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16:19:07 Dec 28th 08 - Sir Kathandarion The Bold:


Kingdom Banner

Name: G O D L I K E
Members: 2
Tag: Hell
Created: 12/28/2008 4:06:01 PM
Leader: Sir Kathandarion The Bold


The Bane of vapor.The destroyers of ManyThe death bringers of all who oppose them.

Vapors hold on valhalla was weak.As its leader was weak.We will not be stained by its foolishness.We will rise from the ashes.and destroy all.Destroy everything.

We will bring death To those who oppose us.

Message our orders Grandmaster For Diplomacy


17:10:35 Dec 28th 08 - Mr. Reddragon VI:

Good luck Kath.

18:26:22 Dec 28th 08 - Sir Fever Fang:


Best of luck to you.


18:31:41 Dec 28th 08 - Mr. Ruby Knight:

Sir Kathandarion The Bold


12/25/2008 2:52:34 PM

The True Templar Knights

Kingdom Banner

Name: The True Templar Knights
Members: 2
Tag: TTK
Created: 12/25/2008 8:43:07 PM
Leader: Sir Kathandarion The Bold

Recruiting new members on Starta.

Send in a application with How many Era's and that is it really.And how good of a player you would rate yourself.

And past names

It took you three days to change the name once again....... Although, I guess since it is no longer a templar or medieval themed kingdom like the last 3(or was it 4?) kingdoms you must be changing something......

18:53:55 Dec 28th 08 - Sir Kathandarion The Bold:

It is a remake of a old KD.IoK was meant to be named this but Lord V was being a bit stubborn with the KD banner and i did not want to use a different one with the old G O D L I K E name so i waited.

19:43:14 Dec 28th 08 - Sir Fever Fang:

The Banner was *beep*ed up though. xD

19:54:34 Dec 28th 08 - Endless Delerium:

So you left Dark already lol?  Have fun and good luck to you :D

19:56:32 Dec 28th 08 - Sir Kathandarion The Bold:

I messaged Vampire Queen bout it lol.

22:22:16 Dec 30th 08 - Sir Kathandarion The Bold:


03:58:13 Dec 31st 08 - Mr. Sloth:

Who is better.. Godlike or Godlike Noobs?

04:14:13 Dec 31st 08 - Mr. Eros The Pimp:

Eros (Greek: Ἔρως), in Greek mythology, was the primordial god of lust, love, and intercourse; he was also worshipped as a fertility deity. His Roman counterpart was Cupid.

You decide...

04:22:54 Dec 31st 08 - Mr. Erebus:

erebus, Greek,  god of darkness and shadows.    -   :D

07:37:19 Dec 31st 08 - Sir Vidar:

Vidar- God of Vengeance and son of Odin.

10:21:58 Dec 31st 08 - Mr. Mars:

Mars: God of war.

11:11:24 Dec 31st 08 - Sir Perkunas:

Perkūnas is the god of lightning and thunder and storms. In a triad of gods Perkūnas symbolizes the creative forces (including vegetative), courage, success, the top of the world, the sky, rain, thunder, heavenly fire (lightning) and celestial elements, while Patrimpas, is involved with the ground, crops, and cereals and Velnias/Patulas, with hell, and death. As a heavenly (atmospheric) deity Perkūnas, apparently, is the assistant and executor of Dievas‘s will. However, Perkūnas tends to surpass Dievas, deus otiosus, because he can be actually seen and has defined mythological functions. Perkūnas is pictured as middle-aged, armed with an axe and arrows, riding a two-wheeled chariot harnessed with goats, like Thor.[1]

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