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He was the first to help me :)
19:35:36 May 15th 08 - Ms. Deathsmith:

Most Powerful Cities

owned by Mr. Jericho

owned by Mr. Mister Master Bombad

Nalcs Main City
owned by Mr. Nalc

owned by Ms. Raylene

owned by Mr. Apparent

Binhs Tribute
owned by Ms. Deathsmith

Chicken I
owned by Mr. Phoetusman

owned by Mr. Mister Master Bombad

owned by Mr. Mister Master Bombad

First Off
owned by Mr. Lecter

20:01:16 May 15th 08 - Sir Senator Falko:

Keep on the work, and good luck on holding it :)

20:34:25 May 15th 08 - Ms. Deathsmith:

ok i will

and thank you


20:34:49 May 15th 08 - Sir Binh The Raider:

Good luck :)

20:35:24 May 15th 08 - Mr. Assirra:

so early in era.. that means nothing "_" no offense

20:43:32 May 15th 08 - Ms. Deathsmith:

i made 1 for you to Senator


20:47:56 May 15th 08 - Ms. Raylene:

I cant believe I am there too... Since I just started the game... Well, good luck to all :)

23:44:28 May 15th 08 - Duke Epymon:

06:22:50 May 16th 08 - Mr. Mister Master Bombad:

my city in 2nd has 49 Gaia in it so... lol weakest lifeguards in the game

11:58:55 May 16th 08 - Duke Argyle:

wow. highscore city! it's like omg whats up with that? you must be one great and experienced player man, thats really awsome, Im so fasinated Im gonna go build a cabin in your honour.

I have never seen such great gameplay since I started, you really took the price this time. Can I worship you? please?

12:20:28 May 16th 08 - Duke Dale Thickey:

No, because you are boring. Door over there.

18:42:59 May 16th 08 - Mr. Azaghal:

Lol Argyle

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