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Federation Recruitment
22:26:47 Jan 29th 10 - Lord Uther Pendragon:

We are doing fairly well for ourselves and we would just like to point this out:

Fate34Sir Feanor The Lazy280
Hot Inactive Veterans31Sir Binh The Elven War215
Mad Against Drugs24Mr. Aloysius181
Gladiators14Mr. Gladiatorul133
The Federation17Lord Uther Pendragon100
Domination28Pirate Candybeard100

We have somehow managed to seat ourselves in the top five this era, and are our to recruit. We have well rounded, good players but we just lack the numbers to pack on to our influence. I normally say to hell with numbers, if you are good enough then you can do anything and this is very true, BUT numbers make influence and influence is a good thing.

For those of you out there looking for a kingdom feel free to send in application.

The Federation

Kingdom Banner

Name: The Federation
Members: 17
Created: 12/25/2009 5:05:18 AM
Leader: Lord Uther Pendragon


A tight order of War Chiefs and a fierce following is what makes our federation and to all lengths the Royal Guard will vow to protect those who form together within our ranks. With hope we carry on and through hope we find our strength and salvation. It is this salvation that binds us and it is these binds that eradicate our foes. The question to ask oneself is not of what you gain but to what end you wish to follow; for if you are not in our ranks there are only three moves. Run, hide, or die.

I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion.

Take my warnings to heart and join us. Send messenger with this information to join The Federation.

1) Past names and eras of experience
2) Past kingdoms and rulers of reference
3) Are you best on offense or defense?
4) Any other information that you may find useful to us.
5) Also in the past have you ever betrayed a kingdom of yours to join the enemy, if so then have you justified your actions in your own reality?

This is the Federation, TRAITORS WELCOME ^_^


22:27:15 Jan 29th 10 - Lord Uther Pendragon:

and o shit

Domination just climbed another percent

>: |


23:42:43 Jan 29th 10 - Duke Kevdwayne The Panjandrum:

Congrats Uther, you have really done well this era.

23:50:57 Jan 29th 10 - Sir Burninglegion:

They really stress the importance of TRAITORS WELCOME, they fit right in

06:19:38 Jan 30th 10 - Lord Uther Pendragon:

hahahaha  BL you know the exact reason why we put that up and you found it hilarious at the time. If you are so bent on destroying our name then join with Brethren in their hopeless cause.

06:34:15 Jan 30th 10 - Duke Kevdwayne The Panjandrum:

I thought BL was with you Uther.... little 'problem'?

08:01:30 Jan 30th 10 - Sir Burninglegion:

Yeah thats what i thought, uther no longer the respectful player he was , more of a greedy bastard... he and his sole mate wolfgore skull splitter invented lovely little scheme and without warning or noticed demoted me and kicked

such a great friend indeed. o and uther i remember when you put that in the descript, i did not support what you did to brethern so i kept quiet and stayed out of that war.

federation is as corrupt as can be

08:38:44 Jan 30th 10 - Lord Uther Pendragon:


I laugh at this because you know nothing of what occurred last era and what we did to Brethren was fair. We attacked them by scout a good 30 ticks ahead of anything else so they knew it was coming.

Also we demoted you after you decided to forward your own agenda ahead of thinking of the others in the kingdom. What makes someone corrupt is the quest for self advancement no matter the cost, and you letting your emotions take control for a little vengeance at the possible expense of the whole kingdom was wrong and i stand by my decision. I did what i had to in order to preserve the order of this kingdom and the wonderful members in it. I would have been happy to keep you in this kingdom BL but you made that decision for me when you let brash actions and thoughts take over intellect.

This entire situation isn't even up for debate. You have been in my kingdoms in the past and i have mentioned to everyone in the occurrence of such an action taking place the offender would be stripped of his honor, kicked, and all cities would be forfeit. Even since the days of the black chain policy has been like so and even though nothing like this ever occurred, had it i would have made the same decision then.

I have always been strict in my rule and if you have not seen this then you have not known me for the past 15(ish?) eras. This is why the Black Chain never worked out. The policy was too lax and i was there to look pretty and give long and bold talks to allies about future plans and all that nonsense. I am done with the diplomacy and i am taking an old friends words to heart. "Drop the diplomacy."

He told me i'd be better off doing this and it seems he was correct. Once again i am sorry for your loss followed by what has happened here. Had you given me another rational decision then i would have taken it, but you have always been one to stab in the dark and ask questions later and that is the attitude that will destroy any kingdom.

19:03:13 Jan 30th 10 - Sir Burninglegion:

Uther your forgeting its not your kingdom, its the player who make up the kingdom who make it what it is

we started in the same era ( 15 sounds about right) and since then we have been friends, you clearly are still the figuirehead .... wolfgore makes the decisions, and self advancement? hardly retaliating against a break of NAP is not self advancement

you bowed down to hiv like a little puppy.. offering to give up one of your own cities even though they attacked us. do you no longer have any respect foryourself ?

and the main reason for being kicked was arguing with wolfgore in forums , demoting was my punishment (although it was still bulsh1t) , then me not wanting to g1ve wolfgore a BJ which seems like you've been doing it all era  get kicked?

sam you need to re learn what respectful gameplay is

19:39:25 Jan 30th 10 - Lord Uther Pendragon:

O really i need to relearn respectful gameplay?

I created the kingdom and i do what needs to be done in the best interest in the majority of the kingdom. So you are right, the kingdom belongs to the people and you made yourself an enemy when you went against the peoples decision. Wolfgore is my 2nd and Sable is my 3rd. I run all of my ideas by them and they approve them and give their opinions. I dont even know why i had made you vice. You are an example of military excellence but you have a sick attitude and it was no where near worth it.





Even if it winds up being another vice i would do the same again and again and again.

You need to drop this because you are following it like a child. I did what was necessary to ensure the safety of The Federation.


I will always stand by this decision.

20:32:29 Jan 30th 10 - Ms. Black Mamba:

Federation seems to be doing much better nao.

*gives Uther a thumbs up, then looks at BL and snickers at his obsession with Uther's playing style*

23:52:34 Jan 30th 10 - Master Windu:


Uther, you forgot your main Indian guy. *wink* *wink*

00:40:09 Jan 31st 10 - Dr. Darkwing Duck:

If Uther said it happened one way then it happened that way - just saying

04:05:22 Jan 31st 10 - Lord Uther Pendragon:


and thank you guys for the support.  I am truly lucky to have so many nice allies.
I hope we continue to do this well and climb in the VU community.

05:55:39 Jan 31st 10 - Sir Burninglegion:

Lol uther , guys to understand this bastard you need to play with him more


he may be able to sweet talk but its rubish.... , would you eat a spoon full of shit if ghandi held it out? no you would say , f u ghandi

07:22:21 Jan 31st 10 - Lord Uther Pendragon:

I am done talking to you about this. You are rambling and making irrelevant points.

Mr. Wolfgore Skullsplitter


21:32:00 Jan 18th 10

So everyone knows Burning was Demoted And is Demoted .

He can arguee all he wants . He is now threatening me and all of u if i dont reinstate him .


Message From Sir Burninglegion


Back to message list

You (1/18/2010 7:43:21 PM)
At this time u are not , Looking out for the best intrests of the kingdom . U can not attack allies ! I dont care what your reason is !
And not just One member but 2 now . In the best intrests of the Federation , I Wolgore Skullsplitter 2nd in command Releive u of your Vice dutys.If this problem persists then i will have to have u tried in Federation court . STRENGTH and HONOR!!!
Wolfgore Skullsplitter
Sir Burninglegion (1/18/2010 8:20:48 PM) GOOD BAD
Wolfgore you better make me a vice again immediately

THE only player iv attacked was Dragoth, he got what he deserved and i even apologized to him

you will have gained an enemy if you do not raise me back up wolf



Sir Burninglegion


21:42:22 Jan 18th 10

Wolfgore .... all support from me you just lost , i will no longer aid you in battle or be on your side in arguements

your nothing, you betrayed any trust and loyality that exists between kingdom mates

Mr. Wolfgore Skullsplitter


21:49:51 Jan 18th 10

U want to talk about trust ! U BRAKE NAPS FOR FUN!!!!

Your a nap braker, Thats first era stuff .

I dont sit in the shadows and wisper! I have more respect for my kingdom mates , and i dont try to get them to attack the enemy !

Mr. Wolfgore Skullsplitter


21:50:34 Jan 18th 10
Sorry not enemys but ALLIES!
Sir Burninglegion


21:57:33 Jan 18th 10

Ugh wolf you realize you can edit your post .... you dont need to post twice

I know extactly who your talking about, malimor right? your saying i told him to attack HIV correct?

i told him to be ready INCASE it comes to a war , and were to have troops because unike yourself wolfgore i know stragedy and more about VU then how to train troops.

Mr. Wolfgore Skullsplitter


22:01:02 Jan 18th 10

You (1/18/2010 8:43:40 PM)
Send me a past of what Burning wanted u to do.
You (1/18/2010 8:44:04 PM)
Mr. Malimor (1/18/2010 8:44:30 PM) GOOD BAD
I cleared my message board.... sorry
Mr. Malimor (1/18/2010 8:46:01 PM) GOOD BAD
He just told me I should attack Brethren Fort, Saying that HIV would be attacking so It would be best if I sent out my army to take that blocker and then eventually when war breaks out I would try to take over the old Brethren Core.
Mr. Malimor (1/18/2010 8:49:43 PM) GOOD BAD
and thats when I decided to ask you to confirm this action.... and I knew it to be an action against the interest of Kingdom

Mr. Wolfgore Skullsplitter


22:05:13 Jan 18th 10
All im saying is there would not be a threat of attack by HIV or a need to prepare for them IF U WOULD LEAVE THEM ALONE send your army were its needed.

He demoted you after talking to me about it. I decided that it needed to be done so he did it. You stepped out of line so you paid the consequence. EVEN AFTER THOUGH YOU CONTINUED YOUR ASSAULT, and you also mouthed off to multiple members of the kingdom.

You are no longer welcome and any player who would try to go behind the rest of the councils back to break a well established nap is not welcome either. I made you a vice because you held strong influence in my book, but the moment you went behind my back that went away.

I am once again finished talking to you on this because the facts here are as clear as day. You have betrayed out kingdoms intentions and we have taken proper measures to make sure it didnt happen again.

now just drop it

07:30:15 Jan 31st 10 - Lord Uther Pendragon:

There were multiple accounts from me and Skulls saying that fighting over a 6K city isnt worth it and your troops were needed elsewhere.

yet you wasted our time and almost lost us an ally because you are greedy.
Just for this reason i am never deleting messages midway through the era because i specifically remember you sending a kd wide message ordering members to prepare for inevitable war with HiV. I then followed up this message telling them to not listen and to fortify and close all borders until we found out what was going on.

At this point i decided to demote you for trying to get others to prepare for assault on HiV and sending bad orders out that should have never been sent. The only other vice that should be able to bark orders to the kingdom as a whole was Skulls and he only does that after him and I talk about our next steps. Sable does it if i request him to do so, and you do it when you feel like it about what ever you please.

i said good day

07:55:39 Jan 31st 10 - Mr. Gladiatorul:

Uther, you lost another ally just because your poor leadership; we are regreting we allied you this era and it won't happen again

09:01:29 Jan 31st 10 - Lord Uther Pendragon:

o really and why is this?

What type of poor leadership have i exemplified towards you and your kingdom Glad?

If i were leading this kingdom poorly then there would be more problems then one guy causing issues with allies. I would like to see you deal with a problem like this. Most leaders in VU wouldnt have the balls to boot someone for endangering the rest of the kingdom. Especially if that person were a vice.

I dont even want ot hear that from you Glad because i have done nothing and my kingdom has done nothing to desereve any type of criticism from you so back off.

Unless you have a legitmate reason to criticize me then please lay off.
If i were leading the kingdom poorly then i would be letting your enemies into you core, but is this happening?

09:42:19 Jan 31st 10 - Sir Burninglegion:

Uther i will give you a round of appluase for how well you can pretend to be someone your not. The only reason i stayed in federation was because i thought we were friends, i was dissapointed in every step you took.

give up the good guy act, somehow your convinced that your some great leader? please enlighten me with what you've done.

the Glads are a kingdom of honor, the federation is sadly not....


I have not caused problems , the only problem was how we would deal with another kingdom breaking a nap in a big way, you bow down while i dealt with it how it should have been. Besides wolfgore everyone in the kingdom liked me, but now iv got to fight back against the federation and well B&D upsets alot of people even if you apologize



gladiatorul trust me it is right to think they way you are thinking

10:03:44 Jan 31st 10 - Lord Uther Pendragon:

BL you were the one that brought your past grudges against HiV into The Federation and it gave you tunnel vision. You allowed an issue over a 6K city cause problem. Without you in the kingdom the incident itself would have never happened, you want to know why?

because no one in the kingdom is low enough to snatch a city out from underneath an allies nose.

@ Glad

Think what you want because quite frankly i do not care anymore. I dont care if you have a good reason, i dont care if BL supports you or anyone for that matter. All that matters is that all the members in my kingdom work well together and we trust eachother. I used to trust BL until he betrayed that trust.

This thread is recruitment for The Federation and everything else is irrelevant. If you wish to bas then do so in the Zeta forum, it needs action anyways.

10:10:07 Jan 31st 10 - Lord Uther Pendragon:

btw BL thank you for causing drama on this thread to attract attention. It is helping get the name of the kingdom out and yet allowing all that view the to make their own assessment about the kingdom.

This is my last post here not regarding promotion.

11:02:05 Jan 31st 10 - Mr. Gladiatorul:

Uther there are some unwritten rules which cannot be included in a NAP deal -  you have to learn that; I don't want to get into details with that - you know what I am talking about

11:38:55 Jan 31st 10 - Duke Random:

haha uther, hate to say it but you can't really claim greatness because you napped the best KD on your world and lived as a result of taking the easy way out :)

16:23:31 Jan 31st 10 - Lord Uther Pendragon:

Yeah well we had common enemies all around us, and i am not claiming greatness. I claim that my kingdom works good together and Glad i can easily say i do not know what you are talking about.

If you are talking about one of your members leaving and one of my players taking his blocker because he was then kingdomless means nothing to me and that is perfectly normal and shouldn't have any restrictions and you guys shouldn't be offended...

that is unless you are feeding!

22:37:51 Jan 31st 10 - Mr. Gladiatorul:

Uther, people leave KDs for various reasons - see your example with Burninglegion - have you seen any of our armies trying to get his towns? No.

This is how respectable KDs behave. And 2 of your people took 3 Gladiators built cities, without our consent (its just disapointing to see you act like scanvergers).

Anyway - we didn't want to break our NAP to take them back (in the name of honor) - keep them; thats 130,000 buildings less for us and added to your side. You seem to be proud about...

02:58:32 Feb 1st 10 - Lord Uther Pendragon:

Well the to assume that you should have the cities just because the person left you kingdom is wrong also. Especially if it isnt even located in your core but on the edge of it on a battle front. Burning Legion didn't leave, we kicked him so that is entirely different. Also i have not seen BL attacking you. This other guy attacked and killed a few smaller armies traveling through so that is when we decided to justify taking a few of his cities.

04:11:06 Feb 1st 10 - Mr. Gladiatorul:

I wondering who is running your KD as you seem totally unformed; ask your guy when Xodo attacked his army - he did it after your man took his city; have had RL issues and could not be active anymore.

And that split of reasoning you give is very poor - from our point of view it doesn't matter why the Gladiator left/was kicked from our KD - don't worry, I won't call you a NAP breaker because you didn't break it. But you won't look as good as you think on VU community agenda either.

And, I'd suggest you get better informed before making official posts.

05:09:14 Feb 1st 10 - Lord Uther Pendragon:

either way i still do not see anything wrong in attacking someone who left a neighboring kingdom. That puts him right on our borders and makes him a possible threat. Ask BoW, thats why we attacked them because they were mainly inactive and they were on our southern border so we did what was best for our protection and once again sorry to them about all of it. Thats what we did to Purg Knights. We also got in a tiny skirmish with Untold and have laid off of it for the same reason. Strategically it is a smart move and you cannot say that because of this decision it would make me a bad leader. Strategically it is the right move, and when it comes to attacking a kdless person it shouldnt be any of your business even if he was in your kd at one time. If he were leaving and giving you guys the city that would be considered as feeding no matter what the circumstances because there is a resign button and it is there for a reason.

05:10:31 Feb 1st 10 - Mr. Gladiatorul:

I leave it with you if you think this it the way to greatness

05:13:24 Feb 1st 10 - Lord Uther Pendragon:

as i will leave you to your methods.
We all have separate ideas

06:42:28 Feb 2nd 10 - Sir Cadmus The Noble:

Such drama.

07:53:39 Feb 2nd 10 - Sir Ryan The Archtroll:

Love the drama inside Fed. <3

08:06:29 Feb 2nd 10 - Mr. Kaze:

What drama? :)

08:11:12 Feb 2nd 10 - Mr. Shadow:

Duke Random


03:38:55 Jan 31st 10 haha uther, hate to say it but you can't really claim greatness because you napped the best KD on your world and lived as a result of taking the easy way out :)

your gonna get on our butts even though glads did the same thing and have more power? really?

12:05:14 Feb 2nd 10 - Duke Salad:


14:49:17 Feb 2nd 10 - Duke Random:

luls. glads don't claim to be awesome after one era of napping mofos.

I know glad can fight without napping the biggest thing on the world >:)

19:49:41 Feb 2nd 10 - King Dragon of Wrath:

Ive been pracicing my flaming since last Era and have learned tons from dealing with Fed earlier ;) so here comes the one and only Dragon's first ever forum flame! :D

Slade, in order to join Fed you need to fill the following criterias:
 -backstab allies and lie to friends
 -exclusivly attack smaller and/or weaker kingdoms
 -betray your kingdom or convince someone else to betray their kingdom and join you
 -scavange in any way you can, taking cities from friends or others unabel to defend themselves
 -justify all the above actions without using any logic at all

So sorry mate... Im afraid your application just might get denied ;P

verdict? Did I do any good? ;)

yours truly
the one and only

19:58:39 Feb 2nd 10 - Duke Kevdwayne The Panjandrum:

Sorry King Dragon of Wrath but..... epic fail  :(    You were addressing Slade and he fits all of that criteria, if anything those are his Good qualities (I will not even mention his more onerous ones here).  Try again  ;)

20:42:27 Feb 2nd 10 - King Dragon of Wrath:

bah :( 

No good? really? :(
I suck at flaming.. but I will try again next Era.. one flame each Era until I get a perfect A in flaming :D

btw: on a more "serious" note I think our dear Salad is a nice guy and he makes great cakes! :D

21:22:25 Feb 2nd 10 - Duke Mithras:

I would say to anyone planning on joining this kingdom, you may want to rethink your plans.

Of course, if you happen to be a traitor, or encourage that behaviour, you will fit right in.

Earlier this era they accepted a traitor from the kingdom Planet Hollywood, and one I know of from Brethren. I find it quite easy to believe they have accepted more than just those two traitors.

On top of that, the first thing they did on their world was NAP the biggest/most powerful kingdom that had landed there.

If you are the kind of player who thinks being a traitor is a plus point, and also prefers to survive by hiding in the shadow of a larger kingdom, go for it. If, as most of the VU community is, you are a honourable player who despises such practises, I suggest you find a different kingdom.

21:43:21 Feb 2nd 10 - Sir Burninglegion:


Kingdom Banner

Name: AntiFederation
Members: 3
Created: 1/31/2010 11:30:02 PM
Leader: Sir Burninglegion


The Anti Federation stands for everything the Federation does not, Equality , Honor, Respect

Accepting all types of players, please do not send an application if you intend on being inactive.

Application details*
-Prefered race
-First name or nickname
-Kingdoms you have been with in the past

We the anti federation will acheive peace and justice through any means available. May the God of war give no mercy to our enemys



Or you could just join the anti federation, i was part of the federation now im the enemy , i'd be glad to recruit anyone who shares the same passion

22:15:23 Feb 2nd 10 - Duke Kevdwayne The Panjandrum:

"If you are the kind of player who ........... prefers to survive by hiding in the shadow of a larger kingdom, go for it"

Mithras, please do not take offense as I am not saying you or your KD engaged in this sort of behavior but I can think of an instance this era where this happened and several smaller KD's were forced to fight the two largest KD's oop and if anything had been said the 'VU Vet code of Honor blah, blah, blah' card would have been pulled and said smaller KD's would have been made out to be some sort of pariah. 

22:26:51 Feb 2nd 10 - Duke Mithras:

Perhaps that part of my argument was less valid.

The main point I am trying to make is about the fact that they accept traitors- in my eyes it will always make the kingdom as bad as the traitor themselves. I am not saying that player should never be accepted into a kingdom again- often players may make a mistake and regret it later on. What I disagree with is immedietely accepting that player back into another kingdom while they are still active and in the middle of their previous kingdom's core. If that happens, it will only encourage said player to act in the same way again in future, because there would be no, or very few negative repercussions of their actions.

22:34:54 Feb 2nd 10 - Duke Kevdwayne The Panjandrum:

Anyone would agree your logic is valid.  If Uther has done what you say it may have been for political purposes.... Uther doesn't make good politically based decisions, never has and probably never will.... but he knows that  ;)

22:49:46 Feb 2nd 10 - Mr. Teirdel:

Admits it as well. Look he even has his own personal fan group! Club leader BL himself! ;p Still remember newbie warlords Black and white aka feds were first ppl to actually consider napping all us first era members. Still owe Mr. Wins a thank you card.

23:30:33 Feb 2nd 10 - Master Windu:

Mr. Wins?

23:48:01 Feb 2nd 10 - Mr. Teirdel:

Yes, I he joined in era 43 i believe. Was leader of newbie Warlords. Picked me up and the kd of newbs protected each other. We were like Brethern in the aspect of newbies.

00:26:00 Feb 3rd 10 - Master Windu:

Oh thats cool.

01:39:57 Feb 3rd 10 - Duke Salad:

Duke Kevdwayne The Panjandrum

09:58:39 Feb 2nd 10 Sorry King Dragon of Wrath but..... epic fail  :(    You were addressing Slade and he fits all of that criteria, if anything those are his Good qualities (I will not even mention his more onerous ones here).  Try again  ;)

Omg Kev, i  thought we were friends :( </3

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