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Give me one good reason
22:40:08 Apr 5th 12 - Mr. Donut Bugme:

for bothering to play this game anymore when it's mostly populated by arseholes.

Leaving aside the genuine misunderstanding with PKS (no, I don't blame you, V, it was just one of those things), having the largest KD on the map (in players and strength) decide that they're going to eat you in the last few ticks of an era after you've fought like hell to survive really makes it not worth playing.

Never mind that we've helped them everywhere we could, including offering intel, freezes and wall crushing to help them advance where they're outside their own magic cover (right up to this morning), and ignore for a minute that they have a MAP with the other large KD, who have blockers surrounding us, which means they have access to us but we don't have access to them (normal terms of a MAP and I wouldn't expect Dendarii to change that for us).

Ignoring all that for now,  21 players v 8 (one inactive) and 553% against 100 isn't a war, it's freaking genocide.  And that's not the game I ever joined to play. 

So give me one good reason......?

22:44:14 Apr 5th 12 - Legend (I am Han Solo):

Your the hottest player in the game? 

22:46:20 Apr 5th 12 - Ms. Willapa:

That there are still more good guys than bad.  We may not be in the best position riht now but things can change

**and cos u is wonderful xxx

22:48:48 Apr 5th 12 - Zond (The Valhalla Savior):

Because i am still here!

23:40:06 Apr 5th 12 - Electric Magneton:

VU is a GAME! if you dont enjoy playing a game DONT PLAY

00:00:20 Apr 6th 12 - Mr. Free Food Come Eat Meh:

The situation you have described is a sad reality of both game and real life. People who have the power never think far enough when the wield it. They just wield it for their own (short term) enjoyment and pleasure. And seriously, this shit happens on a much worse level and with with more devastating consequences in real life.

If there one reason for you to continue playing this game.... it is to get revenge. Build up your kingdom or form a bunch of allies and kill off that big bully of a kingdom with extreme prejudice. But other than that, the only other reason I would have for playing this game (and the only reason why I still play it now) is to keep up my friendship links with a couple of very dear friends whom I have made in game over the years. Ultimately, at the end of the day, strip out all the glories, all the victories, all the defeats, account for the fact that 60% - 70% of the folks who play this game are immature internet-warrior like buffoons, and friendship is the only thing of value left here....

01:29:14 Apr 6th 12 - Mr. Ramza Beoulve:

Hey Donut, you know, me vs 2 kingdoms (though i was mainly the instigator), part of the game, I am in Forgotten Warriors in Mantrax and Dark Side in Fantasia, honestly, we get ganged up all the time. Times are tough, discouraging, but the fun of it is the challenge and the survival. The careful and brilliant defense, offense and strategy to pull off a win or a lose. Essentially this 558% vs 100% is going to happen. Honourable or not, it is going to happen, you just never know what will happen next era, can be absolutely reversed, something new will happen, or turn the same thing. Who knows, honestly, keep playing if you have the will to play, play for the keepsake of your own beliefs, always some sort of playing style.

I keep playing, ganged up all the time in Mantrax and Fantasia, probably not going to change, but it is good to be able to beat those who are numbers stronger, but when you have a ambush awaiting to strike, man the morale goes up.

Awesome war with you Donut, may we do it again sometime ;-)

21:43:58 Apr 24th 12 - Mr. Thick Rooster:

because its a fun engaging game with a wonderful and friendly population. ~thick rooster

21:47:31 Apr 24th 12 - Mr. Thick Rooster:

ps i find the main map (fantasa) is better to play on.

14:03:51 Apr 25th 12 - Princess Aisha:

The making of this thread simply proves that you will not quit the game. Most people who write goodbyes and go all dramatic and crap never leave the game, they just look for attention I guess, but they always come back.
People who quit the game will quit and let few people know about it, and never come back. Writing on forums about quitting is crap and you're not going anywhere.

14:52:39 Apr 25th 12 - Tyr (Mr. Gerisecond):

Still his assessment of what happened to his kd is justified. I think "free food" summed it up pretty well.

22:42:09 Apr 26th 12 - Mr. Christian:

Sorry, got no reasons for you to stay. Bye.

03:03:17 May 7th 12 - Sir Sorra:

Thats not a good reason to quite.

A good reason to quite would be the fact that the games dead, which it is.

03:27:45 May 7th 12 - Sir Sorra:

But if your the same Donut alll the way back from jesters when Mifune and Alex and Soccer and the rest of the gang was around, then im sure it would have dawned on you that this game is dead.

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