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Gondor : Talents
20:23:50 Jan 14th 08 - Mr. Drug Addict:

All those players out there who have landed on Talents, don't join the big kingdoms, Join my new one!

Its a safe bet, youll get in, youll be trained as best we can

Come to Gondor!


Kingdom Banner

Name: Gondor
Members: 2
Tag: GnR
Created: 1/14/2008 7:51:59 PM
Leader: Mr. Drug Addict


This is the Gondor
A new kingdom, New people
This is kingdom is for those new people out there!

Open for applications!
Needed : Vices aswell!


20:24:48 Jan 14th 08 - Mr. Anubis:

haha good luck against Dark Fires and Divinty Lost And PentaGarm

20:25:14 Jan 14th 08 - Mr. Drug Addict:

Im going to try  =]

20:51:55 Jan 14th 08 - Mr. Drug Addict:

We are looking for new players!

Come join!

01:44:18 Jan 15th 08 - Mr. Wyzer:

We wants you to join so he can bum your gold from you for his next fix.

What are your city names? Tweeker, LazyBum, NeedaFix, EightBall, OverDose VII?

"With a name like "Drug Addict" you could see this coming a mile away!"

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