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GvE Classic 27
13:07:50 Nov 12th 22 - Mr. Riddlck:

Who else wants to take over the next Classic world?

15:04:19 Nov 12th 22 - Mr. Revenant:

I haven't played in years, what's the deal with Qua these days? Anyone actually play there or is it even deader than Zetamania?

15:30:34 Nov 12th 22 - Mr. Riddlck:

Better than other worlds. Smaller map. If you dominate the map you can do whatever f you want. Farm for months. Move with millions to billions of troops. Hunt down preys. No arma until you want to. You're one ruler to rule them all. Write your name on HoH at the end.

What more you want. 

18:02:08 Nov 12th 22 - Percy (Mr. Percy The Range Test Officer):

Quatha/GvE has essentially become a testing world ever since ZeTa closed down Guidawrita. The testing isnít exactly donít with, just need to test a few things soell-related. We opted to reset the world so spells could be cast in days rather than waiting north of a month just to cast a simple spell (canít cast spells while in protection, and GvE OOP was insanely long since itís based on era duration). 

18:54:03 Nov 12th 22 - Mr. Riddlck:

You can test if you survive.

21:27:44 Nov 15th 22 - Mr. Robjammcmxc:

greetings everyone!

13:21:41 Nov 16th 22 - Mr. Napoleon:

Mcmax?! Where's you been. 

13:59:39 Nov 16th 22 - Mr. Robjammcmxc:

Those are Roman numerals, you may have me confused with another.

15:01:12 Nov 16th 22 - Phat (Mr. Baelro):

Well, Iím disappointed 

15:01:12 Nov 16th 22 - Phat (Mr. Baelro):

Well, Iím disappointed 

15:51:14 Nov 16th 22 - Konspyre (Mr. Spectacular):

Well, Iím disappointed

16:46:58 Nov 16th 22 - Mr. Revenant:

Well, I'm disappointed

18:18:57 Nov 16th 22 - Ms. Jasmine:

Well, I'm disappointed

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