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10:29:09 Aug 31st 08 - Mr. Gravity Kills:

  Lookin For a Fant Kingdom , 6 or so era Exp , Lets see ....Trio , Music(after trio decided to call it quits) till the end of 31 , LDK as McGuyver ., Gauls , and a Bunch of my own KD's that had been mostly made up of me =D .

             I am Not the Greatest player in the VU world but i know how to play right , i know when to holdem and when to foldem and when to run ....most the time ....and you can ask most anyone that has faught against me and won ....i am like a bad STD irritating your loins for a lifetime when i lose . 
         Looking to step up to one of the greater Kingdoms in Fant , i want to lern from some of you highly skilled players .


PS: no i am not a multi of "Gravity" , id log into chat with him to prove that anytime .

10:30:54 Aug 31st 08 - Sir Chucky:

sounds like your a sore loser...

10:51:46 Aug 31st 08 - Mr. Gravity Kills:

     No ,  i just don't give up so easy . HaLL had but Wiped me out short of 500 cata , and i managed to Ninja some of there larger mines and wreak some havoc on some of there players economy .  Helping to hasten there downfall on the lowly map of starta ....(busy work schedual at the time) .

                  I don't talk smack to other players , and i am not into flaming people on the forums i have better things to do than find fault in everthing other people type out .  id rather have polite conversation with them as i kill them off or vice versa .

        I enjoy playing this game , not into bringin personal Hostility into it .

I also forgot to add in the above post that i mainly play Orc and Human , and i am mostly focused on offencive and allways have troops pumping .



11:38:49 Aug 31st 08 - Mr. Knigh:

u also forgot to say even tho u may be a good player, that ur rude and very abusive! and a not a very nice person!

01:18:04 Sep 1st 08 - Sir Cannabis:

Cannabis wipped out Hall, you just sneaked in and took some undefended mines that they passed.

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