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Flame lord legion RC
22:09:03 Apr 1st 10 - Mr. Knightenwood Flame:

Flame Lords Legion

Kingdom Banner

Name: Flame Lords Legion
Members: 16
Created: 2/3/2010 11:35:00 PM
Leader: Flame Lord Phoenix


A group of friends gathered together to have fun. If you wish to join us then by all means send in an App. There are a number of experienced players who are more than willing to impart knowledge unto you so that you too may grow in skill.


IF you are Interested in Joining FLL please make your taughts known here,
This is the official FLL page for recruiting so please do leave your message if your willing or Interested in Joining.

A little Info about Our kingdom:
We have mixed kingdom with Vets and New players we guide new players through early era to teach them the basics and get started up.

We play the game mostly for fun but we also have competitors amongst our ranks so every Era your guaranteed good wars and commited responce from all members.


Vice of Fll - Mr Knightenwood,

23:30:48 Apr 1st 10 - Mr. Edd:


00:06:38 Apr 2nd 10 - Mr. Orange Wolf:

peps = peeps = people for short.

You should place an extra "e" in it to make it sound right. Otherwise, it sounds like the "pe" in pet instead of the "pe" in front of people.

And yes, this is a good KD with a great mix of players. ^^

23:19:30 Apr 2nd 10 - Mr. Knightenwood Flame:

Way to go pepes just Ruin the Thread lol

00:32:07 Apr 3rd 10 - Mr. Orange Wolf:

Hey, I'm showing off my skills as an educator. XD

01:34:57 Apr 3rd 10 - Mr. Knightenwood Flame:

lol Orange youll be missed I like fighting along side you mate ^^^^ was Aimed at Edd in a joking way.

Hey you .........Yeh the Guy looking at our Forum (Your asking yourself ? who me) Yes you , You didnt look at this Forum for the fun of it? Your reading cause you wanna join.
Well send your app and join dont just read bloody well join.

10 Reasons to possibly consider joining This Kingdom:

1.I am here
2.Pheonix is the Leader.
3.We like Orange (The colour)
4.We had 2 Excellant Eras.
5.You know you want too.
6.We caused the Hema kingdom Heartache.
7.We are on Havok Hit List
8.We have Vets
9.We like New Members

07:50:46 Apr 4th 10 - Flame Lord Phoenix:

i think number 2 and 1 should be switched   >_>,

08:49:05 Apr 4th 10 - Mr. Justin:

lol you do realize the only people posting in here are FLL members and that there is a recruiting center for this right? :P

08:50:55 Apr 4th 10 - Mr. Onslaught:

RC like the toy car?

I don't think it's good for recruitment to compare yourself to a toy car.

13:47:27 Apr 4th 10 - Sir Jason of Antioch:

RC like recruitment center?

14:45:27 Apr 4th 10 - Prince Toki Wartooth:

We actually bought out RC. We are under new management ;)


23:51:36 Apr 4th 10 - Mr. Knightenwood Flame:

Mr. Onslaught


07:50:55 Apr 4th 10

RC like the toy car?

I don't think it's good for recruitment to compare yourself to a toy car.

Sir Jason of Antioch


12:47:27 Apr 4th 10 RC like recruitment center

Thank You Sir Jason good to see some people are Intelligent

09:03:25 Apr 5th 10 - Flame Lord Phoenix:

*cough*  yea i didnt think toy car either   >_>

08:45:55 Apr 23rd 10 - Sir Ozymandias:

haha nice about number 7, on havok's hit list, wat an achievement

08:53:33 Apr 23rd 10 - Sir Justanius Fontainius XXVI:

wow pheonix you made you own kd! :) good luck man its been ages since we played alongside eachother lol

13:13:44 Apr 23rd 10 - Sir Roheran:

Prince Toki Wartooth


14:45:27 Apr 4th 10
We actually bought out RC. We are under new management ;)

seems to happen alot  ;)

00:32:50 Apr 24th 10 - Mr. Justin:

lol like a 5 or so eras Justanius :P

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