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GvE Zetamania
12:06:49 Mar 25th 17 - Nayoke the Kid (Sir Eros Returns):

With the need to consolidate and in a sense unify the player base across different worlds, I thought back and considered some of the past era's I've played. In my opinion, GvE brings something funner to the game than Zeta -> walls and merges are cool and what not but the KD's residing on that world don't really do it justice -> and if a choice had to be made between keeping Zeta open/closed along with GvE, at this stage in the game I personally would like to see GvE thrive again along with maybe even decreasing map size along its X and Y axis by 25% or so just to make things interesting. 

Kind of jumbled random thoughts, what do you guys and gals think though?

16:21:13 Mar 25th 17 - Sprout (Mr. Sprout):

 Zeta is a classic, I really feel it should remain the same.  GVE I never really liked tbh, if anything kill mant and keep fant val and zeta. but really things are fine as they are.

17:08:34 Mar 25th 17 - Princess Aisha:

If Zeta is boring, we as players need to do something about it
If you think good vs evil might be a good idea for 1 era
Then players can work on that, like we did when GvE idea first came into place.

What you would need to do is have everyone apply they will play next era
And then when everyone applies, we set up teams that will have the same amount of players to make it fair, and make only Good and Evil kingdom, no other kingdoms would be allowed.

And right there you have an issue because those kingdoms there would not want to change, unless they would be interested, you would need to talk to people.
But closing worlds is not a solution, there are many better things that could be done.

18:25:02 Mar 25th 17 - Mr. Bling:

Why not have Fant, and rotate the other 3 worlds?

Add something to Mant to mix it up from just being fant 2.... 8 man kd or something

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