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Hats Off to DB
22:12:41 Apr 25th 08 - Sir Feanor The Bloodier:

I generally stay clear of these forums, in part because I hate the typical pattern of flaming the kingdom who is in the lead.  This is particularly true this era with DB.  They have dominated the era from start to finish.  In doing so, they went head to head with the best kingdoms in Fantasia.  Well played. 

22:38:05 Apr 25th 08 - Mr. Bird Boy:

yey ;D i lub u now feanor :*

22:40:20 Apr 25th 08 - Mr. Charley II:

They loved me so much they followed me all over Fantasia and killed me X_x  I guess I will tip my hat to you for now....but I will do my best to change a good sport

23:15:45 Apr 25th 08 - Lady Quietone:

Thanks Dio :) means alot

I'm proud of every member of DB they really pulled together and worked hard and my hat is off to them as well! 



23:18:15 Apr 25th 08 - Mr. Aligreat:

pfff all she ever takes off for us is her hat :(

Except Oya :(



Thanx for the post mate.

23:23:43 Apr 25th 08 - Duke Arzoon:

Thanks Bud ^^

23:43:47 Apr 25th 08 - Mr. Diomedes:

Lady Quietone


4/25/2008 4:15:45 PM

Thanks Dio :) means alot

I'm proud of every member of DB they really pulled together and worked hard and my hat is off to them as well! 


Just wondering Q what did I say but I appreciate the thanks :-)

00:47:11 Apr 26th 08 - Mr. Duracell Plus:

pfft kiss as s :)

02:19:32 Apr 26th 08 - Mr. Dalakticon:

I agree with Feanor. DB had all the aspects of the game covered that bring success. Not only have you and your allies kicked *beep* but there has been minimal (if any) gloating or belittling of your enemies. Well Done.

02:45:37 Apr 26th 08 - Lady Quietone:

lol that was another Dio - Diomedes :P stop stealing credit! hehe

Thanks again Dalakticon there really is no need for belitting or any of that we fought hard as did every kingdom and we even made our mistakes we'll learn from and get better, same hope as other kingdoms.  You guys put up a good fight and still are :)  Pks still getting better every era-- and zeon... well you  also never give up.... even when ya should :P but what can ya do ... sorry Charlie we didnt really mean to stalk you lol i'm sure it felt like that tho....and my old friends in legacy(and some not such friends) you guys are still bad asses..and always will be


Congrats too to Sheolic for working their butts off and coming out of a bad situation and landing on top - you guys really rocked it !

And Trio-- you guys turned out to be prob one of the better allies we've ever had you stood with us through everything and no matter what flames are spewing about you guys you have been great to play with and congrats on a successful era on fantasia so far-- and hopefully more to come :)

03:14:06 Apr 26th 08 - Sir Stone Cold Steve Austin:

@ Sir Feanor The Bloodier ....

Thanks for the post...

It's not over yet. There are a lot of armies to catch and kill still yet. I for one am  looking forward to all the battles to come. This era and the next.

04:15:26 Apr 26th 08 - The Architect:

As much as it pains me to say, and believe me when I say it does, good job DB.  You played the game as it was meant to be played.  You used every opportunity to your advantage and in the best way possible.  It wasn't en entirely flawless victory in the forums, however on the field it was.  Once again, good job.  Hopefully the spawn situation will be different next era and we can enjoy our side of the battle a bit more.

04:30:44 Apr 26th 08 - Mr. Charley II:

Yeah, lol, starting at the same spot DB and DRT did was a real pain....

"sorry Charlie we didnt really mean to stalk you lol i'm sure it felt like that tho"

Ohhhh I had Binh chasing me the entire era.....I think he took 80% of my towns by himself.....

07:50:22 Apr 26th 08 - Swedish Chef Brashen:

Nice jobb DB its been a fun era(Even though its the first really big loss for me personally in a long long time) you just kept on coming and finally managed to grind us down.

Now I just hope everyone in LGC wont hate me to much for pushing to have WoL as only ally.(cmon how could I knew they would end up dead center in the map :P  )

Well next era is a new era and hopefully we can come back on top in the rematch.

11:39:50 Apr 26th 08 - Mr. Durza The Wolfen Avenger:

WoL was not directly involved in the fight between DB and LGC and it's outcome decided the rest of our era, we got to watch for most the era aswell  :P. I think their was good fighting on both sides, and especailly well done to DB. :)

@Brashen- Ye  middle of the map suxors :P.

Also i'd like to congratulate Trio, we've had our tiffs here and their, but in the end you fought a fair fight, and have probably won :P.

11:48:43 Apr 26th 08 - Mr. Periannath:

seems like fant has turned into a love fest O.o

11:58:04 Apr 26th 08 - Mr. Threadlord:

well they played great teamwork like always. gratz.

I do still want a rematch doh..

12:25:59 Apr 26th 08 - Prince Mielo:

don't start like Effie eh <3

19:39:13 Apr 26th 08 - Sir Grim Darkhammer:

Yes, great job Dark Blood. You guys were relentless. PKS never even had a chance to go on the offensive. All we could manage was trying to defend our core. But, after SHEOL moved in from the east it was pretty much over. There are still a few small skirmishes ongoing but this era belongs to DB. Very well played.

01:54:30 Apr 27th 08 - Swedish Chef Brashen:

Well Im never one for flames .
Only time I flame the era winners is when they are all farmers.
So that just leave love :D

And sure every era most kingdoms have good excuses why they are not the winner and often valid ones, but when the winners are a warring kingdom the details dont matter that much, what does the odds matter, sure if we had more allies (and allies that dont nap our enemies ":P on wol") the era might have ended very different, but we did decide to keep the allies down much my fault since I was the one who pushed so we only go out with a nap with WoL after all the taunts last era when people thought we naped all the strong kingdoms..
But we decided to do it and its our own fault we did not win because of that decision. but I said it before and I say it again its darn hard to get a even balance when it come to allies.
Either your allience is to weak so you loose or its to strong and its a  boring walk in the park.(I prefer when you just manage to win after lots of hard fighting)

11:24:48 Apr 27th 08 - Mr. Durza The Wolfen Avenger:

Brashen man, That sounds like a flame in WoL's direction...

18:54:30 Apr 27th 08 - Swedish Chef Brashen:

No its not.
That was a statement that we did a mistake by just allying you guys, and since you were so unlucky to end up in the middle we got stranded on our own in the wars because we wanted to keep the number of allies down.

21:01:55 Apr 27th 08 - The Architect:

/me sits silently in his corner...

22:54:02 Apr 27th 08 - Ms. Hanky Panky The Sex Goddess:


Congrats darkblood =) you really played well this era and its been fun working with you ^-^

02:11:05 Apr 28th 08 - General Ezatious:

not many hats around i guess :)

02:33:27 Apr 28th 08 - Mr. Threehundredpoundlezzie:

Ez does that mean we knocked 'em all off or what? ;)

07:00:02 Apr 28th 08 - Death Lord Draven:

DB great job! every time i have fought you it has been a fair fight with no taunting either way. i want a rematch badly and with both kingdoms having good communication and activity. it will be a blast ;) you guys are all great individual players but now you have become a team and dominated all of Fantasia. but dont count me out just yet ;)

20:13:45 Apr 28th 08 - Sir Stone Cold Steve Austin:

We would never count you out Draven. In fact we know a rematch is coming. Thanks for the compliments. See you on the battlefield.

20:21:28 Apr 28th 08 - Mr. Romulus:

congratulations DB and specifically Binh for the current place he is in, being an orc.

20:22:10 Apr 28th 08 - Mr. Deadpool:

Yeah good job guys!

01:45:28 Apr 29th 08 - Mr. Dalakticon:

Yeah Binhs been like GOD this era...  Hes everywhere... :-)

02:31:53 Apr 29th 08 - Duke Greater Penor:

Had a fun time, thanks for that! :)

03:10:01 Apr 29th 08 - Duke Arzoon:

Binh is like Herpies. You can try, but he never goes away.

08:08:23 Apr 29th 08 - The Architect:

No matter who tops the HoH list for winning the era, Binh is the one who deserves it.  I've never seem anyone fight like he has this era, and the fact that he's gotten there as an orc makes it that much more of an amazing feat.

09:43:31 Apr 29th 08 - Death Lord Draven:

yup and when you think you have him, he pops out another corps of troops, damn that Binh ;), good job mate!

10:37:20 Apr 29th 08 - Mr. Threehundredpoundlezzie:

Architect thats from your perspective, i see several people who would/could/should deserve the win. DVS did some amazing warring too, and Ali did some too, etc etc. Just because you've got spanked hard by Binh it still doesn't mean hes the only one "deserving" the win. I see at least 3 people in DB who i would personally give it to.

11:30:04 Apr 29th 08 - Duke Greater Penor:


11:51:46 Apr 29th 08 - Dreadlord Actively Inactive:

Accept the compliment and hush raist:P

12:10:36 Apr 29th 08 - Mr. Dalakticon:

Raist was much nicer when he was horny, old bastard..  :)

12:36:14 Apr 29th 08 - Mr. Sezymon:

Raist nice? it's several years since Raist was nice, the times when he wasn't so old and grumpy:P

/me licks

15:50:22 Apr 29th 08 - Mr. Threehundredpoundlezzie:

Sezy you are just hot for me, so hush! :) Yanking my pigtails and pushing my head towards your groin wont get you laid. ;)

Not to mention that Val is the official cutie of VU *purrs* :) Ask him if i can be nice :p

15:51:27 Apr 29th 08 - Mr. Ron Jeremy of The Anal Crusaid:

~~I hate DB, i will shave my sack and send them the remnance~~

16:18:13 Apr 29th 08 - Mr. Threehundredpoundlezzie:

Ron Jeremy wannabe (ron jeremy had a huge member which is most likely not the case with you, hence the wannabe) - promise? We would all love to have the gift of Anally crusaded sack hair :->

16:22:49 Apr 29th 08 - Dreadlord Actively Inactive:

You will geld yourself because you dont like DB? I think I speak for the vast majority of mankind when I thank you for removing yourself from our gene pool.

05:14:58 May 1st 08 - Sir Shinigami:

Bah, Raist was never nice. He was an ornery old drill sergeant that bossed folks around. Oddly enough, I liked it that way and things got done. Ah, the good old days.

05:19:06 May 1st 08 - Mr. Charley II:

Mr. Threehundredpoundlezzie


4/29/2008 5:37:20 AM
Architect thats from your perspective, i see several people who would/could/should deserve the win. DVS did some amazing warring too, and Ali did some too, etc etc. Just because you've got spanked hard by Binh it still doesn't mean hes the only one "deserving" the win. I see at least 3 people in DB who i would personally give it to.
Binh stalked me half the era......and took over quite a bit by himself.....maybe we should vote for MVPs =p

05:39:11 May 1st 08 - The Architect:

I don't see why the Lezzie had to get all defensive about it.  I was simply giving Binh a compliment, and if it is as simple as Lezzie says, that being: "Architect thats from your perspective", then there really isn't any reason for the Lezzie to get all in a hissy.  If it's just my perspective, and I agree that it is, there is no reason to get mad and defensive about it...

05:45:00 May 1st 08 - Mr. Spade:

i agree. Binh wins MVP.

OTT did very well too, but binh was destroying three kingdoms at once...

11:14:45 May 1st 08 - Mr. Bird Boy:

dvs was one of the first to war.. and he is doing it from the start of the era... binh got a better position .. zeon was easy pray, he got big mines fast and easy there were some troubles but not as with pks.. pks did a great job.. especially jonathan with his nazzies ;)... while some of us was in south like me binh dvs.... in the north agaisnt lgc.. raist and ali did a great job.. lgc razed mines so if they werent done that i think ali would be hoh2 or maybe first...

11:46:34 May 1st 08 - Mr. Threehundredpoundlezzie:

I think you people don't realise what i'm saying.
Binh did an awesome job (actually i can't remember a time where he didn't do a great job, he is simply a superb player), but with your statements you belittle what DVS has done i.e. or the rest of the crew in DB that fought tooth and nail all era long and it was the collective effort that brought on the era of DB. Binh did great on his own, but how about somebody mentions the people who "don't have much to show for the era"? Like Quietone, Ali, Warlock, Hkxxxo, Shyers, Condinho etc etc... the list goes on and on. None of them are anywhere near the HoH yet they were instrumental in the downfall of all you people. It's like saying that having a ton of towns to show is the only merit you judge people by. While Binh was off on a solo quest and destroying Zeon or whatnot the aforementioned people sweated their socks off to get Legacy killed all the while fending off other kingdoms on other fronts.

I know that in your collective mind the one who killed you or gave you a beating must be some supernatural being as you are in your own mind oh so good, but thats just a delusion of grandeur on your part. And as such it has nothing to do with "who deserves what".

The only "fact" about this era is that it's an era of DB. The rest is moot and prone to subjective views as i already pointed out. If it werent like that why would i root for DVS for the throne?

Ponder on that while you think up your next "hissy fit by lezzie" reply.

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