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Food Market Crash in Zetamania
22:37:13 Nov 13th 08 - Sir Struddle:

The food market in Zetamania has crashed.  It has gone down from 1.2 gold at the beginning of the era to just barely making it over .6 gold.  Anyone care to comment on the situation?  Or how about trying to fix it?

22:57:51 Nov 13th 08 - Mr. Ender Wiggin:

There's oodles of noodles!!

23:09:44 Nov 13th 08 - Mr. Knish:

Supply and demand, easy as that. You could 'fix it' by buying everything below 1.2 :)

But I suppose you're on the selling side. So you're 'toast'. lol

23:11:03 Nov 13th 08 - Mr. Evul Fakir Pimp:

I created a city called Walmart....for everyday low prices and slave labour

23:20:31 Nov 13th 08 - Sir Raymond of Tripoli:

Buy everything from the market that is 0.6 Resell it for a higher price.

23:25:56 Nov 13th 08 - Lady Hellish Holly:

I think I could come up with some sort of stimulus package.  I'll buy all the food, then pay the halflings to burn their farms down and begin mining instead.  We'll keep all the food prices high, and I will import them cheap from another map.  With the money I make from this, I will lend it out to the players on the other maps, with a minor interest of maybe 9-15%.  If they can't pay me, I'll just ask them to sell their food even cheaper, while I'll be selling it here on the map at the same price.  Don't worry, I won't show videos of the people on the other map starving. 

This should take care of everything.  Oh and I'll raise prices of food on our map in a few weeks.  I gotta make up for the interest that the other map fails to pay me.

23:45:02 Nov 13th 08 - Sir Vapor:

someone delete this thread its pointless and should be in the zeta era thread

23:59:33 Nov 13th 08 - Sir Struddle:

Oh bite me Vapor your just in a pissed off mood.  And technically this is politics.  Wouldnt it be a political move for me to form some kind of a union and bring the price of food back up?  whats wrong with me posting about it on here?  Nothing as far as i can tell.  If you have a problem with what i posted shouldnt you have a problem with the threads Manwe opened?  His also could be in zeta i dont see you *beep*ing on there about it.

00:10:23 Nov 14th 08 - Lady Jasmina:

The price is already down to 0.48, and I expect it to be like that actually, food drops the price pretty fast, dunno why Hobbits sell it that cheap, they should try to increase it little bit, they are the farmers, they have the monopole on food.

01:02:53 Nov 14th 08 - Sir Deadpool:

Stop your blasphemy I like the price of food like this! :-p


Now if gas prices was this cheap. :-D

02:55:54 Nov 14th 08 - Mr. Samulis The Magnificent:

Sir Deadpool


11/13/2008 7:02:53 PM

Stop your blasphemy I like the price of food like this! :-p


Now if gas prices was this cheap. :-D


I like that second line!

03:03:45 Nov 14th 08 - Mr. Brainiac:

yeah but that was back in the good old 50's when there wheren't as many people/developed countries...

12:05:08 Nov 14th 08 - Mr. Punny Monsta:

its just like petrol and gas . the prices is going DOWN WOOO .

21:38:58 Nov 22nd 08 - Mr. Pyroburner:

Mr. Ender Wiggin


11/13/2008 4:57:51 PM
There's oodles of noodles!!



Well put Ender!


Anyway, i think that the prices are too high right now.

02:57:23 Nov 23rd 08 - Duke Random:

declare war on all the halfers on the map, no halfers higher food prices.

23:42:34 Nov 23rd 08 - Sir Struddle:

but im a halfer...........

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