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Guild of the Fallen
02:43:29 Oct 26th 08 - Mr. Struddle:

Well sense everyone else seemed to be recruited between the era I figure we should try to catch up a little.  Guild of the Fallen is recruiting.  We will be taking members with any kind of experience be it many era's or even if it's your first.  All and all we are here to have some fun.

Our Information:

Leader: Sir Sandro

Vice's: Darkfaith, Struddle

Last Era: We finished fourth, and had two members finish in the top 10

Upcoming Era: We will be in Zetamania next era.

If you want to join float us a message or write in the post.  Good luck to everyone in the upcoming era.

Your friendly neighborhood Struddle =D lol

02:01:55 Oct 26th 08 - Mr. Resistance:

I have the up most respect for this kingdom right here. The leadership are very nice people and have been very loyal to each and every kingdom in Zeta. I'm sure if you join them you will be very successful and have a great time there.

I wish you guys the best of luck...

03:18:11 Oct 26th 08 - Mr. Van Effen:

Definitely a kingdom with honourable leaders.

14:51:36 Oct 26th 08 - Mr. Struddle:

Thanks for the kind words guys.

13:23:54 Oct 27th 08 - Sir Sandro:

Guild Of The Fallen

Kingdom Banner

Name: Guild Of The Fallen
Members: 7
Created: 9/11/2008 11:01:47 PM
Leader: Sir Sandro


This KD might be desicribed using four words:


We are a KD created in the early stages of era 35 in Zetamania.   We will be taking members with any kind of experience be it many era's or even if it's your first.  All and all we are here to have some fun. Send your application stating the following:

1. How many eras have you played?
2. Which kingdoms have u been in before?
3. Why do u want to join us?
4. Time spent online per day ( give approximate result using the X/24 scale, where X is hours per day)

To new players:
We are ready to recruit you, and if you have desire to learn how to play - you WILL learn!!! But beware being online and listening to the leadership is essential as we are not forgiving too many mistakes.


15:51:33 Nov 4th 08 - Mr. Struddle:

I would like to say we are recruiting again.  We have a ten member cap limit for this era and as we have just lost one of our members we are looking for players that can have era's of experience or looking to make a start.  Our kingdom is known in Zetamania for being one of the toughest and most honorable.  We have fought strong kingdoms in the past and we continue to fight them now.  Our Guild has been one of the toughest in all of Zetamania and our allies along with our enemies realize this.  If you want to be in a kingdom that will be in the thick of battle constantly then join us.

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