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09:18:39 Mar 30th 16 - Nayoke the Kid (Mr. Eros The Gentlemen Warrior):

we are on day 70 and no one has the ability to cast arma because everyone yolo attacked everyone else as it was supposed to be a solo world. the world is dead anyways. needs to be restarted/shit down < preference 

00:30:18 Apr 18th 16 - Tyrin (Mr. Longer Rulername):

Anyone in Mortal Kombat or Outlawz against Zeta casting arma on GvE? I dropped to test a couple things but now wouldnt mind if the world restarted for a bit of soloing fun.

02:36:40 Apr 18th 16 - Arkantos (Mr. Sub Zero):

I asked him a few times now, 

07:47:19 Apr 18th 16 - Cloutier (Mr. Cloutier):

I was close until I got attacked
. I messaged sub zero saying I'm casting arma.

09:28:47 Apr 20th 16 - Mr. Whiro:

Finally able to get a break...


Casting Armageddon from Hhhhhh upon Arma City with 22% chance of success...successful, If our defence holds, Armageddon will start within 240 days. When casting the spell 14581 of our Spellweavers died and 4860 got injured.

19:07:08 Apr 23rd 16 - Mr. Broman The Baddie:

Can someone tell me what are the rules of good vs evil world? Who is good and who is evil, if im evil can i attack evil or only good players? Sorry just came back to the game few days ago and would appreciate some help.

19:13:13 Apr 23rd 16 - Tyrin (Mr. Cant Think of Clever Name):

There used to be 2 teams that were drafted at the start of the era but everyone got bored of that so now its supposed to be the solo free for all world.

23:09:51 Apr 23rd 16 - Cloutier (Mr. Cloutier):

It's not a solo world. was until the end last era then that was destroyed because 1 certain player got his feelings hurt. so took all the top players to go against me and 1 other. took 5 of them to do it. haha.

this era is teams. I have 3 in mine. 2 are inactive. :p

23:15:30 Apr 23rd 16 - Arkantos (Sir Vivi):

lmfao dude your a newb, you had a 2 player kingdom then allied Eros to try and take over the world. Realizing I couldn't beat Eros' 250K zerks myself I made a kingdom of me 2 new players and 3 older one to beat all three of you...stop talking shit. Everything you and your buddie sent my way I destroyed.

00:50:26 Apr 24th 16 - Mr. Broman The Baddie:

haha some bad blood here i see, take this world to solve it once and for all ^_^

02:11:33 Apr 24th 16 - Tyrin (Mr. Thuper Thenthitive):

Well I dont know if you need some unfair advantage Clout, but your group seems to be the only ones to think that
OutLawZ5Mr. Cloutier1
Dragons Empire1Mr. Ladon Samael1
Fire and Ice1Mr. Whiro0
Aardvarks Anonymous1Mr. Arkantos The Ardvark0

12:10:30 Apr 24th 16 - Cloutier (Mr. Cloutier):

as I said before 2 are not active, an arkantos Making a nap isn't the the same thing.

12:37:03 Apr 24th 16 - Tyrin (Mr. Longer Rulername):

I kinda see where youre coming from but not quite since the LOS doesnt stack on a nap (even if they are sharing info there is collectively less of it) You cant cover towns defensively for nap partners stacking armies on it (pretty big deal) or return towns for them. And the biggie you cant cast any friendly spells on non kd mates. Oh and move through blockers. (Im sure there is more Im missing)

Ideally it would be great if we could keep it diplo free but I would much rather fight 2 (maybe even 3) people soloing and napped against me than 2 in a kd.

If the worlds page is accurate, 14 people dropped and the 12 other than the "active" 2 in your KD would seem not to need anyone else holding their hands 

09:10:06 Apr 26th 16 - Tyrin (Mr. Cant Think of Clever Name):

So your being the only multiple man kd was inadequate to the point that you need someone feeding you? Or given your propensity for an advantage are we supposed to believe someone legitimately bought (more than) this a few ticks ago?

Seriously, how do you even find this fun?

18:53:03 Apr 26th 16 - Mr. Ivanho The Great:

First of all i'm not multiplying cause i'm not interested to get ban. Mr. Banning is my close friend, i told him to buy some stones in return i'll protect him from anyone. Second thing is i only asked him in oop time. He didnt brought any after oop. And third thing is he's a Dwalf so he needs stones n he can cast stone to gold later on. So i dont see any damage issues here. Besides if anyone buy my stones its never illegal cause theres a option to sell stones at 1.5 gold/stone. And i took the risk if no one buy it, its gonna be wasted.

18:56:59 Apr 26th 16 - Mr. Ivanho The Great:

And by the way, you're gonna lose. Cause when i make someone a target, he can only run. 

20:15:26 Apr 26th 16 - Tyrin (Mr. Cant Think of Clever Name):

Well duh. Having over one mil of your stone bought oop at 1.49 (was up to 1.65 mil last I checked) and a kd to cover your prod cities you would have to be a complete moron not to win, and it seems you are clearly at least literate to read the oop orc guide :P  Also there is no "risk" if you have an agreement with your friend :P

Feeding is feeding and yet you romanticize yourself like youre some sort of a badass >< 

Also no one accused you of being a multi. Just being scarred of anything to do with being dependent on your own skill.

20:30:47 Apr 26th 16 - Mr. Ivanho The Great:

I already beat 
Dragons Empire1Mr. Ladon Samael4
 so i'm not at least a moron. i think you didnt have enough GT's. :P and i'm pretty much sure i would have had same troops even if i didn't sell any stones. To see that you'll have to wait for next era. And heads up something big is coming in your way. 

22:53:13 Apr 26th 16 - Tyrin (Mr. Cant Think of Clever Name):

Beating him doesnt count for much considering that stone advantage is huge at this point of the era (1.49 x 1.65 mil is 29k gaia alone plus yours still getting someone to buy it at .8+ and I doubt anyone has stg up yet unless its in your kd since they can do it safely :P ) and he doesnt have a core that other players in his kd is guarding :P

And my gt count is just fine considering youre looking at Ajax's dwarf town I cant build in :P Or did you forget what the troll towns look like?

Also never called you a moron, I said you would have to be a moron to lose. Considering all the stuff the should be obvious in the last two post and the fact that you dont see anything wrong with what youre doing, I will call you delusional though

03:57:31 Apr 27th 16 - Mr. Ivanho The Great:

Look i thought you're a experienced player. i consider it as a mistake mate. It will take few more era for you to achieve that. Taking on the market is one of my secret tactics. i always take the market with everything. see i'm selling stones at 8.3-8.6 cause i want to sell it very fast, when you'll sell you'll probably go for 9 which is why you' will not have a quick response. I played in Zetamania, Fantasia before n its always pumped me. This is not the only tactic i use, there're others too. And my stones, trees, foods will always sells quickly cause someone will buy it. And mate i have no friend here except one whom is an inactive player. I dont count on him with anything. You thought i'm a new player? its my 4th era. I'll always have a pump up money from market mate n even you'll have to buy it cause i'll be the cheapest seller. :P I wouldnt share this with you, i just dont want to let people think that i'm a badass. Which i'll never become. And yes good luck. i'll see how good you're in defending now. 

And dont take me as a new player mate; those who read guides from forums. I follow my own styles most of the time.

05:05:19 Apr 27th 16 - Tyrin (Mr. Cant Think of Clever Name):

Do you even remember what you wrote about having a friend feed you earlier in the thread? And now you have Cloutier on his way because even fed youre having trouble with me as an oop troll? (The whole reason I was interested in a solo world is because Ive always been crap at oop and wanted to sharpen it, so thats pretty damn funny)  And still nothing you say refutes my position in the least.

Also BS on the .86 quick sale at this point in the era, this isnt fant. There isnt secure cores for people to stg in and even then the prices often bottom out much lower before someone starts (was between .7 and .77 this era on fant several days oop and it had way more active players :P )

And not wanting people to think youre a badass when you say bs like 
" Cause when i make someone a target, he can only run. "?

I never called you a new player either. Strawmans dont work when all the words are right there in the thread xD At this point youre making so little sense Im pretty sure Im being trolled so. . .  enjoy your easy mode win, even if its clearly still a challenge for you. 

06:51:45 Apr 27th 16 - Cloutier (Master Cloutier XIII):

I'm not going down there to help. lol. just taking a walk.

08:23:39 Apr 27th 16 - Mr. Ivanho The Great:

Haha mate. i dont call for help even when i'm in trouble. I only call for help when our kd is in danger. :P And thanks for giving me the exact rate of stone/gold at this time.  And yes you're doing well in defending, i didnt expect that. lol...

09:31:53 Apr 27th 16 - Dark Spawn (Mr. Dominion):

Usually when there is cheating and feeding going on usually the entire map joins up to fight such things. I encourage all on that map to prevent feeding and unfair play, target them and kill the cheaters

11:27:35 Apr 27th 16 - Mr. Ivanho The Great:

you're welcomed to join, if you think i'm a cheater. :P I have no prob with that. 

I saw in Fant this era, first you were kd less, had some big big farming with halflings. As you were kd less no one thought about you. Then you joined with SF(Sensitive Fellas) to upgrade your protection in next level n start banging everyone with your farmed army. Good technics, isn't it? If you are in GvE, i'll show you some of my tactics as well. If you are Mr Dominion of Fant of course. Not only that i'll find you by myself as i did find others.

13:06:53 Apr 27th 16 - Cloutier (Mr. Cloutier):

farming isn't cheating. and feeding off other players isn't cheatint. now if it's your account then it's cheating. if you use two accounts on the same ip you get banned. all accounts. trust me been around long enough to know this. zeta what is your input on this

13:34:12 Apr 27th 16 - Tyrin (Mr. Cant Think of Clever Name):

So what youre saying is every KD should have someone drop as halfer, leave the KD, then keeps building cities for others to take to get around diminishing returns? Thats clearly an intended game mechanic, just like resource feeding for an advantage?

Even if such collusion isnt defined it as cheating you still feel comfortable with the negative impact such things have on the games integrity? 

Judging by how you guys somehow are getting a sense of accomplishment of being the only (non solo) KD on this map just because its not "against the rules", I have a feeling I know the answers to these questions. To hell with other players, right? 

 Yet people think the 3 character system is what did this game in ><

Also not that it really matters since it has nothing to do with the argument at hand but for the record Dark Spawn has been warring damn near since oop and has gained the vast majority of his income through war. Even if that little bit of conjecture was the case, there are game mechanics in place (IE the diminishing returns mentioned above) to prevent the lucky situation in which you described from being overly unbalanced. There is a disadvantage to overfarming since a huge skill point of the game is balancing eco vs warring, there is no way farming past a certain point will pay for itself in time if someone is smart enough to bring the war to you. There is no such thing as overfeeding and this is part of why I can hardly see how it would be an intended mechanic.  (My own little slice of conjecture is that he hasnt come out and put it against the rules since he doesnt have the time to enforce it and cant figure out a way to change the game to make it impossible without breaking other mechanics)

14:39:49 Apr 27th 16 - Dark Spawn (Mr. Dominion):

I am a halfer and I do not own a 90k fully built city, and you're calling me a farmer? I am probably only halfer on this side of map that did not do much building...

Your character Mr. Dominion has won 12battles, captured 9 cities and killed a total of 93978 men and women

As mentioned right away I got attacked by some guy and I defended myself and did a follow up attack on the guy and took his core. I got some income from taking other people's cities, not from farming. 

02:59:47 Apr 28th 16 - Cloutier (Mr. Cloutier):

first off no was was kicked for my kingdom and no one is cheating. also this world was not a ffa world. it's 1 kingdom vs another kingdom. so why not get back on this side and make a kingdom and have everyone else join it. then it will make it fun.

us having this many members should make other players wanna play on it. so please by a means make a kingdom so it can be fun

04:39:11 Apr 28th 16 - Tyrin (Mr. Thuper Thenthitive):

Because there is a bunch of other maps for that stale style of gameplay? There is no logic to your statement whatsoever.

The community tried to do a fun thing here after asking zeta many times for a FFA world or a small 3 man kd world and your KD is the only ones who want to ruin it, just like last era. Its nice that you guys are more important. The amount of coding it would take to turn KDs off for a world was clearly not worth it to him him and would so easily not be necessary if we all could work on the honor system, but its clear your have none.

Saying "no one is cheating" completely ignores the context of my last message, as predicted in it. If you clearly see nothing wrong with what youre doing and think having 7 people vs a bunch of people trying to solo is fun, then all I can tell you is the same thing I told your  friend. "Enjoy your easy mode win"

11:52:30 May 4th 16 - ZeTa (VU Admin):


So what youre saying is every KD should have someone drop as halfer, leave the KD, then keeps building cities for others to take to get around diminishing returns? Thats clearly an intended game mechanic, just like resource feeding for an advantage?

Is there actually anyone doing this?

12:21:57 May 4th 16 - Tyrin (Mr. Thuper Thenthitive):

No, he was having someone buy stone at 1.49 to get an advantage oop because "Its not cheating". I used that as an example because its a tad more extreme but at root the same thing, abusing a mechanic in a way (I certainly hope) its not intended. 

Judging by that being your only problem in the thread, it would seem you disagree, but I dont see how buying stone over .995 could ever not be collusion. (Until you put in the merrace that cant produce its own stone or something that has been asked for in the past lol)

Why would anyone want to play a game where someone has an advantage if they talk an inactive buddy into logging in once a day to buy stuff from them? Is that in the spirit of competition? 

As long as you have such a lackadaisical approach to such things, people who are interested in playing a game of their own skill are going to be driven away from the game and it will look much like this world. The community board with the GvE tried to make something nice that they asked you for repeatedly in the past (countless suggestions have been made for a solo world or a 3 kd member max world) and it took only 3 people to ruin it.

The community will only go so far in governing themselves. Its much easier to find another game if you feel someone is ruining your fun than to try to get anything changed.

15:28:13 May 4th 16 - Mr. Ivanho The Great:

Image looks a little unclear, but if you open "original image" from Imgur, you'll see clean. 

Anyway, as new players learn from other players here's the example. I saw this before as well. 

As i said before when there's a option to sell at this rate, then it cant be illegal. 

Until Zeta make a rule or delete the option. 

By the way thanks for commenting with your Real name. Thuper of SF hellow. 

I see you're attacking MAD. Good luck.

19:13:52 May 4th 16 - Mr. Ivanho The Great:

"Why would anyone want to play a game where someone has an advantage if they talk an inactive buddy into logging in once a day to buy stuff from them? Is that in the spirit of competition? "

And how do you know that?!? Are you finding this funny? You're old player so you'll make fun of new players?

I brought few peoples in VU since i joined. Peoples play "Clash of Clans" type games nowadays. Now they want to play from mobile and PC or Laptop at the same time. Which VU lacks. As this is a highly activity depended game and you won't be home for always, so you'll want to play it from mobile to update your status when outside. And as much i know vu doesn't give that opportunity. If you started from mobile you'll have to play from mobile; that should be the rule. Thats where this game sucks mainly. So yes they're leaving. Is that my prob? VU losing new players. I did my job bringing them. If Zeta change graphics or make available mobile+pc i'll let them know. Thats all.

22:40:15 May 4th 16 - Binh (Mr. Hnib Evitisnes):

Ivanhoe, you can control your account from both pc + mobile at the same time. I use my computer to play while at home and my android phone while at work.

23:18:37 May 4th 16 - Mr. Broman The Baddie:

Haha so much talk on an almost inactive world. Ivanho like binh said it is possible to play on your phone, im playing from my android and it works great. Its awesome you brought some new players. VU can always use more people, and regarding that stone selling helping each other, thats a gray area that people frown upon, though i see it as a legitimate tactic. Haha speaking of its much more upsetting we have such a large KD where i thought it was supposed to be everyone for himself.

I lost my cities to you guys but im not done yet, im no binh to take you all on and win but i will make it interesting =)

21:46:40 May 5th 16 - ZeTa (VU Admin):

I think the diminishing returns actually killed off most of the feeding via market tactics. 

02:00:39 May 6th 16 - Tyrin (Mr. Thuper Thenthitive):

Except on maps that are next to dead leaving the market wide open for this oop where diminishing returns arnt really a factor yet.

 Whats left of the community is at a much higher level of skill on average than when I left it 2011. Things like the native prices are much more common knowledge so you get less nubs posting huge amounts that wont be bought until stg is setup. Also the amount online any given time has decreased by roughly 1/3 meaning less on the market in general so such exploits are not only easier to do but also have a greater impact per capital. When was that diminishing returns update? 2008? 

It being done so obviously  on a world that had only 14 people drop supports my statement. 

Your statement confuses me since by saying feeding you think its wrong, but then you say tactic which suggest its legit.

Here you have people who think theyre clever saying stuff like 
"Look i thought you're a experienced player. i consider it as a mistake mate. It will take few more era for you to achieve that. Taking on the market is one of my secret tactics. "

And other people supporting it with " feeding off other players isn't cheatint."

What if they were actually clever and applied a few easy steps to achieve this on fant?

It really wouldnt be hard with how many people play now, especially with an organized kd (Im sure I dont need to go into it for you)

02:20:21 May 6th 16 - Tyrin (Mr. Thuper Thenthitive):

If coding the stone sale price to be capped at .995 or something  is too hard, may I suggest that in  this thread where you say 

  • If I find a bug/loophole I will report it, NOT abuse it

you specify what you mean by loopholes and and put something in about "intended mechanics" (you dont even need to enforce it strictly, I know youre just one person, but if you put "enforced at staff discretion" you can go a long way to deter these "gray areas" if they have no ground to stand on with arguments like "just because there is specifically no rule against it that it isnt cheating"

It gos back to my statement about how the community wont govern itself. Look at this map. I was so excited to see when I started playing again people were doing a solo world (missed out on the actual GvE, but without official rules people seemed to tire of it quick reading the old forums on it since it sounded pretty unbalanced) only for people to try to turn it into a lamer version of the other worlds for their own gain.

Seriously, did you read this logic? "us having this many members should make other players wanna play on it. so please by a means make a kingdom so it can be fun"
How is that what this world (even as GvE) about or make sense in any ways if half the map is one commodity?

No one can actually make the rules but you, and even if you dont hard code them into the game just setting actual guidelines will make the players make your job enforcing them easy if they are on the side of what you interpret to be right.

11:02:53 May 6th 16 - ZeTa (VU Admin):

It's very hard to stop people from making alliances.

16:47:08 May 6th 16 - Tyrin (Mr. Thuper Thenthitive):

Alliances arnt a bad thing if its mutual  for both and not just one feeding off the other. Not sure what that had to do with my last post, but if youre citing that as the reason for not making a solo world, alliances arnt nearly as strong as being in the same KD

I already went on about it earlier in the thread, but at any level it easier to play against 2 untagged players who are ganing up than a 2 man kd (same is true of fighting two 8 man kds rather than a 16 man kd on a different world)

Alliances outside a kd cannot:

Cast utility spells on one another
Stack LOS
Cover cities defensivley with their own armies

Move through blockers
Return cities
Have centralized communication without going through extra effort (IE no kd chat)
Drop next to one another at the start of the era

These reasons like I said earlier, I would rather fight 3 people trying to coordinate not in a KD rather than 2 in a KD most the time

17:05:07 May 6th 16 - Mr. Bigfield The Farmer:

Why wouldnt you attack the farming player? Wouldnty it make a soft target?

22:52:14 May 9th 16 - Mr. Solo Dos:

Myself and another want to form a KD to help against the dominant kingdom, but we cant figure out how.

Any pointers? It says we cant create a kingdom on GvE.

04:23:13 May 10th 16 - Mr. Solo Dos:

To be clear, 'the good' cant beat 'the evil' if we are deprived the same oppurtunities like shared blockers and Line of sight.

I would suggest eliminating the no KD rule or enforcing it.

15:29:25 May 25th 16 - ZeTa (VU Admin):

The easiest fix would be if the current kingdoms disbanded.

Or I'll make a GvE shuffle.

16:18:50 May 25th 16 - Mr. Pestilence:

Lol Zeta. You do this change in the last tick? Now that our previous kingdom had already gathered side by side you split it in the last minute?

Thats why this game will go no further.


You could at least shuffle locations/respawns for a decent era. 


16:20:21 May 25th 16 - Mr. Pestilence:

To remind you that WE populated this EMPTY server.

And we get this with no warning? Total bullshit.

16:21:01 May 25th 16 - Ms. Jasmina:

You are not supposed to form a kingdom by yourself in there, that gives you an unfair advantage. Go to Fantasia, Mantrax or even Valhalla. 

16:24:59 May 25th 16 - Mr. Pestilence:

What do you know about, Jasmina? 

The two previous eras had kingdoms. It had kingdoms ONE HOUR ago... til Zeta do this without warning.

Now the server will go dead again.

16:30:04 May 25th 16 - Mr. Pestilence:

And I cant even restart at other server now that I spawned...

Great Zeta. You made another player quit from GvE.

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