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Good vs Evil End 7
06:11:10 Apr 30th 15 - The Real Josh (Archangel Avacyn):

I wanted to do this now to remove all the confusion about who is playing and where they are playing!

I would also like to Suggest a different way of doing it, Have the people of come 1st and second be kingdom leaders and Draft the people who have signed up! 

Sign up
  1. Slade

06:20:02 Apr 30th 15 - Ms. Magic Dwarf:

The problem is signing up now means you are dedicating yourself to spending time potentially months down the line, and if we do this as a leader + a draft, and then people pull out, you just have to hope someone comes to fill that in later, and in the end very likely have to rebalance the entire team based on the new player base with people signed up thinking the era would end in a month but it dragged on, or the people who signed up and burnt out on VU for a while, or people who had things come up. 

06:36:20 Apr 30th 15 - Architect (The Architect):

Yeah, too early imo.  2-3 day turnaround for a break isn't bad.  It's not like we don't have 7 other worlds to play during the downtime.

07:22:06 Apr 30th 15 - Ms. Magic Dwarf:

Also next era will be Era 6, so we can just remake the thread when it happens.

14:17:15 Apr 30th 15 - Ms. Pillsbury Doughboy:

In agreement with it being too early. Ideally we should have let the era play out a little longer last era to accommodate for sorting as none was done when arma was casted. (Although I was just about to start working on it last era then arma happened)

23:44:22 Apr 30th 15 - Sir Sesughter Yisrahel The Mystic:

am playing who should i join?

01:16:39 May 1st 15 - Ms. Magic Dwarf:

Definitely good

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