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11:42:56 Apr 8th 08 - Sir Slade:

Guys im trying to get a new race added to this Game

Sir Slade

4/8/2008 10:32:34 AM

Well i thought i would be cool to have a new race added

i have thought of prices atk and def points and SE

Well here it is




250 3 2

620 5 3
Cave Trolls

2000 17 10
Spell Casters

240 0 0

Attack Trolls

 7500 45 30

                                    Attack Trolls will attack Cave trolls

i dont know if that a good Effect of them but it could be changed

i cant find good pics for them but if the Admin like the idea he could find them


i dont know if they are good Atk and Def points but they can be changed


Mr. Peter Jackson


4/8/2008 10:43:03 AM
lol not a bad idea
Sir Gilgamash Leich


4/8/2008 12:25:57 PM

by no means would any goblin have a higher stat than any human... I shake my "no no" stick at that...


maybe we could use:



170 2 1

530 4 3

900 6 9

250 0 0


 7500 45 30

                     Racial Trait, goblins heal faster than regular troops.
                        Effictively +20% heal rate.
                     Racial Trait, vernacular architecture (makeshift junk)
                        Buildings cost -5% stone/wood.

this would make them a VERY highly aggressive race, relying on mostly small weak units and archers for early and mid-game offense.. and some bugbears (larger tougher creatures 6-8 feet tall) to make other armies hesitant to attack...  Also, their racial trait would keep them from ever "intelligently retreating to heal" and keep them all over the field as this angry "not so powerful" mob of ravagers...

A slightly higher magic unit cost would also make them less proficient magic casters... but not "non-casters"....

But don't underestimate, in the late game, their powerful Minotaurs could wreck havoc on armies... with the massive offense, but would not be immune to counter attacks when they are ill-prepared, the Bugbear keepers of the magical beasts would be there to defend them.

The race would play similar to Orcs, but slightly more specalized, and not as "fast on the field" as the nazguls... Orcs would remain in place as the dominat military force, but Goblins, would pose a new threat.

Demonic Shezmu


4/8/2008 12:49:28 PM
Bugbears -> Wild Hog Raiders...kinda like them Wargs or whatever they called in LotR ;)

also Goblins would fit nicely amongst the other races...them being the "lowlife scum" of many fantasy novels...
Sir Gilgamash Leich


4/8/2008 12:58:07 PM

oh and these are stolen from the d20, so we can't use them most likely... but we could always ask....


Goblin Archer:




Mr. Arjun Ramchand


4/8/2008 1:04:35 PM
nice pics. archers could use colors.
Sir Gilgamash Leich


4/8/2008 1:08:42 PM

I was digging around forever, couldn't find a color archer... and those aren't free images... we can't put them in the game without permission...

zeta does take money for this game, it could cost him his ass to use the images...


you understand.

Sir Slade

4/8/2008 1:25:18 PM

OK i like your idea to Trog

>_< but i had the idea first :P

and we need to find Fee Pics i could get my Freind to Draw some up if you want

Also its Worg Riders

and yes i got the idea of LotRs 2


and ofcouse Orc will always be the Ultimate Force in this Game

but Goblins will Show a new threat (it was already said but i said it again)


Sir Slade

Edit post

4/8/2008 1:36:43 PM

Bug Bear




i dont know if there free and i couldnt find the Goblin Archer :(

Come on put your input in i would like to hear any ideas you have

12:24:18 Apr 8th 08 - Mr. Bruiant:

Erm, your witch, isnt a goblin.

07:57:24 Apr 9th 08 - Mr. Peter Jackson:

lol make your own witch

11:58:18 Apr 9th 08 - Duke Argyle:

That was a bad suggestion, there are so many better ideas for new races.

14:12:54 Apr 9th 08 - Mr. Peter Jackson:

oh and slade your thread about RoC, i got it deleted =]

14:24:31 Apr 9th 08 - Mr. Duke Kathandarion:

i personally think it is a good idea.although the witch isnt a goblin and bugbear sounds kinda *beep*.lol.

14:33:52 Apr 9th 08 - Lord Legandary Zucox:

What for... we have enough races no need to add one more races... it's totally useles...

14:37:01 Apr 9th 08 - Lord Legandary Zucox:

We should give race advantages for Human, troll and orc as they dont' have race advantage like other races..
Dwarf has cavers which can boost mining..
Halfer has wonderer to find sciences
Elf has magic advantages
I can't think of the reason why we should put another race...

14:52:05 Apr 9th 08 - Mr. Knight Hunter:

im kinda new to game and in a new players opinion a new race would make it even more confusing, it took me so long to make my first race, wat the point of another one

16:57:31 Apr 9th 08 - Mr. William The Evil One:

We should give race advantages for Human, troll and orc as they dont' have race advantage like other races..

Humans: cheap science,

Troll: Cheap military

Orc: Nazguls..

those are advantages in my eyes.


17:01:55 Apr 9th 08 - Sir Alban VIII:

indeed they are.

also, human bonus on the market. cant remember how big, 20% or something

17:04:16 Apr 9th 08 - Mr. Wraith:

I wouldn't really qualify Nazgul as an advantage.. They are expensive. Only good things about them are you don't need many of them but a decent elf can get better attack for its cost mid to late era.... Thats just my 2 pence though...

17:17:19 Apr 9th 08 - Mr. Charley II:

Humans get 10% discount on the market when buying........

18:50:38 Apr 9th 08 - Sir Erunion Telcontar:

Yes but that elf has to spend 80 million on downpayments to get that good of a cost ratio... And they still have 5 times the upkeep!

19:02:12 Apr 9th 08 - Mr. Wraith:

Bleh 80 million is nothing. =P

01:15:11 Apr 10th 08 - Mr. Kevdwayne:

We should have the Slade race..... no wait, no one would want to be that one  :p

01:36:28 Apr 10th 08 - Mr. Morph:

If you wanna see a good race... check out the Spirits

02:25:56 Apr 10th 08 - Sir Slade:


02:47:41 Apr 10th 08 - Mr. Caradoc II:

i belive we should create the killing race. they have 1000 offensive and defensive power (lv 5) which cost 50000 gold. then lv 3 are like nazguls, lv 2 like catapults/trolls and lv1 a defensive guy that has 0 offense but 20 defense. yeah... well the level 5 would be sick.... and the mage would be 2-2 so they cost like 1k each

03:07:26 Apr 10th 08 - Mr. Master Bombadil:

Worker Bee: 150, 1/2 (work in all your production buildings... those busy bees sure love to work!)
Bumble Bee: 500, 4/6
Killer Bee: 1300, 11/9
Magical Mystery Bee: 300, 0/1
Giant Poison Killer Death Bee: 3000, 15/15 BONUS: poison stingers which cause injured in enemy armies to die, and also create more injured when attacking.
buildings take longer to build
armies move 10% faster

I'd bee them!

03:14:40 Apr 10th 08 - Sir Soccerispeaceful:

Mr. Charley II


4/9/2008 9:17:19 AM
Humans get 10% discount on the market when buying........


it is a random percentage. anywhere from 0% to 10%

00:32:08 Apr 14th 08 - Lord Ullic Pendragon:

I say instead of Minotaurs it should be Mountain Trolls...


They are much taller and throw GIGANTIC ROCKS!


Minotaurs are NOT in any way related to Goblins... They are a creature of it's own catagory...

Besides... Mountain Trolls kick ass... and naturally The Mountain Troll and Cave Troll would compete making the whole Cave, and Mountain Trolls kill eachother when together thing...

just another opinion

00:32:55 Apr 14th 08 - Lord Ullic Pendragon:

to tell the truth i thought about this exact thing a month or so ago...


i also think that a Wraith race would be pretty sweet...

05:40:07 Apr 14th 08 - Mr. Jackdaniels IV:

how about like an undead race that would be pretty cool

05:49:42 Apr 14th 08 - Mr. Charley II:

Why are people suggesting trolls for a nontroll race? Wouldnt trolls be more suited for trolls and goblins for goblins?  Of course im open to debate on this subject....

23:27:59 Apr 14th 08 - Mr. Master Bombadil:

that picture is from the battle for middle earth II. which btw is an AMAZING game.
but my point is mountaintroll is a bad name because there already is a troll race, how about goblin riders that ride on wargs/wolves/big wild pigs

23:44:16 Apr 14th 08 - Wolflord Karac:

Avian Race?

00:14:44 Apr 15th 08 - Mr. Don Cherry:

Why don't we just take the ideas of races from that other "Utopia" game. They have avian, undead and faery races that they use.

00:28:09 Apr 15th 08 - Lord Ullic Pendragon:

yes but have you not seen LOTR???

The Goblins use Trolls as the Troll race in this game uses Berserkers...

00:29:31 Apr 15th 08 - Lord Ullic Pendragon:

yes i like the WargRiders idea...

very good

*scratches head*

03:54:58 Apr 15th 08 - Lord Legandary Zucox:

NO new Race

04:47:43 Apr 15th 08 - Lord Ullic Pendragon:


some one is in a bad news...

besides... Goblins would be a good addition that fits the placing of this game...

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