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Help needed
01:30:53 Mar 26th 08 - Mr. Hamish:

Single player tries to concer map. The is a feature that if you arnt in a kingdom you cant merge armies - this is a problem... as i like a challenge am trying to take a whole map as a single player - kinda doomed to failer but worth a try.

So I need another player to help me create a kingdom... but that player needs to be on another map... so I can keep the challenge... any players out there wont to help out? if you do put Hamish as the name of the king and a new tiny kingdom will be born (:

01:50:39 Mar 26th 08 - Sir Soccerloner:

hamish, ill put ur name. then u can make ur kingdom ;)

im accomplishing the same feat! :)

02:01:01 Mar 26th 08 - Mr. Hamish:

Thanks soughted (:

02:27:51 Mar 26th 08 - Mr. Hamish:

Lets see how far I get - hasent been a good start...

Kingdoms in Zetamania

ROC Royal Order of Claidhmore 19 Mr. Kevdwayne 985
PHX Pheonix 14 Mr. Uchiha Sasuke 815
POFF Paladins of the Orde of the Frozen Flame 16 Lord Timmiev 730
AAA Against All Authority 14 Lord Zucox The Great 534
U Ultimate 9 Mr. Tanc 461
PHI PHI Recruting 12 Mr. Ffh Reloaded 362
SF Special Forces 7 Mr. Patton 325
Excal Excalibur 7 Dark Immunity 251
DF Dark Fires 8 Ms. Natalia 181
THC Cannabis 5 Mr. Creepin 105
RS RS 1 Mr. Hamish 100
Myrr Myrr 1 Mr. Arjun Ramchand 76
DRZ Democratic Republic of Zetamania 6 Mr. Klaus Bormann 23

02:35:25 Mar 26th 08 - Mr. Postman:

look at this

IMG TAG Kingdom Name Members Leader %P
Kingdoms in Mantrax
FF Freedom Fighter 22 Lord Scientist 829
GAUL The Gauls 23 Mr. Zek 642
E Eternity 24 Lady Noadea 581
Music Music 19 Mr. Kobuskan 482
CE Cease To Exist 23 Mr. Cao Cao 463
Angels Angels 10 Mr. Trendkill 435
H Heaven 6 Prince Heavensfrontdoor 411
SPQR Frumentarii 8 Sir Ridthick Liech 410
Five Elements 6 Mr. Earth 354
Preds Predators 20 Sir Darkmarsbar 287
HC Holy Cows 5 Mr. Might the God of Cows 228
Dark Dark 5 Ms. Zinxu 219
TE Templar Elites 4 Mr. Bliss 203
BC The Black Chain 15 Mr. Sieghart 198
OLZ OutLawZ 8 Master Yoda III 174
iPF Internal Primates Forever 10 Lord Primate Meltyface 150
MAD Multis Are Deleted 4 Ms. Shimuka Simca 137
HH HighLands Honour 6 Mr. Phoenix Chosen of Mystra 122
BT BURNT 13 Ms. Critical Acclaim 109
Dacii The Dacians 4 Mr. The Gladiator 107
DA Dark Assassins 3 Mr. Postman 100
RoS Rebels Of Society 2 Mr. Mysticlegion 87
WotW Warriors of the World 2 Mr. Polydeuces 80
Legion Lost Legion 3 Mr. Skuggan 77

02:36:48 Mar 26th 08 - Mr. Might the God of Cows:

Im twice your strength?

02:40:26 Mar 26th 08 - Duke Veracity Boiler Man:

Keep us updated Hamish :)

02:42:05 Mar 26th 08 - Ms. Critical Acclaim:


global VU =D

06:09:40 Mar 26th 08 - Daimyo Chuck Norris:

Carnage decided to take Hamishes idea, and expand on it. We all moved to Starta and will own it. Not quite the same effect, but once we rule all of Starta we will ambush Hamish and take all his candy. SO WATCH YOUR BACK HAMISH!! >:(

11:33:07 Mar 26th 08 - Mr. Boradox:

you will never have full conquest of starta never!!!!

22:42:03 Mar 26th 08 - Mr. Hamish:

Kingdoms in Zetamania
ROCRoyal Order of Claidhmore19Mr. Kevdwayne363
PHXPheonix14Mr. Uchiha Sasuke351
POFFPaladins of the Orde of the Frozen Flame18Lord Timmiev322
AAAAgainst All Authority14Lord Zucox The Great243
PHI PHI Recruting12Mr. Ffh Reloaded168
SFSpecial Forces7Mr. Patton131
UUltimate9Mr. Tanc113
DFDark Fires9Ms. Natalia109
RSRS1Mr. Hamish100
ExcalExcalibur7Dark Immunity93
THCCannabis6Mr. Creepin89
MyrrMyrr1Mr. Arjun Ramchand22
DRZDemocratic Republic of Zetamania8Mr. Chairman Adam Sutler10
not so hard so far...

13:44:19 Mar 27th 08 - Mr. Water:

respect for hamish ;)p

13:46:36 Mar 27th 08 - Sir Sausage Roll:

Kingdoms in Zetamania
POFF Paladins of the Orde of the Frozen Flame 19 Lord Timmiev 50
PHX Pheonix 13 Mr. Uchiha Sasuke 46
AAA Against All Authority 13 Lord Zucox The Great 40
ROC Royal Order of Claidhmore 18 Mr. Kevdwayne 38
PHI PHI Recruting 13 Mr. Ffh Reloaded 37
Excal Excalibur 8 Dark Immunity 30
SF Special Forces 7 Mr. Patton 23
DF Dark Fires 9 Ms. Natalia 18
THC Cannabis 6 Mr. Creepin 17
RS RS 1 Mr. Hamish 16
U Ultimate 9 Mr. Tanc 9
Myrr Myrr 1 Mr. Arjun Ramchand 3
DRZ Democratic Republic of Zetamania 6 Mr. Chairman Adam Sutler 2

13:46:42 Mar 27th 08 - Lord Seloc:

Rambo slayer are back in business, I bet some people are still wondering why you called your kingdom RS.

13:50:21 Mar 27th 08 - Mr. Justanius Fontainius XII:

lmao real sucidals...?

19:34:05 Mar 27th 08 - Mr. Hamish:

We slay the big dumb guys (;   its a bit of ant-Hollywood isam...

The kingdom started in era 9

We are just back for a visit - don't have time to run a kingdom thus the one player verses the map escapade...

19:46:53 Mar 27th 08 - Mr. Mushasji:

:-) good luck

20:12:33 Mar 27th 08 - Mr. Ambrosias Arilyonis:

is your kingdom the abbreviation for Rune Scape?

20:27:22 Mar 27th 08 - Sir Sausage Roll:


As in, they went out to try and stop Rambo winning another era, he won 4 in total....

20:30:00 Mar 27th 08 - Sir Sausage Roll:

Most Powerful Cities

owned by Mr. Almezo

Gods Best
owned by Dark Immunity

owned by Lord Zucox The Great

Ranger II
owned by Mr. Rosmaro

Till Death
owned by Lord Timmiev

owned by Mr. Mittalmar

Anonymous lifeguards
owned by Mr. Anonymous

owned by Mr. Norris

Put Down
owned by Mr. Almezo

owned by Mr. Mittalmar

owned by Mr. Almezo

owned by Mr. Higor The Hard

owned by Mr. Anonymous

owned by Mr. Patton

East Fort
owned by Mr. Hamish

Warville II
owned by Mr. Rayray

owned by Dark Immunity

owned by Dark Immunity

Home Land
owned by Mr. Hamish

owned by Mr. Large

Most Powerful Groups Most Powerful Rulers

[POFF] Paladins of the Orde of the Frozen Flame
With Lord Timmiev as leader.

[PHX] Pheonix
With Mr. Uchiha Sasuke as leader.

[AAA] Against All Authority
With Lord Zucox The Great as leader.

[ROC] Royal Order of Claidhmore
With Mr. Kevdwayne as leader.

[PHI ] PHI Recruting
With Mr. Ffh Reloaded as leader.

[Excal] Excalibur
With Dark Immunity as leader.

[SF] Special Forces
With Mr. Patton as leader.

With Mr. Hamish as leader.

[DF] Dark Fires
With Ms. Natalia as leader.

[THC] Cannabis
With Mr. Creepin as leader.

Mr. Hamish
Member of: RS.

Mr. Anonymous
Member of: Excalibur.

Lord Zucox The Great
Member of: Against All Authority.

Mr. Almezo
Member of: PHI Recruting.

Dark Immunity
Member of: Excalibur.

Mr. Grimdeath
Member of: Against All Authority.

Mr. Duncan
Member of: Special Forces.

Mr. Daft Wullie
Member of: Pheonix.

Mr. Gothir
Member of: PHI Recruting.

Mr. Mittalmar
Member of: Paladins of the Orde of the Frozen Flame.

20:40:17 Mar 27th 08 - Lord Protector Nimic:

Sir Sausage Roll


3/27/2008 8:27:22 PM


As in, they went out to try and stop Rambo winning another era, he won 4 in total....

Maybe the more interesting question is how many of those he cheated himself to.

11:07:50 Mar 28th 08 - Sir Sausage Roll:


16:52:59 Mar 29th 08 - Mr. Mcmax:

I say - Mr. Hamish is also setting new standards for the markets.

Stone for sale at 0.2 gold/stone !!!!!!!!

01:08:31 Mar 30th 08 - Mr. Phoenix Highlander:

STG!!!! i know there is a good magic player among you all take advantage of this and STG!

05:47:27 Mar 30th 08 - Sir Erunion Telcontar:

*Claps* Go Hamish!
Good luck, I hope you win!

06:19:19 Mar 30th 08 - Mr. Daryl:

What happened with Rambo? he retired after wining 4 eras?

06:26:26 Mar 30th 08 - Prince Gorris Septim:

Go Hamish! I wonder if anybody will ever be good enough to conquer Fantasia with one person, that would be awesome! I mean, wow, if somebody could do that they'd be like...whoa!

12:15:31 Mar 30th 08 - Mr. Fire:

Sir Sausage Roll


3/28/2008 11:07:50 AM

15:46:29 Mar 30th 08 - Mr. Hamish:

I just lornched an all out attack on the strongest kingdom in  Zetamania Pheonix, all there troops are rushing like ants in an attempt to stop me. 21 to 1 players and 4x as powerfully... and still I don't get any slaves/pez or resources when I take there citys... hummm... gona make it difficult...

16:02:18 Mar 30th 08 - Mr. Uchiha Sasuke:



Good luck though

16:25:04 Mar 30th 08 - Mr. Cruso:

Hahahaah totaly good luck hamish:P

16:35:47 Mar 30th 08 - Sir Sausage Roll:

Mr. Fire


3/30/2008 12:15:31 PM
Sir Sausage Roll


3/28/2008 11:07:50 AM

Why are you constantly saying 'Lol' after my posts...
Its kinda creepy... O.o

17:10:23 Mar 30th 08 - Mr. Uchiha Sasuke:


18:07:35 Mar 30th 08 - Mr. Uzumaki Naruto:

So it finnaly begins...

21:03:10 Mar 30th 08 - Mr. Hamish:

On the rampage. I slorterd lots of armys and captured citys... hummm... but the isent much point in attacking  as I don't get any production from the city's i capture... As the player power scale is too skewed agenst even top individual players...

Thus no resource, no slaves, no pez and low moral on any city's I capture - they increase my troop cost through more buildings and don't bring in much cash for a long time... Thus the better I do the harder it is...

If the burn option was there i would probably be better off burning city's...

Good exprement though (;

Ps its not as if it isn't a fair fight - they are playing well and have more power/ troops/ players than me - its games macanics/balance issue for solo player verses world map.

23:37:22 Mar 30th 08 - Mr. Hamish:

Am takening in players into RS - maybe this will modify the algorithm for capturing city's and player power? worth a try - powerful single player verses kingdom is to penalized. Join RS you know it makes sense (;

23:46:43 Mar 30th 08 - Mr. Hamish:

Respect to Pheonix I keep swatting there army's but they keep coming back with more bigger ones and have started swatting my army s - good activerty and co-ordernation.

00:30:44 Mar 31st 08 - Mr. Large:

Its allmost a game of chess

02:36:49 Mar 31st 08 - Sir Erunion Telcontar:

Go Hamish!

*Random Fangirl runs by screaming "You're my hero!"*

Hamish, the general populace is cheering for you.

17:42:22 Apr 1st 08 - Mr. Rosmaro:

Ya hamish knows how to fight and has alot of city's i truely don't know how he does it, but he knows it very well

i truely have alot of respect for hamish.. he began a fight against the strongest kingdom in zetamania and even took over some city's and defeated some armies...

a player like hamish would do great things in a bigger more powerfull kingdom

19:41:30 Apr 1st 08 - Mr. Bruiant:

Hamish is a good player, but rosmaro, i think he would goto waste in a big kingdom. if he paired with another one or two people with his skills, he could capture the map.

19:52:04 Apr 1st 08 - Sir Sausage Roll:

Kingdoms in Zetamania
PHX Pheonix 22 Mr. Uchiha Sasuke 54
AAA Against All Authority 15 Lord Zucox The Great 23
ROC Royal Order of Claidhmore 17 Mr. Kevdwayne 22
THC Cannabis 11 Mr. Creepin 19
DF Dark Fires 12 Ms. Natalia 18
TA The Alliance 13 Mr. Chairman Adam Sutler 18
PHI PHI Recruting 10 Mr. Ffh Reloaded 17
RS RS 3 Mr. Hamish 15
Excal Excalibur 5 Dark Immunity 12
TU Thomaston United 3 Mr. Duncan 5
ESE Elemental Shinobi Empire 3 Mr. Denko 1


Hamish has people playing with him!

19:58:54 Apr 1st 08 - Mr. Uzumaki Naruto:

i only saw 2 of RS kahdlkjhflkdajhflkjhd and Hamish

21:40:08 Apr 1st 08 - Mr. Justanius:


22:19:57 Apr 1st 08 - Mr. Uchiha Sasuke:

well the challenge was that he would do it on his own :P

22:33:25 Apr 1st 08 - Sir Shyers Bigger Than Your:

OMG...2vs22 is so much better odds than 1vs22...who cares if he gets 3 more pep to join!
*bows deeply to Hamish*
Let it roll tiger and keep  posting for us, i like this story.

23:10:41 Apr 1st 08 - Mr. William The Evil One:

great job Hamish...

04:46:43 Apr 2nd 08 - Sir Shyers Bigger Than Your:

btw...don't less than three man KDs dissappear? maybe thats the answer

05:19:38 Apr 2nd 08 - Sir Soccerispeaceful:

the minimum is 5...........and that only happens at the end of the era :)

08:39:30 Apr 2nd 08 - Mr. Bruiant:

Shyers, your not on Zeta, he has pretty good odds at surviving, he has his own section with blockers (it looks) and he is the strongest player on the HoH.

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