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03:45:29 Jul 2nd 11 - Mr. Dragon II:

Zeta has Blessed us with a new world and a new map to play on.

The Kingdom of Dragon is accepting applications now.

03:52:49 Jul 2nd 11 - Puppy Thinks Barny Mean:

lol...... I think we have enough newbie worlds now. We need some regular worlds with new maps. For a true newbie, any map is new to them anyhow. 

I suggest naming it Canus!!

03:59:46 Jul 2nd 11 - Mr. Dragon II:

This may be a sign of new maps coming to the regular worlds as their ages end.

At least that is my take on it.

04:01:50 Jul 2nd 11 - Puppy Thinks Barny Mean:

I think a new "test" world is permitted as well. Where Zeta could just throw whatever on it, and test it in the field instead of relying on what players think of it on paper. 

Mention it to him!

04:02:35 Jul 2nd 11 - Mr. Dragon II:

I think that is a great Idea

I will

04:09:15 Jul 2nd 11 - Sun Warrior King of The Mandalorians:

Dude there is like 8 ppl. So much room for expanding. Everyone basically gets their own core.

04:10:04 Jul 2nd 11 - Mr. Nooooobhammer:

We should make it a small ass world, where everyone starts up with a certain amount of gold, and can't get any more of it..... no army upkeep, last one standing wins.... :P

04:17:00 Jul 2nd 11 - Mr. Dragon II:

Unless we get an influx of people, it is going to be a lot of farming on this world,

8 people and only 1 KD so far

04:38:13 Jul 2nd 11 - Puppy Thinks Barny Mean:

lol..... I don't think a newbie world should be played seriously by you guides anyway. :P 

You should be focusing on getting out info on how to farm up and whatnot to the newbies. 

05:58:35 Jul 2nd 11 - Mr. Dragon II:

Our goal on the beginner worlds is to help teach the new player.

06:00:24 Jul 2nd 11 - Mr. Raxxx:

I think the new world i kinda cool.but you only get 300k gold not 500k xD

06:14:10 Jul 2nd 11 - Puppy Thinks Barny Mean:

They're all like that. O.o

00:43:36 Jul 3rd 11 - Mr. James Bond:

This sucks I cant land on fensteria.

08:20:01 Jul 3rd 11 - Mr. Dragon II:

There is finally two Kingdoms on Fens.

18:58:35 Jul 3rd 11 - Mr. Grot Stompa:

Would someone be so kind as to sell some wood?

23:14:10 Jul 3rd 11 - Mr. Dragon II:

lol need all the wood I can get

23:19:25 Jul 3rd 11 - Mr. Grot Stompa:

I usually play as dwarf so i forgot to make lumber mills. Now ive got no building materials.

15:52:31 Jul 4th 11 - Mr. Hill:

Greetings New World,

I am Mr. Hill, pleasure to meet you all.

Now die.


06:37:16 Jul 5th 11 - Mr. Dragon II:


Kingdom Banner

Name: Dragon
Members: 3
Created: 7/2/2011 3:20:12 AM
Leader: Mr. Dragon II

Compare kingdom


Greetings and Salutation,

We are a Training KD, run by Guides and moderators. If you are new and would like to learn how to play or just play better, then join us and we will teach you.

We love a good fight and have the experience to win.

If you want relations send your request to Dragon II. Same if you want war.

Even if you are not part of our KD we will answer your questions as best we can and help you.


06:48:10 Jul 5th 11 - Mr. William Nir:

Kingdom of Fools

Kingdom Banner

Name: Kingdom of Fools
Members: 7
Created: 7/2/2011 7:16:23 PM
Leader: Mr. William Nir

Compare kingdom


Hey there fella!
Would you like to have some fun? Would you like to be in a nice and relaxed kingdom? Well too bad! This is the Kingdom of Fools. We weed out the good players and get rid of the rest. You might be up to it, maybe, but I know that many will fail. Are you active? Are you devoted to finding out how to play this game? Are you a war-mongering beast that wants to eat everyone alive? Well if you are, you better apply and join us. But if you"re one of those hippies don"t even bother, we"ll see you later when we eat you alive.
Have a Nice Day!

07:58:15 Jul 5th 11 - Mr. Dragon II:

Funny, KoF has more than twice the players and only half the strength of us, Who do you want to join.

Kingdoms in Fensteria
Dragon3Mr. Dragon II100
Kingdom of Fools7Mr. William Nir50
Sectio Aurea1Mr. Nostradamus12

17:30:12 Jul 5th 11 - Mr. William Nir:

Eh, we're new, we're brash, we're gonna have some fun.

Dragon, no offense, but I have only recieved two people from the map. All others are from the "accept new players" checkbox. I respect that you guys are guides, heck I'm relatively new as well, I'm sure I'll learn plenty from you. But, why don't you have the "accept new players" checkbox filled in?

17:35:14 Jul 5th 11 - General Undercover Agent of:

Maybe he wants to teach you by killing you, old school teaching! :D

nah idk, easier to train a few people by teaching them, we cant let everyone join or our new players wont have anyone to kill you see, and therefore they cannot learn. The ones they kill learn by being beaten up and learn teh hard way lol

17:37:21 Jul 5th 11 - Mr. Grot Stompa:

Diverting from the point there, William. Dragon most likely isnt accepting new players so he only gets the ones who actually want to play the game well apply for his kingdom. A lot of new players sign up, take a look around and either leave, forget about or just dont care all that much about playing well. Those are the kind of players that not checking the box filters out.

18:24:04 Jul 5th 11 - Mr. Hill:

General... putting idk in front of your answer does nothing but take away any power that answer might have had... had you not said you didn't know before you answered the question, than maybe someone would think you knew what you were talking about.

No offense.

18:40:15 Jul 5th 11 - General Undercover Agent of:

Well if you notice, i really meant idk. Was throwing ideas out there  :p

19:16:44 Jul 5th 11 - Mr. William Nir:

The thing with a lot of new players is that they have no one to teach them, and that is main reason why they quit. They are simply overwhealmed by all of the information. We all know this game isn't that complex, but for a person who is just coming in the game seems to be very hard. That is where "checking the box" comes in. Those players automatically have a kingdom where they can ask questions, and those questions can be answered. And if they are those players who quit, and/or don't play after joining. Well, there is a nice feature called the "kick button", and a policy called "absorbtion into the kingdom". They are very effective. Besides there is always a jewel in the rough. Several eras ago I encountered a player who I just picked up. At first he wasn't very active, but quickly he gained interest, and soon he surpassed me in activity level. He is now a very good player in a very prominent kingdom. If I wasn't there with the "box checked" he might never have gained enough interest.

To prove my point. I gained Hill and Mosquito from the checked box, and both of them are doing wonderfully. You never know what you will get, it's like a box of surprises. Most will be average, some worthless, and then once in a while you get a few jewels.

19:24:19 Jul 5th 11 - General Undercover Agent of:

Have to agree, because ive got some nice players from that box that ive taught.

19:32:19 Jul 5th 11 - Mr. Dragon II:

I have to agree as well.  It was an oversight. thanks for the reminder

20:08:13 Jul 5th 11 - Mr. William Nir:

No problem at all. I just want to weed out the weak players in my kingdom and go from there. So in reality all you're doing is helping me. Even in defeat, a greater victory may be achieved.

03:37:20 Jul 6th 11 - Mr. Nostradamus:

I don't think this is a newbie world (seems to be some people with histories unless they are guides?) :s  but I have a newbie question, what the difference between the gray mountains and the brown ones?

03:44:34 Jul 6th 11 - Puppy Thinks Barny Mean:

The color!

04:35:02 Jul 6th 11 - General Undercover Agent of:

Well was, the gray give more resources. But Zeta took that map down, now that its back..not sure if it works that way still.

05:13:21 Jul 6th 11 - Mr. Dragon II:

As far as I know they are the same resource wise.  But I could be wrong.

19:11:07 Jul 6th 11 - Lord Stormcrowe:

bleh, went to land on fant, but forgot to uncheck the 'new kingdom' option, now i am on this world....but the map definitely brings back memories:P

19:31:04 Jul 6th 11 - Mr. Dragon II:

what kingdom did you land in.

19:40:30 Jul 6th 11 - General Undercover Agent of:

<3 this map. good times.

20:53:22 Jul 6th 11 - Mr. Nebula:

I've got to jump in here and agree on the good memories...I played back sometime around the era of Amon Hen, give or take an era or two, with Zeon...there were some epic battles on Fantasia with Fate/Legacy/Zeon/Music - I miss great walls b/c of that lol...nothing better than breaking through a wall with a giant merge/waking up one morning to seeing total devestation when they broke through yours lol. Awesome map :)

21:47:36 Jul 6th 11 - Lord Stormcrowe:

@dragon: dunno, but i dont like joining a kingdom blindly so now i am a free agent:P May just quit though...

21:36:57 Jul 12th 11 - Mr. Frenzy:

Kingdom of Fools 10 Mr. William Nir 100
Dragon 10 Mr. Dragon II 70
Uh oh, now we have the same amount of members and Kingdom of Fools is 30% stronger.

21:51:05 Jul 12th 11 - General Undercover Agent of:

uh oh, we have an inactive player!! so hah! really we have 9 xD

02:22:15 Jul 18th 11 - Mr. Mosquito:

You may want to kick your 5 inactives...
Kingdom of Fools10Mr. William Nir100
Dragon10Mr. Dragon II51

03:55:39 Jul 18th 11 - General Undercover Agent of:

or the new ppl we pick up that really have no clue how to play and we teach...

08:15:59 Jul 26th 11 - Mr. Hermes:


08:12:46 Aug 8th 11 - Opportunity (Mr. Mosquito):

I'll be the first to say it, MAJOR props to Stinson and his 17k naz (probably a lot more at this point) to which I have lost about 200k axers at this point :(

11:56:36 Aug 8th 11 - Dragon (Mr. Mod II):

I agree, for a solo player, he has done exceedingly well.

Well done. Stinson.

20:41:12 Aug 8th 11 - Opportunity (Mr. Mosquito):

Ya, Leo Tetra and myself just tried to take *her* out and she just carved right through us like it was no big deal. Good thing she doesn't have much more time or I have the feeling she is capable of taking out our whole core :/

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