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17:17:59 Jun 16th 07 - Sir Falazar:

Just putting some feelers out to see if there is another decent Kingdom to join next era... need a KD on Fantasia with a decent amount of power and skill.  And freedom to let a player power play.

17:19:42 Jun 16th 07 - Mr. Diesel:

OMG like you could power play someone.
also I hope your current kd doesn't accept you anymore.

this shows your loyalty towards them.
also you wouldn't get much freedom to do what you want in other kd's as
if theirs a strict rule/planning going around theirs not much room for freedom.

ah well... maybe you should play on mantrax and learn some more.


17:21:56 Jun 16th 07 - Mr. Iwasfrozen:


17:40:55 Jun 16th 07 - Mr. Rei:

finally he is out... was tired of him!!!

any good kingdom won't accept you falazar... you play for yourself and not for your kingdom... that is why you are banished from abydos while i am there!
being on the hoh isn't everything... and you are only there(when you are) cuz you conker everything and leave no colonies ofr the others, so you always have lots of building and few soldiers!

17:45:04 Jun 16th 07 - Sir Falazar:

Uhm, k, if thats what you think :}
wont bother replying other than that.

17:48:01 Jun 16th 07 - Sir Falazar:

Who are you Rei, your not even in Abydos?  Jeez

18:38:23 Jun 16th 07 - Mr. Rei:

think... who hates you enouth to make you get kicked out of abydos?

all i said is true... any abydos player will back be up... you just wasn't kicked this era cuz i didn't have time to play my normal game...

18:41:09 Jun 16th 07 - Mr. Dingleberry Dave:

Legacy is always open to recruit Abydos players!

18:47:13 Jun 16th 07 - Mr. Soccerjester:

is legacy always open to recruit me?

19:00:36 Jun 16th 07 - Mr. Dakarius:

What incentive would I have to join legacy?

19:25:00 Jun 16th 07 - Mr. Soccerjester:

well, swifty and his penor are there....................... thats incentive enough for some people!

19:27:01 Jun 16th 07 - Ms. Natalia:

Mr. Dingleberry Dave


6/16/2007 6:41:09 PM
Legacy is always open to recruit Abydos players!
lol your joking right, why would you want him??? except for the fact that fal is really nice

01:47:39 Jun 17th 07 - Mr. Gothrim:

Sir Falazar: Who are you Rei, your not even in Abydos?

Mr Rei came down to Nirvana about the time Abydos fell, to get in some practice as a halfling. Dunno who he might have been before since I'm rather new still, but what we here on Nirvana can say is that he's very good.

And I mean very, very....good. ;)

- A Musical Dwarf

02:34:06 Jun 17th 07 - Mr. Corona:

I am also going to be looking for a good kingdom next era. The world doesnt matter. If you want some info about me, message me.

02:40:53 Jun 17th 07 - Sir Falazar:

I know who he is now, it is Condinho, and he left awhile back, was always trying to get me in trouble... he's pretty good, but a bit full of himself.

12:46:41 Jun 17th 07 - Mr. Rei:

good enouth to get you out of abydos... i wasn't always trying to get you into trouble, i simply indicated what you did wrong, it isn't my fault that oya and osiris and soft on that, they can accept the *beep* you do but i don't! and if you say again that i can believe what i want or even try toinsinate that i am lieing, then i wil simply expose everything you did....but i bet almot everyne knows the type of player you are! not even jesters want you back, lololololololol

17:44:04 Jun 17th 07 - Sir Falazar:

Oh no, Condi, I am super scared.All I said was you were a bit full of yourself, sorry for saying that, but you have said plenty enough against me. I have a permanent position in Jesters, and a couple other offers, just seeing what is out there. So if you could refrain from mouthing or threatening, I would appreciate it. Fight me on the field now if you must, maturely,

17:56:34 Jun 17th 07 - Mr. Murphy:

well if it is a one on one, I'm pretty sure condinho will win ... Hence the reason you won't be able to take away cities from your kingdom mates ... I wish you luck tho ^^

18:03:24 Jun 17th 07 - Mr. Rei:

you are so close minded, has always, you always respond to my last message and don't see the whole picture...

Sir Falazar


6/16/2007 5:45:04 PMUhm, k, if thats what you think :}
wont bother replying other than that.

this is what i am talking about... you are such a good player that 1 player already left abydos because of you and one thought about doing it too!

sorry to disapointing you, no i'm not, but i had a conversation with a vice from jesters... and you are not welcome there, lol, ouch must have hurt...
if he was lieing i don't see what he gained from it...

bottom line is... abydos should had never recruited you from them... you are more of a parasite or a plage that a good player!

even lgc already understood the way you play( at least i think it was a lgc player that posted in that thread i saw)

yeah i am full of myself and? you don't see me conkering all at sight and leaving nothing for the other kingdom members.... i am a good player, i play for fun and for my kingdom... i don't even care what position i end up, all i care is that abydos does well!

any kingdom that accepts you is wishing it's self-destruction(lgc here is your player, lol)!

dude i have one answer for you... ANY TIME ANY PLACE!!!

21:38:46 Jun 17th 07 - Sir Falazar:

dude your cool :}Wanna fight it one on one in a lesser world?No kd\'s?

21:43:41 Jun 17th 07 - Mr. Rei:

why? can't you find a kingdom to get in? lol
i won't waste my time kicking the hell out of you... i prefere helping my kingdom rise to the #1 spot!

22:55:53 Jun 17th 07 - Sir Falazar:

Then sut up and do it already, and dont say stuff like: \"dude i have one answer for you... ANY TIME ANY PLACE!!!\"If its only talk and your not willing to back it up :} again...

23:32:08 Jun 17th 07 - General Crank:

Didnt you get banned for cheating?

Who would want you

23:56:19 Jun 17th 07 - Lord Weirdgrivi The Diplomat:

Ez is back :)

From what I've heard he hasn't been banned. From what I've heard.

00:07:17 Jun 18th 07 - Mr. Rei:

well i thought you were good enouth to go to fantasia, guess i was wrong...

who? me? banned? why?

00:22:07 Jun 18th 07 - Lord Weirdgrivi The Diplomat:

Condinho... If I'm not mistaken Falazar was the one searching for a Kingdom here, not you... Why start talking lol? :)

00:46:36 Jun 18th 07 - Mr. Rei:

cuz i like to nag him??? lol

read from the start and you will see why i started talking... of course the other motive is because i like to nag him, about the truth... he just seems not to realise that... he thinks that simply because i hate that what i say is a lie, when all i did from the beggining was tell him the truth about the situations to see if he would improve... but that never happened... to bad for him, until he realises that what he does is wrong and that he should change his ways he will continue to play badly and will never reach the #1 spot to the end of the era, cuz he can be there(or close) for some time... but the way he plays will not manage to get him enouth points till the end of the era!

geeeeezz what started has a flame against him ended in a construtive criticism... who would have thought of that(not me, that is for sure, lol)

02:12:44 Jun 18th 07 - Mr. Gravedigger:

Some other people really couldnt stand you while you were in Abydos Mr Condinho, you constantly *beep*ed and whined when anyone made more money than you, and you were NOT a team player, anytime Falazar did anything you were griping, you even cussed out Osiris and someone in the Production thread cause they did better than you!  Go start you own threads!

02:42:10 Jun 18th 07 - Mr. Rei:

lololololol, cool take things out of context... that happened ONE time, we were in the middle of a war and people were building instead of training!

also they hate me so much that i am returning next era and i left on my own free will, i couldn't be online so much so i left not to hurt the kingdom performence...

BECAUSE falazar just does *beep*, creats relations with other kingdoms by passing himself as a vice, he didn't tell them directly but he talked like it.... PHI war---> falazar fault, why? cuz he had the brilliant idea of making a deal with another guy to take a colony that belong to phi so that he could take it from him... the guy gave the whole conversation to phi and there we have a WAR at our gates... all because of a simply blocker!

well the way you talked i assume you were in abydos, so you know i what you are telling about me is a lie, i even write on the forum several times that if people need help conkering a colony to tell me... normally i tell that to the elves!

when will you people understand that this thread is not about me and i didn't made it about me, read from the beggining and you will understand how we got here...

also i would like some names of those people that you say that they don't like me... bertrand, xuaron, crom, oya, osiris, carothian, katsumoto---> these are the abydos players that are always there and i dont' have problems with any of them we get along just fine... are you talking about who?

again if people can't stand me why do they constantly ask me if i  will really return, just to make sure i haven't change my mind(yeah this can be used against me, so don't, cuz you are wrong)

that really caught me by surprise... not talking about falazar who couldn't stand me?

who are you gravedigger... i bet i will have a good laugh when i know who you are!

05:14:31 Jun 18th 07 - Sir Falazar:

Thought this thread wasnt about you?Can this \"Condinho\" thread be shut down now please, and in future peopel need some way to control these threads better... its really annoying having these *beep*s just harass players.... I made a decent thread, that was nat a hate/flame thread, and this guy took it over, this is nuts, people cant talk in this game at all.

09:16:15 Jun 18th 07 - Mr. Bertrand IN Shame:

you are not harassed ... you know perfectly well what condinho means ... and as far as i can tell, sofar, he didn't say anything that was not true ...  sure, you're not going to like it, but hey, you've had three era's to adjust ...  you really can only blame yourself ...

09:32:14 Jun 18th 07 - Mr. Bertrand IN Shame:

and gravedigger ... when a player is making millions per tick, but has no troops to show for ... while the rest is training like hell, fighting ... why would they want to support such a player? i geuss, a remark about that would be ok?   (this was not one of Falazar's problems (he just didn't post his info (or too little to be actually usefull to anyone)), and it was justified to say something about that in the kd-forum (like maybe two or three posts,  extra to all other posts saying that we should train and be ready to fight ... i'm pretty sure it never said it was ok to farm as hard as you can)

15:05:09 Jun 18th 07 - Mr. Rei:

Falazar i made a simple post telling what i thought, you continue talking with me...

well all that there is too know now is who gravedigger is??? and who are the people that couldn't stand me in abydos???

(falaz*beep*cond account?)

15:06:41 Jun 18th 07 - Mr. Rei:

well i will not reply any more even if acusations are made against me... i think i already exposed my case about falazar... now the kingdoms can decide what they want...

15:55:38 Jun 18th 07 - Mr. Dakarius:

I find these acusations...disturbing.

18:12:02 Jun 18th 07 - General Crank:

Ez is *not* back!! lol

And i meant Falazar was caught cheating and banned for 48h and thus final straw for Abydos so they kicked? No?

18:50:12 Jun 18th 07 - Sir Falazar:

No, Falazar was def not banned... havent been offline for more than a small nap or two.

16:08:46 Jun 16th 15 - Mr. Todd L Fondler:

I will have you screw the haters!

16:22:04 Jun 16th 15 - Mr. Tony Montana:

lol, kinda 8 years too late

23:02:35 Jul 1st 15 - Pirate Lewatha:

the memories

08:54:03 Jul 3rd 15 - Mr. Naked Soccer Jester:

omg, i freaked out reading this...i thought fal the multi was actually back.

fricking toddler, fal was at least 15!!!!!! but his accounts were less than a year old ;) WINK WINK WINK WINK WINK WINK

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