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Flame Lords Legion
10:32:00 Feb 20th 10 - Flame Lord Phoenix:

Flame Lords Legion

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Name: Flame Lords Legion
Members: 11
Created: 2/3/2010 11:35:00 PM
Leader: Flame Lord Phoenix


A group of friends gathered together to have fun. If you wish to join us then by all means send in an App. There are a number of experienced players who are more than willing to impart knowledge unto you so that you too may grow in skill.


all stuff pertaining to us shall be here!!!

we are recruiting btw but its in the recruitment thread also.... anything else diplomatc or whatnot shall be here.

20:25:17 Feb 21st 10 - Flame Lord Phoenix:

>_>  still looking for folk   XD

22:13:48 Feb 21st 10 - Duke Bongs:

good luck buddy! :)

22:35:53 Feb 21st 10 - Lord Cao Cao:

Heyy Phoenix, hows it going man?

Best of luck next era, hopefully we'll see you on the battlefield =)

09:18:02 Feb 22nd 10 - Flame Lord Phoenix:

thanks bongs =-)

and been pretty good cao cao how about you? it has been a while since ive seen you about =-)

18:13:55 Feb 22nd 10 - Mr. Orange Wolf:

Well, he got me. I took a few eras off, but I've always ran with Carnage/Fate/Foundation in the past. I wanted to try something a little different this time.... and play a race I haven't played in a long time: ORC.

23:58:16 Feb 22nd 10 - Flame Lord Phoenix:

yea we have the orange flags wolf   =-P

23:58:17 Feb 22nd 10 - Flame Lord Phoenix:

yea we have the orange flags wolf   =-P

08:11:01 Feb 24th 10 - Flame Lord Phoenix:

we are growing and still more than willing to grow some more =-)   all are welcome!  if your willing to learn we are willing to teach you =-D  

even if you not willing to learn >=-D

08:19:23 Feb 24th 10 - Dr. Strange Love:

LOL at the little part there Phoenix.  we eat those who wont learn.

08:21:51 Feb 24th 10 - Mr. Seamus The Cluricaun Tripod:


(after your help your bro☻)

08:24:35 Feb 24th 10 - Flame Lord Phoenix:

lol seamus 

and i added that last part because i dont like to see people fail....  >_>,     >=-D

08:29:16 Feb 24th 10 - Dr. Strange Love:

I agree Phoenix we do try to teach anyone that is a nub and joins us.  

But our policy has become over time - if they refuse to try to learn team play we burn down their cities and kill their armies.  

We don't profit from their cities. just burn them.

21:50:16 Mar 23rd 10 - Flame Lord Phoenix:

just thought id bump this  >_> 

we will continue to recruit for next era =-)  so anyone is welcome.

well >_>,   there are a few exceptions to that anyone but most are welcome =-D

01:22:24 Mar 26th 10 - Mr. Knightenwood Flame:

come Join The Legion Next Era Guys Its a fun kingdom without all the politics (well most of it).

01:36:11 Mar 26th 10 - Dr. Demon Toe:

Flame Lords are a good kd and they are loyal to their commitments :)

06:36:57 Mar 26th 10 - Sir Ozymandias The Wrathful:

haha, yeh ud want to hope without the politics knightenwood, i can still remember FC

06:46:41 Mar 26th 10 - Sir Some Fcked Dude:

hey pheonix hows it going mann :D ?

20:35:57 Mar 26th 10 - Flame Lord Phoenix:

im doing good, how about you? =-)

01:00:43 Mar 27th 10 - Sir Some Fcked Dude:

alryt i suppose :P
on the brink of death on mogrox XD so i thought i would fck up some of the competition :P
right now i have taken all but1 important cities of OP and are destroying them :P
just trying to avoid jesus and his army :P

09:53:30 Mar 28th 10 - Flame Lord Phoenix:

lol  jlt is pretty good if that is the jesus your talking about

10:08:04 Mar 28th 10 - Sir Burninglegion The Vengeful:

These be a good group of bastards i recommend anyone join

10:11:34 Mar 28th 10 - Sir Some Fcked Dude:

yeh the jesus guy who was in BOW i thnk not syre but he pulled an army out of nowhere but i could have made more troops and killed him but they had 1 armoury between the 3 ov them and it was jesuses soo :I

20:53:10 Mar 28th 10 - Flame Lord Phoenix:

lol thanks BL you guys have been pretty awesome nap partners too =-)

20:12:34 Mar 30th 10 - Flame Lord Phoenix:


20:43:39 Mar 30th 10 - Sir Narehor:

good luck FLP

00:26:22 Mar 31st 10 - Mr. Orange Wolf:

This is also a first-era KD and we made it to the top 5 KDs. A 16 member KD is fairly small IMO, but we did a lot. With a few more good members, we may be able to compete for the top position come next era.

We are not just looking for experienced players. There are several very experienced players here more than willing to help newer players learn.

Apply at any time. ^^

11:32:58 Apr 1st 10 - Flame Lord Phoenix:

>_>  for those of you who have been messaging me asking "are you gonna be around next era?"    yes  ^_^

and  did I mention we are still recruiting?  because.....  >_>       <_<      

we are =-P

13:29:57 Apr 1st 10 - Mr. Teirdel:

Good Kd to get in ppl. Has alot of decent players! (sorra) (roderian) (wolf) and a medicore one (bragi) :P.

15:52:13 Apr 1st 10 - Dr. Demon Toe:

Hey dont pick on Bragi.  He's a good guy.  :P

21:54:36 Apr 1st 10 - Mr. Knightenwood Flame:

Join FLL people the reason we do well is is play to have fun thats whats important so if you want fun join us.

06:27:58 Apr 2nd 10 - Mr. Justin:

Play to have fun? What in the hell are you smoking Knight? ;) whatever it is you better share damnit!!!! :P

23:18:02 Apr 2nd 10 - Mr. Knightenwood Flame:

Lol Now Now mr Longford cottage Boy be nice and I might share,

08:37:50 Jun 30th 12 - phoenix (Mr. Phoenix Flame):


apps will be accepted on zeta. >=-D

08:41:15 Jun 30th 12 - phoenix (Mr. Phoenix Flame):

o and if a moderator reads this... how can i get my title back ?  >=-( 

10:23:31 Jun 30th 12 - Wolf (Mr. Ember Wolf):

Wow, there's proof here that you had a title. =D

Anyways, we are back and will accept new and old players.

10:55:45 Jun 30th 12 - Stirlin (Dark Prince Stirlin):

o and if a moderator reads this... how can i get my title back ?  >=-(

you have to buy an new one

20:09:42 Jun 30th 12 - phoenix (Mr. Phoenix Flame):

a new one? but i already paid for that one .  =-(

21:46:46 Jun 30th 12 - Stirlin (Dark Prince Stirlin):

you lost it due too inactivity

new account, new title

03:19:55 Jul 2nd 12 - Endless (Ms. Ergo Proxy):

You can't lose a paid title due to inactivity.  You will lose it if you choose to use the Mr. or Ms. option instead of your paid title, then you're pretty much screwed and need to buy it again.

02:09:42 Jul 3rd 12 - phoenix (Mr. Phoenix Flame):

i never chose to not use it. it just vanished. =-(

02:10:05 Jul 3rd 12 - phoenix (Mr. Phoenix Flame):

and i never made a new account.

02:20:00 Jul 3rd 12 - Mr. Ramza Beoulve:

Accidentally deleted your character?

03:46:15 Jul 3rd 12 - phoenix (Mr. Jaxxon):

=-(   looks like it.

07:10:02 Jul 3rd 12 - Sun Warrior King (Sun Warrior King Zhang Fei of Shu):

Ouch that sucks Flame Lord.

10:40:18 Jul 3rd 12 - Stirlin (Dark Prince Stirlin):

a fully paid account doesnt get deleted, i think just a title donation can still be deleted

23:49:41 Jul 3rd 12 - Mr. Trump:

So... If I buy the title and somebody doesn't like it they can delete it??

09:24:17 Jul 4th 12 - Wolf (Mr. Russet Wolf):

Back on topic.... we still need members! Does no one want to play on Zeta with us? =*(

10:27:39 Jul 4th 12 - Stirlin (Dark Prince Stirlin):

22:49:41 Jul 3rd 12 - Mr. Trump:

So... If I buy the title and somebody doesn't like it they can delete it??

its deleted due to inactivity not because someone doesn like it

07:06:55 Aug 1st 12 - phoenix (Mr. Phoenix Flame):

well yet another era has come and gone!  still welcoming members both new and old should anyone be interested.  =-D

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