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21:32:05 Mar 11th 09 - Mr. Smooth:

See you all. This game has been officially ruined for me.

I'd like to thank RET for their nub bashing and feeding skills and so many people buying bonus turns. yep fun.

Flame away... the only people that read these are the ones that are on 24/7 and have no lives (and yes I'm pretty good thanks. so don't try to say I'm making excuses). So you'll all be preaching to the choir. Have a nice day

21:41:04 Mar 11th 09 - Sir Deadpool:

I did not know you, but goodbye anyways.

21:43:27 Mar 11th 09 - Mr. Theophilus VII:

May God light your path to a meaningful and constructive lifestyle.

21:44:52 Mar 11th 09 - Pirate Lewatha:


I assure you none of us bought BT's. We just know how to save them.

We didn't feed either, and what nubs did we bash? only the ones that thought they were good enough to invade fantasia and break CF terms and permanent NAPs.

I don't see what we did wrong.

21:52:58 Mar 11th 09 - Sir Shmeh:

We didn't feed either, and what nubs did we bash? only the ones that thought they were good enough to invade fantasia and break CF terms and permanent NAPs.

May i ask who you speak of?

21:54:09 Mar 11th 09 - Pirate Lewatha:

breaking CF terms : Heaven
Breaking a permanent NAP : Predators

21:55:23 Mar 11th 09 - Mr. Ilove Slave Foreverz:

Please die

21:56:50 Mar 11th 09 - Sir Shmeh:

emmm..... Smooth wasn't in either of them

22:01:04 Mar 11th 09 - Pirate Lewatha:

I don't know, I just figured he'd probably be in the Starta alliance as those are the people we're currently warring.. if he isn't in there, than I guess he was in GOTF or Angels maybe.

in which case, they chose the wrong NAP partners :P

22:12:58 Mar 11th 09 - Lady Santa The Green Eyed:

I take offense to your post! I do have a life!

22:23:55 Mar 11th 09 - Sir Magnetassium:

Lady Santa, VU life doesn't count as a life.

22:49:47 Mar 11th 09 - Mr. Seloc:

What!? since when!

22:50:03 Mar 11th 09 - Sir Shmeh:

yes he was in RI then Angels

22:56:51 Mar 11th 09 - Dark Prince Stirlin:

another thread about somone getting annoyed at being killed....oh my, if i only had a penny everytime one of these pop up

23:01:20 Mar 11th 09 - Sir Shmeh:

you didn't finish your sentence there :(

23:15:18 Mar 11th 09 - Mr. Skinny Vinny:

ya you attacked the Angels for no reason!!!  we left preds so we didn't have to war you but you brought it anyway.  you bashed all the *beep*s on Nirvana without warning.  all we saw was a couple RET corps coming and you didn't respond when i asked what was going on.  we didn't break a NAP or CF and yet you attacked us anyway. 

01:55:37 Mar 12th 09 - Mr. Saelm:

@dark prince - Ya you'd have enough money to but yourself a bonus turn... yipee... And he didn't even die. Just looks like he's tired of fighting 15 people at once.

@Private Lewatha - You attacked without warning or reason.

03:11:39 Mar 12th 09 - Mr. Justin:

Another Nub bites the dust.

05:39:19 Mar 12th 09 - Commander Aligreat:

@Private Lewatha - You attacked without warning or reason


Its a war game, since when has anyone EVER declared war?


Mr. Justin


3/12/2009 2:11:39 AM
Another Nub bites the dust.

Anyone else find that priceless? lol

06:18:52 Mar 12th 09 - Mr. Magnesium:

    All that talk was just Smooth trying to keep from getting flamed, he basically said:

  You all suck and if you reply to this post it just proves how much you suck because you suck. 

             Wow, what a way with words he has. Anyways have fun with your life.

07:26:07 Mar 12th 09 - Pirate Lewatha:

We attacked without a warning.. yes..

you NAPed the whole Starta alliance/CF'd/weren't attacking them.

what're we supposed to think.?

07:40:35 Mar 12th 09 - Demonslayer Scientist:

They wanted snow cones?

08:11:06 Mar 12th 09 - Mr. Ilove Slave Foreverz:

Commander Aligreat


3/12/2009 5:39:19 AM


Mr. Justin


3/12/2009 2:11:39 AM
Another Nub bites the dust.

Anyone else find that priceless? lol

Lol I do ;D

08:11:06 Mar 12th 09 - Mr. Ilove Slave Foreverz:

Double :(

10:28:10 Mar 12th 09 - Sir Penguin:

rofl ali

11:01:31 Mar 12th 09 - Dark Prince Stirlin:

i buy bts? do i really need to buy bts to kill nubs? wait, have i even killed you? you nubs gotta realise its the players skill that kills you, most players dont buy bts, they store them, something you cant quite grasp yet, and when you see a army move before tick change you go crying on the forum "bt buyer" "forgive me"

if you wanna stop getting "nub bashed" join a DECENT kd that has experianced members who can train you up and teach you the ways of the bt storing! hell one day you might get accused of bt buying. goodbye and good luck

15:54:42 Mar 12th 09 - Mr. Smooth:

I've played 10 eras, I has in Nemesis in era 28 if that helps ya. Just can't remember the password. and Private Lewatha - your a good player and you KD is good. more or less I liked the good old days of Great Walls and getting attacked without announcing it was condoned.  Back in times where KDs were 20 max and honor was the main goal of the game (in the mind of the players).  Mass NAPs didn't exist and Great KD's didn't even bother with lesser KD's because killing them hurt their "rep".  That is all. RET is an amazing KD that has great skill working together and such. I have great respect for you, and your players. 

The main problem I have is the mass KDs and the loss of B&D and great walls.  The nerf of Dwarves/Elves (espicially bless).  And the fact that if you want to have a chance in hell to win this game (by force not *beep* farming or adventurers) you HAVE to be an orc but when it comes to end game Orcs are awful. So to win sit back relax, farm, sell on the markets, and send your adventurers around.

Well thats my last rant. No offense intended for RET the rest of the KDs I couldn't care less.

Good luck to all.

17:00:00 Mar 12th 09 - Sir Penguin:

lol nub. especially  bless? wtf ..... that bless sucked.. major bug...
Back in times where KDs were 20 max and honor was the main goal of the game (in the mind of the players)...
i started era 26 before you and there was plenty kds with 22+players.. i think i only saw abydos about 18-19 players...

19:02:45 Mar 12th 09 - Mr. Orcinus Orca:

he has a point though i find fighitng these less active and less organised kds on smaller worlds  bad for my "REP" and for the excitement the game is meant to provide.

but smooth things dont work like that now you cant ignore the smaller kds, they can cross to your world and bite you in the *beep* literally! you can try be  a hero like a certain kd did this era and decide to take on the world. but you'l find; just as they found out,  the age of hero's in this game is over.

to cut a long story short in this game now mass alliances are the simplest and safest way forwrd cos then you kno where you stand with other kingdoms and can distribute your forces to enemies and leave other fronts to be covered by friends.

i dont like mass alliances though and im sure plenty off ppl dnt. but there is no way around it...........but i thought of something when my kd was fighting RVL.

i thought that all the strong kds on fantasia should agree that they will not fight eachother if any other kingdom/alliance gets involved in the fight but they will turn and kill that kd/alliance so it learns to mind its business............cos the only time i was excited about war this era was when rvl was at our doorstep for 4 or 5 days and we had some high quality skirmishes. and i remember askin my leader to request a nap with rvl so us and them can hav a fair one after we deal with the starta alliance together but they didnt like our idea and now they'r dead and we'r stuck in a boring war with starta in which they are yet to give me an exciting moment cos all they do is die infront of our armies!

19:16:19 Mar 12th 09 - Dark Lord Finwe:

 honor was the main goal of the game (in the mind of the players <--- you were in nemesis so you played with auspice no? i highly doubt honour was his main concern

19:26:28 Mar 12th 09 - Ms. Coxy Reborn:

lol who brags about being in nemesis?

19:28:24 Mar 12th 09 - Mr. Killstone:

first of all i did find that priceless ali ^_^

second of all ret doesnt buy BTs

third of all ret doesnt farm

fourth of all i hate mass NAPs and anyone who thinks that ret has mass naped is dead wrong. IMO a ratio of 1 war to one NAP is good. altho if you kill all your enemies then you are stuck with your NAPs and a bad ratio XD.

5th war games dont need warnings before war. good kingdoms will have their relations as MAPs, NAPs, Friendly, CF, Hostile, No Relations. where hostile and no relations there isnt peace or war. the difference between the two is that hostile kingdoms are on the brink of war where no relations are not but they could switch to hostile or war at any time.

6th if a kingdom is in a war with an alliance then assume that all people in the alliance are at wars. so fighting the ex-fant kingdoms BOW H and Preds means that everyone in their alliance wil lbe fought as well nub or non nub

*ends lecture*

PS excuse typos im too lazy to fix them :)

19:38:10 Mar 12th 09 - Sir Sepelchure Grail:

the one good part of crossed worlds is it makes KD membres more loyal as most of the others have already jumped ship lol

20:09:39 Mar 12th 09 - Guildmaster Chade:

Usually i dont like to speak in the public forums, i like to read, and make my own judgements about someone....When i started this game, a bit more than two years ago, i played it for three years, and because i was beaten up all the time, i decided that this is not an honorable game, bla, bla, bla...strong players are attacking weak players, bla, bla, bla......10 eras ago i made my comeback to the game, and tbh, i saw that the only thing that has changed was the walls thingy....i said to myself - its still the same game after all - alliances, treacheries, wins, losses, capturing, liberation, etc....even big percantage of the players were tha same as before.....
Now this era - with all the worlds open, and the map, returned to the previous one, i can tell you - ITS STILL THE SAME!!!
For me, personally nothing ever change in the game!!! The things that are changed are how many friends you find, how often you talk to them, do u have fun (even if it is virtual)...stuff like this...
See, guys, I dont hate my enemy, i dont hate the guy who backstabbed my back in the game...after all this is all part of the game...I'm here to tell you that i play VU, not that much for the title "Ruler of the era" or whatever title and respect you can win, i'm here to socialize with different ppl.
The people who are getting angry about a game (which is smiple lines of Java classes and methods), i think are very lonely in the real world....I am not pointing at anyone, i just try to implement my vision into words. Such lonely ppl are spending most of the time online, which is normal, as they find a friendly environment here....hell, i do it on the weekends, sometimes i even spend up to 17 hrs per day in front of VU....and most of those 17 hrs is going by in chatting and laughing....there is actually just a couple of minutes of real gameplay....Thats why i accept the win with the same node of emotion as the loss - for me it is only a Java Loop with undefined parameters :D

As a conclusion to my novel, i would like to encourage Smooth to stay within the game and try to increase the amount of friendly socializing, and reduce the amount of feelings put into the game :) My friend, dont you understand that with your current actions, you are harming only yourself!!! You are destroying only your nerves!!!
Look at me --> Lewatha "disregarded" the NAP they had with us, Guild Of The Fallen, they have sent a guy (Sea) to attack us, and after that they say "well he has a war on his own!"
I say fare enough, and i know that by the time we return our armies, our core would be gone, but i still went to a wild party at the exact same time, not caring how many cities and armies i had lost...
Then they (RET) sent another 3-4 guys, and when two of them started to prep on our blockers, then i receive a msg from Lewatha saying only
Pirate Lewatha [RET] (3/4/2009 6:42:45 AM) GOOD BAD
GOTF has shown to let LW armies slip through onto fantasia, right into our undefended core.

You shall now find yourself at war with the kingdom of Retribution.

Good luck.

I was like "What????" we didnt had any arrangements with LW - they just went through Nirvana, almost unnoticed by us, and they have attacked couple of cities of RET.... imo, Lewatha was just looking for an excuse to attack us, in oreder to reach the easier-to-destroy western defences of Starta....And as majority of the women have none, or almost none patience, Lewatha didnt prove to have any as well.....ATTACK!!!! she said...and whhooooppp!!! GOTF is annihilated :)
Well, look at me, I still have the big smile on my face, because of the joke one of my DEAD kingdommates mantioned to me, the other day :D
RET are not bad kingdom, they are doing their acts cause they have reasons of their own! I dont want to accuse anybody, so if Lewatha, or any of RET got offended, please allow me to make a FORMAL APOLOGY!
I am just putting my views on the facts...And i do think that Lewatha is a good leader, because if she wasn't - RET wouldnt be one of the strongest kds in VU!!!
And as an end, i would like to say, that no matter how many times i die, you will still find me kicking next era ;) I dont think that i will quit this game because i have lost a war or died!! If i ever quit it, its gonna be for personal reasons!!!

Standing Tall,
Guildmaster Chade, son of Sir Sandro,
Guild Of The Fallen, currently still living, courtesy to our new brothers from The Great Brotherhood of the Wolf!!!

20:17:53 Mar 12th 09 - Mr. Trendkill:

''When i started this game, a bit more than two years ago, i played it for three years...''

Now how that is possible? You started it a bit more than 2 years ago, but played it for 3 years?

Now, am i the only one confused?

20:20:06 Mar 12th 09 - Pirate Lewatha:

as I stated to you in quite a few PM's I wanted no official relations, you didn't have nidhoeggr under control, so you told me we could take him out and you wouldn't stop us if we didn't attack you.

ofcourse this was impossible, because his mines were in your core and he could hide his armies in any city of yours.

So I acted accordingly and let Sea do the exact same thing, made him have a personal campaign VS GOTF.

than, after Sea had been fighting GOTF for a while, we found a LW army coming from starta right into our core, which was totally undefend. it was hard for us to believe that LW had freely crossed the ENTIRE of Starta without being stopped, or without GOTF opening blockers for them/being NAPed to them.

It wrecked havoc for a while, and eventually we managed to stop it, but it had gotten clear to us that more armies would leak if we didn't kill GOTF, (who by that time I had found out they had a NAP with BoW, one of our biggest enemies).

In fear of more armies leaking into our core, I ordered the attack on GOTF.

20:29:58 Mar 12th 09 - Sir Penguin:

"third of all ret doesnt farm"
@killrock > so lew isnt ret?

20:33:04 Mar 12th 09 - Mr. Killstone:

nah she may farm but she also trains. she was guarding my uber 6.4k mine. but has left =O whyd you leave it lew?! it might be taken now!

20:33:29 Mar 12th 09 - Sir Penguin:

can i take it ? :(

20:58:36 Mar 12th 09 - Duke Dark Blood:

You people post too much on the forums.

21:23:20 Mar 12th 09 - Guildmaster Chade:

Dear Lewatha,
As i have stated, above, i have no bad feelings towards you, or your kingdom!!! :)
It is a game, after all, and probably if i were you, i would think the same, and i would do the same!
But please understand! We really didnt had any relations with LW!

22:36:56 Mar 13th 09 - Guildmaster Chade:

Mr. Trendkill


3/12/2009 7:17:53 PM
''When i started this game, a bit more than two years ago, i played it for three years...''

Now how that is possible? You started it a bit more than 2 years ago, but played it for 3 years?

Now, am i the only one confused?

I'm sure that you are confused :) so am i when i read this :D lol
Apologies for the mistake!!

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