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Fantasia era 53
17:34:35 Dec 26th 17 - McMax (Battlemage Mcmax And His Horse):

Was it a good party?????

Huu... I don't know. I was alone under my table.........


Hmmm, I do hope at least one more kingdommate start. The sooner the better.

10:45:24 Dec 27th 17 - Mr. Uwer:

Well, I will really party new year. You can plunder me 31th

15:05:37 Dec 27th 17 - King BurningLegion (King Burninglegion The Shaman):

Damn I was hoping to play the new map in Fant

18:20:54 Dec 27th 17 - McMax (Battlemage Mcmax And His Horse):

Next "chance" is Mantrax.....

And of course I also hope it will be on my map........

23:31:48 Jan 13th 18 - Divine Prince Kathandrion (Prince Sesughter Son of Borago):

why does it say last post 13th jan?

00:28:23 Jan 14th 18 - HorusPanic (Mr. Humongous):

We've been posting to the wrong thread

02:42:45 Jan 14th 18 - Mr. Uwer:

We've been on heavy drugs

04:11:33 Jan 16th 18 - Lord Reddragon Unlimited:

lol jajaja

20:09:05 Jan 16th 18 - Mr. Uwer:

So lets start the flames:

Ascension is Abydos bodyguards now? How pathetic can you guys be?

20:09:29 Jan 16th 18 - Mr. Uwer:

Abydos < Albatross

20:14:20 Jan 16th 18 - Mr. Uwer:

I've been raiding Abydos but the defender was a guy from Ascension... Really, I cant get this....

This is why we fight you all. Because you all worth less than a broken penny. All you are against (a mob kingdom) is all that you are anyways.

We will slaughter your sorry lame bodies all across Fantasia, exposing how weak, lame and pathetic you all are.

22:31:50 Jan 16th 18 - Ella (Ms. Ella II):

Are all members of Mad active? We have like 10 people not spawn at all

Pretty sure Abydos and Albatross both are in similar situation, more than half Kd is not playing. There is a high chance the three kingdoms combined vs Mad have less active players than Mad has. The game is experiencing a high decline in player activity lately...

08:03:43 Jan 17th 18 - Pirate Lewatha:

Abydos has four people playing. One of whom is hanky who hasn't made any troops yet this Era I think. :)

Osi hasn't logged on in two weeks. He made mcmax vice but he has real life issues of his own so we are pretty much just farming by ourselves :) 

08:06:32 Jan 17th 18 - Mr. Santa Bling:

But Hanky has 5 known personalities, so thats gotta count for something

08:07:08 Jan 17th 18 - Mr. Google Bear:

Just Drink some Pepto and call it a day. 

19:24:59 Jan 17th 18 - Lord Caedus:

Uwer, u k bro? Wanna hug it out?

11:59:12 Jan 22nd 18 - King Justainius Fontainius XXXIIX:


Tree of Stone

City Info
Owner:Prince Sesughter Son of BoragoKingdom Banner
Size:14999 building(s).
Kingdom:The Native Uprising

We have not attacked them and they have not attacked us.

We own a bit more land than this ruler.

23:05:50 Jan 22nd 18 - Admiral Krum:

Very sneaky "team mate"...

Prince Sesughter Son of Borago (1/20/2018 5:48:00 PM) GOODBAD
How much men do you have to defend our area if they break in?

Sesughter Son of Borago has left your kingdom!

Mahknovists lead by Prince Sesughter Son of Borago attacked and took over One. They also took 3461452 gold, 3664357 stone, 2371797 tree, 445416 food and 53 slaves from us! And 103970 of the peasants in the city where taken as slaves! We lost 0 Swordsmen, 0 Hammerthrowers, 0 Axemen, 0 Runemasters, 0 Cavemasters and 103970 peasants in the battle.
Mahknovists lead by Prince Sesughter Son of Borago attacked and took over Four. They also took 1658663 gold, 2042209 stone, 0 tree, 935749 food and 35 slaves from us! And 100000 of the peasants in the city where taken as slaves! We lost 0 Swordsmen, 0 Hammerthrowers, 0 Axemen, 0 Runemasters, 0 Cavemasters and 100000 peasants in the battle.

23:06:28 Jan 22nd 18 - Bran (Mr. Santa Bran):

you knew he was a snake when you let him in

23:07:40 Jan 22nd 18 - Divine Prince Kathandrion (Prince Sesughter Son of Borago):

Such is life lol , i could launch into a long explanation of why i left but i really cba. 

23:08:28 Jan 22nd 18 - Divine Prince Kathandrion (Prince Sesughter Son of Borago):

'you will most certainly be a target for me whenever i see you on the map' 

I dont even know who you are lol 

23:15:34 Jan 22nd 18 - Divine Prince Kathandrion (Prince Sesughter Son of Borago):

If you actually had a plan, took over an entire kingdom, get some kind of spoils from that, I might be able to understand your actions, but what you did is basically nothing. Just confirm to everyone that you're a low life and should never be trusted. I hope no other new kingdom ever takes you in. I wish I was a bit more loud asking them to kick you out when I saw you in that kingdom. 

Actually , I left the kingdom , even though i had scouts and a city in there core , i did not attack them , I literally took a city that is a blocker in the area that , except for blockers they only have one city of any size in ,which is not in there core , which they said they would not defend (which is the incident that sparked me leaving). 

I just find it interesting that , Despite having landed late and the majority of albatross not being inactive , it was left to around 4 people to send troops to defend. 

I also find it interesting that , after the kingdom informing me they had no troops to spare to send to my area to help defend my cities (despite me just losing my whole army defending kingdom mates cities in upper reach etc ) they managed to find 200-300 000 troops to send to my core to take my cities when they sensed easy plunder. 

The reason i have gained no plunder is , because at the point i left there kingdom i had one army , of 10K riders. Im surprised i am even still alive. I have not even attacked there core. 

23:16:08 Jan 22nd 18 - Bran (Mr. Santa Bran):

would you like to join abydos?

23:18:43 Jan 22nd 18 - Divine Prince Kathandrion (Prince Sesughter Son of Borago):

I repeat , I took Four , And that was it. A Blocker to MY core that I ASKED Admiral Krum to build. 

In response my army was frozen , and a city of mine earthquaked so i took one and stayed inside (The closest city to my army when it was frozen. I had no MU's).

You (1/2/2018 4:52:08 PM)
Yoo can you place a city here for me , need to block off this area to give the KD more time to send troops if we get attacked 
Admiral Krum (1/3/2018 5:31:22 AM) GOODBAD
Will do today

23:30:51 Jan 22nd 18 - Divine Prince Kathandrion (Prince Sesughter Son of Borago):

20:23:17 Jan 22nd 18 - Mr. Uwer:

The reason is you are worth of no trust. 

Between your word and a pile of sh1t, I take the pile of sh1t.


have killed you everytime we met lol 

23:34:17 Jan 22nd 18 - Mr. Santa Bling:

And I killed you everytime we met lol. I kill everyone I meet... 0_o  think it may be a social anxiety

23:39:22 Jan 22nd 18 - Divine Prince Kathandrion (Prince Sesughter Son of Borago): i was a part of the kingdom then like you just said? 

and santa bling this is the first era we have fought as far as i know (not even sure who you are) and I'm not dead....Infact i have all my cities and 10 alba cities. although i think yamomata might be about to take one of my cities :'( 

So i doubt you killed me. 

12:21:42 Jan 23rd 18 - Mr. Snaga:

Wow dude, you're actually trying to justify your actions?

If it helps you sleep at night...

12:49:27 Jan 23rd 18 - King Justainius Fontainius XXXIIX:

Not sure why the admin deleted my post, but I just wanted to say that I think very lowly of you and any kingdom that lets you in. You also said something like you had joined the dark riders at some point. Dont kid yourself, we wouldnt let **** like you in. 

15:07:43 Jan 23rd 18 - Pirate Lewatha:

I've always said he was a backstabbing piece of work. He tried to convince me otherwise a few era's ago, saying that he changed and whatever but here we go again.

16:59:28 Jan 23rd 18 - Divine Prince Kathandrion (Prince Sesughter Son of Borago):

What ever makes you feel better justy

07:24:22 Jan 24th 18 - Lord Caedus:

I always give benefit of the doubt until Iíve personally experienced my trust being misused. 

10:52:17 Jan 24th 18 - Quirinus (Mr. Quirinus The Tester):

lol I missed reading the VU drama.

01:26:35 Jan 27th 18 - Mr. Jeremybeadlehand:

lets face it....u dont actually know where the true farmed armies are

01:29:53 Jan 27th 18 - Mr. Jeremybeadlehand:

6 (4/0.5)* (4/0.25*6) + 2(0.08/0.0001) = 

21:49:57 Jan 29th 18 - HorusPanic (Mr. Humongous):

Kingdoms in Fantasia
Mad and Dangerous13Sir Aloysius LXXXIV335
Ascension17Mr. Von Darkmor247
Albatross16Lord Caedus165
Abydos14Dark Lord Demandred102
Jose C Paz4Mr. Pelotudito4
The Native Uprising1Prince Sesughter Son of Borago4

21:51:28 Jan 29th 18 - HorusPanic (Mr. Humongous):


10:42:07 Feb 1st 18 - Divine Prince Kathandrion (Prince Sesughter Son of Borago):

Ironically was going through old letters and found this 

Message from Pirate Lewatha

Latha Era 44

Pirate Lewatha (2/14/2010 11:07:42 PM) GOODBAD
Yes we are recruiting... Aperantly you have changed a bit, and I might be willing to give you a chance in Domination.

But I ask:

- loyalty to the kingdom
- you listen to leadership
- no leaving before era end unless permitted by leadership
- irc activity
You (2/14/2010 11:33:50 PM)
Is irc activity a must? (im willing to go on but im just curious as at present i dont that much unless i have a question)
Pirate Lewatha (2/15/2010 7:51:29 AM) GOODBAD
Yeah it is :P

We're implementing it for next era. It wasn't this era though.

10:42:54 Feb 1st 18 - Divine Prince Kathandrion (Prince Sesughter Son of Borago):

Message from Pirate Lewatha

Mass message (first of the era)

Pirate Lewatha (2/22/2010 6:45:47 AM) GOODBAD
We have started in Talents, a crappy 50% world.... although that is not too bad, since we have no enemies here... ( We're all alone on this map with tons of inactive kingdoms)

anyways, since races production will be a pain, we better organise something for race segration... We won't be able to avoid everyone getting their OOP cities near each other, (we started quite cramped) but we can try making it work.... I'll designate waypoints where every race should be and the most important blockers.

10:43:16 Feb 1st 18 - Divine Prince Kathandrion (Prince Sesughter Son of Borago):

i knew i was in your kingdom at one point lol 

11:13:14 Feb 1st 18 - Pirate Lewatha:

2010 - damn I've been playing this game for way too long. That's not even in the start of my VU career either. I must be playing this game for more than 10 years now.

12:01:42 Feb 1st 18 - Kobuskan (Mr. Zapper):

Me too

Zero Cool (dead) (8/12/2010 2:34:44 AM)GOODBAD
2 character reporting for battle duty.
Like cxc i have limited skills, but judge yourself


20:12:51 Feb 2nd 18 - Osiris (Dark Lord Demandred):

20:21:06 Feb 2nd 18 - Mr. Santa Bling:

still as shit now as you were then. 

20:37:39 Feb 2nd 18 - King Justainius Fontainius XXXIIX:

lol this account was made 2009 but I am sure I started like 3 or so years before :) . Retired 2014 started again 2017. A lot you can find out by going through your messages :). Scary how many people who dont play this game anymore that I have found on those messages too. This ones to Karac

You (7/20/2009 8:03:30 AM)
well are we gonna accept necromancer he doesnt sound half bad?

21:52:24 Feb 2nd 18 - HorusPanic (Sir Pan The Icky Mage):

I routinely delete my messages so I can't go back like that... but I can check the old high scores... this is from the beta-eras

199Mr. Rowan
Total colonies:3
Total armies:1
 Member of the Army Of Darkness kingdom.

Back when I was a freshman in college at Rowan University (2003/3004)

21:57:46 Feb 2nd 18 - Divine Prince Kathandrion (Lord Root Saint):

Eldest character name i remember , I started quite a bit before this though 

Mr. Nitral

Lived in Era 30, got 1 heir(s) (Scelpucher) and was a member of Knights of Camelot

Lord Nitral was the greatest warrior of all the Arum clans.He grew up in Mawor Were he lived as a common soldier.He was not well known although soon his skills would become the stuff of legends.He left the army and was not heard of 5 years.he had sunk into the dark arts and after the 5 years he returned and took centura by force.he then moved on Mawor the Land that he had at one time been nothing more then another soldier to be used by the government.

01:45:10 Feb 3rd 18 - Divine Prince Kathandrion (Prince Sesughter The Hunter of Death):

have literally just realized :') i must of been around 11 when i started playing . the nitral character was in KoC around 08/09 and i had played for atleast a year or so before that. 

01:52:44 Feb 3rd 18 - King Justainius Fontainius XXXIIX:

But kath, you are still  11 wow what a crazy game. 

09:24:17 Feb 12th 18 - Mr. Santa Bling:

You know what would be REALLY great.... if there was another, say 4 kd's, they could then join the aby-asc-albatwat homofest and you could then fight 7 kd's vs 1. really awesome. get your phag friends to sign up peeps

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