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Gen Abusinator strikes again
20:03:08 Apr 27th 11 - Mr. Edd The Reborned:

Sir Sorra (4/25/2011 5:34:41 PM) GOOD BAD
Edd....Can you post on Public Fourm?

I there is no white box for me...
Sir Sorra (4/25/2011 5:43:04 PM) GOOD BAD
Does that mean im banned? If so, its because of this

General Who (4/23/2011 1:44:27 AM)
use normal size font and color...tired of your posts taking up the forums.
You (4/23/2011 1:49:20 AM)
Hahahaha Tired?

Iv only posted like what...10 times this whole year...

Also, nowhere in the rules does it say I have to use Normal sized font in colours and it's never ever been a VU tradition to 'regulate' which size and colour we post hence there being a size and color and style customization bar on the top of your post section.

Stop making up new rules and regulations as you go along because youíre not Zeta and stop targeting me because you donít like me.
You (4/23/2011 1:51:01 AM)
Your only a Mod who is supposed to moderate infringement of existing rules.

Know your place.
General Who (4/23/2011 2:57:42 AM)
Know your place. Rules say no spam. So please go spam somewhere else if u cant use normal font.
You (4/23/2011 3:15:42 AM)
How did you ever make it to Mod without knowing basic definition of things, let alone having a looong history of breaking game rules and cheating.

In most cases, SPAM is identified with the CONTENT of the Post not the FORMAT of it.

Regardless, My posts can not, by the wildest stretch of imagination be considered as Spam.

With the petty attempts at of intelligence you've shown thus far to try to get me on something because you dont like's clear to me that should under no circumstances should you be allowed to go to the bathroom by yourself let alone moderate anything.
General Who (4/23/2011 3:19:29 AM)
Post all you want.
You (4/23/2011 3:50:39 AM)
Thank you...

Apparently you came to your senses.

Ironically, even though I had every right to continue posting in the same format if I wished, I did not even post after this exchange with Zondervan. Can you please Expose him on the forums since I cannot. All he does is targets people that he does not like. Those that defend him and his capability of being a moderator are either in with him/buddies and are willing to destroy the game/forum (and the forum is pretty much in ruins, he's a ban nut) OR they have no idea what the qualities of a Moderator should be.

Zondervans abuse of the Ban button has affected soooo many including MANY people that are widely respected by the VU community.There only infraction is that they did not get along with him.

Just look at the loooonnnggg List of people he's banned for no apparent reason other then they don't like him.
You (4/25/2011 5:44:51 PM)
lol he hates me, and you want me to post this...
Sir Sorra (4/25/2011 5:46:48 PM) GOOD BAD
wth edd

I cant, im BANNED from posting it under Sorra's Message or something.

Sir Sorra (4/25/2011 5:50:15 PM) GOOD BAD
And this is the font and size he is talking about....

(scroll down a bit and you'll see my posts)

Post it under Sorras message or something because I cant and post the link so people can see what im talking about.
Sir Sorra (4/25/2011 7:11:51 PM) GOOD BAD
Why dident you post it...
You (4/25/2011 7:36:42 PM)
uh so much work but ok ill do it.
Sir Sorra (4/25/2011 7:55:31 PM) GOOD BAD
Thanks bro

Any you seem so down these days....any particular reason?

Oh and P.S: Hahahah I love the name of the thread!!!

Indeed thats the only general he is!

A general of abuse!




Well I had to repost this cause General mighty here who thinks he is all that, deleted the other thead i amde exposing the real him and his abuse of mod powers!

22:02:02 Apr 27th 11 - Mr. Alban:

Don't you have anything better to do? It seems like every thread I read your in there slating Zond. Now not content with inflicting other threads with your grievances, you've decided to make your own little thread of hatred....

Perhaps your sore because he kicked your ass in game and you can't cope with defeat? Or maybe you have forgotten the difference between reality and a game and now see this as a personal quest for revenge?

22:04:08 Apr 27th 11 - Mr. Eddie:

this is for sorra who can't post? if you see in the message i ddint want to do it cause i know zond hates me??

22:12:27 Apr 27th 11 - Mr. Alban:

If you didn't want to, why post it?

17:59:41 Apr 22nd 11 - Mr. Eddie:

I ban Zondervan for being a multi =)

(I know i pick on zond a lot of times but it's kinda funny)

19:40:05 Apr 12th 11 - Mr. Eddie:

hahah we all know Zond cheats what do you expect? I still like when he got hacked =)

I'm fairly sure you weren't forced to type those for other people? Both of those were in threads where the original topic wasn't about mod abuse.

Obviously you have some personal vendetta against Zond your hiding behind weak comments about him abusing his powers as a moderator.

22:16:00 Apr 27th 11 - Mr. Eddie:

we are talking about this thread aren't we? you said i made this little thread of hate well i didn't i'm just doing a favor to a friend who was banned unjustly from the forums?

22:17:48 Apr 27th 11 - Mr. Eddie:

Also the first one was for fun? anyone could pick anything?  and the second was in fact about zond and how he cheats. I didnt make the thread but i showed my support because i know for a fact he does cheat.

22:26:01 Apr 27th 11 - Mr. Alban:

I said you made random comments about zond in other threads and now made a special little thread for your vendetta dumbass. You seem to spend most of your time trying to fit crappy little posts about Zond into threads where it isn't even relevant. Again, if you were posting it for someone else but didn't want to/agree, why post it?

The first thread I pasted one of your posts from, if you were capable of reading, required you to make your post about the person who posted before you, which wasn't Zond. Of course, I suppose you couldn't even understand that because there were some words with more than two syllables involved?

22:47:11 Apr 27th 11 - Mr. Eddie:

I posted this because Sorra is a good friend of mine. And also you seem to be the one with no life following me around all threads and apparently stalking me =)

23:07:20 Apr 27th 11 - Mr. Syg:

yeah, there was another thread about this but that abuser scrub prolly deleted it

23:10:05 Apr 27th 11 - Mr. Alban:

23:44:40 Apr 27th 11 - Mr. Edd The Reborned:

hahaha that was pretty good =)

00:21:16 Apr 28th 11 - Mr. Iwontmurderyou:

Who be hatin' mah home fry Zondervan! He aint no cheater!

oh btw, I definitely WONT murder you!

01:51:10 Apr 28th 11 - General Who:

Ask anyone in my kds...or on my skype channels. ive been away. but cool you love me so much you blame me for everything. all fine. hate on homies.

02:08:29 Apr 28th 11 - Mr. Eddie:

Well talk to sorra since he can't post here.

02:10:49 Apr 28th 11 - Mr. Jango Fett:

General who is telling the truth. He has been inactive from VU.

02:38:44 Apr 28th 11 - General Who:

i did and he asked who all are mods.

04:30:51 Apr 28th 11 - Mr. Actonix:

Ahhh, good to know, would have been silly.

I take it for granted that as you have spoken to him and you are not responsible for banning him you have at least taken it upon yourself to lift the ban, so I won't ask. 

04:31:44 Apr 28th 11 - Mr. Edd The Reborned:

21:10:49 Apr 27th 11 - Mr. Jango Fett:

General who is telling the truth. He has been inactive from VU.


yea right we are fighthing him on nirvana he has not been inactive at all.

04:33:26 Apr 28th 11 - General Who:

um ask karl marx. i was moving armies non stop all day. and then there was nothing at all. yes i was inactive. and i cant unban. and i dont get ppl unbanned who are dicks or accuse me of shit. message zeta yourself and hope he answers.

10:51:38 Apr 28th 11 - Mr. Actonix:

Uhm, I ... uhm ...Hmmmm

Ahhh, I think I get the picture, ahem ... ::cough, cough::

For a moderator I dare say your choice of words leaves a lot to be desired.

I would also advise you don't stand up in any further defence of yourself especially if you were not guilty as alledged - the few words that do serve to communicate anything worthwhile across merely serve to confuse one, possibly yourself, they are a tiny little ittsy bit contradictory but contradictory all the same - I'm sure people can't help but get the picture too - your words are like a vivid crazy painting, neither here nore there - you would do well to blank the canvass and start again..

13:07:50 Apr 28th 11 - Mr. Jellybean:

04:33:26 Apr 28th 11 - General Who:
um ask karl marx. i was moving armies non stop all day. and then there was nothing at all. yes i was inactive. and i cant unban. and i dont get ppl unbanned who are dicks or accuse me of shit. message zeta yourself and hope he answers.

OMG!!!! A mod swore *shock* ... :P

16:24:45 Apr 28th 11 - Mr. Iwontmurderyou:

All those hatin' on Zondervan, I dedicate this to you!

17:03:24 Apr 28th 11 - Sir Horus XV:

i wanna be a mod sooooo bad

17:38:22 Apr 28th 11 - I am Legend:

I wanna be like zond!! He is so hot <3

00:25:30 Apr 29th 11 - Mr. Jellybean:

I wanna be like Horus.. he is soo smit! :D

02:08:17 Apr 29th 11 - Mr. Alban:

12:55:19 Apr 29th 11 - Mr. Arkan The Automatic Grudge:

I wannnaa pee but it hurtsss :(

23:29:51 Apr 29th 11 - Mr. Alban:

^^ Better get that checked out...pain while urinating isn't a good sign :P

need to be careful who you see though, some doctors can be a bit strange about that kinda thing....

01:17:09 May 1st 11 - Mr. Arkan The Automatic Grudge:

He said he'd help but now I'm playing VU from a dungeon cell which he visits with paddles :( Dr. Mario is naughty

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