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14:19:06 Nov 6th 15 - Mr. Meskis:

Maybe You can rename this world? There is no Good active and it is not possible to create own kingdom

14:20:03 Nov 6th 15 - Konspyre (Captain Obvious):

remove 50%, ty.

12:19:55 Nov 9th 15 - ZeTa (VU Admin):

I've now nuked it!

Randomly assigned players and leaders to get it going.

Since the current leaders are a bit inactive you have to assign two new community leaders or this world will be closed.

19:19:30 Nov 11th 15 - HorusPanic (Mr. Round Mound):

this map dead?

20:57:44 Nov 11th 15 - Death Dealer (Prince Anonymous):

Yeah, which is sad b/c the ones whom begged Zeta to make it have now abandoned it. Now they are asking for it to be removed, which will be here soon ;(

Thank you for making this world Zeta. When I could be active I enjoyed it and am very happy to see you becoming active again ^_^

01:00:39 Nov 12th 15 - shyers (Grandmaster Karma Chameleon):


22:34:36 Nov 17th 15 - Mr. Just Dropping Inn Say Hii:

Weird how neither G nor E has asked me to join them.

03:35:14 Nov 19th 15 - Mr. Just Dropping Inn Say Hii:

Still no messages asking if they want me to join. That is just so odd.

05:45:07 Nov 19th 15 - shyers (Grandmaster Shylamain):

I'm afraid this world is pretty dead. Try moving to fant or mant

05:46:19 Nov 19th 15 - Mr. Just Dropping Inn Say Hii:

I believe I already am in Fant and Mant I think.

16:20:39 Nov 20th 15 - Mr. Just Dropping Inn Say Hii:

Its funny how some of the problems of VU are players who message another but never get a reply back. Already have had that. Player in GvE just sent a small army at me to attack me. I messaged him as he was coming down as what he was gonna do with that army. No response. His kingdom nor him offered me to join them. What if I was a new player who landed there by mistake? Your response to helping others is to attack without question? Shame dude.

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