st tick ... which hasnt even passed yet ...
I am still looking for a good active KD if any of those big KDs is recruiting ;)

12:42:11 Aug 12th 10 - Mr. Barny:

Most kingdoms will be upset that you have already landed.

14:27:53 Aug 12th 10 - Mr. Sprout:

So who wants their rear handed to them first?

14:28:45 Aug 12th 10 - Mr. Johnny Dope Boy:

i'm actually thinking of joining the first KD isee on the map ... unless, its one of those KD that ican just take out by myself lol

15:16:46 Aug 12th 10 - Sir Musquito:

12:42:11 Aug 12th 10 - Mr. Barny:

Most kingdoms will be upset that you have already landed.


Why that Barny?????

15:43:12 Aug 12th 10 - Mr. Sprout:

we dont care where u landed :P so long as active :)

15:59:26 Aug 12th 10 - Toaster Struddle:

*prepares for feeding and farm fest*

18:31:59 Aug 12th 10 - Mr. Zess:


A new era

A new era has begun! Everything from last era has been destroyed, allowing everyone a fresh start.
Make sure you read the suggestions and improvements forum for possible updates on the game.


There are no worlds open. Please wait until a new world opens.

You can only have one character in each world.

Delete character
Are you sure you want to delete this character?

Whether you restart or delete your character, the story will not be forgotten. But after you have restarted or deleted, you will no longer be able to edit the story!

- close -

20:30:29 Aug 12th 10 - Pirate Lewatha:

Zess, I have the same...

21:08:09 Aug 12th 10 - Mr. Fafnir:

07:59:26 Aug 12th 10 - Toaster Struddle:

*prepares for feeding and farm fest*

I agree with you struddles. The little guy won't stand a chance.

21:23:34 Aug 12th 10 - Emperor Palpy Thinks God Has Lost:

got two cities in fanta already so unsure of your problems :S

01:13:56 Aug 13th 10 - Lord Old Fat And Lazy:

Even though it wont last I sure like the way the kingdoms look on Fantasia right now. :)

Kingdoms in Fantasia
Peacekeepers8Mr. Bidi100
iPwN31Mr. Zero Cool40
Relentless20Mr. Sprout23
Mad and Dangerous32Mr. Aloysius12
Edenbridge3Mr. Vesperus6
Fate25Sir Feanor3
SUBZERO3Mr. Colossus2
Rage3Mr. Strawhat Luffy2
Sons of Odin4Mr. Dexter The Serial Killer1
Raven3Mr. Verin1
GOD OF WAR1Mr. War Being II1
Mutiny2Mr. Beelzebub0
Dasein3Mr. Tasso The Mediocre0
Forget Everything and Run16Mr. Roxbury0
Skullfcuk2Mr. Heripy0
Bear Machines 4Mr. Bear Banger0
Gladiators2Mr. Triumphus0
DOA7Lady Lovely Emily0
Havok9Mr. Plokoon0
i dno wat to rite here lol1Mr. Cain0
Phoenix2Mr. Donovan Daniels0
Undercover2Mr. Serpico0
BBMMB5Clown Wankin Between Ticks0

01:17:33 Aug 13th 10 - Toaster Struddle:

I'm confused how the hell did that happen?

01:29:44 Aug 13th 10 - Lord Old Fat And Lazy:

I still have cities on Starta. Waiting to come OOP so POFF and GOTF can kill me off.

01:30:51 Aug 13th 10 - Sir Jondrus Calcifur:

As my friend Bugs Bunny would say.... Ain't that a stinker.   Should be interesting.

01:33:45 Aug 13th 10 - Mr. Cxc:

Impressive power rating, but most of it is not located in fantasia hehe, well not yet, it will surely come :D

02:06:20 Aug 13th 10 - Mr. Sprout:

Nice to see PKS back up :)

02:41:58 Aug 13th 10 - Mr. Bucket:

Fantasia is pretty damn dead. VU had really died, hasn't it?

03:06:49 Aug 13th 10 - Toaster Struddle:

Not really problem is most people are having a hard time getting to Fant or cant get to fant due to the fact that the other realms not ending.  Having characters doesnt make it easier but more difficult especially since you cant control your spawn and I dont believe you can join a kingdom before you land.  So a lot of the kingdoms that could have played on Fant arent able to.

03:57:28 Aug 13th 10 - Mr. Sprout:

yes you can join a kd before you spawn and you will land with that kd in their world.

03:59:55 Aug 13th 10 - Toaster Struddle:

well that's the problem how do these kingdoms on these other worlds get to fantasia if their worlds havent ended......

04:03:13 Aug 13th 10 - Lord Stormcrow:

20:57:28 Aug 12th 10 - Mr. Sprout:
yes you can join a kd before you spawn and you will land with that kd in their world.

no you dont, at least with your extra characters you create, unless he fixed it and as usual i am slow to the party:P

04:12:07 Aug 13th 10 - Sir Horus IX:

19:29:44 Aug 12th 10 - Lord Old Fat And Lazy:

I still have cities on Starta. Waiting to come OOP so POFF and GOTF can kill me off.




04:41:06 Aug 13th 10 - Mr. Sprout:

yes you do!

 I have done it!  Create a charactor and click the do not join a kingdom selection.

 Will bring up your new charactor list with the charactor you just made, click the one you made. Will bring up race and name selection like you just died ...( at this point join a kingdom and only spawn once you are accepted).. That means before selecting your race... why you are still dead join the kd you want. Once they accept you, select race and spawn in their world.   It was very easy just don't get in a hurry and be sure you are accepted before spawning:P

04:45:39 Aug 13th 10 - Mr. Sprout:

Unless its changed since I did mine:(

06:50:50 Aug 13th 10 - Ms. Kuntzz:

*takes a vacation from Fant*

07:02:27 Aug 13th 10 - Mr. Hannibal:

wow, so many small 3 person kingdoms in fantasia. Ewwww

07:08:54 Aug 13th 10 - Loser Iddqd The Final Era:

Not bad :)

Only 4 major kingdoms this era - Relentless, MAD, Fate, Ipwn :)

Have a glorious Fantasia, fellas. No doubt we will see the emergence of a "worthy era winner" from this shithole of a map now :P

P.S. Maybe now, finally, those DB chaps will win an era again... :P

07:53:20 Aug 13th 10 - Mr. Random Butplug Juice:

SO Fear would be the only 'worthy' winner? Or maybe just any kingdom your in?

Good to see your ego isn't out of control.. ;)

09:21:52 Aug 13th 10 - Mr. Elsin:

How many of the kingdoms listed above are actually on Fant?

Besides iPwN o.o

10:06:56 Aug 13th 10 - Emperor Palpy Thinks God Has Lost:

well i am kingdomless on fanta and havent seen a soul yet...

10:37:48 Aug 13th 10 - Mr. One Two Bandit:


11:12:08 Aug 13th 10 - Emperor Palpy Thinks God Has Lost:

spotted a PKS scout..people are alive in this world afterall!

11:39:51 Aug 13th 10 - Mr. Fuzzybeard:

What has happened to the game?

11:40:32 Aug 13th 10 - Mr. Buttplug:

HAHAHA fant is a joke

edit: this whole game is a joke.

17:34:02 Aug 13th 10 - Lady Isa Tramp:

I see TBL even after he's not playing actively/on Fant (so he says) he still tries to bait us. Luckily, he has no friends otherwise someone might believe the poor person. He's like a little child who thinks everyone loves him, when all the rest of the children hate his guts and he doesn't even realise it.

Go back to suckling on your "fiancee."

19:30:17 Aug 13th 10 - Mr. Path:

Ironic seeing the very people complaining about 30 man kingdoms in 30+ man kingdoms now, when there is no major threat to warrant such numbers.

To be perfectly fair however, there probably is just a severe shortage of people wanting to lead.  Dealing with zoning races, etc.  Might as well pile into a big kingdom and let someone else deal with that rather than make a small kd and have to deal with it yourself.

20:08:35 Aug 13th 10 - Toaster Struddle:

who's path talkin about?

23:22:35 Aug 13th 10 - Mr. Barny:

You know shit is bad when no one on Fantasia makes tree, and the lesser world noobs have the sense to do it on their more populated world.

02:22:03 Aug 14th 10 - Mr. Sexy Bling:

thats cause they so busy rainbowing they cant help but have loads of everything

03:00:16 Aug 14th 10 - Mr. Barny:

A valid point, I suppose.

I hear California is becoming a rainbow cities these days too.

03:54:26 Aug 14th 10 - Mr. Barny:

Oops nvm California is the "world", San Fransisco and it's other cities are the colonies.

19:00:17 Aug 14th 10 - Mr. Instinct:

the amount of trees a depend on how much ur willing to pay.

02:24:09 Aug 15th 10 - Mr. Unreal:

Is it just me or has this change created some apathy among the vu populace?

06:13:23 Aug 15th 10 - Mr. Vencrow:

Fate is not on Fantasia, this is cause some players quit the game due to changes and it becoming boring, and ZeTa didn't have the option for us to go on Fantasia as it opened late. we all play on characters and formed some small kingdom together. I hope to be back with Fate players later on. but for now i will have to stay 'dead'on my main character to just chat with them.

ZeTa just made stupid changes, even tho i like mutliing without a ban.I wish all kingdoms on Fantasia good luck, but it will not be as hard as before!


12:42:38 Aug 15th 10 - Loser Quiet Wilberfool One Nicompoop:

Finally... with the level of competition so low in Fantasia, with the best players in the game not giving a rats ass anymore about the game.... will we finally see an era of Wilberfail? An era of Lady Quiet Nincompoop? Or will the epic failure known as Raistlin finally be able to farm his way safely to victory?

Good luck DOA / whatever name you are right now :) Finally, your time has arrived - the easiest era of Fantasia ever is at hand. The next era will be named after one of your THIRTY NINE players :)

12:51:54 Aug 15th 10 - Lady Isa Tramp:

Thanks for the best wishes TBL, you know it's really nice to see you rebuilding bridges. Maybe one day we can become friends?

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