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GvE Era of Weird Map
05:46:21 Dec 1st 19 - HorusPanic (Mr. Good Guy):

Kingdoms in GvE Qua
Good20Mr. Good Guy100
Evil22Lord Herman Webster Mudgett92

06:27:28 Dec 1st 19 - Matthew (Chief Mattis):

You really can't go wrong with a leader like Mr. Good Guy- word has it that he's a really stand-up guy.

I've heard nothing of the sort about Lord Herman Webster Mudgett, a ruler whom I've heard is most distasteful and nefarious.

06:32:49 Dec 1st 19 - Stormy (Lord Herman Webster Mudgett):

Your mother...

06:33:38 Dec 1st 19 - Stormy (Lord Herman Webster Mudgett):

It is a weird map can we not get it larger?

06:43:17 Dec 1st 19 - The Real Josh (Peasant Estarossa):

Good guys a chump.

Herman is a straight fusion of Ron Coleman and Ron Jeremy.

Maps fine.

07:37:18 Dec 1st 19 - Matthew (Chief Mattis):

My mother? A kind-hearted woman. Strong morals.

Your mother? Spineless. Probably also wicked.

07:42:33 Dec 1st 19 - Matthew (Chief Mattis):

ZeTa should play this round with Good:

The most irreproachable thing he has ever done was label the map 'GvE Qua'. 

Qua, the new player world. 
The perfect world for most Evil players.

12:59:24 Dec 1st 19 - The Real Josh (Peasant Estarossa):

Don't be ludicrous, Take Ignis and Cao away, your just holy with a less effective leadership.

15:43:32 Dec 1st 19 - Stormy (Lord Herman Webster Mudgett):

Ha! Sorry but I was drinking when I read that and I laughed so hard it came out of my nose....

My mother was Satan so yeah probably so

Zeta play with good? Yay good on ya mate. The handicapped need all the help they can get

15:46:27 Dec 1st 19 - Cao Cao (Duke Cao Cao):

Anyone interested in an early christmas gift? I just donated to get the extra character, I am happy to gift the second benefit. PM me on my Fant character, I'm mostly offline today but can respond tomorrow.

16:39:43 Dec 1st 19 - Stormy (Lord Stormcrow):

Youíre a stand up guy, Cao👍 I may do that as well...

Also since Iím now in the Christmas spirit Iíll give my love out to the good side (just playing earlier fam) and VU:

Anybody want some nudes of me? I donít know if everyone has gotten them yet.

16:48:24 Dec 1st 19 - Mr. Igniz Baby Boo:

No thanks last time someone shared nudes on vu I puked and almost got blind. Send some to Fordius:p or Bran

17:16:27 Dec 1st 19 - Bran (Mr. Bran):

Mr Igniz I couldnt possibly during Christmas time. You have the gift

17:28:38 Dec 1st 19 - Mr. Bane:

We pulling our schlongs out now??

18:13:18 Dec 1st 19 - Mr. Arthus Ignatius:

Sorry I don't celebrity Christmas. let say the losing kd gets those pictures. I doubt we can get any better motivation then that to win. Or maybe Bane since he seems so interested:p

18:30:51 Dec 1st 19 - McMax (Mr. Grumpy Old Wild Boar):

Now it time to PANIC (not you Horus :big-grin:)....... We are still under protection for xx (exact time deleted) more days (one day = 60 minutes).

The protectiontime has been ajusted. The clouds of War are much closer than they were a few hours ago.

19:55:13 Dec 2nd 19 - HorusPanic (Mr. Good Guy):

Kingdoms in GvE Qua
Good21Mr. Good Guy100
Evil22Lord Herman Webster Mudgett89

08:04:08 Dec 3rd 19 - The Real Josh (Peasant Estarossa):

And we are off!!

11:09:42 Dec 3rd 19 - The Real Josh (Peasant Estarossa):

First blood goes to Evil :)

13:15:22 Dec 3rd 19 - Lord Jellybean (Lord Jellybean Angel):

Of course evil shoots first.. evil evil people that you all are

21:24:00 Dec 4th 19 - Polydeuces (Mr. Sethos Amos):

We have made 35 hostile attacks on them and they have made 61 hostile attacks on us.

lol i just calculated, at least 37 of those hostile attacks have been on me xDD so many spells! idk if it counts eits so could be more i guess 

21:58:29 Dec 4th 19 - Emperor Caligula:

Oh wierd who are you? 

22:03:50 Dec 4th 19 - Polydeuces (Mr. Sethos Amos):

no one really :p

23:57:43 Dec 4th 19 - Polydeuces (Mr. Sethos Amos):

well a bunch more spells were cast on me but nothin popped up so i suppose I was mistaken :p aha im lame

04:35:41 Dec 5th 19 - Endless (Lady Real Slim Chady):

magic sucks sometimes it fails more then it quietly provides intel :p

14:32:12 Dec 5th 19 - Mr. Bling Babe:

y'all bunch of gheyasspussyfcuks

14:42:54 Dec 5th 19 - Mr. Bling Babe:

Stormy in a bad mood this morning, so he told me to tell all y'all to fcuk off this am and stop with the gaia spam ffs. word.

20:48:21 Dec 8th 19 - Matthew (Chief Mattis):

It's great to see that everyone on GvE Qua respects the Sub-5k MU Treaty.

Rare to see people get along at all these days so it's really heartening to witness 46 players all upholding an agreement like this.

20:51:24 Dec 8th 19 - McMax (Battlemage Mcmax The Dark Knight):


What treaty - are you sure you didn't eat something you shouldn't have been drinking?!?!?

21:08:06 Dec 8th 19 - Emperor Caligula:

Chomsky Gighletons Cute 

21:58:53 Dec 8th 19 - ZeTa (Ms. Madusa Magina Carina):

We dwarves honors thee treaty, but you can never trust them Elves.

22:04:04 Dec 8th 19 - Mr. Bane:

If Aloy keeps annoying me, Zeta will delete him !!

22:10:47 Dec 8th 19 - Mr. Igniz Baby Boo:

Agreed ZeTa,  those damn elf do goodness are sure evil. Can't even follow a simple treaty.

22:58:27 Dec 8th 19 - Matthew (Chief Mattis):

Agreed. Never trust an Elf.

23:52:55 Dec 8th 19 - Penguin (Mr. Mikhail Popkov):

i think its time to nerf gaia and make it 1/1

00:12:40 Dec 9th 19 - Mr. Igniz Baby Boo:

Says the guy who won a era thanks to gaias:)

00:28:39 Dec 9th 19 - Mr. Aloysius:

Me having 1M+ gold

Clicks training page...

3k hammers? Nope.

10k!!! (like)

00:28:44 Dec 9th 19 - Lord Jellybean (Lord Jellybean Angel):

I see mass gaia both sides.. that god damn 1/2 making a stalemate.. for now.

If you're relying on gaia now, betting you struggle mid era ;)

00:55:53 Dec 9th 19 - Mr. Bane:

TBH gaia should be 2 op - 0.5 dp ratio'd as they are meant to be pure cannon fodder, and hammers should be 4-2

01:25:30 Dec 9th 19 - Penguin (Mr. Mikhail Popkov):

When did i win it ? :O 6 years or more ago?

Mr. Igniz Baby Boo:

Says the guy who won a era thanks to gaias:)

01:48:38 Dec 9th 19 - Mr. Igniz Baby Boo:

Yes a couple a year's ago:) you wrecked havoc someone's people's core and owned it:)..  can't even remember if it was fate,plague or something. But you sure did a number on them. Heck you used gaias and military lv 7 and all the way up to 9. Also why bother downgrading Gaias. Wasn't it a couple a year's go that people changed gaias attack from 2 to 1 and changed into defence. And also considering that gain spaming has disadvantages it shouldn't be that much of a big deal. Maybe is because of the small map and that there  are lot of orcs roaming around that you guys feel like this:)

02:56:48 Dec 9th 19 - Emperor Caligula:

Ignis I choose you, Use Gaia Spam!

03:08:05 Dec 9th 19 - Polydeuces (Konig Polydeuces):

Geeze, the amount of times a gaia spam in enemy core has won is ridiculous.  Idk why people underestimate GTs and think it's a bad idea to use them... Didn't someone go an entire era and win had like over 2million gaia?  Barny, or Binh?  I don't remember, just crazyness though.

04:09:05 Dec 9th 19 - Phat (Grand Moff Phat):

14:29:12 Dec 22nd 19 - Phat (Grand Moff Good Boy):

How's everyone doing this Christmas week?

19:44:24 Dec 22nd 19 - McMax (Mr. Darkminded):

Had a good day. Made marzipan"candy" and several other things with my grandchildren, girls and my sons-in-law.

Some beers (mostly for me as usual (my youngest son-in-law prefers redwine)), and made a really tasty dinner for all.

Now relaxing.......

14:56:48 Dec 23rd 19 - Phat (Grand Moff Good Boy):

alright Mcmax! All about the family!

Anywho, I'm farming up for arma, is there anyone from evil who will vote it down once cast or is this era conceded?

16:16:57 Dec 23rd 19 - Penguin (Mr. Mikhail Popkov):

till my last nazz is still alive, evil will have a chance! 

16:54:06 Dec 23rd 19 - Phat (Grand Moff Good Boy):

got it, so kill him then we can cast

19:38:12 Dec 23rd 19 - Emperor Caligula:

I just Want Pie.. kill me 

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