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GvE 20
11:54:33 Dec 5th 16 - ZeTa (VU Admin):

It has been shuffled!

Mr. Adventurer will be the leader of Good
Mr. Stewie will be the leader of the Evil

12:43:15 Dec 5th 16 - Stewie Griffin (Mr. Stewie):

Although it's a good concept overall, I don't think there are enough players on the Good vs Evil map to make the era interesting or fun (last era there were only 5-6 active players on the entire map).

Therefore, I have decided not to play this era.

Since, Mr. Dominick The Hairy placed 3rd last era, I have passed on the leadership for the EVIL side to him.

Good luck to everyone playing this era.


08:44:46 Dec 6th 16 - Knigh (Sir Knigh):

i dont think there is more then 3 in the evil side that will be playing this era, dunno bout good, think i'll give it a miss at this rate

09:29:44 Dec 6th 16 - Endless (Ms. Gossamer Wings):

4 so far

11:05:05 Dec 6th 16 - McMax (Battlemage Mcmax of Mantrax):

What side are you one Endless (I'm untagged yet)?

12:37:27 Dec 6th 16 - Sir Edi:

Mcmax wait till you see scouts around you and join the side that is close to you, thats what I did

13:24:56 Dec 6th 16 - McMax (Battlemage Mcmax From Godmania):

I see you Edi.

13:31:27 Dec 6th 16 - Sir Edi:

Join Good then :-)

13:34:13 Dec 6th 16 - Sir Edi:

Endless is in Good as well ;-)

15:31:20 Dec 6th 16 - Globey (Supreme Leader Magnus Hornwood):

I have to sit this era out. Sorry guys! Lots of stuff to do at this time of year. I'll be back next time, though!

I think a new map with terrain that actually blocks would stimulate interest.

14:40:15 Dec 24th 16 - Sir Edi:

Its not really fun to have 8 vs 6 and few untagged, was it more fun before?

There are just not enough people for a great battle... 

Should we change the theme a bit, maybe come up with some kind of idea for an era, and then something different next era? I've seen bunch of people wanting to play Game of Thrones style, why not next era form Houses of Westeros, Houses of Essos, White Walkers and such... or just noble houses of Westeros.

And for next era come up with something else... Because GvE is not very fun now... Or maybe its just me thats not enjoying lol

21:30:03 Dec 24th 16 - Woody (Mr. Woodeh):

FFA with forced 1man kingdoms? 

01:13:00 Dec 25th 16 - Binh (Mr. Binh):

whatever game mode it is, require players to actively participate or it become boring. FFA was fun for awhile when a lot of people play and we banter on skype :)

05:47:55 Dec 25th 16 - Ivanho (Mr. Ivanho The Ocro Imperor):

2 man kd would be cool too. xD whatever it is, it needs a change :)

18:55:21 Dec 27th 16 - Sir Edi:

Well looks like GvE is done...

Boring era.

09:18:49 Dec 28th 16 - Cloutier (Master Cloutier):

Yes had 3vs8

11:25:27 Dec 28th 16 - Sir Edi:

If a map has 11 players, it should end because there are not enough people. Restart right away with another theme. Do the small kingdoms if that is what people want. This game really needs some updates...

13:05:29 Dec 28th 16 - Mr. Leight:

I got in very late but it looks like this round is over. Let's restart, and we as players should make and effort at the start of next round to balance the number of players spawned on each team.

Happy Holidays everyone!

22:12:09 Dec 28th 16 - Endless (Ms. Gossamer Wings):

Arma coming soon

08:02:31 Jan 2nd 17 - ZeTa (Mr. Neutral Wizard):

Good vs Evil will be closed for now.

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