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Fantasian Wars
13:29:50 Apr 25th 07 - Mr. Dreadlord The Dressed:

yes fantasia is spit in too sides the north and the south will the south be able to stop the northern expantion and win or will the north mange to razed the south?
its like the civil war all over again. Nortrh thinking they dont need UK and our cotton. and telling lies about everyone on fantasia beeing equal.
Will the Yankees provail or be mocked for the rest of fantasia hisory as stupid.

13:32:25 Apr 25th 07 - Mr. Stargazer:

Well it is more exciting than last era.

13:46:15 Apr 25th 07 - Mr. Elsin:

Only the north is fighting the north more than their fighting the south...

That and the eras ended, so the wars as good as over anyway.

13:57:27 Apr 25th 07 - Mr. Dreadlord The Dressed:

owkey the north vs the south and the center

15:17:01 Apr 25th 07 - Mr. Half Baked:

North Center vs E,W,NW,SE,SW,S is a better overall grasp of how it is.

15:49:52 Apr 25th 07 - Mr. Stormcrow:

<That and the eras ended, so the wars as good as over anyway.>



Word. We're all just killing time at this point:P



And uhm....dread, dont you mean south and its cotton, not UK and its cotton?

<wonders if someone should tell dread how the civil war ended...)

16:24:44 Apr 25th 07 - Mr. Seth The Errant God:

The north wont win this time because they didnt liberated all their slaves (so they'll wont help the yanks) and cause they dont have Lincoln as leader:))

16:46:03 Apr 25th 07 - Sir Falazar:

So does anyone think we shoudl have a major shift in the overall way the game is "won" or eras is ended if over half of it is taken up by the Armageddan.  If this many people really arnt playing for the 196+ days that it goes then it seems like some wasted time, when we could be fighting instead?

How exactly was the system abused when the scores were taken at the end of era instead of Armeggaden?

17:37:44 Apr 25th 07 - Mr. Gamia:

ok stormcrow im taking it you are still in school and you still believe the lies your teacher tells you. You should read the book "the lies my teacher told me" its a real book. Anyway yes the north said screw the UK and cotton, the UK had friendly relations with the south as did brazil which is where southern refugees went to. I am a history major in college so I will have to tell you a bit. The civil war was much like today in Iraq when the war ended the north stationed troops and military governors in the South. The southern people didn't want Federal troops telling them how to live so they began a campaign of civil unrest in which they killed several people. Don't believe all the lies your teacher told you believe it or not the Ku Klux Klan killed many white people also their targets were members of the Republican party. If an African American spoke up and took a stance against the Democratic philosophy of White Dominance he would be killed and anyone with family relations to him also. Eventually the north gave up on trying to settle down the south and withdrawed troops this gave rise to the birth of modern racism. Old racism was based on history where one race was able to dominate the other. If you read about early colonial america there were white slaves that were brought from the eastern part of europe. The modern racism was based purely on the color of your skin and which as we all know eventually led to the civil rights movement. So there is your history lesson.

18:33:34 Apr 25th 07 - Mr. Architect:

ok, so he was talking about cotton, no one mentioned the KKK, politics, Teachers, Books, Refugees, or modern racism, and when did Brazil ever come into the equation?  Though you may have knowledge because of being a history major, you can't seem to put a coherent thought together.  And why are you bashing him for being in school when you are too if you are in College studying for your degree.  Oh, and I'm pretty sure "withdrawed" isn't a word.  I'd expect a history major speaking on his topic of interest would at least check hs writing for errors.

I respect the intelligence, however the nubbish structure and lack of tact is unbelieveable to me.

19:18:49 Apr 25th 07 - Sir Falazar:

Here here :}

and back to my point, please.

19:30:13 Apr 25th 07 - Mr. Gamia:

:) never good at english, but if you like I can speak the native language of my family :) and I was not bashing him simply pointing out that he spoke questionable about UK when he stated such he simply exposed that he had limited knowledge on the topic.

And back to Topic I'd say Legacy will win Again.

19:43:41 Apr 25th 07 - Lord Osiris:

no one will win thier isnt time

22:32:12 Apr 25th 07 - Mr. Celendrum Cikayson:

I honestly don't get this entire thread.

I don't know much about what's happening in the Fantasia south, either.  I never really knew that it was much of a north vrs south thing anyway, just kd agaisnt kd.

22:48:07 Apr 25th 07 - Mr. Stormcrow:

Do some of you see why I refuse to post in these forums? It is because of guys like Garnia who turn a simple post meant to poke fun at my friend Dread and turn it into a flamefest.


@Garnia: As a matter of fact I am in school. I am finishing up my masters degree in sociology with an emphasis on American History. My Bachelors is in history.


Heres a lesson for you kiddo, dont start making needless and useless assumptions about me that you justify from a post that contains around what? 4-5 sentences. You dont know nothing about me so stop trying to act like you do.



As for what I was talking about yes I know full well that the UK had relations with the south. They were the chief importers of cotton. I was referring to the fact that the Confederacy was the main producer of cotton. I just pointed out that Dread was talking about north and south and then talks about yankees and the UK. I was being facetious. Now stop the flaming.



23:16:59 Apr 25th 07 - Mr. Stormcrow:

And of course to anticipate anyone making the argument that I am lying about my education, true I could very well be lying. So could this Garnia. Hell everyone in the entire game of Vu can be lying. Thus lies the problem of interent forums. Anonymity. I can say whatever the hell I want and noone can say I am truthful or not simply because they cant empirically prove that I am lying or not (unless your my bro and sis who play this game and know me personally).


Fine, if this is the case consider my personal bio:


I am the queen of england.

I have 3 beach houses.

I am married to 2 supermodels (shhhh dont tell them)

I am an alien sent to earth to make preparations for colonization.

I am Oya's love slave (oops was I supposed to say that Oya?)


Hope you guys get the idea. Guess I'll go back to my no general forums rule:P

23:25:51 Apr 25th 07 - Lord Osiris:

the queen is a lesbian and oyas slave? damn so oya rules all of england. hmmm interesting

23:28:53 Apr 25th 07 - Sir Arzun:

Who said female supermodels?

23:41:00 Apr 25th 07 - Mr. Stormcrow:

@Osi: Yikes, I've said too much already. Good thing I didnt mention Oya's plan for taking over the world....dammit I did it again......


@Arzun: Sorry mate, I forgot that it isnt appropriate to mention female supermodels in VU. It will get Efrandor all worked up and he is already hard to handle as it is:P

23:57:08 Apr 25th 07 - Duke Efrandor:

Gamai, you are...    kewl.

Storm...  I could sence the supermodel word as I clicked the name of the thread.

00:19:56 Apr 26th 07 - Lord Oya:

God dammit stormcrow!!!

punishment for you know where you have to go

05:42:28 Apr 26th 07 - Judge Obelix:

I haven't read Garnia's post (frankly I couldn't care less about but I'll just say one word about it:


Dear god, if you are dumb enough to try to impress people with whatever knowledge you say you have, at least be smart enough to write it in a format that just might actually invite people to read it and not pass up your post in discust.

That too, you learn in school...

06:27:52 Apr 26th 07 - Mr. Stormcrow:

@Oya: Alright, I know, back to the basement.....<grabs leather mask and straps....>

08:24:02 Apr 26th 07 - Duke Efrandor:

Can I *cough* cum *cough* to..?

09:15:22 Apr 26th 07 - Mr. Wiseguy:

Gotta love walls 'ey, Legacy?

15:04:44 Apr 26th 07 - Mr. Warlo:


i am smart to o_0

23:13:33 Apr 26th 07 - Mr. Celendrum Cikayson:

It was highly possible the UK would have come to the aid of the south in the American Civil War.  But after the emancipation proclomation, it doesn't do a whole lot of good fighting for a nation that still has slaves when most of the civilized world outlawed them 30-60 years ago.

And back to real life (that is, VU life.)  Is Baccus and Illuminati still fighting legacy?

00:03:03 Apr 27th 07 - Mr. Stiltskin:

This is another hate someone KD thread right?...

07:35:05 Apr 27th 07 - Mr. Master Blaster:

The confederacy was actually considering freeing their slaves as an attempt to garner support from the UK and France, but thought that the union blockades were just to powerful for either counrtry to breach.

05:03:25 Apr 28th 07 - Princess Arien Vaire:

I am sorry to have missed this :D

All too funny Gamia.

Will you please give me a mini lesson on why the War of 1812 actually happened?


05:14:33 Apr 28th 07 - Mr. Gamia:

ok war of 1812 mini lesson :) I know its sarcasm but crap I will flow with it anyway. War of 1812 happened because During the Napolean w*beep*ngland took 3000 American Citizens and forced them to serve in the English Army. So the US declared war on England

05:20:59 Apr 28th 07 - Princess Arien Vaire:

No no no no.  It was because the Brits insisted that the Colonials spell with a U.

You know, color be changed to COLOUR.  Rumor to Rumour etc etc etc Well the colonials decided they wanted to spell with out a U, so they declared war. ^ ^

06:55:42 Apr 28th 07 - Mr. Draven:

ok first off, if anyone was alive then pls raise your hand :P second off who really knows the truth, history is 40% half truths and the other 60% to make each form of government look good :)
dont get me wrong, there is some truths out there, but other glorified lies as well, unless you believe the kennedy magic bullet theory :P
ok now let's war til the end and make it one big fun ol' butt whoopin fest ;)

11:39:17 Apr 28th 07 - Lord Osiris:

*raises hand* i am immortal and british we are uber sexy

11:55:48 Apr 28th 07 - Duke Sobek:

*raises hands* Objects everything Osiris said

12:06:08 Apr 28th 07 - Mr. Manuel Marulanda Velez:

*raises hands* Objects everything Sobek said

12:33:58 Apr 28th 07 - Mr. Hungrier Horse:

I thought the war of 1812 was where 300 elite British troops held off a million Americans in a narrow passage long enough for the British to assemble their armies after their religious festival and defeated the American marauders once and for all?


12:50:36 Apr 28th 07 - Mr. Manuel Marulanda Velez:

Lol swiffers.

13:01:12 Apr 28th 07 - Mr. Wiseguy:

No that was War of the Worlds.

15:41:17 Apr 28th 07 - Mr. Draven:

*raises hand* Objects everything Hungry said  :P

05:19:37 Aug 29th 09 - Endless Happy Meals:


05:24:59 Aug 29th 09 - Demonslayer Charley Deallus IV:

Brilliant revive...a blank god why do I even read the forums anymore?

05:37:47 Aug 29th 09 - Endless Happy Meals:

Read a fun thread Charley and chill, it was accidental.. my cat is cunning and apparently not light on the keyboard :p

05:44:17 Aug 29th 09 - Demonslayer Charley Deallus IV:

I have a short temper after people try flaming me and a long day -__-;  My cat does more cunning things like tripping me down stairs.

06:01:15 Aug 29th 09 - Endless Happy Meals:

hmm maybe I should revive that old thread I just read called FLAME HERE :)  not really as much fun though as some of these other old threads


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