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Freedom fighters scummy tactic
14:02:18 Jan 15th 11 - Duke Marcus Corvinus of Darkstep:

I am pressed for time and therefore will not be posting the pm's between us , unless a member of FF would like to refute any point i have put forward at any time.

Okay for this start of this era as far as im aware FF simply sat back , happy to watch beothuk and my kingdom fight against BP and deathnote (respectively). Then BP also declared war on my kingdom(darkstep). Upon this happening my kingdom entered a three way war between darkstep , bp and Deathnote , as all 3 of us was at war with eachother. 

BP fought well , along with deathnote , and we even for short periods when deathnote began outpowering us CF'd BP in our area. 

Then deathnote completely collapsed. there leader had been inactive for about a week , but the kingdom was kept together well by a viceroy. But then BP managed to persuade Deathnote member saurot to leave , and as he was in Deathnotes core he took half of their core over in ticks. im guessing he stayed on for the whole day as i went to sleep with deathnote firmly in control of their core and woke up to just a few deathnote players scattered around their core. in a bid to keep the balance in our war i accepted the few deathnote players left who were active. 

It then surfaced about 4 days later(why it took so long im not sure) that a former deathnote player had (whilst part of deathnote) attacked FF cities. FF then began an attack on us in retaliation. 

It is here that i became disgusted by there tactics. I was messaged by around 4 members all saying the same thing. Scientist was inactive(which scientist confirmed when he returned) and that melkor was in charge of relations til then( which scientist deny's). Upon explaining to melkor what had happened and the situation , melkor agreed to withdraw back to the two cities they had taken from us whilst we settled an era long NAP. discussions were started and whilst we were finalising terms , and had moved our troops back to hit BP  , another wave of FF armies arrived , re enforced the ones in the two cities , then came straight at our core. 

it was at this point i recieved a message from scientist saying that melkor had no authority to arrange relations with us. i messaged back saying i understood this and asking for melkor and those who messaged me confirming that your orders were that melkor was allowed should be disciplined. This message went ignored. 

we had been warring for a few days and there was one point were it seemed all was lost , at this point 4 members of my kingdom , the 4 former deathnote players , left my kingdom to start there own, akatsuki. as they held our fall back cores majority of cities they easily took that core over. 

Now i have no problem with losing , and have done so in considerable silence but today i recieve word from the kingdom akatsuki stating that FF are in the middle of signing an NAP with them. 

This clearly dismisses the story that there attacks were purely retaliation attacks , as those who attacked them left along time ago , before they even managed to enter our core , and our now being NAP'd by them. its clear this was simply a war for land and i simply want FF leader scientist to apologize on behalf of his KD members and to anull this NAP , as to create one with them would be dishonorable in every way. 

However i know the NAP will probably go ahead , and i will settle for a apology , private or public

14:12:23 Jan 15th 11 - Duke Some Fcked Dude:

public i wanna see the PM's :)

14:34:43 Jan 15th 11 - Mr. Melkor:

O...M...G... lol

1st off Marcus i am baffled why you need to take your complaints and post them where everyone can see...(especially when the reasons of your complaints are completley based on incorrect and assumed information about FF)... if your into posting complaints and crying you can do that kind of thing on that disqusting thing they call facebook...

now i hate posting in the public forums cause i dont think anyone cares about Midgards situation... cause i wouldnt care... but if im wrong and ppl do care then i want to make sure that FF's name isnt tainted by the likes of a player who assumes bad things about kingdoms just bc his kingdom isnt getting their way.

first off, i dont care what the situation is/was with your kingdom deathnote and BP... you accepted a player who made an attack and completely crippled one of our mates income right in the beginning and we responded... their... thats as simple as you can get...nothin more needs to be said about that...

now as we responded you messaged the player who attacked first complaining about your situation...scientist wasnt on at the time and the messaged was forwarded to me... i was in charge of the ATTACK on you guys NOT relations... i said i would HALT our attacks which i did... i brought the situation up to my leader and he told me to commense the attacks for reasons that is none of your concern so i continued the attacks... i did my part honorably AND sympathetically... i sympothized with your story and i did more than my fair share of trying to do my part to be as fair as i could...

now afterwards that player who originally attacked us quit your kingdom...again for reasons im not going to say cause its not my place to run around spewing "he said/she said"... so now we continue to attack darkstep and we took all of that players cities (prior to him quitting)... we continue the attack on darkstep cause we dont have relations with darkstep... now the player who attacked us originally who has now quit darkstep and formed his own kingdom is out of reach of our troops... and again for reasons that is none of your business going to the end of the map when we need our troops elsewhere is not in our agenda...

i have talked with this player and his kingdom and i personally think their cool... but i did what i had to do in the beginning...i showed them no mercy... we took ever single city we could get... so now that hes out of our reach and we need our troops elsewhere and cause i think hes generally cool...and cause hes not part of darkstep (which im beginning to lose my patience with) i told him i would talk to my leader about the POSSIBILITY of NAPing his kingdom... and the following is my message to this player when he asked me for a NAP...

***start message***

You (1/15/2011 7:46:06 AM)

like i said we wont be attacking you regardless...

but just out of respect for you guys i will do some talking with Beothuk and my leader (cause we have a MAP with Beothuk so Beothuk needs to agree too) and my leader scientist and ill make that official with your kingdom...

again you guys have been mad cool to talk to... you guys are good to go so the least i can do is make it official with your kingdom for that NAP...

just know that its not official until i send you confirmation alright cause i cant make that call myself... but in the meantime you got nothin to worry about." ***END MESSAGE***

now i guess this player still talks with Marcus---i dont know why and i dont know why he would talk about his kingdoms relations with you Marcus but now due to political reasons bc Marcus felt the need to complain to the world of Utopia about why his kingdom didnt do good in midgard this round he prob wont get the NAP officially... cause understandably nobody wants to be apart of Marcus's crazty accusations

ill still ask to try and get the NAP bc thats the guy i am and now im almost doing it out of spite to Marcus...

next time if you have a problem Marcus, dont complain out in the school yard to all the kids, just talk to me about your issue bc honestly your trying to destroy the honor of a kingdom for nothin... i would ask Marcus that you stop posting about FF in thesed public forums and message me personally...or get on the vu chat ill talk their... dont make a scene man... completely unnecessary... seriously...


14:34:52 Jan 15th 11 - Ms. Dirt Devil:

 was that you SFD? :p

15:15:10 Jan 15th 11 - Mr. Melkor:

also marcus... im not looking to be apart of everyones reading entertainment on here... i will not be posting or refuting anything else... it is what it is marcus and thats it... you can say what you want but i refuse to argue about it here... you message FF if you want to talk to us or about us...

i just couldnt standby and do nothing while you go running your mouth about how bad and dishonorable we are...thats disqusting dude... the only reason you would post here is so you can complain and try and get the support of ppl who have nothing to do with it and dont know anything except for what you say... thats disqusting dude... and shame on you for shoving this in my face by pm'ing me the link as to provoke me or somethin...cause had you not pm'd me i would have never known this was here cause i never come in here. i wont be posting here again about this issue

16:02:04 Jan 15th 11 - Duke Marcus Corvinus of Darkstep:

you didnt dispute anything of any worth? your points dont disprove anything. you said attacks would be halted and a NAP worked out. anything you did not refute. you also gave me no warning attacks would be re commenced.

and no , the players left because i caught them multying and reported them , but as usual zeta does nothing.

if you look at there new kingdom youll see 

wanker - wenker , who have the same email adress
and kisuke and kisukee with the same thing. they both admitted to multying

18:33:43 Jan 15th 11 - General Who:

Dude, its me and ONE member fighting all of Beothuk, fighting Darkstep, and now FF is about to engage us.

But im not complaining..we are winning so why teh hell would I. Hell we dont even have a mage..

22:16:06 Jan 15th 11 - Psychotic Scientist:

I will make this one post with regards to this thread and that is the last I will be saying.
Alot of people know me throughout VU, and alot of people know I do not post in the politics forum EVER but since I was sent the link to this thread in a PM in some stupid attempt by a child to try and wind me up I thought I would make a comment.
I was the one who gave the order to continue the attack on your kingdom, as I said in your last poor attempt to slander my kingdom, we had you as an OOP target from the moment we landed and we commenced with the attack on you and BP (who were in the area as well) as soon as we were prepared.
War is war whether you are warring someone else or not is not my problem, that is yours problem for not thinking your situation through before hand.
I've had my fair share of losses and my fair share of successes, so you trying to slander my name or my kingdoms name will not matter to me what so ever.
As stated earlier, alot of people know me on VU, and they will know whether I am a respectful player or not, but do feel free to continue with your childish attempts at slander just because you are losing.

01:26:01 Jan 16th 11 - Duke Marcus Corvinus of Darkstep:

Dont you think its childish that you keep saying its because im losing , yet i brought it up in the midgard forum long before any break into our core , and long before we were losing?

And why is it you completely ignored the actual tactic thats being slandered. which is your members pretending an NAP was available when in fact , according to you i was a OOP target. 

and you claiming im an OOP target yet your members saying the opposite?

23:49:55 Jan 21st 11 - Toaster Struddle:

kinda funny how people get so upset when it comes to midgard. I mean hell I've been gone for a week without playing take a break and relax the game is virtually dead anyways. besides FF haven't done anything wrong nothing was agreed to and war is hell deal with it.

- Wargasm 

03:04:39 Jan 22nd 11 - Ms. Hasus:

Haha, You shouldn't have left Wargasm, the three members of Beothuk are the top kingdom. (just) :)

And midgard does matter, for all of us who couldn't rank well on any other world. :D

03:42:47 Jan 22nd 11 - Ms. Alter Ego:

Its was only a matter of time . i had to start playing alittle  as soon as i did things changed and i place in any world i choose to play in ;)


20:23:25 Jan 22nd 11 - Mr. Kender The Short:

What are the relations for Midgard at the moment? I'm a bit confuzzled...

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