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Greetings new allies!
01:31:56 Aug 10th 08 - Mr. Einskaldir:

Welcome to the side of carnage! We welcome you to the war! If this is not refering to you scracth your head and watch your allies and enemies alike. I am not a saint and have been known to be persuavise when finding help!



01:45:46 Aug 10th 08 - Mr. Bling Bob:


02:03:25 Aug 10th 08 - Sir Dead Oralive:

Im lost.........
maybe Ill find lost treasure YAY!!!!!!!!!!

03:30:13 Aug 10th 08 - Mr. Einskaldir:

we have made a new ally in the war on fantasia. they will join our struggle soon but it is too hard to be quiet; besides this is so much fun!

03:50:44 Aug 10th 08 - Mr. Bling Bob:

great...a 4 day alliance...enough time to watch paint dry

09:11:02 Aug 10th 08 - Sir Chucky:

or record the cows comming home

11:23:50 Aug 10th 08 - Mr. Tunder Strike:

When the parties in concern realize what is will be too late...Nice.....

11:28:17 Aug 10th 08 - Mr. Air:

today im gonna watch the tenacious D movie backwards and look for hidden messages from the devil.

11:30:40 Aug 10th 08 - Mr. Justin:

haha HAIL SATAN!!!!!

12:00:52 Aug 10th 08 - Sir Harry The Crazy:

Who is this ally you speak of, and somehow i doubt it will save you now.

15:11:06 Aug 10th 08 - Mr. Bling Bob:

im going to try sell my soul to the tooth fairy

16:07:50 Aug 10th 08 - Mr. Tunder Strike:

Ya ok...Why don't we fill you in fact we could do it right here in the public forums...

We could expose our plans and our unsuspected allies before the world and possibly wreck what is about to

16:10:33 Aug 10th 08 - Sir Harry The Crazy:

Unsuspected allies? No-one on fant is unexpected.

17:18:11 Aug 10th 08 - Mr. Tunder Strike:

Then there is nothing to worry about... ;-)

17:29:40 Aug 10th 08 - Mr. Bling Bob:

well...i got a pound 28 years ago so must be worth at least one wild night...though with inflation and the value of souls over the years I reckon i might get a few mill to go with the meaningfull one night stand

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